Chapter 8-4

Chapter 8-4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 8-4

When they reached the main cavern it was all lit up like a Christmas tree. Yet the place seemed empty, not surprising when most of it is camp outside your door. Now came the tricky part finding those stones. Kodarel purred. “Now what Sly? I got you guys here as promised and a deal was a deal.” Sly nodded and reached into his pack pulled out a jar of pickled haring handing the jar to Kodarel. Sly gathered the rope and placed into his pack and placed it on his back. It was going take some time to search this place. 

Oh how they all wish they had the ability’s of cat to be unnoticed in such a public place, but then again the Night Walkers are still human, they are just more unhuman like. Sly said. “Well, guys let’s get to it. ” Reaching for his walking staff and covering his face and body with his robe. He wore dark clothing hoping it would help make him less noticeable other then monk looking for a fight, but if it is one thing he has learned from these people be ready to fight or die. His grandfather and Derrick did likewise look like three dark strangers in the night with a homeless cat looking cat.

Sly added one more nightmare to their trio… the dark black fog that seemed to surround them coming out from beneath their feet as if they were floating on air. They each took a hard breath and began the mission as they started down the first street noticing everything and everyone as they moved to the side not wanting to get in the way. They noticed most of the people here were just families, not soldiers. Hearing them scream in a panic trying to get out of the way. Street by street was the same thing meeting no resistance. It wasn’t until they reached the higher levels they found where the commanders live and the guards for the prisoners they found the resistance.

Four guards stepped forward with fear in their eyes, yet it wore off quickly as they reached for their swords. Sly and Derrick moved in quickly placing their staffs in front with a wide whirl as they whistled in the air above them striking hard and fast as they circle with undercut below the knee watching the guard’s fall forward with a loud thud. With a simple tap to the head, they were out cold.

They moved along the street until they reached the larger buildings with several guards out front. Right away it became obvious that this was the places to begin the search for the stones. The buildings were made hard rock and with long slabs of marble facing downward with wooden doors and squared out windows with no glass, all lined up in a row.

Kodarel transformed into a larger tiger as Sly’s grandfather stood by his side and raised both hands into the air creating lightning from his fingertips stunning 10 guards at once as they fell to their knees and fell to the ground face forward. Derrick and Sly moved forward with staff in hand and took down 5 more guards as they rushed out of the building.  They entered the first building finding several bracelets hanging on the wall near the back of the stone building, but no stones to be had that fit Derricks bracelets.

They moved to the next building finding maps of city’s they plan to invade which held stones, but not the kind they were looking for. Instead, they found strange round objects that glowed the moment you touched one and opened a doorway that led back to Sly’s castle others opened to other places on the map. In a small box where they were orbs that Sly’s grandfather got little excited about. Sating these could take you to different realms through the galaxies. That these orbs should not belong here. He carefully picked up the box and placed the box into his pack with several of the maps nearly leaving the room bare.

Several guards overtook them as they were about to leave the room, but they were no match for the trio and tigerus cat named Kodarel as Derrick, Sly and his grandfather worked a machine work of art as the pile of bodies hit the floor until it was nearly three feet deep. They step through the conge of fallen bodies and made their way to the stairs leaving no room unchecked, yet still no stones to be had. They climbed the stairs to the next level finding no resistance and five more guard houses with nothing to find but empty bracelets and not a stone in sight. They met five more guards by surprise, but they were no match for them.

Once more they searched several more guard houses finding little to nothing. They left nothing to chance to try on the stone after stone finding none that fit. They climbed higher fighting off guards leaving none in their wake. The higher they climbed the more trained the guards were, they still were no much for them. It wasn’t until they reached the last building finding a large backroom with two guards standing guard. They were different from the guards they had come across so far well dressed and well armed.  Which said a lot considering so far everything had been easy until now. 

Derrick knew they needed to get in that room, but it wasn’t going to be easy like the other rooms they have come across.  Sly pointed to their wrist stating they were magic resistance, meaning any spell they cast against them would be useless. Without single thought from the single window Sly carefully removed two darts and took careful aim as the darts made their mark, watching the two guards slump over and hit the ground. The door was locked and was infused with magic making it even harder to get in.

Sly’s grandfather moved towards the door and study the seal and quickly reached into his pack. He then withdrew a piece of chalk and started to draw ruins upon the door in large shapes, as they started growing towards the four corners of the door its self. There was a loud like snap as the door glowed blue around the door itself. Then the door opened into another room with several large selves with stones, but there were several stones in a large glass case which was locked. It was obvious the ones in the glass cases were the prizes that High Commander cared dearly for.

The moment they stepped into the room the could hear more guards coming up the stairs. This time more trained ones like the ones that were guarding the room. Derrick closed and locked the door behind them, barricading them in, giving Sly and his grandfather time to work their magic with the glass case.  Sly’s grandfather carefully examined the glass case then reached into his pack pulled out a small pouch and reach into the pouch with his right hand and pulled out some blue like powder and blew onto the glass case.

The case glowed blue indicating it was infused with magic. Sly’s grandfather reached into his pack and pulled out a notebook then flipped through some pages and stopped on a page. He quickly mixed several ingredients into a fine powder into a bowl then sprinkled them onto the glass cases. Again there was loud snap like a spark burning in a fire pit. Sly’s grandfather lifted the glass cases and removed 8 glowing stones. Derrick moved closer so they could test the stones on his bracelets. In the background you could hear the guards using an ax on the door to open the door, meaning they were running out of time.

One by one the stones did not fit they about gave up until the seventh stone fit perfectly inside the groves on Derricks bracelet. The bracelets fell open onto the floor leaving a mark where they had been on Derricks wrists.   Derrick took a deep breath as he rubbed his wrists where the bracelets had been he carefully picked up the bracelets and placed them into his pack with the stone.

Eight stones meant high valued eight prisoners including Derrick and Kate with information that had value to these people. Which means six prisoners that need rescue. Right now they are the ones in trouble as the door was weakening. Derrick ready himself as the door was about to open, but Kodarel had a better idea as he placed a stone to the adjacent wall creating a quick get way back into the rock. They all followed quickly hearing the door crash open at the last second as the rock wall became solid once more as they found themselves in a tunnel that must be part of the prison hallway.

The hallway was empty as they made their way down the hallway not sure which way they were heading expect by following Kodarel sense of smell. They must be going the right way because they were reaching the cells were they been keeping the prisoners. However they also found several more guards, but they were no match for them as they quick taken care of before they could go for help. Once the guards were subdued they quickly opened the cells finding six prisoners none which they knew, but it didn’t matter they need someone to rescue them.

Just like before they left the guards inside the cell for a better chance of escape. They hurried along as fast they could, using the most direct route as possible. They met no resistance considering most if not all were far behind them either knocked out or looking in the wrong place even though the place was on high alert. Plus they would be unwise to tangle with them a second time. 

It was harder now that party had increased to nine plus one cats making it ten. With everyone gone or searching for them in the wrong place, but no time for introductions other than too say they were all men and very frail having to help them along. As they run to where they entered. However being a party of ten they had no idea if they could all travel through the stone wall only using the stones they have. True they found more stones, but are they the same stones is yet to be determined.

They finally arrived at their destination with very little trouble and had accomplished all the goals they had set out to do. Plus added advantage by releasing their captors into their hands to see what they can learn, plus return them to their homes. Now the test was upon them as Derrick retrieved their gear as they headed for the last of the tunnel caves. They wasted no time reaching the end of the cave. Derrick stretched out the golden rope and everyone grabbed hold. It was decided that the stone would be passed on until all was through rock wall into the tunnel system

One by one they passed through the living rock like a watery web. Until each one was though into the new tunnel system which was dark without a single thread of light.  Derrick created a large ball of light so they all could see as they all walked the tunnel following the large cat as their guide holding his own ball of light.  Nothing got in their way as they made their way to the surfaces.

It was dark out as they felt the breath of fresh air on their skin and seeing stars in the sky. It had been some time as their new friends have felt or seen either after finding out they had been taken from worlds unlike this one throughout the milky-way.  They wasted no time as Sly and his grandfather transformed into dragons nearly frightening their new friends that never seen a dragon before. More or less finding out that people can shapeshift or talking cats that can shapeshift as well. No, this world was a lot for them to take in.

It took a lot of faith to climb aboard a dragon, but what was the alternative which was being left behind to face the Night Walkers on your own. Not likely when they already been a prisoner and was no picnic. They chose to ride the back of dragon instead, besides it was short flight as they return to their main camp for the night.

Their new friends did their best not to close their eyes on the back of a dragon, but it was hard to, wanting to see all that was going on down below. What they saw besides trees and bushes but campfires of Night Walkers in long lines coming from the back of them. Which meant they were not that far from getting caught if they remained on the ground. In the distance, they could see open space and mountains they never have seen before, yet it was far better than sitting in a cell contemplating your own death.

They soon lowered onto the clefts safe and sound like a butterfly landing on a tree branch with a heavy pack on its back, watching everyone one climb down and go into the open cave. Sly and his grandfather transformed into their normal selves before entering themselves and taking a deep breath after a long day. They soon had nice cook fire going and fresh meat roasting as the drippings sputtered on the hot coals making their stomachs rumble with hunger more so their new friends. They did their best to make everyone comfortable but was hard considering they hadn’t planned on having guests.

Sly’s grandfather dug into his pack pulled out the 7 stones out of 8 that were in the glass case and began the task of finding the ones that matched each of the bracelets that each of their new friends wore. It took some time to find the right one as each bracelet released itself and fell to the ground. It felt so good to be free again as they rubbed their wrists as Sly’s grandfather gathered up the bracelets and put them in his pack with the stones. They didn’t ask what they been through or information other than their name they are called by. The telling would come later once they were safe behind closed walls and made comfortable around nice warm fire. Not a cell door of steel tied up with cruel whips and chains and meager rations not fit for a stray dog to eat.

The first man to their left called himself Lode. He was a big man a husky man compared to most men their normal size. To say he was giant among men would be safe to say it would take six go up against him. Brown wavy hair blue glacier eyes and chiseled chin. His voice smooth like his hands.

The next man to his left was Zed a quiet man who was older than the other 6 men in the group dark hair starting to gray bit, face withered some. His voice grated like rough sandpaper. His steely blue eyes that could look right down into your very soul. Yet they still held some kindness in them.

The next man sitting next to Zed was named Zachariah, Zack for short stating his friends called them that or just plain “Z” He was quite a man a comfort man as he laid himself in front of the fire watching the ambers glow with his brown golden eyes that spoke volumes of who was even though he was, a tall man about average height. When he talked he a habit of brushing his blond wavy locks out of his face stating it was past time for a hair cut.

The man sitting to Zeds right was a man called Daniel or Dan for short. Derrick prickled up when he discovered the man was from a small town in the state of Ohio on a planet called earth. All sorts of questions were going through his mind, but this was no time for questions when you are not exactly safe. So instead he shook the man's hand and noticed how hard he shook it, Which meant it felt good in his hand and he looked into his green eyes and chiseled compactions and long brown hair. 

He looked up and down giving no pause. Stating that this was a man he could call friend any day of the week just like the rest of them. He let go of his hand took hold of the next man's hand to the left by the name of Seth. Seth a simple name more eastern name and more common. Seth had long dark brown hair blue eyes and well-defined features. He worked a smith shop explaining chiseled arms and body. He to was from earth known as Arizona. Again Derrick's eyes lit up.

Derrick moved on towards the next man to the right of Seth taking his hand by the name of Nathen. Raven long black hair, light blue eyes. Long face with small complication he wore a haggard beard and mustache. Then again all them haggard. Brown eyes that glowed in the firelight a long brown hair which has seen better days. In truth, he seemed worse than the rest of them.

Derrick moved down to the last man sitting around the fire sharing a hot meal which seemed to have been months the way he devoured his portion so quickly, adding more until everyone was full. The last man name was Gregory or Greg for short. He wasn’t from these parts,  from a planet called Zantra with three moons. Kodarel paused in his meal and looked up at the man and his ears and tail started twitching.  Derrick too got all tingly as Sly’s grandfather neither of them said anything though this was no place to be asking those type of questions.

Gregory or Greg was short compared to most men yet stocky averaging about 5 foot even if that. Long dark brown hair with untrimmed mustache and beard that almost look like a birds nest roosting inside it. Dark brown eyes and bushy eyebrows...

Every man here wore tattered clothing that looked like rags remains of their clothing long ago, barefoot and dirty. Not surprising considering where they had been, nor how long they been there. It also meant. The Night Walkers are going to be plenty pissed that they freed them as well as taken all of their maps and toys they used to gain access too them.

© 2019 Shep

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