Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 9

They all bedded down for the night after the introduction all had been made. Sly’s Grandfather took first watch while Derrick and Sly slept. It certainly gave a man time to think as you watched over other men while they slept. Now free not more than a few hours ago as you look down seeing lines of torches looking for you. Not realizing you are to far out of their reach and never again will be their prisoner.

Night soon turned into daylight which stated it was time to leave. They finished off all they had in their packs which wasn’t much for ten people, but they would be reward with more when they reach Sly’s castle in the mountain bluffs which was about half a days flight compared to months of walking at least or more. More so to void the Night Walkers.

Sly and his grandfather once more transformed into dragons letting Derrick tying on their packs as they equaled the weight between them. Once everyone was on board they took flight with one giant leap into the air everyone took a hard breath closing their eyes afraid to look down, but it was hard not to. After a while several gained their air legs and relaxed their hold shouting into the air “yahooooo”  encouraging Sly and his grandfather to go faster and they were happy to oblige.

They shaved off three hours off their flight time as they came into view of mountains and the castle wall flags. You could hear the horns in the air that met their arrival as they began to get closer. Sly and his grandfather slowed down as they approached the city so their passengers could see how big it is, and how safe they will be behind its walls. They did a textbook landing right in the courtyard as Kate and Lorana met everyone with questions seeing all the new arrivals. Instead, Sly’s Grandfather transformed and said. “All will be explained after we all have a hot bath and meal dear. Its been a long trip and lot has happened as you can clearly see.” With that, he and Sly arrange quarters for the 6 men and headed to their own.

The castle was huge when you didn’t know where you were going, but Sly was a good host when it came to his new guests. He found sets of new clothes and access to a barber and tailor if nothing didn’t fit right. Everything was at their fingertips as they waited on them hand and foot. Asking a question like their favorite foods and dislikes. Hobbies, skills, and education if any. All were given a complete physical and most important an “AI” disk that has access to the current library. The disk also contained a map of the castle and the city. Each was given some spending money if they wanted to go into town.

They had a late lunch in the main dining room where they could fit everyone. In some ways, it was a big shock seeing everyone again after they had a chance to clean up after few hours of just beginning prisoners. Now they all wore new clothes from top to bottom and shaven faces, hair groomed instead of long and shaggy. The meal was more than well received as their stomachs rumbled with delight. They ate until the could eat no more patting their stomachs couldn’t handle another bite.

They all adjourned to the courtyard deciding that walk through the town would do them all good, but the six guests were hesitant. Feeling a little unsafe despite the well guard high walls and preferred to stay within the castle for now. It was then decided they would adjourn to the library where they can see everything within the castle walls and out and over the walls.

Sly started a fire in the fireplace and had the kitchen bring up some finger sandwiched and some pastries to make sure their guests got plenty to eat, in some ways he was trying fatten them up after being starved so long as prisoners. Sly’s grandfather entered first carrying his pack that held all the goodies they had taken from the Night Walkers like small and large stones and maps. Sly’s pack carried all the bracelets they had unlocked so far, all except for Kates.

The 6 men all came in all together following Kate and Lorana who was last closing the door behind her. Sly pointed to seats around the table where there was a large world map of their kingdom. In hopes, it would help guide them to their new homes if so desire. Or if they could return to their own. Once they were seated Sly asked the “AI” bring up the world map to show them where they are and location to where they were being held as a prisoner and where they are now.

It also showed that in comparison the Night Walkers main base was closer then everyone thought.  Yet however what they are learning is the Night Walkers have bases throughout the galaxies according to the 6 men that had been taken from their homes. It also meant the problem is bigger then they thought.

Sly’s grandfather stood after listening to each of the men’s stories and looked out the window see what was going on out in the streets dying for some entrainment. It had been months even years for some of them since they seen freedom. He heard the click of the release of Kates bracelets as they fell off onto the table as Sly added it to the rest of the pile. They have collected a total of 8 complete sets bracelets, what they are going to do with them is unclear other than studied their workings.

After the telling of their stories of captures and where they are from. Two from galaxies that are too far away from them to reach. Considering they had been sold and resold several times as they traveled from one planet to another for whatever information they consider deemed worthy of a fair price. It all came down rumors they have been hunting. The Moon Goddess and birth of White Solon. And the five keys that would lead them to greatest treasure. So far it is just rumors nothing more. So far these 6 men no nothing more about it other than hearsay which doesn’t hold water, but Night Walkers are desperate for information.

Sly ended the meeting by having them all go out on the balcony and take in the view of the city hoping they want to see for themselves how safe it is. The sounds of the city were so vibrant and the smells of vendors made your mouth water. The sky was overcast as the sun was still high over the mountain tops leaving a slight haze from the cook fires. Sly was right as he watched his new friends look out towards the city seeing the townspeople milling about freely how much they wanted to be a part of that.

Sly pointed to the high guarded walls, so they could all see that they were safe here. That each man on the wall is and has been bonded with dragon blood in them explaining what that is in great detail. And what they might find in the city below them and the cities around them. He pointed to the main parts of the city were people like to hang out one of them being the Midnight Light Lounge where you can get great food and entertainment. Where they plan to go tonight for a bit of entertainment.

Sly watched several of them lean over the railing as a flock of young girls entered the courtyard making a girlish giggling sounds carrying baskets of flowers for the castle. They watched as they entered within the wall hearing the sound stop once inside the walls of the castle. It wasn’t a question if they were interested in seeing their reactions as two of the girls came into the room with fresh flowers for the library and apologized for disturbing them with a low curtsy. Getting a wide smile from the 6 men nearly frothing over their beauty.

The men kindly accepted their apology by giving a low bow and took her by the hand and introduced themselves one at a time. All wanting more time getting to know her “alone” as indicating. Sly couldn’t be planed it better as they watched two girls replace the flowers and leave the room. He chuckled slightly as he returned to the balcony.

It took very little convincing to get the 6 men to leave the confines of the castle as they ready themselves in their best clothes and high buffed leather boots. Once they were ready they all met downstairs in the cultural-hall. They looked far better then they did a few short hours go as prisoners locked in a cell, now free once more ready to take on the world once more. Even strange one for many of them at that whether magical or none.

It wasn’t a long walk down to the Midnight Lounge, but it gave the 6 men the opportunity to see some of the shops that were at their fingertips if they cared to wander outside the castle on their own. As usual, their table was ready plus their 6 guest and their pre arrange dates to whom Lorana had set up to give the men someone to entertain while visiting the establishment. 

Dinner and live entertainment, as well as some dancing, was just what the doctor ordered. They could not go wrong when it came to entraining their guests when providing them with companions that are eye-catching after so many years of sitting in a confined cell watching the world go by without them.

Everything was grand with a gal on your arm, and full belly until it wasn’t as the city alarm sounds that they were under attack. Hearing storefronts close and people in the city move quickly towards their homes as they clear the streets. Sly assures the men this just a precaution that Night Walkers have yet to break their defenses watching him head back towards the city gates now closed. 

Once more the Night Walkers were hitting the walls hard and sending fireballs made of hot balls of metals and stones. Yet they still left little to no damage, but this time they flew higher as the city dragons caught them or the ground troops quickly put them out. Another massive was sent telling them to release their prisoner along with the Moon Goddess or die. It seemed laughable at best considering they haven’t been able to do more than throw fireballs and sticks at their walls. Nothing they have done up until now have wasn’t a reason to be worried while inside these walls.

However, it also meant the way things stand these Night Walker attacks at night needed to end and soon so their city can live in peace. It was time do something about them camped outside their city gates night after night, but the question is what? Surrender or giving them what they want is never going to happen. What they need is to come up with a plan.  Lorana with the help of Kate did their best to assure the 6 men this is nothing to worry about as they led them back to the safe confines of the castle.

The 6 men had a ringside seat as they watched from the library balcony with a glass of the best bottle of Ruby’s Ale the castle had on tap. They watched as the castles dragon brigade dealt with the fireballs as if was game of catch and release back to where they came from. The same with the guards on the wall as the arrows flew through the air like a rain of fire one after another as if it was an endless sea. It made one feel safer knowing your prison cell comes with a price even though you wore no chains and your food is in abundance.

The raid was soon over as the fireballs stopped bombarding the castle, which meant the dragons had taken out all of the catapults at least for tonight. Sly, Derrick and Sly’s grandfather soon joined them in the library pouring a stiff drink after hard nights work, playing catch and release as they target those well-placed catapults. Sly’s grandfather laid out a map using his AI disk, having it scroll to where each place the catapults were in position.

The map reviled the massive wall of the city and the outskirts of the five-plus miles where the Night Walkers are camped. It became obvious that they had them pinned in right where they wanted them, if only they could breach these walls they’d done so by now. What they need was some breathing room. 

Sly’s grandfather placed several dots on the map where the catapults were placed tonight that had been destroyed and approximant how many troops they have. The right way a plan was being developed.   It was time they drive them back if they could, yet the numbers were overwhelming. There was no way they could organize an attack tonight, but they could plan something they wouldn’t plan on.

It was late by the time they finished planning how to deal with Night Walkers on their doorstep. They would begin their plan first thing in the morning while the sun is up and the Night Walkers are caught off guard. In some ways it was Justus severed they hit us at night we will hit them during the day.

After a good night sleep in a nice soft bed and after a nice hot shower not to mention hot breakfast. The day about started with a great expectation on how well a plan works in their favor. Once again the plan was simple. Sly and his grandfather transformed into dragons and led the dragon brigade to the edge of the five-mile clearing and began marching. Clearing everything and everyone in their path all the way for the next twenty miles. Then cleared every tree and bush leaving nothing but dirt. Sly took several of the dragons and went into the mountains and began pounding stone as it broke apart into cubes allowing his dragons to carry it out where his grandfather waited for it.

Sly’s grandfather worked hard working the land taking the harvested trees they had uprooted and started to build a large standing wall as he waited for the stone Sly was harvesting from the mountains. One by one the trees stood up side by side marked with a rune of Moon Goddess. The stone soon arrived as he guided them into place behind the trees in the deep trench as the stones stacked one at a time, carved deep with the lost rumes of the power of the Moon Goddess.

They worked all day into the night the wall reached from one end of the valley to the other with a slight curve with a simple gate, and walkway on top for guards to keep watch it would be the first. They pined them in from the south to the west leaving no gaps in-between of their known base. They caged them in like animals yet giving them plenty of room to spread out. It was the best they could do under the best circumstances until they see reason. In return, Lorana sent her own stating it was from the Moon Goddess. That there would be no more killings or kidnappings of her people throughout her kingdom and beyond.

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