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(David’s Character) ==the Owl (Norvack)


In the distance a large ball of orange light stretched a crossed the midnight sky full of stars. In that ball of light, Barlan thought he saw an image in the ball of light as it fell not far from him. He gritted his teeth as he stomped his feet to clean off the snow, wondering if it was really worth the effort to go all the way down the mountain and retrace his steps after already spending a good portion of the morning hunting, enough food for him to last the rest of the winter.

After all, it was freezing cold out here, as he placed down two more large deer on his sled making a total of 6 and one large black bear. He had already had gathered enough wood, and coal from the old mines to keep him toasty warm for the rest of the winter. No, what he hated the most was the cold. Most dragons preferred to hibernate during the really cold seasons unless they needed to hunt for food for themselves or their young.

However, he was only half dragon and half human. All he hated was the cold because of his old aching tired old miserable bones. Being as he was nearly four thousand- eight hundred and eighty-four years old… Or will be when the three moons of Theydon reached their next realignment, which is supposed to happen sometime this coming summer soloist which only happens every 100 years or so making him age slowly because of his dragon blood.

He cursed each step he took, more so growling angrily as he tries to duck underneath a lonely pine bow by pushing it to the side out of his. Only too have it spring back and smack him hard in the back of the head leaving a large red welt and covering him from head to toe in a snow drift as the snow kept falling down around him.

If it weren’t for the snow completely covering him, he could feel how red with anger he was, as the snow sizzled around him, felling his hot dragon blood boiling as his skin become real hot with anger. He knew he need control the dragon in him because if he didn’t the dragon inside of him would eat everything he has painfully gathered to keep his human form warm, for the entire winter.

His dragon side would eat all that alone in just a few days alone just to keep warm and starve us both; we have to hunt an already decreasing animal population. Something says there is evil awaking, what he is unsure, his source says that Cross bone Gate Prison is still secure, but the seals are starting to weaken. Someone is trying to find a way to open them if that is the case he or she must be stopped.

Right now Anger was his worst enemy, and he knew it was remembering the kind of devastation it causes if left on checked.  Which was one of the reasons he isolated himself from the town below him was one of the main reasons? That and the fact it is kind of hard to explain his dragon side when the anger overcomes if left unchecked and if people come into the mountains to hunt game, seeing his transformed self. It becomes hard and very difficult trying to explain to those that you don’t plan on eating them and you’re friendly. Seeing as large beast with very sharp teeth and claws approximate 300 feet tall with beautiful blue and red scales that can breathe fire and large lizard tail to match… watching them pee their pants as you transform back into your human self, by that time they are long gone before you can shake your hand.

No! The very moment someone sees a dragon they scream in terror and come back with their friends or hunting party and begin hunting them down. No its better to stay away and clear up here, here where the people don’t go. People don’t travel the roads up here anymore in fear of the dragon, thanks to his great, great, great, great….granddaughter Nail that lives in town working in her parent’s tavern, which provides information, supplies and so forth.

The snow was already starting to melt around him as steam from his burning skin from anger and his dragon blood. He could feel his scaly skin as he shifted the snow and made his way from the snow drift.

He was still angry, but his anger kept him warm as he made his way back down the mountain. The smoke was quite thick from the fairly large creator, not that it bothered him. Nor did it bother his eyesight due to his dragon qualities. Noticing there in the middle of the large creator among the debris was a white harden shell, almost shaped like a dragon egg. Smooth as it is round, about 8 inches high in diameter and about 3 to 4 inches round…

Everything was smoldering around him as if he himself in dragon form had swooped down and caused this destruction which means he didn’t have much time before a search party would be upon them. Already he could  hear in the distance voices telling him he had about 30 minutes if that as he cursed hearing the dogs and the men that controlled them.

There was no choice now as Barlan cursed again; he couldn’t allow whatever inside this egg is found in human hands. Barlan grew closer too the egg hesitating a little out of curiosity, but his dragon senses said he didn’t have much time hearing the men and the dogs.

He abruptly stopped when the little white egg moved as it surprised him unaware he was holding his breath, catching a small surprised gasped, as his eyes watched the egg more intensely. Once the egg stopped moving Barlan was unsure what to do as he looked up the mountain and listening to the dogs quickly approaching. His warm and comfort cave, then again he could hide then and come back considering he had far more important things he could be doing.

Like what were Hess and his apprentice Morgan doing on the Council of Light? And what has happened to some of his best friends, Dagon and Orion and their father most of all the fabric of time itself has been ripped and changed by who he is uncertain, he thinks Hess is behind being as he has the most power and the knowledge to do it if has gained a full coven or talked the entire Council of Light into doing it, his body shudders with the very thought. No, he had far me things to attend to other this egg.

Barlan stood there pondering and looking back up the hill from once he came, measuring the distance with his eyes, looking back at the egg gasping, finding that the egg had moved; in this case rolled all the way down to his feet, nearly jumping right out of its boots.

The egg made this strange cooing sound at him like a purring sound vibrating from the egg itself. He tried to step back from it, but it only followed him like some mother hen, rolling after him. He would never hear the end of it from Neil his granddaughter, seeing being chased about by an egg or having it curl up in his lap like a cat or a new puppy. For one thing, Cats and Dogs hate Dragons for some reason they can sense his inner dragon or them... hiss and growl at him when he walks by. Well all except Kodarl who was not really a cat at all, yet no one including himself has not found out what kind of species she is or where she came from… other than she far different from your average house cat.

Barlan was far from words and has never seen the likes of this before, ruling out dragon egg all together knowing several thousand over the years and from his musty old books and several libraries. In many ways, it excited him and others as the men and the dogs closing in not so much.

It worried him when he looked at the egg wondering most where it came from and why. In any case, it was far too cold out here to be pondering the mysteries of life, and there was no way he had time to climb back up the mountain before the men and dogs got here. More so with a storm on his doorstep and wanted to be warm and toasty long before then. Plus the fact why walk when and carry heavy objects when you can fly like a dragon.

Barlan softly picked up the small white egg which took very little effort as it cooed and purred softly in his hands towards him. He was surprised how warm it felt in his hands as it nestled closely to him like a small kitten. Yet had a feeling that what was inside was anything but a dragon, the question was what and when will it hatch?

He gently opened his knapsack, placing the egg inside it. At first, it didn’t like it, but once he petted the egg softly it cooed as he spoke to it softly explaining his plan to it. It wiggled at his touch begging for more, he knew Neil and knew he never hear the end of it. The purring increase causing him to think the egg understood he would be fine. The hard part would transforming into a dragon and could the egg feel it, and what will it do....?

© 2020 Shep

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I am thrilled to be first, to say I love it. Your skills as a poet open the page to this new world.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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