Sex & Hard work  Part 1

Sex & Hard work Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 116

Sex & Hard work

Part 1

Who would have thought that Mr. Stringum was filthy rich, which was a mind-blowing surprise as we kept driving south until we drove up to big black gate watching the driver insert a black card into a machine, with the only one way in and one way out seeing nothing but brick columns and high long metal fence’s as far as the eye could see on both sides; the gate open as we drove through it and closed behind us locking us in as we drove down a long road of trees, green well-trimmed grass and flowerbeds with strange animals made out of hedges.

We gasped seeing a huge building which only rich people lived in with tall white pillars holding up an elegant awning made of red brick. The building had to have at least 20 front windows and three floors. All I can say it was breathtaking, including the big black double doors of the house with a golden lion knocker. If I didn’t know any better it was made out of solid gold. We had thought this couldn’t get any better having two beautiful girls to have our way with and riding in a limousine. I tell you there was no way I could dream this big. The driver opened the door for us as we closed our robes around us. I noticed his harden tent in his pants, from seeing us having sex and all the breasts we wanted on our way here.

Dave and Mr. Stringum opened the front door dressed in similar robes except theirs were spun with gold and shimmered with touches of silver at the cuffs and along the outsides of the robe, both barefoot. Having us remove our shoes at the door, as Mr. Stringum led us to the dining room walking on a rich deep red carpet, finding more girls, but that’s not what surprised me. My three best friends from my Rothwell home; Charlie, Stan and Ron with their parents as well as their sisters and countless other girls, plus the two of the boy’s that I had met only in my mothers ward in church, that were both 17 Jim and Even I had only met them during church performing my priesthood duty’s blessing the sacrament and class… Sunday school and Priesthood.

Charlie used to be the opposite of Stan being smaller than both of us and teased a lot because of his size being barely four feet and not muscular but little pudgy. Having yet to lose his baby fat and hadn’t spent a lot of time in the sun when I first met him. His skin almost pale white, unlike like the rest of the boys over the summer. His face and shoulders covered with small freckles. Now after three years he had finally had his growth sprit and had lost all his baby fat and most of his freckles, his skin no longer white but tan, not as tan as me or as tall as me lacking a maybe four inches of my five feet 7 if that and he too had become muscular from playing the same sports like me and participated in gymnastics and swimming. He would be 17 this coming November.

Stan still had blond wavy hair that curled at the top which made him noticeable because of his big ears earning him the name Dumbo or chopper (short for helicopter). Even though Stan was taller then Charlie with his broader shoulders then any of us standing 5 feet 9, weighing anywhere to 120 to 160 pounds and all muscle. His warm brown eyes and straight aristocratic noses firm jawline. Had a slight New England accent when he spoke which causes them to make fun at him, but no longer because like me he could kick a*s and take names before they even hit the floor or the wall. He too was 16 and would be 17 in two months in October.

Ron was the same age as me 16 and a half would also be 17 in December as me. Red hair and green eyes with lots of freckles on his cheeks and strong boned chin; he stood 6 feet 6 about with broader shoulders than mine, his braces now gone and has become a lady mans every time he walked in the school hallways he had two or three girls on each arm as they carried his books to class all for a kiss and feel of his hard muscular body that Shawn could only dream of. He was tall and just as deadly when it comes to a fight. Considering my three best friends train and participate in everything I do one of the reasons we are called the four musketeers

Like me and Greg they too were all wearing a robe and barefoot. My three best friends stood up from the table and ran to me to give me a hug, and I introduced them to Greg. I was speechless, even more so when they kissed me and Greg and it wasn’t a simple on the lips or on the cheek it was full blown kiss. It shocked me as I stood there as they gave me a silly smile, asking me after they had kissed me if it was ok.

I nodded said. “I just wasn’t expecting that,” watching them rolls their eyes, Ron said. “We have been kissing each other for months and stimulating each other,” whispering in my ear “masturbating having sex with lots of girls.” Which surprised me, I should have known as closes as we were. Man, I must have been so stupid not knowing it. First my Rothwell family and now my best friends, it seemed I lived in the shadows or on a different plane of existence.

Mr. Stringum had me take a seat next to my best friends. Taping the orange juice glass to bring everyone’s attention to him and Dave, as he sat at the other end of the table with two beautiful women and neither of them, were Jody. I hoped Jody knew about it, then again she like Dave like the idea of having a variety of both just because she a girl doesn’t mean she couldn’t stimulate other girls or kiss them.

Even Mr. Stringum had his own two girls or in his case one older woman and one younger on maybe 19 or 20. It’s not polite to ask about a woman’s age. Mr. Stringum stood and said. “I like to welcome our newest members to mine David’s Garden club. Normally we would be brought them on their 17th birthday or 18th, but we had decided that they were closes enough with birthdays all happening in the next few months and wanted to put to a vote, according to rules that all new members needed to be sworn in, even more so because they are still 16.

“Please write down your vote yes or no; if no we all would like to know why so we discuss it. I like to apologize for Jody’s and Cindy’s absences as well as her sister Kerry. Kerry and her husband couldn’t come because of two very bad boys as they are waiting for their parents to arrive home. Jody and Cindy are indisposed at the moment catching up on some well-deserved sleep after a very hot night of hot passionate sex by two of our newest members Eric and Greg but will be joining us later. I have their votes and they were three overwhelming “yes, yes and yes,” just as they screamed all night in Eric’s backyard at home. ”

Greg and I blushed as everyone laughed as they looked at us more so the girls as all gave us a smile said. “I want some of that.”

Mr. Stringum had the butler pass around a silver plate to pick up the cards that held our votes; for me and Greg and my three best friends as well as their sisters who were 17 and would be 18 in a few more months. The ones that were not here were only13 or14. Not that it really matters because I had seen them naked just as many times they have seen me, in both our houses and skinny dipping parties. I didn’t want to have sex with them until they had reached womanhood the question in my mind was to have my three best friends stimulated them. Most likely that was a yes, considering they had chosen to hide what was going on behind closed doors just like the Rothwell’s. Man, I was stupid not to notice it or I didn’t want too.

Stringum read the votes 25 yes and 2 no’s he had the 3 people stand up repeat why they said no which were the two priesthood boys Evan and Jim. They both gave me and Greg and my friends a silly grin. Stating reason was because they didn’t know if we could handle a girl and was having a hard time believing we had mind-blowing sex for 6 straight hours. “Come on people they are 16.”

Stringum laughed. “Boys take my word for it; ask their neighbors and their parents when they show up tonight for our welcoming Garden Ceremony. And they all will be 17 in 5 months time.” They conceded considering the votes were in our favor anyway.

Mr. Stringum rang a small silver bell announcing we were now ready to eat. Greg and I were starving, considering the sex we had on the road over. Man, I needed to pee. I waited as the guy set down our covered dome whispered. “Where is the bathroom?”

He said, “follow me, good sir.”

Everyone looked at me and Greg said. “We just needed to pee, after all that sex we had for three hours on the way over.” Everyone laughed as we blushed almost running right behind the waiter. When you got to go you got to go. After 5 orange sodas three glass of orange juice. We could row a boat to the bathroom as much we needed to pee. The guy didn’t think it was weird that we both used the same toilet both of us giving a loud sigh of relief, trust me our sighs echoed the bathroom.

When we came back to the table Stringum apologized for not asking us first before we sat down at the table. Noticing my three best friends were also making a trip to the bathroom. I questioned if they had sex on the way here, most likely considering they to had an open relationship with their parents, and Ron told me that they had been having lots of sex. So it wasn’t hard to imagine that they had with their parents watching or participating. I wonder if they got the same hard lesson that Mom and Dad gave me and my three brothers.

Now that everyone had a chance to relieve themselves we were now ready to eat. My eyes widen seeing how thick the steak was and how high fried potatoes with peppers and onions with mounds of cheeses were stacked. It was hard to believe that Greg and I ate the whole thing and were almost licking our plates clean and chewing on the bone for every last scrap of meat and not to mention how many sweet rolls and glasses of orange juice.

After we had eaten Stringum had Dave showed us to our rooms, we were given the choice of sharing a bed and room or having separate bedrooms. Greg decided for me stating one bed would be just fine, stating I was the only one he knew on a more “personal” bases. He said for us make ourselves at home and he’ll send for us in a couple of hours giving Greg and I wink.

I knew Greg’s friend's list was about to change when my three best friends walked in the side door of our room naked and climbed on our bed. Which was huge bed, bigger then any king size and really elegant and the most comfortable as if you we would be sleeping on a cloud and get lost in it; I wanted to tickle my three best friends so bad and kiss the hell out of them for being so bad and hiding the fact they were doing things long before I did.

Ron said. “Pleases tell me you are not shy after all those girls you stimulated on your two-week vacation to paradise. When all we had was few girls and ourselves waiting for the chance to stimulate you instead of hiding it ever since that major skinny dipping campout. Besides, we know every inch of you long before that and have masturbated together numerous times.” I gave them a silly grin and Greg a wink and kissed him whispered let's play follow the leader.

He kissed me as I opened his robe and dropped it over his shoulders as it slid down over his arms until fell to the floor. He did the same to me while kissing me long and hard. Drawing me closes so our bodies could touch as he wrapped his arms around me. I released him and trailed my tongue down his neck and nibble on each of his earlobes. I kept going spreading us apart with his hands on my butt giving it a good handful squeeze as I made my journey downward to each of his n*****s and having him moan as I kept going all the way down getting on my hands and knees as he placed his hands on my shoulders and running his fingers through my hair.

I took and played with his belly button and then went down lower taking his very hard penis into my mouth and did him orally for few long moments watching him roll his eyes to the back of his head moaning not to stop. I smiled seeing my friends starting to stimulate themselves as I took his sack and made love to his hairless crotch that needed a shave and quickly made my way back up. He took my mouth as he guided me to the bed backward. Then leaned me back as my friends moved to the sides as I slid to the middle of the bed with Greg’s mouth locked with mine. When we were both on the bed with him straddling me before he lay on top of me then he released me.

Taking his tongue and trailed it down my neck making his way down to my shoulders and then to my n*****s taking his time. He slid further down letting me run my fingers through his hair as he slid down past my stomach and belly button spending time on it as I moaned softly. He slid down further almost out of my reach as he took my penis and made love to it and my crotch he looked at me and smiled. “It looks like its time for me to groom you. I was going to do it last night but it was kinda hard standing in the shower with two naked girls and you.”

My three friends and I laughed; giving Greg and me a high five telling us. “That was so awesome,”

Stan asked. “Did you learn to do that on your vacation?” I lay back on the very soft pillow next to Greg and my three friends on the bed and we still had plenty of room; as our very hard arousals pointed up towards the ceiling like the good old days before my so awesome vacation when we stimulated ourselves together the idea of doing each other never crossed our minds or nobody said anything about wanting to try it.

I said. “That… and a hell of a lot more, which I can’t wait tell you because Greg and I have got paperwork to do.” Stan parents opened the door seeing us all together.

I had told Greg that there is no such things as privacy were I lived with my adoptive parents. He had lost his shyness long ago, well maybe more like a few days ago. I bet he could walk down Main Street completely naked, or go to church and give me oral stimulation right there in the chapel. Hell, he might do me right there on the sacrament table, with everyone watching us.

The fact Stan had my penis in his mouth and Charlie had his in Greg’s mouth, while Ron was making a meal out of mine, didn’t faze them one bit. They just came in to see what kind of bubble bath we wanted setting down two waist robes for Greg and I. Greg answered for me taking Charlie’s penis out long enough to say “peaches and cream.” In went back to what he was doing.

They closed door Stan’s Mom said. “When you boy are ready, come down to the study so you can fill out the paperwork and be seen by a doctor.” I groaned inward knowing how hate doctors because always involve a needle and full physical. When everyone had a go at being orally stimulated we dressed in our waist robes with my three friends behind us dressed in theirs.  It really gave me the chance to see how big the place was. I didn’t know if the pictures on the wall were real or fake copies, I was not that good when it came to art and all the famous painters.

The stairs were the same color as the main carpet that split off in three different directions with white and black checkerboard tile filling in the gaps where the carpet wasn’t some people call it a runner. The walls were a soft white not so crisp or hospital white with a large crystal chandler in the middle of the room. There was lots of wood furniture, some of it I recognized as my Pa’s work and some of mine and my brother’s details. It made me homesick for them. It wasn’t decorated with a girlish style, but it wasn’t quite a full bachelor pad either with mirrors on the wall and fresh flowers and green leafy plants, not plastic. It was very manly, yet everything looks so clean but homey.

Our manservant known as Landon, which was hard not to forget because he was a very tall as if had stilts for legs dressed in gray pigeon suit, not that other bird known as a penguin in a black suit with gray bow tie and shiny black shoes. His hair dark brown with gray on the sides and English accent I wanted to laugh when said. “Top of the morning good sirs walk this way, you have a very busy schedule and I am here to make sure you keep to it.”

He had a checklist on clipboard with each of our names on it. Asking us our favorite foods, what we hated to eat. What were allergic to in regards of foods, most important what size condoms we use and brand, he wasn’t shy about opening our robes and stroking us then smiled seeing we had already taken care of that problem but stated the next time he wanted to get a real measurement before we stimulated. Then whispered, “Masturbated;” just so we would hear and not have echo as he retied our waist robes, telling us when we were done with the paperwork and the examination he will have our bath waiting, and take some measurement for our new tuxes and other clothing we might be needing.

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