Sex & Hard work  Part 2

Sex & Hard work Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 116-1

Sex & Hard work

Part 2


Stringum was waiting for us as Landon opened the door and we each took a seat on the coach as Dave handed us a quick questioner and simple ordinary paperwork, unlike us, they were still dressed in their elegant robes, and barefoot. We filled out forms like W2 forms and social security numbers the basic work form, it was the questions that floored us like have you ever had gay sex with someone, if so whom and what you did in detail. How many women have you been with underline the word sex? With a place to check mark if they were your mother, sister or brother.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that so I asked. Feeling stupid, but Greg and my friends were looking to me how to answer that.  I Asked. “Are you asking us if we had sexual intercourse with our mothers and sisters or just our bothers or other women and girls? Or just stimulation or masturbating them and us?”  I never told a lie to Mr. Stringum or Dave and I had an open relationship with both of them. No secrets even though I never had signed a contract. I was always honest with them in everything and in return they had been honest with me, so I expected an honest answer from them.

Mr. Stringum said. “All thee above. Yes, I had sex with my mother, or yes I had sex with foster Mom or both, yes I had sex with both my foster sisters; yes I had sex with other mothers. Yes I have had sex with Greg, Dillon, Shawn, Arthur, your brothers, your Dad not your father, both we know that was never going to happen even though it would be eye opener for both me, you and your mother if you had, which I would love to hear how that happened and when, considering he rather kill you then pleasure you, or kiss you because he loves you.

“I am asking about sticking your penis inside boys and men butts and have they done the same to you. Not oral stimulation, or masturbation, because that I already know. And if you put no on that question I will paddle your so cute tan butt. When I know damn well you have… not more than 20 minutes ago.”  I answered a big fat no on that one asking about having sex with boys and men and me, and checked yes to all the others, making a special note on the side that I haven’t had sex with my mother…with a large question mark said… yet? And cringed knowing it was going to happen.

I wrote down 45 to fifty girls only stimulation no sex and had mind-blowing sex with Cindy last night, which everyone here knew I did.  I looked over at Greg’s seeing his answers matched mine except for his mother he put yes or how many girls he had been with only 2, and his sister and so did my friends. When we all answered no and circled it when asked if we had sexual intercourse with boys, men or our friends or brothers or your Dad. I felt very much relieved knowing that none of them have and even more so my three best friends.

Dave picked up the paperwork as they both quickly read our answers. I heard a sigh of relief knowing we hadn’t had gay sex with anyone. Stringum asked why I haven’t had sex with my mother when I have had sex my adoptive Mom and my two sisters. I looked him in them in the eye and said: “I having trouble wondering if it’s ok?”

Stringum looked at me as if I had grown horns. “Let me see you are now worried if you did after you have done it to everyone else multiple times and worried that might be wrong?” I nodded he said. “It's little late to be asking that question don’t you think son? Do you think she has earned a little sex, from her now her favorite son like your adoptive mom? Or are you just trying too hurt her more by not doing it because what she has done to you and your brother over the years?

“Ask yourself; ask your friends if they feel bad or wrong about doing it. Because I know for a fact that you love her, so when she arrives the first thing I want you to do is take her up to your room close the door. Do it so good that she screams from the rafters your name. I am talking a marathon sex son, she has earned it. Every time your father beats her, I want her to remember it, that you love her, every time she thinks of you she’ll remember you loving her when the world is crashing down on her. Do I make myself clear? The world outside those walls doesn’t exist.

“They can scream all they want how wrong it is and as far as the LDS church goes they can go straight hell. One of the reasons David and I are not member’s because of how they judge other people it’s not the doctern that we don’t believe in except the part about families living together forever that part like you is just messed up when there are wife beaters and children being abused by their parents sexually and physically, even murdering them.

“The fact they believe that we should want live forever with them because of that they need there head examined. The only person I trust in that church is Bishop Earl. Everyone else that judges us as well as the people that are left behind because of their bigotry, there self-loathing their prejudgment; the second you walk in that door they are accusing you because they can’t have what we have. An open relationship with our families and friends, trust, love and affection for everyone, no age limit, no deformity that makes them so ugly to the world and that so-called damn church hates we take them in, we give them love and acceptance not push them out and shun them. They don’t want pity, they want to be loved and heard.

“We don’t care what color of skin, or where they're from or they are not supermodels. I had the best sex a month ago with a Japanese woman that lasted 7 hours and it nearly killed me it was so good. David and I were with two black women a week ago, I tell you it was mind-blowing. We even had their husbands orally and it was the best nectar we had ever tasted. Well, the second best when you and Dave did it with your sister Jody in our offices. I can’t wait to try you again considering I had Greg’s yesterday before you guys left. Thanks for that by the way I been wanting to try that for a very long time, it was top grade. We can’t wait to try you and Greg together.

“I apologize for kidnapping you and Greg. I know you had plans to be home with your mother tonight and tomorrow. I’ll make arrangements for Susan and Becky to spend the weekend with their friends if they have any. And Aaron can stay with the Bishops Family or Officer Kenly’s; he’s too young to see you have mind-blowing sex with every woman, girl of your choice over the next three days. Unless you are declining your membership and want to wait until you are 17. I’ll bring the car around and have my driver take you home.”

I said. “Are you freaking kidding? Hell no, I want to stay here and have mind-blowing sex here in paradise in spite if I need to have sex with my mother that makes her scream my name forever. I was going to do it anyway, I was just questioning if it was a bad decision. Like you said I love her very much… now, I love my adoptive family every single one except for Shawn and Arthur. But I really, really need to call my Grandmother. You how she gets? And she’ll be madder than a wet hen because I forgot to call her last night when I promised her I would call every night as I was a little preoccupied last night.”

I cringed knowing how she was going to rip me a new one. Even more so when I break the news that I had been having sex, had been with lots of girls; she going to rip the phone off the wall and throw it at my picture on the wall. She might even come down and hang me upside down by my toenails and beat me like a rug. I never lie to her, and I wasn’t about to start now. Mr. Stringum hand me the phone and dialed the number.

Dave took my friends to go see the doctor. She picked up on the first ring and said. “This better be Eric or I am coming to kill you, Linda. I have been up all night pacing the house waiting by the phone calling the hospitals, calling the morgues.”

I said. “It’s me, Grandma,”

She took a big sigh of relief. Then laid into me, I took every ounce of her frustration and anger letting her get it all out of her system until she asked. “So why didn’t you call me? And I want the truth young man or I’ll blister that cute little bottom so red it will look like a tomato. You are never too old to be spanked and you know I can do it.”

I took a seat watching Mr. Stringum pretend he was doing paperwork, I said. “Promise me you won’t get mad.”

She was silent for a long time then said. “Within reason, but I make no promises.”

I was silent when asked. “You know that I had been to a nudist colony?”

I heard her sit down moving the phone to a comfortable position and said. “I have bone to pick with your newly adoptive parents about that one.

“I have the mind to paddle your Dads bottom and your Moms as well for letting you go there and run naked with the lot of them, skinny dipping is one thing, but that young man is something far worst.” I was silent for too long when she asked. “Please tell me you didn’t have sex with all those naked girls?”

I cringed and asked. “By sex, what do mean?” 

She said in a raised voice. “Oh lord no you didn’t, I am going to rip your adoptive parents a new one so big Santa Clause will think it’s a new country.”

I again I was silent Mr. Stringum took the phone away and said “Doris, Dave Stringum here. Your grandson is with me at my summer home. You know the big place, that’s right. He’s working off a large purchase of a new King size bed for his room at his mother's place. So I will be brief because he has a long day and full weekend to work it off. He’s been masturbating, Yes I know that’s not a big deal, but he wasn’t doing it alone, that’s right… lots and lots of girls; no he didn’t have sexual intercourse just stimulated and lots of kissing and spending in lots of time in bathtubs with him and them at the nudist colony.”

He removed the phone from his ear as my Grandma went nuclear. Man, I was glad I wasn’t home she make Don or anyone she could get drives her down and kill me with her bare hands. She yelled. “What you mean he’s been with more than one girl? I kill him I swear I’ll cut it off and burn it over a fire like a hot dog when I get my hands on him. Please, lords, tell me he didn’t get any of those girls pregnant? Oh God please not that?”

He said. “No he was a good boy and used a condom, Yes, I realize he’s not going on LDS Mission because of that, but Doris dear, he couldn’t go anyway and you know it. His parents had seen to that. So let the boy sew some oats. Let him have lots of mind-blowing sex and I mean safe controlled sex. I know you don’t like it, but he’s already been doing it for the past month with more girls lining up to take a number.”

Mr. Stringum hands me the phone and twirls his thumbs and open’s his robe. Then gives me a silly grin; as I go “ha, ha, yes that’s right lots of sex with lots girls, well mostly four girls; all the others just kissing, bathing and stimulating their sweet spot, you know… inside plumbing? Yes, Bishop Earl knows and my caseworker and my mother know in fact Grandma she was there watching me do it making sure I was using a condom, last night.”

I moved the phone away from my ear as she screams at me. Mr. Stringum came around to the other side of me and opened my robe. He looked at me and smiled and then stroked me to a very hard state, letting his robe fall off him. Even though I hadn’t given him permission to do so vocally, I had by signing the Dads contract and now his signing up to be a member of the Garden Club. Besides, I really like oral stimulation and masturbating as well as having mind-blowing sex with as many girls as possible. So there was no way I was going to say no. Instead, I let him untie my robe so he could have all of me.

He lifts me off the chair leaving my waist robe too slid onto the floor, and clears open space on his desk for me, laying me down letting my legs and feet dangle over the sides. I said to my grandmother as he making love to me. “Yes I know it’s against the LDS church to have sex before marriage, but Grand….” I moan as Stringum takes my right n****e and bits softly and does the same to the other. “But grandma listens, I don’t care about what the LDS church thinks. Why should I after the way they have treated me over the years? I like having sex and I like stimulating girls and I like breasts a lot more than some religion stating I can’t have them until I am married when girls come to me and rip my clothes off.” I moan even more as Mr. Stringum trails he tongue up and down my chest and inserts my penis inside his mouth, taking it all to the hilt.

I moan again. “Oh please” for the love of god don’t stop as I spread my legs wider. “Grandma maybe you don’t like it, but I am sorry I won’t.” Oh god yes I moan “I won’t stop having sex, spank me if you like but I am not promising…. anything” Oh God please don’t stop as I wrap my legs and feet around Mr. Stringum. “Grandma I needed to go my breaks over and just wanted” Ooooh Yes harder take it all. “You too know I was alright and I loooove you.”

Stringum takes the phone out of my hands says “He’ll call you tonight… maybe.” Click, letting the phone fall on the floor; He picks me up with my legs wrapped around him as I throw my arms around his neck as he kisses me, and brings me to the coach that has no sides. And makes love to me like no one ever did before.

By the time Dave came in, I was about to fully climax. David came in to tell me the doctor was ready for me. Dave smiled at me then opened and dropped his robe as Mr. Stringum had him take the other side of me feeling me on the verge to fully-climax  Mr. Stringum held up a 1 finger then I released and it was one of my biggest doing it orally. There was plenty to share with Dave as they made a meal out of me. Telling Dave, not to it take all until they had sample for the doctor. Pulling a small glass jar out of the desk and stroked the rest that was just inside my shaft, then told him it was all his as it dripped down between my legs.

By the time Landon came into the offices wearing a waist robe and towel around his muscular shoulders and noticing his six pack abs and well muscled toned arms and legs, which said he works out a lot. I was just finishing with David and Mr. Stringum was back at his desk still naked Landon said. “The Doctor is waiting for Eric so he can finish all the test and examinations so he can have his report done before lunchtime. I have made all the arrangements as you have asked and the Caterers are here to set up for tonight’s party in the main hall as you have requested. I have sent a car to pick up Linda Shepherd I wasn’t sure if you wanted Dave to escort her or send some someone else.”

David asked me if it was alright if he went to retrieve her. I smiled up at him pulling his penis out of my mouth and said. “Be my guest, it’s not like I haven’t seen you have sex with her. Just save some for me so I can give her the best sex she has ever had like Mr. Stringum said I should.”

David said. “Give us a few minutes and have the car waiting out front.” Landon grabbed the glass jar with my nectar in it and my waist robe off the floor and closed the door. It wasn’t long after that I had my little snack of Dave and Mr. Stringum, watching Dave put on his robe as Landon was waiting for me outside the office, with my waist robe and helped me put on.

I was catching on quickly that rules of the house were for us either to wear a waist robe or full robe and nothing else. I was about to ask why Landon was wearing one instead of his suit when he leaned in to tie the robe around me. He smelled of peaches and cream. He whispered in my ear they been saving me for last knowing how I felt about needles and didn’t want to embarrass me in front of my friends. Stated he knows the best way for me to get over my fear of needles, giving me a silly grin.

I followed him down the hall to where a private Doctors office was set up including a full nursing staff and huge lab like in TV crime lab with all the fancy toys. He opened the door and took a seat helping me remove my waist robe and folded it sitting it on his lap.  The Doctor came in; I don’t remember his name so I will call him Doctor, all I know he works conclusively for Mr. Stringum and no one else. He smiled at me reading my chart or should I say a thick folder.

I should have known that like Mr. Stringum he knew everything about me; every scratch, every broken bone, every scar from top to bottom. He did a full examination including, weight, height, lungs, and heart and had me pee in a cup right in front of him and Landon in the toilet. He went as far as x-raying me leaving no stone untouched; He stroked me so he could get my penis measurement and had Landon write it down for my condoms and my clothes that I would need. Like Doctor Gill, he made me bend over for a cavity search and went as far to check my nerves of sensitive on my entire body including fingers and toes and between them, stating that some of them were not working.

I wanted to take a pin or a paperclip and give him a demonstration of how numb I was in some spots on my arms, legs and few spots on my chest. All from the physical abuse from my parents, he also noted according to the X-rays that I and will have severe arthritis in my bones that it will require a large dose of pain meds as I get older when my joints fail completely and most of them like my knees would go before I was 25.

© 2019 Shep

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