Living With The Guilt  Part 2

Living With The Guilt Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 117-1

Living With The Guilt

Part 2



But this story is not about them, it’s about me and my life. Yes, it’s true that if I had known that Saturday morning what my life was going to be like. I would have sent my mother home. Knowing she would have never been allowed to ever see me again. Yet I accepted the fact that not only was I am not going to tell the Rothwell’s about my father killing me, I was going to allow my mother to have sex with me as often as she liked as well as let her have sex with anyone she liked and not tell my father or Aaron about it, until she was too old or buried in the ground. It was also the only secret I kept for my grandmother or any of the relatives. Personally, it was none of their damn business.

Bishop Earl knew about it, and so did Bishop Sakes, so did many others because she had sex with them on more than one occasion. In fact, she liked having sex again considering my father had refused her and had been years since they had. Like I said if he knew my mother was having sex with nearly as many people I was, he would have had killed her, not divorce her, but killed her and blame it all on me. And in truth I was part the one to blame, but what he didn’t know that she was having sex for years with Mr. Stringum and Dave.

I also learned later on it was Mr. Stringum that had his own contract with her in regards to her so-called one-eighty. Blackmailing her at first that he would tell my father and everyone she knew that she was if she didn’t stop abusing me and my brother. Not only would he tell everyone about her having sex with other men and woman, but she also would never see me or my brother ever again as well as her daughters. He would have taken us all away and given us new names and identities to parents that wanted children. In many ways Aaron I wish he had.

He knew what my mother feared she feared losing her children she feared the world knowing about it. All he had to do was show one videotape and her life would have been over. That was in the box wrapped with a small token of 1,000 dollar check and new dress as well as very nice pair of shoes as a gift for letting me be adopted by the Rothwell’s and becoming a member of the Garden Club As I watched everyone get a box to open that Saturday morning at the breakfast table.

My mother quickly tried to hide the tape, telling me it was just porn as it came in a porn box, but the way she held it said more, knowing porn tapes were nothing to me when I had the real thing many times over, she proved it later by burning it at his summer palace I heard him whisper when he said that wasn't the only copy. Yet he warned her if she went back on their deal he had wittiness statements and other tapes. Each year she kept her word she would be allowed to destroy the tape and a statement until Aaron and I were raised and were living on our own.

He gave me a wink handing me a package with nice new Sunday suit and five-hundred dollar gift certificate too buy everything I would need for the coming school year as well a bill of sale saying paid in full for my new bed and enough bedding to fill an entire closet. As well as four sets of sex handcuffs and largest set of bubble bath, and 24 flavors of edible ointments, this had been sent to both our homes.

Greg got the same as me a brand new Sunday suit tailor-made with a picture of his new bed, the same exact bed we have in our room here, including bedding and four sets of sex handcuffs and largest set of bubble bath, and 24 flavors of edible ointments as well as his own grooming kit, which had been sent to his home. Like me, he had already received five new robes and five new waist robes as well as tux and some other clothing he too would be going to school in style.

All my friends got five hundred dollars and a tailored made suit as well as the robes and the bath products and grooming kit. Greg and I were the only ones to receive a brand new bed. The bed Greg got would never fit in my room at my mother’s house or the Rothwell’s. I was slightly jealous, but I knew I would be spending many nights in it with him and many girls and possibly a few boys. The day was ours to do whatever we liked, Swimming horseback riding or go-carts or simply go on a helicopter ride. We did it all including a few girls like mine and Greg’s two bombshells Corin and her sister Clio.  I have always wonder what be like to ride in a helicopter, but not only did Greg and I ride in one we had mind-blowing sex one with our two bombshells

We would have liked to have sex with Cindy and Jody, but both had prior engagements Jody spent the rest of her time with Dave, and my mother having walked into her room without knocking watching Dave take my mother by the rear as my mother was busy playing with Jody’s sweet spot and breasts. I apologized and closed the door and went to find Greg I asked Landon as he pointed out on the patio by the pool. I felt bad seeing Landon dressed in his monkey suit. Doing some light house cleaning, changing bedding in mine and Greg’s room; personally, I wanted to take him inside and have another go at his penis and his long macular chest.

My three friends and their parents were pool sided all of them were having mind-blowing sex with girls. Or each other, it seemed everyone was having sex, but me. Greg wasn’t there but had been told he too was looking for me and I had just missed him moments ago. Not surprising the place was huge. I jumped into hot-tub and decided to wait until he found me instead of going around in circles.

It was nearly two hours before Landon delivered me a note that I was supposed to come fully dressed as a sheriff in old western within the hour and meet down in the main entrance. Costumes were easy to come by here considering Stringum had everything a person could want or dream of, why not as rich as he was? I didn’t hesitate to do what I was asked.

I opened my room and there was Greg changing into his costume as my deputy including his tin star. All dressed in black including his cowboy hat and cowboy boots. If I was a girl I would die and gone to heaven because he looked yummy in it. It showed off his well-defined muscles, he gave me a smile and asked. “What do you suppose why they want us dressed up like this?”

I could guess considering I was quite familiar with what could take place when it comes to role-playing. Yet I didn’t want to spoil it for Greg, instead, I hurried and dressed in my costume and followed Greg out. Landon was waiting down in the main entryway, and so were Evan and Jim they were dressed as train robbers or outlaws.

Evan was 18 and like Jim, Evan had brown hair cut missionary style and light blue eyes and a rustic hard chin, about 6 feet 4 and roughly 160 pounds all muscle. What I have seen of his body chest high and legs he used to play football at Payson High School until he graduated he works at the Santaquin Dairy Queen to help pay for school. He works out a lot to maintain his good looks, I also knew he wasn’t planning on going on a mission and had been disqualified because he used to be a drug addict and had already ruined his chance, by playing the field with the ladies when he was a football player.

The LDS church has a strict rule when it comes to boys or girls playing the field, doing drugs and drinking.  Sex is considering one of the biggest sins regardless if it only happened one time, they hold it against you for the rest of your life in the church. Doing drugs and drinking is a slap on the wrist.  The fact Evan gave up drugs and alcohol and turned himself around completely they judge him not worthy of going on a mission yet his parents force him to keep his attendance in church and perform his priesthood duties, and like me they shun him.

Jim Bob is his partner in crime and basically did the same thing except for drugs, but he had sex many times with most of the high school cheerleaders. His hair almost blond, but more of a dishwater blond then a true yellowish blond, his green cat eyes say I am angry but a cuddly, he too played football but was more into basketball and baseball than his best friend Evan. He had the height at 6 foot 8 roughly 135 pounds and has a scholarship to play ball a local college. He wasn’t built like Evan, but neither was he wimp. He too looked good without a shirt on according to the ladies. He too was working to pay his way for college at the local gas station one of two in town.

Like Evan, he too is shunned by the LDS church, but only goes because of his friend Evan. One thing to note about Jim Bob, like me he bounced around in the system, not as much as me, but still, a foster kid is a foster kid he was adopted when he turned 13 and ran with the wrong crowd and that’s where he met his best friend Evan. To say they both hold a grudge because Greg and I have similar reasons why the LDS church hates us would be saying let's play a nice game of checkers. Instead, all out contest who can satisfy the four ladies the old outlaws or the young 16-year-old lawmen; would be epic game to too play by winning back our two votes as well become best friends of circumstance.

We were told nothing except to get into the waiting helicopter. It was a stare off as we rode for nearly an hour, no one really saying anything other then to ask if we knew what was going on. Learning neither of us had any idea what so ever. I was a little worried about my mother when she finds Greg and I were no longer at the house and been kidnapped to who knows where, but then again she would have plenty to do and as much sex she wanted with whom she wanted, well except Greg and I. We soon landed in at an old movie set out in the middle of nowhere. With nothing but dirt and tumbleweeds that looked like the old west.

We were each given a horse to ride into town, but we were told not to come in together. In fact, the only ones allowed in were the outlaws. While Greg and I were giving the instruction of what our role was by an envelope with pictures of four beautiful girls we have never seen before. Our job was to rescue these lovely ladies and put the outlaws in jail before they could have their way with them. It became apparent that Greg and I were to prove ourselves to Even and Jim that we belonged in the Garden Club. Both of us were given two doses of the horny pills one for us and one for the girl we rescue. We can assume Jim and Even were also given the same pills.

We quickly took our pills and swallowed them a canteen of water. When given the Greenlight we took off with a hard galloped. I wanted to laugh watching Greg noticing right away he wasn't used to riding a horse as he bounced like a bouncing ball in the saddle. He wobbled off his horses when we arrived at the saloon where our two outlaws were trying to charm the ladies to go up to the room.

We entered the building and made our way to the bar where Mr. Stringum was playing bartender. Asked us what our poison was, we both said whiskey, and leave the bottle. I have always wanted to say that. Both Greg and I knew it wasn’t whiskey but sparkling apple cider.

We kept our cool as we watched our outlaws flirt with our lovely ladies, dressed as barmaids just like in the western movies. Even the old-time piano was playing that music.

We took our time as Stringum said. “I want no trouble here boys if you know what I mean?” We nodded taking off the hats and placed them on the bar giving each other a nod as we waited for the outlaws to make their move. Man, it was hot wearing this costume. Greg was little more comfortable than me considering he hadn’t been too a nudist colony where clothing was definitely optional.

We gave them each a nod when one of them slapped them said. “Unhand me you brute,”

We walked over to them and Greg said. “Boy’s, I believe the lady said no. and I believe it would be best to leave town now before we decide to fill you full of lead.”

They pulled out their guns which were small paint guns. Flipped over the table to give them a place to hide behind and started shooting. The girls screamed and dived for the bar to hide behind during our little shoot out. Stringum pulled out a double loaded shotgun and fired it in the air yelled. “Boys, I told you I want no trouble here, in my saloon.”

Evan shot the bartender right in the chest yelled. “It seems old timer that you’ll be pushen up daisies.” Stringum gave an epic performance as he died.

The rules of engagement said to shot each other until both sides either took the girls or ran out of bullets, with every other one either being a blank or a paint bullet. If neither of us was able to capture the girls we were to prove our selves by satisfying the outlaws who could stimulate them the best. Man, I was glad I had very good teachers in both departments. I told Greg to save his last two bullets one paint and one blank, waited until Evan and Jim run out giving them targets to shoot at. When they were dry and empty, I told Greg to follow my lead.

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