Gunfight  Part 2

Gunfight Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 118-1


Part 2


He was a quick learner though once he understood what I wanted. He stopped hurrying like everything was a race. When he was comfortable about putting his arms around me I moved them to his butt and drew him closer with a kiss so deep, so loving that he moaned when he released me he said he never kissed a boy like that. I wasn’t surprised when he asked me if he could do it again, deepening our kiss as our tongues played in each others mouth I asked. “Are ready for me to bathe you?”

He nodded and told the girls to wash our backs and our legs and we would do our fronts and theirs as well as their backs. It was our job to tell the girls what we wanted, but I kissed them each telling them to take their time and have their way with us. I was here to pleasure them as much as they were here to pleasure me. It wasn’t a job and it wasn’t paid sex, even though I had a feeling they were paid quite well. I just wanted all of us to enjoy the moment. I even asked each of their names something l liked to do because made it more personal.

One behind me was named Bethany she had long red hair and bright green eyes and a round face with a cute button nose with a long thin mouth. She was a little thing maybe 5-foot 3 with cantaloupe size breast one of my favorite sizes. She had these cute little knees that had the image of a smiley face and red sparkly nail polish, I could tell right away that she likes to sunbathe nude because every inch of her was tan, a dark rich tan, maybe a shade lighter than mine. She giggled when I ticked her, a little corky fun giggle. She wasn’t shy about touching me anywhere and liked taking her time, unhurried.

The girl behind Jim Bob was named Sally last names aren’t all the important unless we planned to spend a lot of time together. Both girls were members of the Garden Club which said neither of them was hookers or prostitutes or on a payroll they were here like me, to have fun during the summer break. Both been married, both had once been LDS until they too were shunned because they were severally raped and abused by their husbands and now divorced.

Like I said the LDS church doesn’t care, they simply ignore them because of what happened to them. Sally had a kid and he was in his first year of college she was pregnant by the time she was 14. I loved feeling her soft brown hair almost the color of honey. With beautiful chocolate brown eyes that wanted me to melt the moment she looked at me. She too was short about 5 feet 5 if that.

More of an oval face then square and had nice lush’s lips and fingers that said she played an instrument like a flute. Her breasts where nice plump watermelons another size I really like. She had an infectious laugh that I fell in love with. I couldn’t wait to hear her scream as I pleasure her on the bed. She had tiny ankles and feet so small I could almost measure them with my hand. I hated the fact she was abused and was pregnant by the time she was 14. If was up to me I would kick his a*s so hard he be thanking God that he lived.

I took my time bathing Jim Bob and waiting until he was hard again. I already was because of how fast those pills work. I took my time with each of the girls until both of them had been bathed pleasured by both of us before we made it to the bed. I could already hear Greg in the next room having mind-blowing sex. But I wanted to take my time with Jim Bob and our two girls.

I dried them off letting them dry me off as well as Jim before we got on the bed. Jim was more than ready to drive straight ahead like it was a race, not an experience. I told him to slow down these are girls, not sex machines. He looked puzzled and I growled inward wanting to slap them for teaching him that all girls were not meant for just sex. 

I knew he was angry with me, but I didn’t care. I said. “It takes twenty to thirty minutes to regenerate hard enough so make it count.” I knew he knew mine and Greg’s recorded of four to five hours of hot passionate sex, yet neither of them believed it.  We just spent an hour and a half in the tub giving each other a sensual and sexual bath. Not hardcore sex. He spent 30 minutes stimulating me orally; whereas Greg and I spent two hours stimulating them downstairs and on the bar. I gave him a slow demonstration by placing lotion with a hint of pineapple and Orange passion fruit.

I started with Bethany shoulders and massaged each of her breasts all the way down to her stomach and did like wises all the way down to her feet and toes and worked my way back up and took her mouth and kissed her hard and deep and released her as trailed my tongue down her breasts and made a meal out of them circling her n*****s and biting softly, I gave him a nodded and said. “It’s all about the foreplay, making those twenty minutes memorable as much as the sex is. It’s not strip, and jump her and be quick and dirty. It’s about love and showing them you care and you want to be with them. Isn’t that right girls?”

They answered me with a kiss hard enough to take my breath away. Jim said. “Hey, that’s my girl?”

I wanted to smack him across the face instead slapped his butt and said. “Our girls; Greg and I could have had them all to ourselves tonight but wanted to share because we are not greedy. We share everything and I mean everything.” Taking his penis and stroked him until he got the message. He mouthed everything? I nodded. I gave another go around with a massage hoping rabbit boy would get the message.

I whispered to Bethany if she was ready as I had her climax twice only using my tongue and fingers. She wiggled with anticipation as Sally waited for Jim Bob to pleasure her placing his hands on her sweet spot, but instead, he denied her and inserted his penis inside of her as he lay on top of her and humped her like a jackrabbit. She wasn’t enjoying the fast-paced sex as much as Bethany was. Instead, she was taking a nice even love of her life sex as I kissed her and brought her up slowly and took my time getting more, as I made a meal of her breasts and her mouth.

She screamed with pleasure several times, I had yet to fully climax. Versa Jim Bob having Sally climax twice and he was already done waiting for his self to regenerate. He gasped as he watched me keep going once, twice and three times in the same hour and he had barely made it twice. I had yet pull it out as I kept a steady and slow pace only picking up speed as I had regenerated to keep going. We rocked back and forth on the bed kissing and making a meal out of both of us; when I reached my fourth climax. I finally stopped. Bethany said. “Now that’s what I call amazing sex.”

Sally seemed bored and jealous as she watched me take my time and clean her out and let Sally have a taste of us before Jim Bob got what was left, considering he still didn’t share Sally with me. I guess sharing was a new concept with him and Even. There still wasn’t a knock on the door and I was ready for round two with Sally, Bethany hated to let me go, but a deal was a deal Greg and I both promised the girls a turn with both of us. I traded places with Jim Bob as he once again dove hard and fast like a jackrabbit.

Bethany wasn’t enjoying it as she gave a bored sigh trying to get Jim Bob to play with her while he was having sex with her. He did the bare minim and he got the bare minim from her not screaming his name. Giving a sigh seeing he was already spent and waiting to become hard again. As Sally was screaming making them know that she was alive and having mind-blowing sex.

With the new pills that I had been prescribed I was able to use it to my advantage, becoming harder faster and way more energy, and having Sally climax 6 times compared to Jim Bobs two, by the time there was a knock on the door.  Stringum was telling us dinner is severed downstairs; opening the door with a waist robe for each of us. Mine with a tiger on it and plain one with Jim Bob's name on it waiting for an animal of his choosing, which should be a jackrabbit.

Greg giving me a high five said. “Let’s eat. I have worked up an appetite so large I could eat my horse.” I listened to the girls whisper telling each other that Greg and I were amazing, the other two not so much. I knew it hurt Evan’s and Jim Bobs feeling’s but  I had warned Jim Bob and tried to coach him, he just had this mentality that being a jackrabbit is what girls and guys wanted, and apparently so did Evan. Stringum gave us a choice to go back to his house where we all could have a nice hot bath and more sex or spend the night here.

I knew my mother and I knew she would have a royal fit if she didn’t see me soon. So I agreed that after we ate we would go back. But also stated the two girls I wanted next were the two I had promised have mind-blowing sex with. In fact, they had already to start putting the promises too good uses by removing our waist robes and climb on our laps and having us at the table feeding each other by spilling everything on their breast having us use them as a plate with no silverware, while having sex with us.

Sally and Bethany were jealous trying to get Evan and Jim Bob do the same thing, but they seemed bored by having the girls doing all the work and weren’t enjoying it as much they climaxed fully stating they were tired and wanted to take nice hot shower and climb into bed after a very long day of having sex and playing in the sun. It was a fight that nearly took place with the girls deciding who was going to ride with who on the helicopters. It only seats six not eight; 2 to fly it and 4 passengers.

It was only an hour and a half ride. So I said. “Greg and I will ride back with Evan and Jim Bob and when we get back; Greg and I would spend the rest of the night with all you four girls.” Even and Jim Bob rolled their eyes asking them where and how we find the energy.

I turned around and said. “It’s all about the foreplay boys and the timing. It's not just take off our clothes and get naked and have sex and wave the checkered flag to see who was able to do it the fastest and move on to the next one. It’s about making love, where you both enjoy it that you want to keep going.”

It had been almost ten minutes of complete boredom until Greg opened my robe and started stroking me I laid across the seat having him climb on top me and stimulating ourselves together.  Greg asked Evan and Jim Bob if they wanted some, when we both climaxed, they tried to look away until Evan jumped at the chance to have us both. Leaving a small amount for Jim Bob, but he declined to say he much prefer to have it all or nothing.

Evan shrugged his shoulders and took it all then lay on the floor of the helicopter letting Greg and I have our way with him. Causing Jim bob too lay on the seats to give us room as he stimulated himself. The three of us shook our heads and continued our game to pass the time. When we landed, Greg turned to Jim Bob and said. “That wasn’t that fun masturbating all by yourself compared to having someone else do it for you?” I could see him trying to connect the dots, but he still hasn’t come to reasoning why we like doing it together compared to alone. It was the same with a girl where he’s afraid to share. I whispered in Evans' ear that if got bored he knew where we would be. He gave a sad sigh put his arms around his best friend and took a long hot shower with him.

The moment my mother saw me she laid into Stringum when she asked. “Where in the hell have you been for the nearly 8 hours?”

I saved him from wringing his neck as the girls walked in I said. “Trying too get those last two votes, end up getting 6 to put us over the top; having mind-blowing cowboy sex.” Mom gasped seeing four very happy and very naked girls as they each gave us abreast to play with.

Mom knew my rep when it came to having more than one girl at a time. She just didn’t think it was possible.

She said. “I just spent an hour on the phone with a very angry grandmother because you haven’t called her to say you were ok. And I had no idea where you were and looked in every closet, every room, and the basement not find a single trace of you. When Landon said you and Greg went to a shoot out and to have sex. When you didn’t leave me a note, didn’t say where you were going or when you will be back. I am grounding you until further notice to this house; I have a mind to tan that cute little butt of yours until it turns bright red.”

All I said was. “Thanks Mom for handling my grandma, now I won’t have to call her knowing she still angry.” I kissed her on the cheek as she slapped my bottom to give it a little sting. And hugged the stuffing out of me and kissed me hard and passionate.

Greg started up the stairs with our four girls until Mom yelled at him and said. “And where do you think your going young man?”

Greg said. “To take a nice long bath with our four girls Mrs. S.”

Mom grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around and hugged him then spanked his bare bottom like she did mine, then kissed him. “Call me Linda or Mom you are as much as my son as Eric is. Now get up there and show those girls what it means to be one of my boys. I want their screams echoing theses walls, or I will tan both your cute little bottoms, you hear me, boys?”

We said. “Yes, ma’am.”

Stringum was about to leave until Mom caught him and said. “My bedroom in 5 minutes I am horny, very horny and it seems my boys will be too busy to satisfy me and Dave has taken Cindy and Jody home. Landon is spent the last 8 hours having sex with me and my son's friends had already gone home because they have an early church schedule and needed to be in church to give a talk on chastity and setting standards.” She rolled her eyes giving the topic of chastity when in reality they were having sex and lots of sex with several girls as well as stimulating each other orally.

Somewhere God is laughing his head off knowing that those boys have no plans of living that stupid LDS law. Finding sex really enjoyable with more than one partner, yet to everyone else they have to live a secret life.  Not all missionaries tell their Bishop everything like how often they stimulate themselves or have they had sex. Not all boys have an open relationship with their parents or Bishop. Chew on that LDS people that think shunning people because you don’t like or heard something about that person that you disagree with pushing them out of the church into the cold. 
Out of sight out of mind.”

© 2019 Shep

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