Look Who’s Coming to Dinner  Part 3

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 120-2

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Part 3


Grandma stated real quickly. “Greg and Eric, I am very upset with you two for two reasons. Greg, you masturbated in church during sacrament meeting, which is uncalled for. I want you to promise me you will never do it again while in church, or least have the decency to go to the bathroom and do it in the stall. Second… Eric I very upset with you for not telling me about you kissing boys and stimulating them orally and that goes for your entire Rothwell family. I could almost forgive you because I have no doubt that your adoptive parents told you too and showed you how and said it was ok when it wasn’t ok. And that goes for all those girls in your photo album. Which I will take more careful looks at and read some of those letters before I go home tonight. 

“After I have kicked your Mom and Dads a*s for taking you there in the first place without asking me or your mother, which I have no doubts would have said yes. I would prefer you didn’t have sex or stimulate boys or girls no matter what age, but you are just going to do it anyway and said so yourself that I can’t stop you, but I want you both to know I do not like it. Greg you more so because you can kiss your LDS mission goodbye.”

Greg said. “Mrs. S, I couldn’t go on one in a way and my brothers can’t go because we all have short lung capacity and I have a bad ticker that needs to be watched. So a mission wasn’t in our futures. We would be disqualified because of it.” Grandma and I were speechless, but it made sense to me because how quickly Greg and his brother ran out of breath, even more so for Greg being a tad slower, lying to me he was just tired. I had thought the yellow pill was a vitamin that I wasn’t taking as he took it three times a day.

He opened his nightstand drawer showing a needle that he would need if his heart stopped beating as well as his inhaler. He lied to me telling me it was for allergies. Grandma read the label on both. I cringed looking at the needled as he told me that if he fainted and couldn’t hear his heartbeat I was to plunge it right in his chest where his heart was, placing my fingers to the spot then call 911 when it starts beating again.

The door opened with my mother and my adoptive parents. Mom and Dad rushed to me and hugged me to death as if they hadn’t seen me in such a long time. It was then they noticed my injuries. Dad took off my robe in a flourish, told me to turn around. I looked at my mother and my Grandmother. Greg laughed or pretends to laugh said. “You should have seen it, we were playing hide and go seek with some girls and there Eric was hiding in a tree. Hanging on for dear life when the branch broke and fell into our swimming pool out back I can show you the where the limb broke if you want proof. Mr. and Mrs. Rothwell, I am Greg, his best friend.”

Greg pulled me close tossing his waist robe and kissed me. Grandma waited for the shock factor seeing us kiss naked. Noticing there wasn’t one which stated I was telling the truth. When he released me he went right up to my Mom and Dad shook their hands and only to pull them into a hug and kissed them both like he did me; watching my Mom and Dad hugging him back wrapping their arms around him, kissing him deeper as they both give him a big squeeze on his bare butt.  When they were done kissing Dad said: “I am very glad to meet you son and very glad to see that Eric has a best friend here when he is home with his mother.”

Greg said. “Even better,” opened the drawer on the nightstand pulling out two cards that said he belonged to my Night Owls Club and the Garden Club. Dad read each of the rules finding everything we had talked about. He was very pleased indeed. Greg said. “My sister Cindy is a member of both as well, but you most likely knew that because of Eric sister Jody, my brother Chad is also a member of our Night Owls Club and will be 16 next January, then he too will be a member of the Garden Club.” Dad and Mom showed us their membership to the Garden Club as Grandma read Greg’s membership. Something else I didn’t tell Grandma about.

I waited for the nuclear meltdown, but she shrugged it off and said. “I really like his new tan. But I am very upset with you, and want to know why in the hell did you take him to a nudist colony and told him to have sex with all those naked girls?” She looked at me and said. “Yes I know son stimulate them and is not the same as sex, but damn it to hell boy it sure sounded like it was, plain and simple.”

Grandma offered them a seat as she waited for an explanation. Even though she wasn’t on Dads list of people that share everything including no secrets, she had read a copy of it. Dad nodded told her everything regarding Jody being raped which she already knew just not all of it. She pretended not to know regarding Shawn and Arthur. She was in shock when she learned everything I knew that my brothers had told me and Mom and Dad. Even my mother was in shock; Greg cringed tightening his butt when he told him everything they had done. The only thing he left out was the shaming ritual. The other was none of hers or my mothers business and didn’t think they would like to know of that Blood ritual either.

Grandma growled. “You still should have called me instead of me finding out the hard way when I could have said something.”

Dad growled back. “And what do you think you would have said.”

Grandma growled back. “Hell no, is what I would have said. But I do see your logic in it even though I feel very strongly that my grandson would have never done any of those things that those disgusting boys did, and what’s worst is you knew that when you defiled him and his brothers when you had the Doctor at the hospital open him up and see, finding that out he and Shane wasn’t touched.

“Now he is walking horn dog having more sex at 16 when he should be thinking about how to kiss a girl, how to ask a girl on a date to the movies, but instead he is ripping both their clothes off having sex, before marriage, And the hell with him going not going on LDS mission as an excuse to have sex. I want an apology to me, to him and his mother and you are going grant whatever she wants or I will sue the pants off you.

“One other thing he is now going to be sleeping with girls, because that should have been his first mistake when his own parents walk in on them, discovering what he has done. When that was a hell of a lot safer then having sex with them in the first place and you damn well know it. Know he gets the green light when his own parents watch him having sex right there in her own backyard as if it was just perfectly fine. All I’ll have or his mother will have is the moment of catching him masturbating in his room. Thanks for ruining that moment she could have had when she catches them in bed together, fully dressed and asking him if they needed to talk about having sex and why he needs to wait like my parents did and I have done with my own children.

“You should know Eric and Linda. I slept with his Grandfather for nearly a year before we were married and didn’t have sex, just stimulated each other and took a bath together to save on water when we lived on a tight budget during the cold war, yet we were planning to be married the falling year and was waiting because we needed to raise the money to buy our first home. I’ll even sign that stupid document stating that I want to be told the truth and I better well get it. You should also know if he gets a girl pregnant you are the first person on my list. I am going to castrate and kill you slowly, with his mother being second.

“Then I will cut off his penis and roast it over a fire and feed it too him. Then make him marry the poor girl so the baby will have a father and someone to rely on instead of living on the streets looking for handouts. I am and will be so grateful that because of you and his other foster parents that he will not become his father, who I could kill with my bare hands finding out how he treats his wife and children. That his own wife wants a divorce so she can feel loved and has a sex life again; instead of using a fake plastic penis, when she has the real one anytime she wants. But instead, she gets beaten for even asking.

“I have said my peace and now I will let you visit, why I explain to friends how very upset I am for kidnapping two 16-year-olds so they can have wild sex parties, behind my back.” Grandma slammed the door as Susan and Becky are in tears because they asked them to go swimming in the nude.

Dad said. “He fell out of a tree and into a swimming pool.”

Greg said. “It’s a very big tree.” Dad had us lead the way, as my mother worked a bargain with my adoptive mother.  I heard some rustling behind the door. I simply didn’t want to know.

Susan yelled. “What the hell Grandma, they are still naked and what’s worse his foster brothers have joined everyone else’s. I hate nudist if my father was here he kill every one of them.”

Grandma said. “You could always join them and I wouldn’t say one word to him.”

Susan said. “Yew gross grandma, I like wearing clothes thank you very much.” Becky agreed as they both plopped down on the coach. Dad followed us out the door to the pool where everyone was including Dave and Mr. Stringum was having sex with our two girls in the hot tub.

Greg pointed to the tall tree over the pool showing a missing broken branch and some smaller ones broken off. Dad looked at me and Greg looked at my wound on my right side and the one on my arm. He only said. “Son that was some fall.” I knew the way he said it he didn’t believe a word of it, but he knew my father and only looked at my watch finding not one single scratch on it, which stated we were both lying. He said. “I hope you at least kicked his a*s,” and took off all his clothes and dived into the pool.

I looked at Greg and said “thanks” and kissed him. I laid him down along the pool and took his penis and gave him one hell of oral stimulation. Only to have us both pushed into the pool by my grandmother. She said. “Boys not while I am here. Kiss all you want, but not that.” She walked over to Stringum and Dave and slapped them each across the face and said. “And that’s for letting my grandson and his friends have sex night and day when they should be working like normal 16-year-olds in your store.”

Grandma laughed as Bishop Earl had picked up my sisters with Cindy and Greg’s help and tossed them in the pool clothes and all. The best part was like everyone else he was naked. Grandma said. “Good for you Bishop, nice boner by the way.”  He saluted her and jumped into the pool.

My mother ran out of the house stark naked yelled cannonball with my adoptive Mom right behind her. Grandma laughed and went inside to help with dinner only to be placed in a chair to watch everyone having a good time with my photo album on her lap reading my love letters and looking at my nudist friends. Mom swam over to me and hugged me said. “It looks like I get to keep you for the whole week son, something to do with trading schools and paperwork that seemed to go missing.”

Susan overheard and screamed real loud; “I hate nudist!” She climbed out of the pool with Becky sopping wet. “I am going home and telling Dad and he’ll kill you and him before you step one foot in the door again.”

Mom shrugged her shoulders and said. “Too bad you won’t be home for the next few days to tell him. Grandma said she got enough work to keep you busy until school starts at her house until I take Eric home.”

It was nearly an hour when the dinner was called seeing the robes and towels for everyone sitting on a push table near the door. Grandma handed Susan and Becky a towel and a borrowed robe, telling them she not taking them home sopping wet. Susan growled angrily and said. “You said they would be dressed for dinner and yet they are all naked.”

Grandma said. “Yes, “I did tell you that, I lied. Now get those clothes off so we can wash them.” Susan and Becky started for the house; Grandma turned them around and closed the door and said “Now! Right here, you’re not going to track water in the house when there is no reason to. So start stripping or all I have every boy here do it for you, and you know that’s not a threat that’s a promise.”

If you ever have seen a whale with a white stomach. That’s what Susan and Becky looked like, nothing but stark white, not pink or even a slight tan. They were so white that Casper the ghost would think they were kissing cousins. Grandma had them turn around and face us; the only red was their faces.

Grandma was nice enough to give them a robe to cover them up with and took their clothes and hand them to the Bishops wife. Grandma could have easily had them take their clothes off in the house in the bathroom and had my mother drive her to my mother's house, so they could change clothes and pack what they would need. Instead, she made them do it right in front of us and took a seat next to them.

She was barefoot, something I seldom saw at her house. She normally wears socks to bed and never went barefoot. It was fine if we did, or us boys wore shorts and went without a shirt and wore our boxers to bed and around the house. So where my father picked it up that it was immoral for us boys to do so. We are all clueless; yet was ok for my sisters to wear shorts and go barefoot and even ok for my mother. It was just against the rules for Aaron and me because he didn’t for whatever reason.

Mom was almost too giddy when she kissed me and Greg on the cheek as if she had won the sweepstakes. Grandma didn’t lie completely we all wore robes well the boys wore waist robes and the girls all wore the full robe, except for my grandmother she was the only one fully dressed. She pretended that we were all at the beach having a picnic.

She told Mr. Stringum she didn’t ask she told him that he was driving her home after my sisters packed their suitcases. Mom gave him the key to the house then remembered he already had one. She whispered something about putting a lock on Aaron’s door and her bedroom door. Something my father couldn’t just simply bust in with. I cringed knowing the reason why and had to do with sex.

Mom kissed me whispering in my ear telling me when she gets back we were going to have sex in the big tub Greg and I cringed watching our two ladies kiss us both goodnights, telling Greg and me they will see us on Tuesday at their house. For lunch and lots of mind-blowing sex and we will be spending the night. I wanted to cuss grandma for telling me and Greg to do it and my mother and my adoptive parents gave us the green light. In a way she was right, we have already having sex, sleeping together is nothing compared to that. The question was, were we ready to do so. Knowing perfectly well that we won’t be fully dressed or wearing PJs or boxers. We will be naked.

© 2019 Shep

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