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Dad Tells All  Part 1

Dad Tells All Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 121

Dad Tells All

Part 1

The question that keeps roaming through my mind is why? Why does my mother always want to have sex with me and Greg when she can have any guy she wants? Like Mr. Kenly, Mr. Stringum. Dave, or Landon, as well as countless others like my Dad Mr. Rothwell and most likely Bishop Earl.

The second question is what was the bargain my mother made with them to keep me for an additional week? True I’d only be missing two whole days of school Thursday and Friday. Which would be nothing more than introductions and going over the term syllabus and seating assignments and may be given a little homework to wet our beak, but two boring days is two boring days; missing the opportunity too make new friends and have an awkward conversation.

I could never figure out why school never started on a full week. I wasn’t worried about making it up or books because my adoptive parents always bought my books for each of the classes and donated them to the local library when I no longer needed them. The reason being is so I could highlight and write in them to my heart's content as well as marked them with tabs when I needed a fast way to index my notes when taking a test. When it was open book.

I should have crawled into a hole or yelled real loud telling her, no, but instead, I shrugged my shoulders and accepted the fact that Greg and I were going to do it. Because I had given my word that we would if she would leave my brother Aaron untouched. Besides I was in too deep. And not only was I going have sex with her. I was going to have sex with my adoptive mother as well as my two sisters Jody and Kerry.

I felt like a boy gigolo going from one girl or woman to another. Grandma was right in her corky manor; I should be worried about how to ask a girl on a date, our first kiss, and worried if I put my arm around her or held her hand during a movie that I would be going too far. Instead, Greg and I were on the fast track where we simply get naked and have mind-blowing sex as an ice breaker.

I know I shouldn’t complain about getting laid, considering most guys my age would consider themselves lucky to have any sex at all. Other than a simple hand job, in the boy’s bathroom stall or your own bedroom looking at a porn magazine you had stolen from your father’s stash of nudies, well except from my father or my adoptive Dad. My father didn’t have porn stashed away as far as I knew and my Dad just thinks it was unnecessary when we boys can have the real thing anytime we wanted and as much as we wanted. I had no doubt that Greg’s Dad was the same.

Time always goes quickly when you are avoiding the main event as I kissed my grandmother goodbye promising me to call her every night when I am home with my mother. She said before leaving that if I didn’t she would be calling me and I better answer the phone or I would get a spanking of a lifetime. Another question on my mind was why always needed to call her when I am here with my mother?

I am not sure if it is because she doesn’t trust my mother or my father, and she trusts the Rothwell’s more than them. True Mr. and Mrs. Rothwell aren’t always trying to kill me, considering it only happened that one time when he nearly whipped me to death with the cattail whip and she tried to drown me in a bathtub of water, but so has my own mother and father from the moment I was born and my father still was doing his best to carry out that threat.

I wasn’t a hundred percent sure where I would be sleeping tonight, but if I had to guess it was here with Greg because when my mother left, she left Aaron here and said she be right back, instead of taking him and putting him to bed or have Mrs. Kenly babysit for my mother. True she could leave with Aaron and me after we had sex here, but then again Greg and I could easily have had sex with her in my room and in my new bed.

I think it had to do with my father because he was going to be pissed when he finds out I wasn’t going home until next Sunday even more so when he discovers that my grandmother his mother was taking his daughter with her. School didn’t start for them until Thursday like it would have for me.

Mom just wanted them out of my hair and out of the way, instead of listening too them complain that we were naked. Personally, I don’t why it should matter considering they had seen Greg and I as well as my brother Aaron naked more times than it is worth counting and not forgetting more boys and men here that should have said ‘big deal you have a penis.’ I knew I was in trouble when Greg’s Mom passed out horny pills with our desert and milkshakes as if they were candy. Even my two Rothwell brothers each got one as Greg and I were given two as well as his Dad, and my Dad, including my adoptive Mom and my mother. Let's just put this way everyone got one except for the people under 8 which was only my baby brother Jonathan. Everyone 15 and older got 2 pills.

I never thought I would experience a sex orgy, and thought that was all college kids did bedsides smoking pot or drink alcohol. Yet here we all were at the Bishop houses, who would have thought your Bishop would sponsor an all-night sex orgy? Dave and Mr. Stringum left just after my mother did after a desert, telling Greg and me to be at his store at 9 am sharp for work Monday morning. Greg would be working there on a more permanent base every day after school for 3 hours a day to help buy his first car, and put money away for college.

I too would be working for the same reasons, like his, plus to give my mother a break of having me always at home underfoot; after all, she does have other things to do like grocery shopping and washing clothes, she should be cleaning house, but that has always been my fathers job or mine and Aarons. Susan and Becky seldom do more than just the dishes; when it comes to my mother changing her attitude regarding Aaron and I that wasn’t one of them.

Normally I’d be doing the wash and most of the chores, but since that was in the basement it was either she had to or Aaron would, or if my father got sick and tired of it not being done he would do it. Later on, when I moved home on more permanent bases it became mine. Having my father standing over me at a safe distance, in case I deiced to go into an episode and killed him. It would give him a good excuse to defend himself to do like wises. If wasn’t for the Rothwell’s finding a way for me to overcome the last hurdle of my fear of basements I would have had one. Instead, he hoped it would, but it never happened.

The fact my adoptive parents and family weren’t leaving, but spending the night should have said. “Son, you are in serious trouble,” even more so as they worked out sleeping arrangements for everyone except my mother. My mother didn’t know it yet, or she did being part of the bargain was that my adoptive parents were spending the night at her house with her and they would be sleeping in my new bed.

My Dad wasn’t scared of my father; he could still kick his a*s easily enough without having my mother to interfere like she had done when they tried to kidnap me for the second time, from my Rothwell home. Yet still didn’t mean Greg and I wouldn’t be having sex with her; just not the whole night as she had originally planned here and at home.

Cindy wasn’t happy about the arrangements, but neither did she complain because she had sex with me multiple times over the last week, so one night or two was not such a big deal, but she was hoping that she would get a chance even with my waiting list where you almost have to take a number to get in line. It was Grandma’s fault telling everyone that Greg and I could sleep with women or girls anytime we liked and they didn’t have to be family members.

Dad simply to told Jared to knock himself out when Cindy invited him to spend the night in her room after sharing a bathtub. The only thing Mom and Dad said that he better wear a condom or else, running a finger across their neck and a scissor cut with their two fingers on his hard penis and sack. I wanted to scream, and rant and rave, but again grandma was right if you are going to have sex with her you might as well sleep together as well.

I also knew without a doubt the Jared was getting laid ever since Mom measured his and my penis. Finding out that he was more than capable to satisfy any woman or girl he pleases; including her and my two adoptive sisters, and most likely my best friend’s sisters. So seeing Jared go inside Cindy’s room with his own box of condoms didn’t surprise me.

What did surprises was when I opened Greg’s room seeing my adoptive parents sitting on the bed waiting for Greg and me with his parents right behind them and his brother Chad. Greg Mom said she was just going to run us all bath so the water will be perfect when we were all ready. I groaned inward knowing here we go I was going to have sex with Greg’s Mom and my mother as well as my adoptive mother, not even Bishop Earl was going to help me out of this one.

In fact, he was looking forward to sharing himself and his wife with us all.  Dad said. “To hold up on that for a while he wanted to talk to all of us and asked if he would bring Cindy and Jared in here and have them get dressed. Because he wanted us to go somewhere after he has talked to us.”

Dad took a seat on the bed and looked at all us standing he sighed not wanting to ruin our fun, but sooner or later he was going to have give us an explanation why Shawn and Arthur are going through the Shaming Ritual and what that is when they come to visit us. Dad said looking down at the floor as my adoptive Mom told me and Greg to get dressed as well. I told Dad I didn’t have any clothes here having Greg tell him I could borrow some of his, considering I was roughly the same size. Greg shirts were the only thing besides his boxer, I could wear that wasn’t too big for me.

His pants were longer and his waist size was closet to mine 32 inches so I borrowed a pair of shorts and went barefoot and Greg did like wises. Dad asked me if I told Greg or anyone one about Shawn and Arthur or about the shaming ritual. I said. “No Dad, you told me not to, the only thing they know is only what you told my grandmother this afternoon.”

Greg asked what a shaming ritual was. I told him something really, really bad. Not wanting to say anymore, but Dad said. “What nudists do to boys and men they find sexually abusing young boys and young girls under the age of 16. That part was new to me, I didn’t know that girls went through the ritual Dad said it was a rarity, but it does happen. 

I had only thought it happened to boys and men. Dad didn’t go into detail until everyone else came into the room fully dressed. Deciding it would be better if we talked about it in the living room instead of spoiling the bedroom with such news, and personally, I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t want to think about Shawn and Arthur when I having sex in bed or stimulating Greg and spoiling what I feel with them as his words echoed in the room, ruining the moment for all of us.

I only wished we didn’t have to ruin a perfectly good day. I was planning a nice night with Greg not listening again what Shawn and Arthur had done, I really didn’t want to relive the shaming ritual… Yet they had a right to know, why Shawn and Arthur were dressed in and marked and why they were treated as such. It didn’t matter how I felt about it because if I did they wouldn’t be living in the Rothwell home they both be in jail for the rest of their life.

We all took a seat as we waited for my mother to arrive, and was told she wasn’t coming; I looked at Dad and Bishop Earl. Dad said. “Boys I want you to stay right here.”

I stood up and said. “Dad she's my mother, if she’s in trouble it’s my response-ability to protect her against my father.”

Dad sighed told me and Greg to get into the car. When we arrived there was shouting and things being thrown and breaking. Dad and I got out of the car as two police cars had just arrived, I looked down at my watch and it wasn’t blinking. Officer Kenly and Officer Knox gave me a smile and said the neighbors called regarding a marital dispute. I didn’t ask if happens all the time, I didn’t have too. They told us to stay back as they went to knock on the door.

The noise stopped almost immediately when my father peeked through the window yelled at my mother telling her the cops were here because she couldn’t keep her God damn mouth shut. Like all criminals, they always run, and my father wasn’t any different, as I yelled to the officer standing by that my father was fleeing through the fence. I don’t know why he bothered considering he couldn’t run very fast with his injured leg and how small he was, he wasn’t quick anymore, like he was when I was before I was 10, but I still feared him because I couldn’t’ defend myself and with my mother on his tag team at the time I didn’t have a fighting chance.

The other two officers caught him quickly and dragged him back to the house handcuffed. Instead of putting him in the back of the police car they took him inside the house. Officer Kenly was the guy in charge so he sent the other officer back to the streets. My dad screamed police brutality earning him a punch in the stomach by Officer Knox. No one else said anything. As they forced him to stand and climb the stairs, my father groaning that he was going to have their badges and sue the city; earning another punch in the stomach this time by Officer Kenly.

When it was safe to come in they opened the door, I quickly ran to my mother who was sitting on the kitchen floor crying with a black eye and busted lip and cuts and scrapes all over her arms and slight gash on her side where my Dad used his belt on her seeing the belt on the floor under the table. I held her in my arms letting her cry on my shoulder. Dad growled and seeing the damaged to my mother. He looked at my father and grabbed his belt then remembered me and told me and Greg to take my mother to my room and lock the door.

My father growled. “That f*****g cow tried to kill me, I am the victim here; she tried to poison me with that plate of food. I knew she didn’t make it because it wasn’t burnt and there were no dishes anywhere that said she made it.” I stopped in mid-walk and walked back picked up the plate of food and took the half of it off the floor and stuck it in my mouth and chewed it really slowly in front of him and said. “Like hell, she did you monster …that was peace offering from Bishop Earl’s wife so you would have something to eat besides opening a can for Sunday dinner.” I took another bite, Dad did the same and so did Bishop Earl.

I took the rest that was on the plate and shoved it down my father’s throat as he spits it out. I was about to punch him in the face for hurting my mother when Dad stopped me telling me it was his turn, for trying to kill me the other night and ordered me back to my room. Telling me he didn’t want me to give me nightmares for what he was going to do to my father. I knew better than not to argue with Dad, but I was too angry to listen. I got jumped up to kick him in the teeth, but Dad surprised me and tranquilized me feeling me myself collapse to the floor.

When I woke I was on my bed and my head was in my mother's lap as she brushed my hair with her fingers. Greg was sitting by my locked and closed bedroom door. I couldn’t hear much, but the sounds were coming from my backyard. My mother said. “Don’t son.” Showing me a tranquilizer, and putting it against my neck. “Your Dad is handling it and as asked you nicely not to watch. He told me if you even thought about watching or helping to knock you out until he is done teaching your father a lesson. He’s a big man he doesn’t need your help.”

I didn’t like it, but I knew she was right; my father is no match up against my Dad when it is only one, on one. Not like it was before when she was at his side trying to kidnap me when they both came to my Rothwell house. Which seemed so long ago, I still had nightmares of that day, and even then I was helpless and unable to defend myself. The noises quieted as my Dad knocked on the door for Greg to open it. He looked tired and bloodied; he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but I still couldn’t tell whose blood it was because there was a lot.

Bishop Earl brought him a wet towel and so he could clean himself up. He said my father won’t be home this week or the next week, he had fallen off his bike into a ditch and got tangled in barbwire fencing with several cracked or broken ribs. They have taken him to the hospital to patch him up. He gave me a wink and opened his arms as I rushed to him, He said. “He’ll never touch you or your mother again son I promise you that and her. No one hurts our family.”

Dad knelt down and had me look at him and said. “Son you lied to me today, letting someone else do it for you. That tree by the pool was a very convincing lie, but your watch didn’t have one scratch on it and I knew that if you were wearing it that night when it stormed you would have pushed the panic button. So that meant you weren’t wearing it. The branches broken were not fresh they were old and dried, plus I knew that Greg was the one that fell not you son because he laughed thinking it was the funniest thing when you didn’t.”

I hugged him and apologized that I had lied because I didn’t want my mother to get in trouble when it wasn’t her fault and that I was afraid that he would take me away from her and my brother. He said. “Always tell us the truth and we will find a way to work something out. I trust your mother; I don’t trust your father, and if he wants someone to beat on let him try my anger on for size, but I don’t think will after the lesson I just gave him. Now go give your mother a hug son, she needs you. Linda once you get cleaned up I want you to come back down to the house, there are something’s I needed to discuss with you and the Bishop family regarding Shawn and Arthur.” Dad had me grab some clothes because I wouldn’t be coming back tonight or tomorrow. He didn’t say why as he left with Bishop Earl, leaving Greg here with me.

© 2019 Shep

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