Dad Tells All  Part 3

Dad Tells All Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 121-2

Dad Tells All

Part 3


Bishop Earl took a slow breath and said. “Let’s cut the crap, Mr. Rothwell. Do you think I am stupid because I am a Bishop in this church that I don’t know what’s going on? Shawn and Arthur are not at the police station.  They are right here in my house and have been for almost thirty minutes after you have had arrived. I have known about the sexual abuses and the rape for a long time including yours.

“I have done background checks of your entire family. I know one detail that you haven’t told anyone and that is you are the one that castrated your father and cut his penis off and cooked them both in front of him as he sat there dying slowly. I also know you made him eat his own penis and his balls. Then when he ate them you threw him in the hole and buried him alive personally.”

Dad gasped as we all gasped. Bishop Earl reached into his pocket and opened his wallet. He lifted out his Garden Club membership. Things started to click, why he wasn’t surprised when I told him about Shawn and Arthur almost a year ago. He looked at me and smiled when I figured out he was the one holding all the cards from the beginning.

He was the one that put the panel together for the round table of event, stating the fact he and Bishop Henry Lanwall and two doctors; one child psychologist and one sex therapist, as well as my current caseworker all, belonged to the Garden Club; and why they were all in favor of me becoming a nudist, but wanted me to come into the fold on my own as well as my mother. Hoping to bring us all together, hoping to fix all the things between us, and if not provide a stable environment for me, with parents that truly cared for me if I couldn’t have the Downing’s or my mother.

Man, I was so stupid not to see that one coming, but in truth, I couldn’t have been more happier. My mother changed because of them. Jeff was right all along. I should have trusted them, I should trust Bishop Lanwall, I should trust Bishop Earl, and I should trust Mr. Stringum. Dad was still speechless. Bishop Earl continued. “You are right Mr. Rothwell or should I call you Robert, after all, we are two birds of the same feather.

“I have spoken to your wife knowing you have been planning to sacrifice yourself because you want your sons to find out as well as their friends what the difference is about having sex with boys and men compared to girls or woman. You were going to offer yourself to them so they never would wonder it what it feels like, hoping that it would prevent them from becoming like them. I agree with your methods. I agree that children shouldn’t be murdered in cold blood with the hope they can be saved.

“But you should have realized it sooner, you should have killed them when you found out they have raped your sons and have been rapping others in your small town of Highland. Now you will have to live with that guilt because now there is no going back. Their rapes of those other boys are now like a virus because you and your wife acted too late and know the devil has placed an advocate, a person to guide those boys in spreading the sin so dark and evil when you could have prevented it.

“I speak of Crawford and the people like him and the word is spreading fast like wildfire because those boys have gotten away with it. Danny is dead, don’t ask who killed him. I just know he is dead and buried in unmarked grave never to be found. He is paying for his crimes in hell. James too is dead and so are the two boys that raped your daughter; complements of the Garden Club as well as Kelly, those three alone are responsible for raping your boys and many more.

“There will be no need to sacrifice yourself when you have two boys willing to do it for you. And I know for a fact they will not care or mind that we use them as a demonstration.  Why boys should never do this to other boys, in fact, they will most likely enjoy it. So there is no needed for you to sacrifice your dignity that you have gained when you never once became the sexual predator like many of the boys that were raped by your father.”

Bishop Earl removed his shoes and socks and set them to the side of his chair. He stood up and told Cindy to take Jared back to her room. He waited as they left and told his wife to run the bath, now that we got done with the unpleasantness. He leaned over Dad and said. “I have been looking forward to having sex with your wife as much my wife has been looking forward to having sex with you.”

He returned to his seat and crossed his legs and said “I am sorry Linda; things didn’t go as I had planned. I was hoping that Mr. Rothwell wouldn’t have gone too far with your husband Jim. I had planned a special evening for you and him, where he would have been tied up and naked to your bed, and so full of horny pills that you would have sex with him for hours. He would have been blindfolded and gagged so he couldn’t see you or who was having sex with him until you had your way with him. But I promise you that will happen once he has healed from his many injuries from a bicycle accident. I am too looking forward to having sex with you and so is my wife tonight. I know you wanted to have sex with my son and your son, but due to the late hour, I feel that too will not happen.

“I have two girls that are very horny from my ward and for their effort trying to get those two bad boys to have sex with them which have failed because they can’t seem to get it up when two very attractive girls want to have their way with them. I had hoped it still wasn’t a lost cause, but they only get aroused around naked boys or men, not beautiful naked girls. So I have promised them to Greg and Eric as well as Chad, they are waiting for you boys in Greg’s room. So boys if you would please join them.”

Bishop Earl waited for us to leave, Jody seemed disappointed until she was invited to join us as her boyfriend Dave was invited to join the adults in the tub for some hot sex.

To say I was disappointed could be further from the truth. I preferred having sex with girls my age or nice beautiful woman that wasn’t my mother or my adoptive mother. I didn’t ask where Arthur was being held because I simply didn’t care. It bothered me that Bishop Earl and my Dad wanted us to have sex with him or Shawn and Arthur so we could never wonder what it was like to compare to girls or woman.

I could see Greg was thinking the same thing, but Jody closed the door locking us inside Greg’s room. The two girls were stripped down to their laced panties and bra. When we saw them it was instant hard-on. We all wonder how it is possible to turn down anything that beautiful. The only answer was they must be gay.

Greg’s, Chad’s and my mouth gasped like a wolf in heat, Jody said. “Boys I heard you been very naughty in church today. We girls are here to punish you to your heart's desire. So next time you think about masturbating in church you will get off your butts and say excuses Mom, Greg and I needed to use the bathroom or your Dads offices down the hall. Not sit there and do it during sacrament meeting with an audience, hell you might as well had sex on the sacrament table.”

Greg blushed and said. “Sorry, but it wasn’t my idea.”

Jody giggled. “Oh is that why you didn’t stop them? Eric had no choice because his Grandmother moved him so he couldn’t. But if he could have, he too wouldn’t have stopped her. Now we have to punish you.”

Jody went over to the tape player and put on some music, that hard rock stuff we all like. Like AC&D and Kiss and Twisted Sisters and many others that drove our parent’s crazy, our punishment was still unclear. Until Jody said we would be last to remove all our clothes until everyone else had.

She knew Greg and I as well as Chad liked being naked, in fact, we all did. It was our way of life to be so all the time in each other's houses. You would think there wouldn’t be a difference when you lived in a nudist colony for two weeks, but there is, a big difference because you only wore clothing if you were role-playing. Being naked was no big deal because everyone you meet regardless of how old they were, were naked.

It had been hours since we had taken the horny pills, because of the earlier excitement at my mother’s house and long reviling discussion about my Dad as well as Greg’s Dad. He too was in shock, finding out all this time that his parents had been members of the Garden Club, and like me, I didn’t even know my adoptive parents were also.

I also didn’t know that Mr. Stringum was born and raised a nudist or all the strings he has been pulling since the day we had meet long before the Downing’s. I felt I owed him a debt that could never be repaid for bringing my mother around regardless if it was blackmail at first, but right now I had more import things to worry about and that was sex.

Jody popped two more pills in our mouth and waited for us boys to pee first, being one of the side effects of the pills even though we didn’t get the use the advantage of them, we still had to pee. Chad was first to be stripped slowly because he was a good boy today as Greg and I weren’t as they tortured us with pleasure as they danced around us removing our clothes slowly until Greg and I were down to our boxers.

They would pull them down just enough to get us hard orally and stimulate us by hand. Not allowing us to touch them as they had handcuffed our hands behind our backs. Jody was making short work of Chad as we watched her giving him the best massage of his life, sticking his penis inside of her. Unlike our two girls Tiffany and Veronica they would torture us bring us to the brink then stopping to kiss us and lick us like an ice cream cone.

Tiffany was 17 and had long blond hair tied into a ponytail and light blue eyes and thin little mouth that begged to be kissed, as well as her cute button nose and her very round breasts, nice and plump another favorite size of mine. She could have been a supermodel, but prettier, She had to be at least 5 foot nine a couple of inches taller then me standing in her bare feet.

Unlike Jody, both the girls couldn’t have sex without a condom and for some reason, they didn’t have a serious boyfriend. They both had a membership to my Night Owls club, curtsies of Bishop Earl and would be graduating this year from Payson High School and she was very smart with a 4.0-grade point average and not some dumb cheerleader.

Veronica was a wild one like Cindy with raven black hair shoulder length and green eyes with straight noses that curved at the end with pouty beautiful lips and soft round curvature face. She has this corky little giggle and snots which I found very attractive, but she seemed embarrassed about it. I told her I liked it because it made her different than the other girls.

She had these tiny birds like feet, that I could almost put in the palm of my hand and couldn’t wait to stick those beautiful toes into my mouth. She was a little thing compared to Tiffany. She was barely 5 feet tall with freckles on her cheeks. I couldn’t wait to make a meal out of her breast that was like small loaves of warm bread, another favorite size I really liked.

She smelled of blueberries and hint of honey. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why Shawn and Arthur would turn down girls like these. I couldn’t understand not wanting to have sex with our Mom and my sisters, but turn down such beautiful girls was a crime of its own, in some ways I was very glad because they did me a solid.

Life got better when the two girls threw us on the bed and took the handcuffs off, as well as our boxers that they had tossed onto the floor with the rest of our clothing. Telling us it was our turn to play with them. Greg had me reach into the drawer in his nightstand finding a box of condoms. Only to tell us they wanted to play first, which neither of us minded in the least.

We rolled on top of them, Chad and Jody had already found their rhythm. Having her scream every time she climaxed telling him to go harder and deeper, but keep the same pace. I envied him a little because unlike Greg and I had yet to satisfy our girls. Yet we didn’t hurry considering we had all night. Of course, Jody wasn’t the only screaming with satisfaction hearing our parents across the hall.

Man, I was glad I was having sex with girls our age tonight instead of our parents. I didn’t care if my mother was having sex with every man inside that tub, I didn’t care if they were sharing or trading spouses. It wasn’t a love affair it was just plain wonderful hot passionate sex.

Greg and I loved hearing our girls scream with satisfaction as we stimulated their sweet spots over and over again until they were prime and ready to have really hot sex.  The condoms we were using were specially made to withstand long hours of sex before we had to change them, unlike the cheap ones that were so thin that would break so easily that we doubled them or tripled them just in case they ripped inside our girls.

There was no way we wanted to take the chance of getting a girl pregnant, and there was no way we would never want to stop having sex. Regardless of what the LDS church said. We were not saving ourselves for a mission; we weren’t saving ourselves to wait until we were married. And there was no way or a single chance that we wanted to have sex with guy’s period, end of story, and there was no way we would give up a good penis or kissing each other or stimulate each to our heart's content. Like our parents had taught us there is no reason why we couldn’t have both.

Dad opened the door instead of knocking; after all, there were no secrets that we were all having sex. He told us the tub was all ours and they were turning in for the night after a bite to eat. He closed the door and left us to our fun. We had been having sex for nearly four hours, granted one of those hours was spent having the two girls undress us and torture us with absolute pleasure. Tiffany stated that a bath sounded good and Jody and Veronica agreed.

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