The Catwalk  Part 2

The Catwalk Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 122-1

The Catwalk

Part 2

When we arrived at my Rothwell home Mom gave everyone the grand tour. I noticed right away that carpet had been removed from my old soundproof room and a diagram of the layout pined to the wall and a stack of floor tile and lumber piled in the corner. It looked like Dad had been busy or someone had. And because Dad and Mom hadn’t chosen not to come home until Wednesday or Friday last week; so my two younger brothers could have their birthday party with all their friends.

Mom confirmed it said. “This will be our new tub room and in the rec-room, we will be putting in a hot-tub we can use all year round.” My mother was surprised that I was willing to go downstairs at all considering I wouldn’t even go down her basement at home and stay down more than a few minutes at a time and never at night.

My Rothwell Mom said I would only come down here with Dad or her and only in this part of the basement because of the large windows that Dad had put in. which stated the reason why it didn’t bother me as much as used to, but that was only part of the basement I could go into without having an episode. I stayed in the light of the windows as Mom showed them were Dad had planned to build a new weight room and fruit and storage room since the only bedroom in use would be Shawn’s and Arthur’s room.

My mother and my friends noticed the cameras. The only ones in the house that I know of were down here in the hallway and inside Shawn and Arthur’s room, which also had no carpet in like it used to, was now a painted cement floor that I could see just fine where I was standing. The other cameras were outside on the property, would be triggered on when the alarm was set off; like opening the barn door or window, until reset by Dad. No one else knew that, but my two brothers Jared and Jason as well as me, it was the same with my special watch, only Mom and Dad knew as well as my mother. The anti tranquilizer was only known to me, Mr. Kenly and Dad and no one else.

I was the first one up the stairs before the tour ended of the basement; I had my limits and knew when it was time to leave before an episode happened. I waited in the kitchen sitting in Dads chair until they all came up. I gave the tour of the property and introduced everyone to Sparky who was running around me like crazy.

Mom Rothwell said, “Sparky is the most spoiled dog alive and was getting fat from all her cooking.” Which was true, but none of us cared, he was just so excited to see me. I hated to chain him up again, but I had too as I listened to his bark begging for me to play with him. Spoiled was right when Mom unhooked him telling boys to take him inside and play with him, while she went through my closet.

Mom tossed most my shirts and pants that looked worn because they had a stain or a hole in them which seemed perfectly good to me because they were my favorite and comfortable, said: “I refuse to buy new clothes for Shawn and Arthur, these will do just fine.” They went right into a pile of Shawn’s and Arthur’s pile of new school clothes. I hated hand me downs and secondhand clothes.

Greg said. “Actually Mrs. R, I prefer him naked and so do the ladies.”

My adoptive Mom giggled and said. “And I am one of those ladies,” my mother seconds the opinion wanting very much to strip Greg and me naked and have sex right here on my bed. She only got part of her wish, my adoptive Mom removing my shirt and pants stating she didn’t like the clothes I was wearing finding a hole and widening with her fingers said, “just perfect for Shawn and Arthur.”

Greg too was stripped down to his boxers as his mother added his clothes to the growing pile even though they didn’t have a hole anywhere on them as well as Chad clothes. My adoptive Mom went through my dresser adding all my boxers and shorts including my socks to the pile. Leaving one pair of shorts to wear and two more for Greg and Chad to borrow, She added our socks that we were wearing telling us either we wear our flip-flops or go barefoot until we bought new ones.

I loaned a pair to Chad because they wouldn’t fit Greg. He had his own like me, that Mrs. Stringum gave us, but those were home sitting in his closet. Chad chose to go barefoot so and I shrugged our shoulders and put them back into my closest. It’s not the first time I had gone barefoot inside a clothing store or didn’t wear a shirt. Mom hand each of us a shirt from my closet being the only thing we three could wear that was roughly the same size besides my elastic shorts.

Even though the clothes were clean, Mom told Jody to have the boys clean up this mess and put the clothes into the washroom. So they can wash them when we come home. Mom knew I could do it and Greg could have easily helped me, but she wanted our two slave boys to do it. She looked at my bed and said. “When they are done with that I want them to strip every bed in the house and change the sheets; while I fix us all a quick bite to eat.” Noting the time was a little after two.

We all adjourned to the kitchen as Mom quickly made grill cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup from her homegrown bottled tomatoes. She was asking if we would like KFC tonight for dinner and go to the pool for family home evening.

I was all in for that considering it meant we could hold off having sex with our mothers. All the kids thought that was a good idea including my mother even though Mrs. Earl and her husband, as well as my mother, would all have to rent a suit or buy one. Everyone else could borrow one from all of us and that included Greg’s younger sister and Cindy.

Mom told Jody to have the kids staying here peel potatoes for mash potatoes and have her make a toss salad. She didn’t trust Shawn and Arthur with a sharp knife or a peeler. They could easily become lethal weapons in their hands. Even more so when Mom and Dad weren’t home, one of the main reasons why they were going with us. Until Dad came home which wouldn’t be until 4 or 5 o’clock, they simply weren’t going to take the chance of them overpowering Jody like they did last time, those tranquilizers were still missing.

I had no doubt Shawn knew where they were and he was planning something big if I knew what it was at the time. I would have made sure that never happened.

Greg and I quickly loaded the dishes into the dishwasher as Jody and Mom loaded Shawn and Arthur into her car; hooking them both to cable and the riding handcuffs. She straightened their hair and touched up their makeup. No one rode in the backseat with them. Mrs. Earl rode shotgun with Cindy as we boys rode with my mother. The first place we went was to the bank so we could cash our checks for our school clothes and supplies. Mom only took out 900 hundred dollars and put the rest into her personal checking account where my father couldn’t touch it.

She even had her own P.O box at the post office, in case someone wrote her a letter and my father would never see it or the bills that were hers. It was like they were divorced but still lived together. Not even the house was in his name, in case he left her high and dry with nothing. She would have a roof over her head for her and her children. How she managed that I’ll never know, and frankly I didn’t care.

We stop at Payless Shoes to buy us each a pair of shoes, which was right next to Wal-Mart. They weren’t a superstore at the time just clothing, small appliances, and the basics office store, and had everything except the groceries.

I noticed the sign was gone where it used to say “no shirt, no shoes, and no service.” Like most parents, they ignored the fact that our parents had us remove our shirts and try them on right at the rack. Only used the changing rooms for trying on pants, having us strut down the aisle in our stocking or bare feet as if it was our own personal catwalk as supermodels displaying the latest clothing style; sending us back with more items to try on. Including swimwear; Cindy looked hot in her new bikini.

Greg, Chad and I were like hungry wolves with our tongues hanging out wanting to devour her right there in the store; we all strutted our stuff down the aisle. At the time this song was invented yet, but as I recall this memory it was going through my mind.

I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt

So sexy it hurts

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk

I do my little turn on the catwalk

I’m too sexy for my pants too sexy for my pants

So sexy it hurts

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk

I do my little turn on the catwalk

Back up and down the aisle, to the changing rooms as we switched clothing and not worrying who was watching or the prices tag. We were all having some fun as pretended to be supermodels on the catwalk.

Our mothers were just as hot in their one-piece bathing suit, my mother wouldn’t even consider a bikini even though she would look good in one as far as we were concerned, but it didn’t stop my adoptive Mom or Greg’s Mom into buying one. Not they would actually wear one at home when we all preferred to go O’natural’al. The only clothing my Rothwell Mom bought for Shawn and Arthur were girls dresses and panties as well as training bras and several pairs of girlish shoes, and a bikini for both of them; Plus lots of diapers for Arthur.

It didn’t bother us to hang out in the girl's section, in fact, it was kind of fun as Mom Rothwell said to anyone if they noticed two boys all dressed up like girls. That they are crossdressers and she said. “I tried to put them in boys clothing, but the moment I turn my back they take them off and steal their sister’s clothes and makeup. The doctors say it is just a phase, but that was 4 years ago.”

The saleswoman would hug Mom as she pretended to cry on the saleswoman's shoulder. She passed her card to a clothing shop for girls that ask no questions whispered lots of men shop there, only loud enough for us to hear. Shawn would speak out. “I am not a girl I am a boy! Tossing off his wig.

The lady calmly said. “Of course you are dear, we're not saying your not, you just like to play dress up.” Picked up his wig and put it back on his almost bald head that only showed the stubble of peach fuzz. It was almost as short my mother used to cut mine and Aaron’s hair.

Shawn growled angrily as Arthur told him, “to be quiet or they will beat us.”

My adoptive Mom said. “And you think we won’t after that display.” slapped them both across the face. “Now keep that mouth shut or I will change your diapers right here in the middle of the store and tan those butts so red you would think they were on fire.”

It was almost 4:30 by the time we got home with lots of new clothes for all of us; including a few extra naughty clothes for the girls that I couldn’t wait to see them in and take them off. Man we boys were horny after walking into that store. Dad had been waiting for us as Greg and I carried in five buckets of KFC and lots of hot biscuits and retrieved all our shopping bags. Mom told Dad that animals were very bad today and threw a fit in the store. He grinned seeing them in their cute little frilly dresses.

Got up and grabbed them by the arm and turned each one over his knee, telling me to go outside and tend to the horses. He knew any violence at all puts me into an episode. Greg and Chad went with me, more so because how far my Dad is willing to go. They didn’t ask if this was normal, considering it was but had gotten worse since we had come back from our vacation. Dad came out telling us to change our clothes and if we could set the big table outside on the lawn.

When we came in the house Shawn and Arthur were wearing their shaming robes. Arthur was wearing a diaper, and Shawn was wearing a pair of pink lace panties with a hole in the front where his penis was sticking through. They both weren’t wearing the wig and their makeup had been washed off.  Shawn was busy with the wash and Arthur was on his hands and knees scrubbing the entryway. Even though we could have run naked, we boys chose not to because how it gave us the creeps seeing Shawn getting a hard-on when he checked out our butts. He would stroke himself until we put on a pair of shorts.

Dad apologized, but the boys had chores to do and they needed to be done before we ate and went to the pool. Promising that when we come home he’ll put them in their room and we wouldn’t see them again until morning. Dad liked being naked and didn’t care if Shawn and Arthur saw his bare butt or his very hard penis and got aroused because of it. He didn’t force us to do the same, he only stated he would like us to feel right at home and ignore them.

Greg shrugged his shoulders when I removed my shorts and tossed them into the washroom. I whispered to Greg if he would like a little snack before dinner; if they were going to watch so be it. Greg decided to make it a little more entertaining to watch as he went up to Chad and drew him in having him follow us into the family room where Shawn was.

Dad grinned and asked if he could play while the woman were busy, finishing dinner and setting the table, The girls and our mothers all looked good naked. My mother was being a good girl for the moment and satisfied herself with the other two mothers and Jody. With kisses and lots of foreplay as they cupped a breast and made a meal of it, that I could live with and didn’t freak Aaron out; he had plenty of kids his own age group to play with and my dog Sparky.

Bishop Earl finally showed up with his bathing suit wrapped in a towel. He was told just to come into the house through the back as if it was his own home. He grinned seeing us boys and Dad having a little fun. Dad asked if he would like to play. I knew he would never turn down an offer like that. I told Greg he was all mine he could keep himself busy with Chad and my Dad as I whispered in his ear. I could have Dad anytime I wanted when I came home as well as my adoptive mother and my brothers and two sisters. Greg, Chad and I as well as Cindy would be spending a lot time with me. It was his Dad that I never get to spend any time with.

Even though everyone around me was naked I took my time with Greg’s Dad and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He had removed his LDS garments before coming here, Dad and Mom stopped wearing theirs after finding out what kind of Bishop, Crawford was and it had been years since they went to the temple. It was none of my business to why they stopped, but I had a feeling it was not just Crawford making them feel dirty every time they shook hands with the man.

I think it had something to do with the church generally. I laid Greg’s Dad on the floor giving Shawn a good view of our hard-on’s he was already simulating himself. Like us, we had one shot to climax, but none of us were in a hurry. Shawn didn’t know self-control as he worked at a fevered rate. He was spent by the time I had taken Greg Dads clothes off.

Dad had just climaxed asking the boys to leave a tiny bit for our watching guest. I cringed when Dad was about to put his penis inside Shawn’s mouth. Dad gave us all wink and stood over Shawn asking if he would like some. Shawn nodded and moved forward. Only to have Dad take his finger and twirl it in the remainder of his nectar and was about to put that same finger in Shawn’s mouth. Shawn seemed insulted and declined it before Dads' finger reached his mouth. Dad shrugged his shoulders and wiped the finger on Shawn's chest, then went back to Greg and Chad. Letting them finish it off and had them get into position so he could do them both.

Greg’s Dad and I had just finished having a little snack when my adoptive Mom came in and told us dinner was ready. Only to have Greg’s Dad and my Dad each take a breast and lead her over to the couch and spread her legs. So they could have a snack beside just us. Mom was more than willing to let them as she screamed with pleasure as the menfolk got her to climax several times before she said. “Guys you’ll tire me out before even make it to the pool.”

My mother looked sad because she was the only one that wasn’t getting pleasured in that way. I whispered in Greg’s ear and closed both doors and locked them. Greg brought her over to the couch and began to stimulate her. A couple of times then took a breast allowing me to do the same as we heard his mother screaming outside on the lawn telling the boys to take it all. Aaron was busy with her breasts as Greg’s little brother was having a snack. Jody was busy with Jared and Jason as well as my baby brother Jonathan. Even his little sister got a chance with Jared and Jason. Nobody went without a snack except Shawn and Arthur.

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