False Statements  Part 1

False Statements Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 126

False Statements

Part 1

All I can say was thank god for ruining or almost ruining a night of sex for my mother. When my father came home unexpected as my mother quickly pushed Kyle into my room and quickly put on a robe. Yelling to my mother that my father was home when I heard the wooden gate open; hearing him cuss because he had to walk home pushing his bicycle through the gate and slammed it into the shed, with his wild unforgiving anger.

I was glad I had gotten up to pee and get a drink of water. I quickly stood in the kitchen at the sink as Greg and our two new best friends, hurried to stand by me, each with a glass in their hands. Naked as the day they were born and still very hard; when my father opened the door seeing us, watching his eyes roaming over Kenny and Zane and their very hard erections.

My father growled angrily seeing me and even more because I was naked and grew angry when he noticed my three naked friends. My mother quickly put her arms around my two new friends and said. “Oh, your home… What happened, nobody could stand your sorry a*s any longer?”

He slammed the door angrily and said. “What did I say about you boy being naked?”

Mom answered for me and said. “This is my house and my rules. I told you, dear husband, that he is nudist and his friends are all nudist. Clothing is optional when they are here in my house.” She dropped her robe showing him that she too was naked.

He reached for his belt only to see Kyle come into the kitchen as I pointed to my watch as my mother picked up the phone to dial for the police. Mom said. “That’s right Jim just came home and is treating my son and his guests and has knife in his hands.” Mom hang up the phone telling me and my friends the cops will be here in five minutes for us to go into my room and lock the door. Kyle stayed with my mother refusing to leave my mother side with a mad man that could abuse her.

Kyle picked up her robe and helped her slip it on as Mom told me. “Go ahead, boys. I’ll be fine as we wait for the cops to arrive.” I wasn’t sure if she really called them or if it was a bluff, until I heard knocking at the door two minutes later, and seeing red and blue lights shining through my mother’s bedroom window. Greg held me back and closed the door until it was safe to come out waiting for my mother to say everything was fine.

It was almost ten minutes before Mom and Officer Knox told me it was safe to come out. Greg opened the door Mom, said my father came home because he needed to wash his clothes and wanted to take a hot shower. I nodded as I was directed to sit on the coach so they could all keep an eye on us. Even though my room was built like Fort Knox, they wanted to prove to me and my father as well as my friends that he couldn’t touch me or my mother without going too jail. We were about to dress or least put on a robe around our waist when Officer Knox said. “It’s not against the law to be naked in your own house.”

My mother and Kyle were the only ones that were decent with her robe tightly around her and Kyle had at least his pants on as we followed them down to the living room and took a seat on the coach, finding Aaron already there. He was dressed only in pair of boxers. Again angering my father, after being told he wanted both of us to wear PJs for now on and socks. I turned on the TV because it was going to be a while for my father to wash his clothes and shower.

When my father came out of the bathroom he was fully dressed in clean clothes. He growled at us, came out and said. “I will be back tomorrow, rather than spend another moment looking at Sodom and Gomorrah and that ugly filthy cow of a wife and her demon spawn. If she would be so kind as to wash my clothes and have them ready when I return and I would appreciate it if they are not here.” Pointing to me, Aaron and my friends,” and said. “So I could least spend a few moments with my daughters when they come home tomorrow afternoon alone.”

My mother said. “That will never happen; I will make sure somebody is here with me so you can’t beat the s**t out of me like you did last time dear husband.”

Officer Knox and his partner who wasn’t officer Kenly said. “Ma, am… I will make sure the house is watched 24/7. We have set this house on high priority when your son is home visiting you and when he not here it is now on a watch list.

“A policeman will be patrolling this area every few minutes when your husband is home. So don’t be surprised to find a cop car sitting across the street at night and he has been given a key to the house to avoid breaking the down the door.” Officer Knox looked at my father and said. “But we will do so if we find that you are in danger if the door is blocked or your husband has changed the locks on the door.”

The other officer pulled out cards with his home number on it and his work number, passing them around on the back in gold lettering it said “member of the Garden Club” and it said his name was Officer Walter Kane, he gave us each a wink as when we noticed he too was a member of the Garden Club. Mom liked him right away because to her he was a dreamboat and being a member only made it even better.

With his dark brown hair that was graying on the sides, green eyes and with noses that curved slightly down and flared or tapered down just above his very thick and well-trimmed mustache. With lips that said come and taste me with a slight curve just enough. That when he smiled it showed two dimples on his chin. The way his uniform hung on him said he was ripped and had to be at least 6 foot 5.

I was really beginning to wonder if every person I meet is not a member of the Garden Club. I had yet to see Officer Knox’s membership and far as I knew Officer Kenly wasn’t… yet? Officer Kane quickly gave a card to my father as well noticing he looked puzzled when he turned it over reading the gold lettering that said Garden Club member not understanding what that meant. Watching him walk forward as he stood in front of my mother and said; “you have very nice breasts, Mrs. Shepherd.” Noticing the robe had slightly opened enough to expose a good portion of bare breasts. I noticed quickly that ones that saw them in the room, besides my father and my four best friends that were naked and either had a tent in their pants or were starting to get hard; except for Aaron, Greg and I as well as my father.

My father blushed bright red when he noticed they were showing slightly through her very thin and slightly open robe, and it didn’t help to notice that Kenny and Zane were sporting erection that sprung up when they noticed her breast peeking through as she turned more. Greg, Aaron and I were quite used to seeing my mother naked. That it would take a little more than that to get us aroused. Like me, we needed foreplay or hot women like Kenny’s and Zane’s mother dressed in very provocative clothing would cause such an arousal other than our own mothers don’t do that for us, sorry to say.

He smiled as my mother noticed him looking at my mother, my mother didn’t bother to closes her robe instead she left it as it was, or perhaps loosened it a bit more.  He said loud enough for us and my father to hear. “Perhaps my wife and I could have supper with you and your oldest son Eric some night. I’d invite your husband to join us, but I am finding from the people on the streets. That his tastes lye in a different direction… some wonders if he might be “gay”

“Or perhaps can no longer get it up anymore, when he has such a very beautiful wife at home with an exquisite body, I might add.” He said opening my mother’s robe all the way in front of us in clear view of my father. And took one of her breasts and cupped it to his mouth; for a quick little snack. I knew Aaron wasn’t disturbed by this because he liked breasts as much as I did. It was the other that I was more concerned about.

My father stood there in shock; in fact, we boys were all in shock. Noting it was clearly stated that he was more than open to having sex with my mother. My father made a move towards his belt, only to be pushed hard against the wall by Officer Knox. My father screamed that he was pressing rape charges against us all. Officer Knox asked any of us in the room if they saw anything. We all grinned at my father and shook our heads; I said. “I must have had something in my eye.”

Greg said. “All I saw was Jim Shepherd holding a knife to his wife’s throat.”

Kyle said. “Damn, I thought he had a gun and was going to shoot us all officer.” Aaron just pretended it never happened, having seen my mother naked or one of my friends teases her openly like that meant nothing.

My father said. “I’ll see you all in hell, and trust me all you f*g it’s. I will kill each and every one of you, and I will have your badges by morning. For trying to rape my wife right in front of me and my children. Now get the hell out of my way.” Kyle opened the front door and my father quickly brushed past him.

Kyle screamed. “Officer that man just tried to rape me. He pulled down my pants and grabbed my penis if it wasn’t for you coming in when you did he would have slit my throat.”

Kyle had dropped his pants as they fell around his ankles giving anyone outside our door a very good view of his naked body and his very large erection. My father stumbled down the stairs watching porch lights come on and doors opening. Kyle kept screaming. “He raped me, that man raped me!” Pointing to my father as two officers came out of their police car and tackled him to the ground. Handcuffed him and placed him inside the police car.

Kyle pulled up his pants and gave a quick statement to officers outside. I watched him turn around and flip my father off then walked back into the house and closed the door. While everyone on the block went back inside and back too bed when there was nothing more to see. Officer Knox and Kane soon left in their unmarked police car and as the other one took its places watching our house as promised. I had learned the officers that took my father away. They had dropped him off somewhere at the side of the road. I had no doubt he was very angry and I simply didn’t care.

© 2019 Shep

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