Learning Balance  Part 1

Learning Balance Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 129

Learning Balance

Part 1

I was quickly learning that I really needed to learn balance when it came to having sex and having a home life as well as school, sports and making time for homework and most of all getting the sleep I needed to do it all. What I need to do was to find some way to balance it all.

I never really realized how complicated my life had become when my lifestyle kicked up a notch. I was thinking about how my life had changed as I sat there naked at the kitchen counter drinking my energy shakes and doing my part in helping with the meal preparations. I smiled looking down at Sparky as he was licking my toes. Telling me he really missed me. I couldn’t believe how excited he was to see me, it was like I had been gone forever.

It felt really good to be home and having Sparky beside me I was feeling safe and most of all I was at last completely naked which I wanted to be after being in school for 8 straight hours being fully clothed except during gym; for now anyway, as they all waited for me to regenerate. All because I had a quickie before coming home, I didn’t have any regrets about it, in fact, the sex, even thou it was quick and dirty it was still amazing.

They only undressed me so I could feel comfortable being home naked in my own environment, and knowing it would be least hour or less before the pills took effect for both Charlie and I. I was allowed two milkshakes to steam off my tiredness of no sleep, having the effect of a safe energy drink. Today it was one of my favorites Strawberry and pineapple. Not the other shakes Mom used to make for us that tasted gross sometimes. We were all glad that she burned that recipe.

When my mother finished having a Charlie snack, she seemed quite pleased with herself now that she had tasted each of my brothers, and now my best friend as he retook his place on the stool while mother helped in folding our clean clothes on the counter, letting my adoptive Mom pour him the remainder of the milkshake from the blinder she used, so she could put the blinder away and put the pieces to be washed inside the dishwasher.

I was just about finished with my milkshake when Mom asked me if was alright we spent the night here instead of going home. Explaining that there was no real reason we need to go home. With Aaron spending the night with Bishop Earls family and Becky would be with Evan. The only one that would be home is Susan and my father of course. Charlie gave me a fist bump when I said. “That fine with me;” which meant I wouldn’t have to get up before the chickens. I said. That would give me a chance to do some homework and start writing my paper and still spend time with Charlie as well as have real hot sex with Clara and her mother.”

I saw the hurt in my mother’s eyes because I didn’t include her; my adoptive Mom said. “If you do that instead of driving home tonight, that opens the possibility of having sex not only with my husband but with Mr. Hastings. If it not too late afterwards…”

She whispered something in her ear watching my mothers eyes pop when she looked at both Charlie and I. My mothers said quickly. “I’ll just call my husband and leave a message with the Earls that we won’t be home until Friday afternoon.” Something said it had something to do with my surprise. Which I was soon was going to learn when my adoptive Mom told me to take down my brother’s clean clothes and put them away. I shrugged my shoulders as Charlie followed me with an arm full of clean towels, having my dog Sparky follow me.

It was nothing new to have my friends help me with my chores when they come and visit me, I did same the thing when I was at there home so it was nothing new to have Charlie help me. He acted as if it was nothing new until I opened my brother’s bedroom. I gasped seeing a brand new bed the same bed and size that my best friend Greg has which was the same kind and size I had when we spent the weekend at Mr. Stringum’s and Dave’s huge and very expensive home. Both my mothers came into my new room and said. "surprises. We wanted to get you something that said welcome to our family.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, the room had everything that my mother’s home was lacking except my favorite color of paint which was a light blue, plus the pictures of all my nudist's friends that my adoptive parents had taken including all of Jared’s things. Jared came into my room and gave me hugged wrapping his arms around me as I leaned down and kissed him.

He said. “Mom and Dad gave the choice to have my own room downstairs or share one with you or my two brothers. I said I wanted to share one with my big brother because I really love you and I hate sleeping alone. Knowing Shawn and Arthur could abuse me if I chose to sleep downstairs. Mom and Dad tell me that will never happen and taken measures, but I wanted a room with you because I feel safe with you near me. I only sleep with Jason and Jonathan when you're not here. So we all can feel safe.” I pulled him tighter against me and kissed him hard and passionate.

When I released him I said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jared showed me the door of our room has the same locking method as the one I had when I first came here too keep me in during a very bad episode and keep people out if became necessary. He showed me the keypad on the outside where only Mom, Dad and I would only know the combination to unlock my door. This was one room in the entire house that Shawn and Arthur weren’t allowed in without adult supervision.

This room had a personality where the one at my mother’s house had nothing that said I lived there but the basics. On the bed was a whole box of letters from all my nudist friends, all addressed to me and unopened, which was a new thing for me, considering all my mail was open by Mom and Dad first before I was even allowed to read it.

I had my own personal desk were my typewriter sat instead of in the closet, until I needed it as well as my own phone if I wanted to have a private conversation which also was a new thing because all my phone calls were screened as well as a set of keys. Mom explained I now had set of keys to each of the cars including Dads truck and the house, there was also a letter from Shane addressed only to me. I opened it as my hand shook and began to read it.

It said. “To my little brother Eric T Rothwell: The new bed is from all of us, to welcome you into our family as a true Rothwell, you were my brother long before that happened. I am sorry I kept so much from you, but you should know how hard it was for me and our family always hiding our true feelings and our deepest secrets. Until we knew without a doubt you weren’t just another bad foster kid like the rest. So many times I wanted to share all my love with you as we shared a bed each night together, so many times I wanted to show you our true way of life, hold you my arms and kiss you, passionately.

“So many times I wanted to show you what true brotherly love is and what it meant to be in our family. I laughed and cried hearing how you met your first mermaid, not only one girl but three; and how you danced with for the first real live naked girl and how you beat my record on how many you had lined up to rip your clothes off.  How you became a hero, how you truly became a part of us.

“So many things I want to say but I can’t in a letter. So I will end with… you taste like heaven. I was licking my lips when I swallowed you inside of me, taking a part of you into my body. I can’t wait to do again once I come home with your sweet nectar and your blood. But most important please take real good of my truck and I expect you to have lots and lots of sex in it. You’ll find a rollaway mattress inside the garage with your name on it.  I love you … your big brother Shane.”

I opened the closet finding all my new school clothes and play clothes, plus some clothes that were Greg’s, Chad’s and my three best friends here in Highland. Now everyone in my life was here in my room. I opened the other side finding Jared’s clothes proving once more that I was really sharing my room with him, never having too ever be alone again. Jared took my hand and said. “Wait until you see what Dads been doing all week.”

Jared let me open the door where I used to sleep; my safe room was now turned into our very own tub room. It was huge as the one at Stringum’s place. It looked like it could hold 6 to 8 people easily. The room was painted a bright yellow with white trim as the tub sat in the almost in the middle of the room right down into the floor. I knew just by looking at it that Shawn and Arthur’s room had been moved to accommodate it as well as a large sliding glass window that led outside onto a new wooden deck.

Just like at Bishop Earl’s place it had a very nice wooden cabinet stocked with clean new towels that matched the room, with big bottles of our favorite flavored bubble bath and skin softens and as well as a custom made box that held our 24 flavors of skin ointment. By the door hung hooks with each of our robes, And just like the rest of the house it was spotless as the new tile shined around the rubber-matting around the tub,

I didn’t need to open the drawers knowing most likely all our toys and grooming products were inside.  My adoptive Mom asked. “So what do you think son? I was thinking of christening the tub when you came home Sunday night, but since your spending the night we could do it tonight instead.”

All I could do is nod being so overwhelmed Jared said. “Wait until you see what Dads doing downstairs.” Then remember my fear of basements, just simply said. “He’s putting in a hot tub it’s not finished yet, he’s been busy rebuilding Shawn and Arthur’s new room and turning what’s left of their old room into a storage room. He also plans to build a new weight room as well; since I decided I didn’t want a room downstairs all by myself. It took the workman all week just to finish this room and our new bedroom. They only work Monday through Thursday while we're all in school. So we can still have our privacy. I walked back down the hall and Jared opened Jason and Jonathan’s room finding it too had been painted and was decorated with each of their personalities.

The first thing I noticed was my old big bed which stated my brothers would all be sharing it. I was more than fine with it, in fact, it made it seem like I was truly home. I knew if my father saw it and he knew how completely normal it was for us to share a bed, he would have a nuclear meltdown. Even more so knowing we all sleep naked. I walked back into the kitchen with Sparky still by my side as if he was afraid I was going to leave him again.

My mother was just getting off the phone when we walked in. She seemed angry until she noticed me and her attitude changed. Mom said in a very calm voice so it would sound too angry knowing how well it could set me off. “That pig of a husband was mad because I wasn’t coming home and letting Becky spend the entire weekend with her friend in Payson.  He said Susan told him everything… that little b***h told him that Becky was not spending the night with her friends, but was having sex all weekend with a boy.”

My mother growled. “He knows everything because that little tramp couldn’t keep her big mouth shut. He didn’t believe me that Susan been having sex for the last 6, months, He laughed at me when I heard Susan in the background telling him I had sex with Dave. All he said pretending to be my father except keeping his very bad language out of it and said  “Susan stop lying to prove your mother is not in her right mind ever since she decided she wanted those filthy immoral retarded boys of hers that weren’t worth the s**t out of his a*s. When I know for a fact anyone would be too stupid and blind too have sex with me.

“Said that for me too do it if I dared too behind his back and if I did he would find out and kill me with his bare hands not divorce me but actually kill me and my two boys and bury us all where nobody would ever find us. Telling me it would be a cold day in hell before any guy would want to touch me. He wanted Becky home and I said no and he demanded to know where she was…. So I told him he could straight to hell. That I wasn’t ever coming home until I was damn good and ready.”

My mother sat down in huff in Dads favorite chair. She was back to wearing her robe wrapped tightly around her. I knew my father and I knew Susan. She thought she was in control again because no one was home to stop her. She thought we didn’t mean what we said regarding what would happen. Susan was Daddy’s little girl where she did nothing wrong. Now she added a new enemy on her list and was her own little sister.

She was jealous because she wanted all the attention, not wanting to share anything in regards to boys and now gunning for her because we have humiliated her finding out unlike her Mom didn’t have to pay Even or any of the boys to have sex with Becky, all because Becky made her own decision regarding us, and Susan didn’t like it. Sure it was ok for Susan to have sex, but when it came to the rest of us she wasn’t about to let that happen.

My adoptive Mom said. “Well, then you’ll just have to have lots of hot sex and call in a few favors to our friends showing that you’re daughter Susan is full of s**t.” There was a knock on the front door. Having everyone scramble for a robe which Mom kept just in case right at the front door entrance, when everyone was decent Mom opened the door letting Shawn and Arthur come in.

I knew why we quickly put on a robe it was because nobody comes through the front door unless invited in and was always locked to prevent people from knowing we were nudist. Everyone in our close net group of nudists knows the backdoor is reserved for friends and family; Shawn and Arthur were neither; if they were they would have been allowed the same privileges.

The moment they saw me and me and best friend Charlie; standing against the wall of the kitchen they growled angrily at us. Mom said. “Oh good your home from school I have a list of chores for the both of you. So go down to your room and get changed.” When they just stood there Mom got really angry and said. “Right now or I will make you dress in your in your cute little girl dresses.” That got them to move, the second Arthur went by us the room begin to stink like a dirty diaper. The smell was so bad that the rest of us needed to go outside on the back lawn to breathe.

I looked at the clock and noticed it was now 4:00. School got out at 2:30; which meant every day because how far Shawn and Arthur’s new school was meant they would be home almost 2 hours later than the rest of us. One the first things I noticed that their school clothes looked worn faded and had a few small holes in them like their pants and shoes, which stated they were hand me downs or bought from a secondhand store; which I knew the look far too well. Unlike everyone else’s clothes, today was brand spanking new. Both had the same stupid buzz cut haircut and they both hated me more than ever because I had taken both their places as family members and I took Shawn’s place not only in the family but in his school as well.

Mom was about to pick up a belt which hung on the entry hall closet, and then remembered I was home. She told me to go out to the garage and see if the new mattress fits in the back of Shane’s truck. I didn’t wait around and neither did Sparky as he took off after me hiding under Moms car. I didn’t want to go into an episode. One was bad enough and I wanted to have a great time being with my friends not spend it tied up and tranquilized.

I cringed hearing the belt slapping skin as they both cried out in pain, pain that I knew really well thanks to my father and Dad. Charlie quickly pulled me into a hug and kissed me, he kissed me harder every time they screamed. He knew that would keep me grounded from going into an episode.

When it stopped he released me and said. “So you’re spending the entire weekend here?”

I said. “It seems so, but my mother and I had made a commitment to my other friends for Friday night regarding a bath party and dinner and a Drive-in movie. Greg and I have plans with two beautiful girls for Saturday. We had decided to come back up here Saturday night so I could go to church here in the morning.”

He pulled me into another kiss and said. “Sounds fun, I have always wanted to have hot sex at Drive-in and been dying to take another sensual bath with you and Greg. Why don’t you have the bath party here, and we can all have dinner together and all go to the Drive-in then you and Greg and I could spend the night here and I’ll call our two friends and Stan sister, we’ll have hot sex all night and on Saturday invite those two girls and too come up here and well have a great big sleepover and all go to church together in the morning.”

Everything he said was doable, best of all I didn’t need anyone’s permission too have sex. I had my own wheels even though I didn’t have a license. Who was going to know? It’s not like I have never driven Shane’s truck before alone.

I quickly found the mattress with my name on it and Charlie helped me carry out to Shane’s truck. It fit like a glove and we found a new tarp wrapped inside of it with enough cables to stretch it across the bed of the truck so it would be protected from the weather. I could already imagine all the sex I could have in the back of the truck.

© 2019 Shep

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