Learning Balance  Part 2

Learning Balance Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 129-1

Learning Balance

Part 2


By the time Jared came out to tell me the coast was clear, I was trying out my new sex truck with Clara having hot sex as she worked both me Charlie in spider position, Jared came instantly hard as he watching Clara’s nice round and firm breasts bouncing at a steady beat as my hands massaged them. I said. “Hey bro come on in and join us I haven’t stimulated you in a long time.” Jared didn’t hesitate as he climbed inside with us. I turned my head so he could put his penis inside my mouth, and helped me massage those beautiful naked breasts. I loved listening to her scream as she climaxed several times causing Sparky bark as he jumped around the truck trying to get in.

Dad soon pulled up into the driveway as Jared trade places with Charlie having Giving me a chance to stimulate him, something I had done ever since our private weekend getaway. Dad wasted no time in taking off all his clothes and joining us slipping his penis inside Jared’s mouth and told him only to the brink that he was saving it all for me. Mom soon came outside seeing me, still having sex with Clara as Dad had his penis inside my mouth while Jared was working her from behind as Charlie was licking my chest like an ice cream cone.

Mom said. “Ok guys its time to wash up for dinner.”

Dad said. “We’ll be in a minute, Eric just finishing me off.”

Mom simply picked up our discarded robes off the ground and Dads clothes said. “I will give you all ten minutes while we wait for Mr. Hastings to arrive.” Dad gave a nod as she leaned over and kissed him.

It’s hard to say if it was ten minutes or not, but when Mom says now she means now. She also had a rule about being dressed for dinner. Breakfast and lunch was a whole different matter, we also knew the rules didn’t apply when we were either at our campsite or living in a nudist community, and in this case, we weren’t; which meant Mom’s house rules applied here. Not that was a big deal mind you, it was just dinner. Everyone was dressed, well at least wearing a robe for the most part if you were a girl. Charlie and the rest of us were told to quickly take a quick shower; even though we would be christening the tub in a few hours.

Dad won by default being first because he was Dad, and because I was the oldest son with everyone else not living at home meant I had more privileges as being the oldest even though I was fourth in line. Like I said none of them were here anymore so the title fell to me. Which meant I’d be the lucky one to share a shower with Dad, not that I minded really; I have showered and bathed in the same tub with Dad or Mom numerous times. In fact, all us boys have. Well except for Shawn, Arthur and Danny, not even Kelly had that privilege and I don’t need to tell you why if have already read up to this point.

It didn’t matter what clothing I chose to wear because all of it was brand spanking new. Only thing I didn’t have to wear was shoes and socks or long pants. Because shoes weren’t allowed in the house and Mom prefers that we all went barefoot rather than spending time dawning our socks. I had forgotten the last time Dad even wore his house slippers because like us he too went barefoot. Since Dad and I were the first in and out of the shower we were the ones setting up the big table in the family room, too make room for everybody.

Plus a small square child’s table that looked like a girl’s tea party set, including plastic little chairs for Shawn and Arthur. Considering they weren’t allowed to sit at the table when we had guests, and unlike us, they had to wear their ugly brown robes and wigs as well as a pair of girls pink panties. At least they didn’t have the hole in them and at least Arthur was wearing a clean fresh diaper.

I was learning the rules quickly when it came to Shawn and Arthur. I might not agree with them, but I wasn’t in a position to say this was wrong and unethical. Yet every time I think about Jody being rapped or my three younger brothers being sexually abused by them, I really didn’t feel all that sorry for them either.

By the time Mr. Hastings arrived everyone was showered and the tables were set. I was just finishing my phone calls, one to Greg and one to my grandmother. Telling my Grandmother that my mother decided to change our plans hearing her sigh with relief that I wasn’t going back with her that she was staying here instead and had made arrangements for my sisters and my brother Aaron.

I didn’t tell her about Susan and Becky having sex. I simply told her the truth with a little bit of gay in it. Susan was staying home with my father and Becky was spending the entire weekend with her friends having a slumber party. Which was kind of true and I knew the story would hold because Mom had arranged it so it would be in a sense? I also knew if she called Susan she would take her word with a grain of salt, knowing she was a born liar.

Well until she actually saw the proof with her own eyes, but knowing she didn’t drive made it unlikely. Not even her own son, my father would she take his word as actual truth these days. Like I said she breathed a sigh of relief when she found out I would be staying home and not at my mother's house, which meant I didn’t have to call her unless my plans changed which was unlikely. But then again I know my mother nothing is set in stone.

Greg seemed just as tired as I was when I called him, he tried not to sound disappointed that he wasn’t spending the night with me, as he tried to laugh it off saying that means he will get at least one good nights worth of sleep. But I could hear the disappointment in his voice because it meant that my home-visit was coming to an end and we would part company until the next one. I tried to cheer him up but grinned because I wanted to surprise him when I came to his house with my new sex truck.

Even though I hadn’t asked Mom and Dad what my boundaries were and when and where I could be driving it because I didn’t have a license or car insurance, which meant if I got pulled over without either Mom and Dad with me, I would be in deep trouble. At the time driving laws of new drivers wasn’t mandatory to have at least one licensed driver or parent in the car with you when earning your drivers permit. No, the states you have too as well as not allowed more than one passenger until you had a license.

It felt good not having my phone calls screened as Mom simply let me have my privacy in my own room. Knowing that all they had to do was pick up the phone in the kitchen or in their bedroom and listen in. It wasn’t a private line like the one in my room at my mother's house, but neither did I have to worry about my father or my mother coming in my room to kill me with my adoptive parents and brother’s being so closes that I felt completely safe.

Mom knocked on the door telling me to wash up for dinner as I quickly said to Greg. “See ya later alligator. I’ll swing by once I get out of school.”

He said. “Goodnight bunkmate. Make sure you lock the door so the f**s can’t probe that cute butt of yours.” I knew he was trying to be funny, but the joke really didn’t make me go ha, ha like a funny ha, ha. I hung up the phone and did what I was told. Sparky followed me and took his place at the table right under my chair. I swear Sparky got some serious abandonment issues, but everyone just pretended it was normal.

Like always when I am home we all ways have prayer before we eat, as we all took hands as I watched Mom shrug it off as if it was nothing. She knew that my Rothwell family were very big into the LDS lifestyle, just because she wasn’t didn’t mean she would be willing to offer to say the prayer. It just meant she was sheep following into place. I would have to admit I was more the wolf when it came to the LDS church and its principles, lying in their mist as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And like always Dad starts the conversation. By asking me how my first day of school was. This time he wanted more detail because this time I didn’t have his penis in my mouth or having wild breathless sex with Clara.

I noticed quickly how angry Shawn was when Dad asked me because I had transferred into his school and into his territory as he was roughly transferred out and sent to a school that was so strict that boarded on military-style teaching. He even had his own uniform which Mom and Dad would have to buy, I have seen the paper and the list of things they were both going to need. I also knew when Mom and Dad purchased them they would not be new; they would be worn and faded and had seen their better days, even if they made them that way personally.

I answered. “The same old stuff. Standing up in every class as the role is called, having to give my name and three or four things I like to do.”

Jared said. “Please tell me you said lots of hot and wild sex?” Causing everyone too laughs except for Shawn and Arthur watching their eyes of hate burn even brighter.

I simply said. “No, but I do have to write a paper on what I did during the summer and one on what I had learned this summer. I decided to type one paper using both topics.”

Dad said. “That’s my boy using his brain. I hope you told the teacher that paper would be on the subject not common to most 16 or 17-year-olds.”

I nod I did and said. “They both said it wouldn’t be anything they haven’t read before.”

Dad grinned and so did Mom and Mom said. “I can’t wait too read it.” She asked when it was due and I said Monday and cringed. Mom calmly said. “I guess you know that homework comes first before anything else.” I nodded I did. She calmly said. “Well then after supper you’ll be doing homework until you least have a rough draft for me too read. Then we will christen the tub setting bedtime accordingly around 1:30. Summer is over boys and that means we're back to normal. With little more perks now that we have officially have come out of the closet.”

Shawn through off his wig and said. “This is so unfair, first he transfers into my school and now he gets to have as much sex as he wants with whoever he wants. He gets a car, he gets a brand new room, bed, and clothes. While I get nothing but rags to wear, humiliated because of what you have done to me. It’s like I am a no good retarded foster kid like Arthur. Always having to clean up his messes,” Dad reached over and slapped him.

My mother waited for me to go into an episode. As Dad got up from the table and flipped their small table over and their food onto the floor picked up Shawn an Arthur by the ear and forced him and Arthur out of the room and opened the downstairs basement. I jumped hearing Dads belt going wild and the screams. Mom was there holding me in her arms asking me to stay focused on her not them. As we both jumped, hearing the belt and their screams. Sparky dove for my room and if I could have I would have joined him under the bed. The screams soon stopped as the door downstairs slammed closed.

When Dad came upstairs he took off his shirt and went into the bathroom and closed the door. When he came out he was calm and scary and had on a new set of clean clothes, tossing the others into the washroom. I held myself together as he slumped down in his chair and refilled his plate as if it was perfectly normal and said. “So where were we? Oh yes. Eric was telling us about his first day of school and his paper he has to write. Did they say it needed to be typed or handwritten?”

I swallowed hard as my hand shook picking up my glass of water. I took my time and said. “I asked how many pages and if they wanted it single-spaced or doubled space and they said single space and had to be at least five pages.”  Dad laughed as he looked at me as if it was the biggest joke in the world and had me run to my room to bring him the paper with the assignment and my syllabus which outlined how they wanted my assignments turned in.

Dad noticed like I did that it said nothing about being typed so he laughed even harder said. “Oh son, they are going to have fun with you, my dear boy. You just made them happiest teacher alive; mostly like pegged you as a bad student trying to get out of extra work. I am guessing that they want you to read in front of the class?”

I nodded that they did and he laughed even harder. Because he knew if they didn’t really know what my summer was like. That paper was going to be the talk of the school and would require a note from Mom and Dad or a parent-teacher conference or both. Dad said “I want you to be honest and tell them about your vacation and what you did; they won’t understand the difference between sex and stimulating so just state it clearly. Giving them a brief encounter or two with a little detail but not too much, because we don’t want your classmates masturbating in class or the girls ripping off your clothes until we met them and their parents first. Kissing is allowed of course, but the other, I would prefer you waited too until you know it's ok first.”

My mother tousled my hair and kissed me on the cheek, telling me I going to be the most popular boy in school. I cringed because I really never like being the center of attention; no one said anything about the mess or what happened. Instead, I asked a question on my own. Regarding my boundaries on what I can do or go with Shane’s truck. Dad acted like it was a stupid question and said. “Son you are not a child, and we wouldn’t have allowed you to have your own set of keys if we didn’t trust you and your judgment.

“You pay for your own gas and you can come and go as you please, all you have to do tell us where you are going and how long you’ll be gone. Mom and I put you on our car insurance and signed a paper that you are working on your learners permit. You’ll find it inside the glove box of Shane’s truck. You’re listed under Shane’s name and ours as one of the owners of any of our cars. Of course, you have a curfew on school nights which is home by 12 and 2:00 on the weekends unless you call and say you are spending the night. Church is mandatory, but” Dad paused and said. “I am not requiring you to perform your duties as priest except for home teaching; or unless they are short-handed.

“Just like Shane used to do you will have too take your brothers to school and bring them home when you don’t have sports practice. We haven’t made up our mind yet regarding home-visits with your mother until we talk to your caseworker, on the rules regarding if it really is a home-visit when you can come and go as you please, but for now until we talk to her the truck stays here and your mother is responsible to pick you up and bring you back. Like Mom said homework is always done first as well as your chores before you go anywhere or before you allowed to do anything.”

He waited for me to give him my answer if I understood. I said. “Sounds fair,” I quickly finished my dinner and excused myself. It wasn’t my job too clear the table or do the dishes anymore. It was Jared and Jason’s job. My job was to feed and water the horses and it used to be fed and water all the animals, but I haven’t replaced any of them as of yet and. The pain was still fresh and the hole inside of me was quite deep, and of course whatever chores they wanted me to do. I picked up my empty plate and rinsed it off and put it inside the dishwasher. Some habits are hard to break.

The phone in my room sitting on my desk was a big distraction because I very much wanted to pick it up and call Greg or talk to Cindy or even Chad. I cursed loudly to myself as I unplugging it and moved it by placing it inside my desk feeling stupid for letting impulse get the better of me after being granted freedoms as an adult living at home. To think all these years I couldn’t wait to get those freedoms and now I simply didn’t want them. Now I had new responsibilities, but with more rules and bigger consequences which meant more was expected of me.

© 2019 Shep

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