A Nudist Paradise  Part 1

A Nudist Paradise Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 144

A Nudist Paradise

Part 1

My paradise is a whole lot different than some peoples. Where people do things because they want to and not forced to do. Everyone respects each other and don’t ask too many questions about our lives, or argue the pros and cons regarding contracts and how unnecessary they are when certain people like Paul do their best to provoke an argument.

Questioning why we hold other people accountable the second they sign that contract. Doing their best to see if they can break the rules for him, just so he can have all the sex he could ever dream of. You can say everything my adoptive parents told him and I have told him and my mother, as well as his wife, went from one ear and out the other.

I was getting used to the fact that I only get 4 to 5 hours sleep if I am lucky, and today wasn’t any different. Once more I wanted to smack that alarm clock against the wall as I groaned climbing out of bed at 6 am to give us a chance to eat breakfast and get ready for work. Unlike last night we didn’t walk the house naked as we put on a waist robe or a pair of boxers. I didn’t take a shower last night, because I was too angry at my self for letting Paul have it. For insulting me and Billy regarding what took place inside my room. It seems that I am always angry with myself for doing something I shouldn’t have done and last night was one of them.

True I didn’t have sex with my mother or even stimulate her. Instead, I showed a 10-year-old boy named Billy how to do it. Again I knew I was going to hell for it, regardless if I was told by his parents to teach him how to do it and the fact I had his own brother there with him and encouraging him to do it. I knew I should have said no, but I didn’t and now I felt responsible for his actions, because of it. Once more Paul ragged on us because we were modestly dressed compared to last night as I walked through the house in waist robe and took Sparky outside and chained him so I could attend to other things while he did his doggy duty.

For once I didn’t have to help my mother fix a hot breakfast with my Moms friend Jennie Cranny helping her. Unlike my mother, she could cook something without burning it and it tasted pretty good as if my adoptive Mom had done it or I had. I stole a piece of bacon and a piece of toast and told my mother I was going to take a quick shower now that it everyone that wanted one had one.

I had just started to take my shower cussing because I didn’t lock the bathroom door forgetting the fact I was at my mother’s house as Paul came in opened the shower curtain and told Robert and Michael to get in, asking me. “What? It’s not like you have never showered with boys before, after all, you told me yourself last night. I am saving water and time, as well as not having to worry about making sure they are clean; giving that job to you.”

He waited for my response so I asked the boys if they are allowing me to bathe them if not I will get out and let them do it themselves. Having them ask their Dad if he was sure about this. He said. “Oh, I am sure, considering the fact I intend to show up with my boys when you get off work and really see what nudist do when they are living a normal life. So you better get used to the idea that my boys and I are going nowhere this weekend. If I have to sign a contract stating that I and them are wanting to participate. I will bring a copy of their health record that they have seen a doctor and had all their shots; they needed before school started; while I drop off my wife and my two younger children at home. Since they are too young and my wife wants no part of as told us both she wants to remain neutral. Where I and my oldest boys want to experiences what it is really like to be a nudist. ”

Again he waited for my response so I told him to get out and give us our privacy. Instead, he took off all his clothes and climbed in with us sitting on the edge of the tub, said. “Nice try.” I groaned knowing I was beat at my own game. So I shrugged my shoulders and took the soap and began to soap the two boys down. Telling my self it was nothing I haven’t done before with my three Rothwell brothers and Aaron when comes to bathing, except I had an audience which made me really uncomfortable.

His wife must have heard us arguing as she opened the bathroom door asking what was going on Paul opened the curtain said. “He’s giving our two boys a bath…” then grinned at me and said, “for now.” Having his wife start in again telling him this is not how to gain my trust.

He said. “It’s nothing more than a bath or having them masturbates together. You said yourself, dear, you don’t care about that if they do because doesn’t hurt them and they do it anyway and we have been doing it ever since they had learned how.”

I told him. “If he expects me too “‘masturbate him.’ ” Using his crude word and said. “Or do you orally it's not going to happen today, for three reasons. One: you haven’t signed the contracts. Two: You still need to see a doctor. And Four: I am not touching your penis with all that hair. Or lick you like an ice cream cone, or dip you in chocolate; until it’s all shaved off baby smooth.” Knowing how he feels about his hair that makes him so manly, using it as my way out. Normally I would have, but he has chosen to keep insulting me, my family and friends.

He said. “We’ll see about that, won’t we? The day still young.”

I smiled and said. “I hate to break it to you its Labor Day weekend and I am pretty sure there isn’t a single doctors office open until at least Tuesday. I highly doubt that you have a doctor’s note sitting at home or up your a*s that meets our requirements.”

Having his wife choke then start laughing telling him. “He’s got you there dear because I know for a fact that last time you even saw a doctor was at least 4 years ago and he was a dentist.”

I waited for his response, but I had him by his short hairs literally. His wife closed the door hearing her repeat to my mother what was going on. Mom opened the door telling Paul he is skating on very thin ice. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders and said. “One way or another I am going to get what I want and for now I want to see how your son here can handle a girl that is not his mother. And see if he is good as his word and their contracts and their rules. I have yet to see a true nudist in Utah and I been told there will be a whole lot of them here in Santaquin tonight.”

Mom said. “I am just warning you, Paul, they do not like people nosing around asking questions; when you have refused to share yourself other than insulting them. I can’t wait to see the blush on yours and your boys faces when you become aroused in front of them. I did tell you they dance naked didn’t I?” Having him gasp, getting the response she and I wanted. Mom closed the door and I made a mental note to lock it next time.

Paul waited for me to do each of the boy’s fronts before he noticed I had skipped their penises. He laughed and said. “And here I thought you liked a good penis as much as a woman’s breasts and virginal area?”

I groaned softly and said. “Do you boys mind if I stimulate you a little?”

They looked confused and tell Paul said. “He means masturbate you.”

Having them say. “Ok, can we do you too?” I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no, even though I was uncomfortable having Paul watch. Paul waited to see if I would. I had the boys turn around and face me, and brought Robert to a hard state, quickly seeing the smile on Paul’s face as I washed his penis and sack with soap and took the shower head and washed off the soap.

I did the same to Michael and said. “Satisfied?”

He said. “No, I am not.”

I said. “I can’t do them orally with you and Michael and me all in this small tub. If that’s what you are expecting me to do?”

He said. “Fine,” and got out and sat on the toilet and had Michael sit on his lap, and said. “Ok, now you have room.”

I said. “I was really hoping to do it on the bed or flat comfortable surface.”

Paul said. “Sorry, but I think your stalling or trying to tell me that you never had a penis before, just like I think you never really had sex with a girl. Like they say the proof is in the pudding.”

He had me by the balls, but I knew there was a 99.9 percent chance that he had those doctors’ documents because he needed them when school started. So I asked Robert if he sure he wants me to stimulate him orally, this time knowing what the word meant. He nodded and licked his lips as he grabbed my penis and stroked it telling me. “Me and my brother can’t wait to taste you as well as our Dad.”

I told him. “That wasn’t going to happen until your Dad signed the contracts. For now, all I have is your Dads and your Moms permission, for a quick sample we as nudist call it.”

Paul said. “Nobody said anything to me or my wife or my boys about a quick sample. So I would like a clarified answer, and do not tell me it’s another thing you can’t talk about.”

I nodded. “Now that I can do, would you like me to show you what you yourself could have had last night if you haven’t insulted us?” He nodded so I turned off the water, making sure I had all the soap off because even though it wouldn’t hurt me being edible it’s quite strong. So I said. “Robert first thing I am going to do is kiss you, and give a quick prelude what you're going to get later, providing you say yes and sign the contract with your parent's signatures” I repeated. “Both your Dads and your Moms signature, if not then you won’t be getting the full package; not from me anyway or my friends.” 

I leaned back Roberts' head and kissed him on the lips and held his head with the back of my hand. Opened his mouth slowly, grinning as his eyes opened real wide, and deepened the kiss. I placed my tongue inside his mouth and tickled his teeth, and laid it on top of his tongue. I kept kissing him until he did it himself and then slowly released him as he moaned softly as I drew back his lips with a slight pull then trailed my tongue down his neck slowly and lowered my self as I made my way down to each of his n*****s and brought them to a hard state biting softly as he shivered and moaned again which surprised him.

Then going down to his belly button and let my tongue dance inside it for a minute. He gasped and then moaned as I pulled the skin around it slightly with my teeth. I made my way to his penis and did him orally and took his sack inside my mouth knowing it was clean and he had yet to really grow any hair but too would need experience of being groomed in fact they both will. I listened as he really moaned even louder and felt him shiver. I went back to his penis and made my way back up to his n*****s and mouth and end it with a kiss, and said. “That’s what a quick sample is.”

I looked over at his Dad watching his mouth gasp open like a fish. I turned back on the water and re-soaped him and finished his bath, telling his Dad. “I would have gone all the way, but I don’t have the time and like I said. I rather do it on a flat comfortable surface.”

His Dad asked “So how was it, Robert? Be honest, was it better than the way I do it?”

He said. “Dad not even close, his was way better than just a sticking my penis inside your mouth.”

Then he asked. “And when he kissed you, was it like kissing your brother.”

Robert shook his head said. “It was like something that I would want to do over and over again.”

I said. “Wait until you kiss a girl that’s not your Mom or your sister.” Robert climbed out and Michael climbed in having Robert say. “You said I could have a taste first.”

Again it was anything new considering my three Rothwell brothers always like to taste me when giving the chance. And Robert was 14 and Michael was 13. And as always I was already wondering how far their parents were willing to go. Stimulating and kissing was one thing, sex was a whole new ballgame and just like my bother Jared and Jakes brother Billy they had big enough penis to do it, I didn’t need a measuring tape to know that. So I said. “A small taste… for now or neither of you gets one.”

Robert asked if we could kiss again I nodded he could, telling him. “You are more than welcome to give me a quick sample.” Asking, “have had ever done that with your brother or your Dad?”

Having him say; “no, I never thought about trying it, we just do each other orally.”

I smiled and said. “Then when you’re done with your quick sample you can give your Dad one, if he is willing, and if he is telling me that he really wants to participate. I for one do not believe him if he ever done that with any of you boys, other then letting you do him orally where you get his hair your mouth spoiling it. And if he allows you too, you will know what the difference about tasting someone that has no hair anywhere from the neck down. I let him give me a free sample to find out what’s it's like to lick and tastes someone without hair, but unnecessary when he has you, two boys.”

Paul gasped knowing I had him by the balls he either declines the offer or choosing to let his boys give him a free sample. Yet I had to admit he was a quick thinker when he said “Yes by all means, but hair or not I want a quick sample from you, knowing for a fact you said other fathers that had decided to participate and all they had hair on them until you gave them a free sample. And before they made the choice to let you shave it all off, which says it must have been worth it; so I am demanding my chance, before I make the plunge of joining your little club.” I nodded because he was right and I hated the fact that he was right.

I said. “Fine, but not here in the tub, I will do so in my room, my rules, and only a free sample, nothing more.” I got out of the tub and dried my self off as they did. You could say I was having second thoughts. I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen when I noticed the time it didn’t matter that I was naked it’s nothing new to my mother or Jennie or my two sisters or brother, in fact, they expect it and consider it odd when I am not. I had barely an hour and a half before we had to be on our way. So I asked Jake and Adam seeing they were already dressed except for their shirts and shoes if they wouldn’t mind putting my workboxes in my mother’s car.

Having Paul them to put them inside the van instead, that he was taking me too work because he wanted to pick up those contracts and give them each a good going over and make copies. Considering I said he and his wife had to sign them, having his wife say. “I told you, Paul. I do not want to participate in your little game, and said I would remain neutral.”

He said. “Fine, I am not asking you to participate. I am only asking you to sign them so we can be done with this mess of playing this game of what they can say or can’t say and what they can do and can’t do because of those contracts. It’s just a worthless piece of paper, but it is either that or never being allowed the befits of a… how did you put it, Linda?”

“Put what?” Mom said smiling waiting for him to dig it out of her.

Paul said. “Free thinking, no, that’s not quite it. Oh! An open society that allows consensual sex among its members.”

Mom reminds him. “Sex is only the benefits package, it's not want makes them nudists. It’s how they live their day to day lives.”

Paul said. “Yea right, like I believe that horse s**t.”

Mom shrugged your shoulders and said. “You are not going to leave it alone are you?” He shook his head. Mom said. “Well just don’t say we didn’t warn you, because the moment you step inside their homes you better prepared to share yourself. And not hide behind a door or cover your crotch with your hands when they see you naked and aroused.”

Paul looked at her and spread his arms I am naked aren’t I, my boys are naked. What more is there?

Mom and Jennie laughed and shook their head. Mom said. “We are not the ones you have convinced. It’s not like I or your wife haven’t had sex with you, numerous times since we first meet. Like I said sex is only the benefits package. Living day to day as a nudist is a whole different ball game, Paul. I’d put some clothes on or at least a robe before my daughters see you naked. Boys and Men are one thing and seeing their brothers naked is quite another.” Mom said. “Morning girl’s breakfast is on the table. I want you ready to go in 30 minutes.”

Susan gasped as she saw Paul completely naked. Mom smiled and said. “He’s thinking about being a nudist. But I don’t think he hasn’t the balls to do it.”

Susan’s said. “Just great, that’s all I needed to know, I can’t wait to tell Dad that f*g it freaks has just corrupted anther moron without a brain in his head.”

Becky said. “More the merrier. I for one like nudists a lot.”

Susan said. “Yes, I know you do you, little w***e, considering you haven’t got a brain in your head that says you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place. Ever since those two boys Jim Bob and Evan have been screwing you, all you think about is boy’s penises.”

Becky said. “And you don’t? Oh please just because none of the boys will touch you without cash in their hand doesn’t mean squat. You are just mad because you weren’t invited to Labor Day Saturday Nudist picnic or the Sunday dinner after church at Bishop Earl’s house.  Personally, I am looking forward to both just so I can have all the penis and sex I want and all of it because of its part of the benefits package. Which you your self had revoked your member's ship. Nice penis Paul, just looking at it wants me to put it inside me. But not with all that hair, it tastes gross.”

Paul and his two boys blushed trying to cover themselves with their hands. I waited until the last box was out of the room, taking my vitamins and added two horny pills. Paul said. “I thought you said you were giving us a quick sample only?”

I said. “I am. I am just getting ready for some wild stimulation at Stringum’s. My mother did tell you that Mr. Stringum and his co-owner Dave are nudist didn’t she?”

Mom said. “Sorry Paul, I forgot,” having her and Jennie giggle. Mom said. “They have their own chapter of society nudist called to the Garden Club. I and my son Eric and most of his friends belong to it.” Paul gasped as he looked at me and my mother, and then quickly apologized to my sisters for being naked in front of them.

Becky said. “Oh don’t go being shy around me Paul. I am looking forward to riding you like wild station once you commit, and they properly groom you.”

Susan said. “You make want to vomit, you know that don’t you?”

Becky stuck out her tongue at her and got up from the table and went over to his wife and said. “May I?”

Jennie shrugged his shoulders and said “If he wants to play, he might as well get used to the idea if he's going to play these games. He has to be willing to accept the consequences because once he signs on the dotted line. I will be making him take off his clothes and stay naked, and I mean that Paul. Inside the home and outside, I am going to get my jollies watching you mow the lawn, in the nude and everything I can think of, so think carefully if you really want to play games with me.”

Becky went up to Paul and pulled his hands away from his penis and stroked it to nice hard state watching her get on her knees and placed it in her mouth and did him orally for a few minutes. She pulled out and said. “I would have finished but your hair got stuck in my mouth. Perhaps I can be the one that shaves you tonight since your wife won’t be joining us.”

Susan said. “You are such a little w***e. You do know that Dads not going to let you go anywhere near their little immoral party?”

Mom said. “Oh, I wouldn’t count on it Susan, I always have the last say when it comes to my daughters and my sons.”

© 2019 Shep

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