A Nudist Paradise  Part 3

A Nudist Paradise Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 144-2

A Nudist Paradise

Part 3


I waited for Paul to come back and picked up the phone and dialed Mr. Stringum telling him I was going to be a little late, because Paul wanted a quick sample and asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I put Sparky behind his store, I always cringe waiting for him to say your fired or don’t come in at all if your going to be late. Yet all Stringum said. “Not a problem. I’ll leave the back door opened. Make sure you give him the best quick samples you can give him for being such a pain in our butt. That I might have to check to see if he placed his penis inside of me according to your Dad and Bishop Earl.”

I hung up the phone and told the boys to cover themselves with any of the flavors they would like because after Paul’s quick sample he might want a little more and Stringum said to arrive naked. To show Paul a little nudist welcome. They all smiled as Paul came in with the biggest smile on his face watching his wife quickly button up her blouse said well boys I have to say I really like those flavors. I told Paul to make sure he wore sunscreen because I won’t let him back into the house until he’s been groomed baby smooth or there would be no sex, from me or anyone else. And I’ll be expecting a full report if he messes around with any of your girls or insults your friends.”

Mom hurried back into the room as she practically ran down the hall huffing and puffing asking did she miss anything. Jennie said. “Not a thing Linda. I kept Paul well occupied in your bedroom. Sorry about the bed, but he got I got kind of carried away,”

Mom giggled and said. “I hope you saved some for my boys,”

Jennie said. “I did not that would matter; the idiot took 5 horny pills. I now understand how your husband felt, but why he stimulated himself for hours by himself seems stupid when he could be having wild sex with you like I just did with Paul.”

They both giggled as Paul said “What? I am not as young as these boys. I needed it more.”

Mom laughed. “You do realize you are going to be really, really, really horny for the next few hours you dumb idiot and not a woman in sight to satisfy your hunger until at least 4 or 5 o clock or boy for that matter. Even our boys know not to take more than two.”

Mom tsked at him and shook her head, and said. “Ok boy’s times not on our side. Give this moron a run for his money?” I had Paul lay on the bed and gave him a silly grin and a nod to the boys. I climbed on top of him and told him. “Play times over big boy,” getting right into his face and said. “Hi.” And kissed him with everything I got as he choked trying to jerk his head back because he had never kissed a boy in his life and it surprised him. But there was nowhere for it to go as I depend  the kiss, even more, taking his every breath watching his eyes as I sucked the life out of his lungs dancing my tongue in out of his mouth as he moaned softly deepening the kiss, finding he really likes it.

When I released him I took one breath only as he moaned, as I kissed him again, waited until he was almost out of breath moaning even louder as I slowly withdrew taking his lips with me and trailed my tongue down his scratchy neck and made my way carefully down sliding down to his n*****s having him gasp and shudder, moaning. Jake and Adam laid sideways and trade kisses with him and waited for me to come back up and take my turn kissing him, watching me sliding further down him, down to his belly button. Letting Adam and Jake take over his n*****s and mouth licking him where there wasn’t any hair; waiting for me to go even lower as I slid down to his penis, finding it already hard again after a quick rump in the bed with his wife.

Surprising Paul when he felt it getting hard quicker then he expected looked down as I had it in my mouth. Moaning, “oh yeesssss….” Having his moans being cut off by Jake as he kissed him while I brought Paul to the brink knowing and feeling the signs and slipping it out of my mouth and going lower down to his feet as Jake and Adam took either mouth, n****e or penis working like a steam piston.

Allowing Billy to climb in between his legs took his turn doing Paul orally as I worked Paul’s feet and sucked on each of his toes. As Paul kept screaming “Oh yes, oh God yes,” begging us not to stop, Billy stopped when Paul was just right at the edge and we all stopped and I said. “That’s it, big boy, you got your free sample and no more. We would have finished you off and tasted your nectar, but none of us like getting hair in our mouth as we lick you clean.” Mom and Jennie laughed as we got off the bed.

As promised I let Michael and Robert have a turn with me giving me a quick sample before turned them loose on their Dad told them they can finish him off, knowing it wasn’t anything new for them to do in spite of the hair. I had also promised my Mom a quick snack from me, so I lay on the bed and let Michael and Robert share their Dad telling him how much better I tasted compared to him because I didn’t have any hair on me. Letting my mother have everything she wanted as she finished me off right in front of Paul and Jennie and her boys while Paul had some of each of my friends while his boys finished him off; then did his boys while we brushed our teeth and put on at least a waist robe, while we waited for Paul and his two boys.

We heard their mother say to her two boys. “Sorry boys, no clothes allowed for you either. You can thank your Dad for that, he wanted you in their little club then you too can suffer the consequence. Now huff it to the Van.” Having their little sister and brother laugh at them as they blushed and ran a beeline to the van covering their penises in case someone was watching them. Finding out quickly that it was a whole different thing being naked in front of family and your own sex, then it is being out in public. I was looking forward to it watching them come face to face with more nudist they can shake a stick at.

I quickly grabbed Sparky and climbed into the Van. Mom looked confused and asked why I was taking Sparky with me to work. I said. “Mom, why do you think? You know how he hates me having a pet?”

She said. “I know, but son he won’t do anything with the house being watched.”

I said. Sorry Mom. I don’t trust him. Mr. Stringum said I could tie him out behind the store under one of the shade trees, and then I can take him over to Bishop Earl’s house when we go shopping.”

Jennie yelled at Paul. “Stop being such a baby, you wanted to be a nudist, well being a nudist means going without clothes.” She smacked his hairy butt as he covered his over aroused penis that had come back too life due to all those horny pills, with his waist robe over his wife's shoulder.

Mom giggled. “Not so funny anymore is it Paul?” As he slid into the back seat, his wife said. “Maybe you should drive or trade places with Linda.”

He shook his head no said. “I’m fine dear right where I am.”

I asked Jennie if I could drive instead, watching Paul’s eyes as I took off my waist robe. She tossed me the keys and I climbed back out of the van completely naked and took the long way around taking my time as Paul watched me, gasping as I waved to our neighbors and the police car giving me a wave back. I climbed into the driver seat Mom said. “You are such a naughty boy you know that son?”

I grinned and said. “The only kind I know how to be Mom, very naughty and sexy.”

I pulled out of the driveway looking back in the mirror watching his wife work his penis in her hands. Teasing him as she kept bring him to the brink then stopping, and doing it again, and again, really getting a kick out of torturing him, and said. “I could do this all day because you took 5 horny pills.” When I pulled up behind Stringum’s, she said. “Oh damn. I guess we will have to all go inside the store and poor Paul and his big problem.” I got out of the out of the Van and noticing Stringum or Dave had placed a water dish and food dish for Sparky where he wanted me to tie him up at.

I watched as the Cranny boys Michael and Robert and Paul blushed being forced out of the van completely naked. While their sister and baby brother followed behind them fully clothed. Even my three friends hesitated making sure the coast was clear and said the hell with it since I was naked they might well join me. Unlike the Cranny boys and Paul, they didn’t cover themselves with their hands. Nor did they blush bright red as they did. I opened the door and walked in as I was told. Stringum and Dave welcomed me with a hug. Jennie blushed seeing they too were naked. Mr. Stringum said. “It’s a slow day, we don’t’ open until noon on Saturdays. So if you are worried about customers seeing us naked, don’t this is Santaquin heck-vill.”

“By the way, I am Mr. Stringum and this is my partner as in co-owner of Stringum enterprises. You must be the Cranny’s I have heard so much about from the Rothwell’s.” Paul nodded.

Mom said reminding Paul by poking him in the ribs. “Nudist customs Paul either kiss them or insult them.” Stringum waited for Paul and made the first move when he took his hand and, pulled him into a kiss. I introduced Michael as Paul was kissing Dave and while Stringum pulled Michael into a kiss. I then introduced Jake and his brother Billy. And the other two Cranny kids who only got a handshake, not quite understanding why everyone was naked except our mothers and them.

Considering he had already met Adam. Stringum pulled them into a hug and kissed each of them. Stringum said. “I have a surprise for you boys. “You remember Kenny and Zane’s and their mothers Bethany and Tally, they work for me now, I had them quit their jobs at the hospital gave them employment with one of my doctors and hired their boys as delivery boys.”

Paul drew a complete blank, but his penis came even harder seeing the girls completely naked, they came closer and kissed him and toyed with his penis. Having his wife step forward and say “Hi, I’m Mrs. Cranny Paul’s wife, Jennie, as much as my husband would like to screw you at the moment. He can’t come out too play until I say he can and that won’t be until he signs the contract and my contract that says. “No girls under 25, or has given me their membership card. If you wouldn’t mind making that clear to all the nudist I would really appreciate it.”

Bethany quickly came back with their membership cards for her and tally as well as their two boys. Jennie read them all and said. “Go on big boy go get acquainted, but no sex until you signed our contracts,” Jennie said. “I have to keep him on a short leash or he would screw every girl in sight.”

Having the girls giggle and Tally say, “we wouldn’t have any other way. We both had a husband that had the same problem always finding them in bed with another woman and they became quite abusive so we divorced them. Now I understand they both have aids because they didn’t make sure the women they were sleeping with didn’t keep themselves clean considering they were all prostitutes.

“One of the main reasons we became nudist because of the benefits package requires everyone in our Garden Club to be seen by a regular doctor every three months. In fact, Stringum is having one of his Garden Club Doctors coming to the party tonight. Making a house call do too our membership has double down here and there are so many wanting to join our little club that he’ll be setting up shop At Earls household. I have been told we have 15 new members and their families. If you would like Paul and your self and your entire family wishes to come I am sure you would be more than welcome.”

I saw Paul almost praying “no, please no,” then say “I am sorry my wife said she wasn’t coming, due to homework and said she just wasn’t in the mood and wanted to just to remain natural by not participating, but letting others do so if they please around her.”

Jennie smiled, “thanks Paul, I knew you would understand,” hearing him say “thank you” in almost a whisper.

Jennie said overhearing it. “I think I can spare few more hours, especially if I can get my entire family checked out. Isn’t that great honey they have a health plan and you thought they were a bunch of people just wanting to have sex? They all have normal everyday jobs as we do, they have kids like us. How can I say no, knowing that your penis will be well taken care of? Hell, I was wondering if it might fall off if you kept masturbating like you are going to be doing all day for taking 5 horny pills.”

Jennie said as she showed her palm of five fingers. Then started to stroke him with them, then said. “Oh, honey just think about it? Me watching you all day masturbating, then I can come to the party see a doctor and watch you talk to every girl you are thinking about screwing instead of me. All in plain sight, I can’t wait; I’ll bring the popcorn because it going to be a hell of a show all because you wanted to have endless sex the moment you heard the word, nudist.”

“Oh look, your times up and you missed another chance to get your rocks off,” pointing to her watch on her wrist, said. “Let’s go, big boy, these people have a life they need to get too.” She said pulling on his penis like a leash. “Oh damn I forgot the sunscreen we will just pick some up on the way home. Now move it buster.” Jennie slapped his bare butt and then said. “Michael, Robert, let's go. You can play with the girls later.” Everyone else went with them leaving me and my three friends behind.

Stringum said. “Well, that was quite entertaining to watch a moron like Paul being a made into a fool by his own wife. Now if you boys would step this way we so we can make ourselves comfortable and get acquainted, I wish I can say I felt sorry for Paul but I can’t what moron would take five horny pills?”

Billy and Jake were all in with Tally let them play with her breasts sharing a side as Adam I did like wises with Bethany while Dave and Stringum took measurements for the boy's clothes and shoes as requested by their parents. I had told Stringum and Dave about the fire as I was in the middle of having spider love with Adam considering Adams' mouth was busy with Kenny’s penis in his mouth and Billy was having a Tally snack with his penis inside Zane’s mouth. We had all the time in the world, well almost considering we needed to be done with work by 1 pm so we have plenty of time for shopping and be on time for the party.

After everyone had at least two or three rounds of sex and stimulation Stringum handed the boys each set of clothes on the house and put them all too work while Stringum made some phone calls regarding making sure my new best friends had everything they were going too need and that included taking the Mr. Niles house off the market and giving their parents a very good deal on the financing for purchasing the house.

He even called his personal security guys to go over and wire the house so nothing like this could ever happen to them again, and went as far as hiring watchmen to keep our neighborhood safe. And with the names Jake had given him, there was going to be a lot of heat going down in the neighbored. He told me that Crawford and some of his cronies had skipped town the moment the police had arrived, but they had put warrants on them so if they showed their faces they will wish they were never born. Somehow it didn’t surprise me considering really bad guys like Crawford always run when there was a chance for them to get caught and leaving the mess they created to everyone else so they could take the blame for it.

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