Babysitter fundamentals  Part 1

Babysitter fundamentals Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 153

Babysitter fundamentals

Part 1

Once more I was confronted with my past, I didn’t know about Shane or that he considered me as his brother during my first few months of living with the Rothwell’s. It seems no matter I had thought I knew Shane. The more I realized I didn’t. I didn’t know he sacrificed so much of himself just to be with me. I tried to remember the last time I told him I loved him, and it bothered me because I couldn’t.

I came back to focus when Duke kissed me and he and Ryan forced me to lye down on the bed. I am sure the word “force” wouldn’t describe it because I was willing to play along. Even more so as they removed my boxers again watching Duke toss them into a corner. I giggled. “I thought I was the one giving the massage tonight.”

Duke smiled and so did Ryan when his brother said. “And you said you didn’t have any more clothes to wear. And we told you Jody doesn’t wear clothes when she gives us one.”

I said. “Point taken.” Then grabbed Duke and rolled on top of him, at first I saw fear in his eyes then it went away the moment he looked into my eyes as if he was searching for something and found it.

He looked at Ryan said. “Did you see it?” Ryan nodded as he looked at me and said. “There it is again.”

I said. “See what?”

Duke said. “Your eyes, they had a strange like light to them and you glowed just for a brief second and I felt something odd that I never felt before. There it is again.” Ryan touched my face and nodded. At first, I thought they were teasing me, so I played along as I grabbed the lotion off the nightstand and proceed to give him a massage as promised. He closed his eyes and telling me. How good it felt to trust someone again that won’t harm them. I stopped. And leaned down and kissed him, he wrapped his arms around me and started crying. I tried to pull away, but instead, he held me tighter.

So I gave in even though I was confused by it. Ryan too started to cry and it really started to bother me. I asked if I hurt them in any way. Ryan sobbed shaking his head, telling me. “It’s been so long since we trusted anyone like this. Jody said we should but we didn’t believe her until now. You could have easily forced us to have sex with you, but you didn’t. You knew you could and we wouldn’t have been able to stop you.”

I said. “And I won’t, I am not like that, in fact, if Shawn ever came near you boys I’d kill him.” Duke nodded and I hugged him to my chest and Ryan too. I wiped their eyes with my fingers and said. “How about we raid the kitchen then brush our teeth, then I will read you a story after you say your prayers?” They both nodded and I put the lotion back on the nightstand.

We got off the bed and they looked at me strange I said. “What?”

Duke said. “You’re glowing again.”

I smiled said. “Ok, I thought it was because I was naked and you wanted me to put on my boxers.” I picked them up only to have Duke take them out of my hand and toss them into the corner.

Ryan hugged me said. “We like you naked.”

I put my arms around his shoulders said. “Fine by me, I am starving, plus I really need to pee.” The boys giggled and followed me into the bathroom. Ryan lifted the lid and we shared the toilet.

I cringed seeing the clock on the wall noticing it was 9:30 almost way past their bedtime. I shrugged my shoulders and warmed up some of our leftover pizza and popped two more horny pills. I was tempting to give the boys one but decided against it. Once we were back into their bedroom I kneeled at their bed with them, letting Ryan say the prayer. I felt all warm and fuzzy when Ryan asked God to punish Shawn and my parents for hurting us,” then said. “Thanks for giving us the best babysitter ever. Amen,” and hugged me.

I pulled down the covers letting Duke slid in and Ryan, again they looked at me strangely. I said. “Ok, only until you fall asleep.” I grabbed the book and got into the middle, having them snuggle up to me just like my adoptive brothers do. I began to read and smiled when I felt their fingers playing with my penis. Hoping to get another snack from me, I giggled and kissed them on the head said. “I promised your Mom and Dad you’d be asleep by the time they got home.  We will have the whole day together tomorrow,” I saw the hurt in their eyes when I said it. I pulled them close to me and continued reading until they both nodded off. I carefully climbed over Ryan having him grab me. I said. “I am just turning off the lights and I’ll be right back I promise.” He nodded.

The moment I picked up my boxers Duke said with his eyes closed. “Please don’t,” I nodded and folded them and set them on the dresser. I turned off the lights and plugged in their Scooby-do nightlight and made my way down the hall turning off all the lights in the house except for the ones in the front entryway and the porch light, checking the doors and the windows. Once I was done I crawled back into bed with the boys this time lying on top of the covers as I took my place in the middle. The moment I did the boys snuggled up to me and I put my arms around them. Duke asked. “What are you making for us for breakfast?”

I said. “How about waffles with a side of penis?”

Duke smiled. “My favorite kind,” placing his hand on my penis and licked my n****e closest to him. Yawned. “And peppermint n*****s.”

Most parents would have a nuclear meltdown when they came home finding their babysitter in bed with their boys completely naked with their son's hands on his penis. Not Mr. and Mrs. Vincent as I woke up seeing the flash of a camera. Telling each other how cute we looked. I rubbed my eyes and said. “Sorry, but the boys wouldn’t go to sleep and less stayed with them.” And carefully lifted their hands off my penis getting out of bed, watching the boys snuggle up to each other, filling in the void.

I put on my glass and looked at the time on my watch seeing it was after midnight grabbed my boxers. Only to have Mr. Vincent pushing me up against the wall in the hallway and kissing me hungrily removing my glasses from being broken; like I was his last meal as he grabbed my boxers and tossed them back down the hall while his wife closed the boy's bedroom door. When he released me he said. “All my wife and I could think about how good you tasted before we left. Besides we would have been more concerned if you weren’t in bed with our boys complete naked. That’s what we hired you for to befriend our boys and make them feel they can trust you after what Shawn and his friends did to them.”

He kissed me again this time biting my lip hard drawing blood as he tasted it as if it was the best thing since sliced bread. Then asked me if I been a good boy and have been taking my horny pills. I nodded I had and he smiled. “I suggest you take two more, better yet three because my wife and I haven’t had a boy like you since Shane and we are hungry.” He emphasized it by grabbing my balls and squeezing them make me wince, then released them. He said. “But not before we bathe you and groom you. Which I am little disappointed you didn’t let our boys do it, yet also really glad that you waited for me and my wife to do it instead.”

He pulled me away from the wall and told me to go fix us a snack, then slapped my bare butt asked if there was any more of that pizza left. I nodded and he licked his lips as he looked at my penis as I turned around watching him set my glasses on my dresser. It should have crept me out, but it didn’t. Like I said I was into the kink stuff. 

I turned around and did what I was told as they checked on their boys and ran the tub again. When they came into the kitchen they were both naked, I smiled and acted as if it was perfectly normal because to me it was; mostly because I had been raised as a nudist over the last three years. I placed the plate of pizza on the counter and opened the freezer so I could pull out the link sausage and the frozen orange juice to thaw overnight in the fridge for breakfast.

When I turned around his wife was there as she forced me up against the fridge and popped two more horny pills in my mouth, on top of the three I had already taken. Then kissed me hard and fast telling me how horny they are, that they normally spend their anniversary in a hotel. But with me here they weren’t going to pass up to have a nice tasty penis like mine. Or a chance to lick every inch of me after nearly three years since their last one, at least one that won’t run away and yell rape. When she said that, she pulled me away from the fridge and helped me onto the counter with the help of her husband, having me scoot all the way on until my entire naked body was on the counter.

It was like they were hungry wolves as they licked me adding anywhere from honey to chocolate sauce as well as the whip-cream. Her husband poked a hole in the pizza I had warmed up and slid my penis through the hole adding more until my penis was barely sticking out of it. Then they both devoured me as if I was their last meal. Until I was sticky clean and had climaxed twice as they shared my nectar between them. Once they were satisfied with their quick snack in the kitchen. Mr. Vincent picked me up and put me over his shoulders. I smiled as he adjusts to the weight he laughed when I said. “I hope I am not too heavy.”

He swatted my butt and said. “Shane’s heavy, your lightweight compared to him.” Again I felt a tinge of sadness because Shane didn’t include me.  I watched as his wife opened the doors to the pool. So her husband could throw me in. But she surprised him and me as she pushed us both into the pool. Watching us as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled then dove in; she wasted no time in pushing me against the pool where the water wasn’t deep so we could all stand without drowning or treading water.

Once she had me where she wanted she placed my penis inside her telling me she’ll slap me if I pulled it out until she told me I could. She placed my hands on her breasts and told me to drizzle some of the chocolate sauce on them; that I had noticed sitting on the sides of the pool where she had me stand. Once I had she had me walk towards the steps, but I kept myself inside of her. She leaned me back just enough so she could bend over and still have me inside of her. Allowing her husband to come behind her and stick his penis inside her butt.

I realized it had been a while since I had done this position, in fact, I hadn’t since on our way back from my summer vacation, but it was never in a pool before. Her husband started the rhythm as I watched the waves move back and forth while we all had sex together. It wasn’t the most comfortable position feeling the back of the stairs pointing into my back. Instead of focusing on the stairs, I focused on her breasts and made a meal out of them and her mouth. Making sure I bit hard as she liked it, every so often she bites my lip causing it to bleed a little so she could taste it. When she did she screamed as she let her head fall back telling us to go harder. Then screaming; “oh yes, oh yes! Please don’t stop!” Grabbing my head and forcing it against her breasts, nearly suffocating me.

After a short 1 hour marathon in the pool, she released me completely. Telling us our bath should be perfect. She didn’t ask what kind of bubble bath or soap, and I didn’t say anything as I panted trying to get my breath back, only to be lifted out of the pool by her husband as he sat me on the edge and climbed on top of me as he kissed me so deep my head swam from the lack of oxygen. I gasped when he released me and arched my back when he bit my n*****s hard. He placed my hand on his penis telling me to stroke us both while he licks every inch of me.

He surprised me when he rolled us both without warning me and slapped my face, just enough to let it sting. I was used to this, because there was no anger behind it, as he said. “I been watching you tonight with my boys,” he smiled seeing the surprised look in my eyes. “I waited to see if you would rape them if given the chance, but you surprised me by not doing it when you easily could have knowing they were prime and ready by that piece of trash that lives in your home.

“Instead you covered yourself to prevent that from happening, letting the boys trust you by letting them undress you, over and over again. Again I waited once you had their trust thinking now he’s going to do it and I am going to have to kill him. But no, you put them in your arms and letting them cry on your shoulder. Not even Shane would have done that, and for that, I am downright proud too know you are the boy everyone says you are.” He slapped my face and growled at me telling me he didn’t give me permission to stop stimulating us together. I didn’t apologize knowing he wasn’t looking for an apology he was looking for obedience.

I quickly respond by doing what he had asked me to do. Once I had he leaned down and kissed me long enough as we both climaxed together letting our nectar shoot all over my stomach and crotch. He smiled when that happened as he slid down so he could lick it up. He surprised me when he shared it with me as he kissed me, letting me roll onto his back so I could have the rest.

He smiled at me telling me. “I have been waiting a very long time to find a boy that doesn’t mind the rough stuff and doesn’t cry because we are little rough with him; unlike some boys. Who freaks out because we like the kink stuff like kissing each other and sharing a penis, and most of all a woman like my wife, and isn’t afraid to share themselves with us openly.”

He helped me off the ground and pulled me into a kiss. This time he was gentle as he wrapped his arms around me. He smiled when I did likewise and kissed me even deeper as he let his arms slide down to my butt almost cupping them. I did the same but I surprised him when I slapped his butt. His eyes twinkled and once more I saw that pulsing light and felt the feeling that I had felt many times with Jeff.

It was like someone that really loved you and it had a deep spiritual meaning to it. It reminded me of when I was with Jeff standing in a field as he held me in his arms. The moment he released me the feeling hung in the air as put his arms around my shoulders as we walked inside the house. The only thing that ran through my mind was how could this be wrong according to the world?

His wife was waiting for us inside the tub as we watched her lick her lips seeing our aroused penises. I knew it would be sometime before my penis would stop being aroused after taking 5 horny pills. I could stimulate myself for hours and I will still be horny. I watched her husband pop three more that she had sitting on the counter with a six-pack of orange soda, where they keep fresh clean towels and all their fun toys.

I quickly popped the top and drank thirstily gulping down the entire can. And grabbed another and climbed into the tub and took the seat she indicated where she had laid out grooming kit. The moment I sat down she straddled me and asked her husband if he told me I had been a very good boy as they watched me while they were gone. He said. “Of course I did,”

They didn’t explain why or how they were able to watch me; I figured I would have done the very same thing if they were afraid of someone rapping their boys. I knew there were nanny cams because Dad used them when they were trying to catch whoever was putting drugs and alcohol in my lockers and in my room. But I didn’t know they could watch them from a distance. Then again if you have enough money anything is possible. Personally, I liked the idea of them watching me, because I didn’t have to worry if someone tried to kidnap me here, and it kept me honest.

Knowing his wife Jezzy likes the rough stuff and I liked the element of surprises. So without warning, I rolled us so I could be the one in charge. Forcing her against the side of the tub and lifting her legs so I could give her a powerful thrust that I been dying to try that I had seen on one of the porn tapes Dad likes us to watch, too keep sex from getting boring. Which was something I could never figure out how sex could be boring?

She screamed even louder wrapping her legs around me. I smiled as her husband dropped his jaw... dropping his can of soda into the tub and said. “S**t,” searching for the can, while she screamed over and over literally hanging onto the sides of the tub from going under.

I didn’t stop. I kept going and she kept screaming with pleasure. It was almost another hour before I stopped as we both trembled from exhaustion. I had lost account how many times I had climaxed or if I did, I had to say 5 horny pills can really come in handy. I now knew how Paul and my father felt having that many coursing through you. Except for not being able to stimulate enough until your penis dropped off and you had a serious cramp in your hand.

She screamed. “Now that’s what I am talking about,” as I watched her crawl out of the tub. I smiled seeing that nice round beautiful butt bending over in pure perfection, and questioned if I had the strength. I questioned my penis and it answered to a standing yes.

I waited for her to take several swallows of soda and placed my hands on her hips and said. “I am not done yet, that was just a warm-up.” She smiled as she turned her head towards me as I slapped her butt. Then entered her again, and began round two. Her husband looked at me and her and smiled and quickly got out and slid down in front of her, I waited as we both lowered her self on to his penis. This time the walls of the small steps were sticking in his back, but he didn’t care.

It had been almost another hour before I couldn’t go any longer without a breather. Her screams still echoed in my ears and in the room. She wobbled from the both of us and was more than satisfied and proved it by kissing me hard and deep until we both couldn’t get enough oxygen then repeated the same kiss to her husband. She smiled at me and slapped my face and said. “You have been holding out on me my little tiger.”

I smiled and said. “I am full of surprises. And you knew that first time we met at Stringum’s.” She laughed and sat down beside me with her husband on the other side of her, panting as I watched those wonderful breasts heaving up and down.

She cringed looking at the clock noticing it was almost three in the morning. The water had almost lost its warmth by the time she and her husband groomed me. We walked like we were drunk as we got out of the tub letting the water drain as she turned out the light; I head for my room only to be stopped by them telling me. “The bed is this way, our little tiger.”

I groaned inward trying to muster any more strength finding none. The only thing that seemed ready for more was our penises as she had us get into spider position, and smiled at us as she slid us both inside of her.

I didn’t know about her husband if he was as tired as I was or was certainly glad she was doing all the work as she worked us both for another hour. Nobody had the strength to do anymore as she climbed into the middle of the bed. I just know I died and went to heaven with breast in each our mouths and her hand on our penises; with the biggest smile on our faces when she whispered best anniversary present ever as we dozed off until morning.

© 2019 Shep

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