Spies For The Crown  Part 2

Spies For The Crown Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 279-1

Spies For The Crown

Part 2


I linked with Jeff and was happy to find him as he said. For us to be careful that something was off since he couldn’t read them watching Mr. Bronson go down the hall with his boys, telling them not to come out of the room; unless they are in danger to scream, and blow their whistle as loud as they could.

Mom and Dad didn’t say anything, not until we were sure who they are and who they were working for. Knowing that Stringum and Landon couldn’t find any recorded of them anywhere and they had been in contact with every division of our task force across the United States. Dad asked Mom if everything was in place as Tony and Stringum had suggested. She answered with a kiss and stating it was a stupid question.

Mom told me and Terry to be careful, having Dad state he wouldn’t be far, and would be watching us, if we had a problem we had agreed that once we got them to trust we would tie them up and Dad would come in with Mr. Vincent and Tony and pump them full of truth serum. While Dora and Dr. Sars too a good look at the key and pendant that they were both wearing. It was mine and Terry’s job to make sure that they didn’t expect it. Terry gave me a secret high five behind our backs as we went down the hall Mom made sure that boys would be out like a light and also put Sparky and Frosty in their room for the night.

I smiled as Mom opened the fridge pulling out several pieces of cooked linked sausages, knowing they couldn’t resist as she had them follow her to the boy’s room and gave them to them as Mr. Vincent gave them each a glass of milk and some homemade baked double chocolate chip cookies and something extra inside each of their milk glasses as she stirred it in real good.

Terry and I entered the room but Mr. Bronson was in the bathroom brushing his teeth as Mr. Wesley was busy drawing strange symbols I had seen Dr. Sars and Dora draw many times when they wanted to make sure nothing evil could get into the room or the house. I did tell them they were wasting their time or the fact that this and all my friend's house were built like Fort Knox that nothing was going to make it inside and so far nothing has well except Mr. Tate and Antonio, but wicked evil men like them was the different from the actual demons they worshipped. Even Jeff seemed amused by it.

I closed the door surprising them as I asked. “So how do you want to do this, we can strip naked or we can play my first game, where we tie you to the bed and take advantage of you as our prisoners. Or Terry and I can lie on the bed and you can tie us up?”

Mr. Wesley said. “The other sounds more interesting since we both been naked together most of the day, but we will let you boys choose since we are going to be the client and it’s your job to entertain us for the very first time.”  Lucky for that was exactly what we wanted.

Terry said. “Ok, we're good with that. So that means we take off your clothes, first, but we have one question, which is, are you partial to the ones you are wearing? Or do you want to change into something you don’t care we ruin because we get a little rough? Dad usually tells the client this when they are asking about this service, having them bring a change of clothes with them, so they have something to change into when they spend the night with us our after we provide them with this part of the package.”

Mr. Bronson asked. “How do you ruin our clothes if we may ask when you are just tying us up or handcuffing us to the bed?”

Terry and I both smiled as I said. “Because we cut them off you? It’s our way of getting the client to trust us. When they have seen naked boys all the time and have grown bored they find the aspect of it exciting and intriguing. Plus the fact we are very good with a knife and a razor, so we don’t cut them up too badly unless they move or tell us to do it. Finding they like the pain more. That it adds to the excitement of being handled roughly which is why I call it a little slap and tickle.”

Mr. Bronson came out of the bathroom shirtless as he asked Mr. Wesley how he wanted to play it. He shrugged his shoulders said. “We asked them to show us what they are capable of doing, and I for one am curious since they are right. Some of our clients like it rough and are getting bored and seeking out our competition because they are providing service that is a little more adventures. It's just clothing we can go into town tomorrow and buy more if we have too. Besides I have always hated that blue shirt of yours that has seen far better days and that god awful tie that you brought with you.”

Mr. Bronson said. “Fine, then you can wear that ugly shirt that I hate, and those trousers that have those old fashion strap suspenders on them and that clip on poke dotted bow tie that your girlfriend gave you for your birthday. She never did have good taste when it came to clothing. How many times have I said we need to dress like we have money or no one will ever take us seriously?” Terry and I looked at each other mouthing what the hell. Please tell me they are not gay?

I shrugged my shoulders and he shrugged his, I said “While you guys are changing we will get ready, is there anything you would like us not to wear. Or we good the way we are?” They both argued about it until Mr. Bronson said. “We would like it if you put on some that flavored skin oil that we had sampled. If that isn’t too much to ask, make sure you give us some of each, that way we can decide which flavor we like the most." We nodded as Mr. Wesley and Mr. Bronson left the room to go change into clothes they didn’t care if we ruined. I could picture Mom and Dad laughing after watching them fight like a couple of girls trying to decide what dress they should wear to school.

Terry and I quickly chose out a shirt and jeans that Mom wouldn’t mind that never made it to the wash, being as they had holes in them, it didn’t matter to Mom if the holes were small in the knees or anywhere else for that matter. They were cut up for rags the next time would come out of the wash.

Terry was hard on his clothes compared to me, because I took care of mine since good clothing was something I hadn’t ever gotten used too because my mother always bought mine from a secondhand store that was cheap and mostly threads bear.


While she spent more money on my sister's clothes then mine and Aarons put together growing up. By the time we were dressed and had our things ready for the first part of the game; laying a sharp hunting knife on each side of the bed and enough nylon rope and four pairs of handcuffs that didn’t have a key so if they wanted out of them quickly all they had to do was push the button, but changed our minds when tonight was all about finding out who they are and what they are planning.

He nodded that we were ready as we ever going to be as the guys came back into the room. I knew Mom wasn’t happy about them still wearing shoes in the house seeing they had changed into their clothes and still wore their shoes. however, they were both rights their clothing was dated and needed to be retired.

Once I had a good fire going allow them to make themselves comfortable as Terry poured our special blend of tea, with the first dose of truth serum in it and something that would relax them. I warned them it was strong that has a relaxing agent in it, but only enough to soothe their aching muscles, plus the added feature it gave us boys.

They both nodded drinking it slowly as they asked how they wanted them to lie on the bed. I told just to lie next to each other in the middle of the bed to give me and Terry room to work. I could feel Moms draggers looking at them seeing that they hadn’t removed their shoes before getting on the bed, so I said. “You are lucky my Mom was in a good mood tonight. She would have made you take your shoes off and scrape the mud off before coming in the house, plus the fact you got on the bed with them on.”

Mr. Bronson said. “I’ll remember that next time, but you should have said something,” he reached down to take them off, but I said. “Too late.” Placing his hand into one of the handcuffs and locked it to the headboard where Eli and I installed little rings for us and the girls when we play games like this.

I told him and Mr. Wesley if they get uncomfortable and need us to stop and release them all they had to do was push the button on the side and the handcuff will open and we will untie them. They both wiggled with anticipation making themselves comfortable not even trying to see they could get loose; while Terry hooked up Mr. Wesley, once again the underestimated us.

I then removed Mr. Bronson shoes and his socks, placing a couple of toes in my mouth sucking on them knowing they had bathed before we came home. He moaned. “What a strange thing to do.” I smiled as I took the strap that was built into the bed for when we played this game and when Mom and Dad needed to secure me to the bed when I am having a night terror.  Again he said, I take it you play this game a lot as Terry did the same to Mr. Wesley as he giggled when Terry sucked on his.

I said. “That and for other reasons,” taking his other foot and doing the same getting the same results.

Terry quickly strapped Mr. Wesley in and said. “Are you ready to play?”

He giggled. “Oh god yes.” He looked over at his partner and smiled. “I can feel the tea working, its like little buzz, and I am so getting hard.” They both looked down at their crotch finding a huge package bulging underneath.

Mr. Bronson said. “And we haven’t even had sex yet, god this so intoxicating.” He said as his face paled when he saw I had a knife in my hands and watching Terry reach for his inside the drawer, said. “It would be so easy to kill them, and no one would find their bodies,” causing Mr. Wesley and Mr. Bronson to jerker their hands inside the handcuffs trying to find the button as we both leaned in.

I said smiling as held the knife to Mr. Bronson throat. “We lied, those handcuffs are real, we have a saying. “You can not lie when you are naked; which is why we hadn’t taken off our clothes; we wanted you to come here, without your friend. You can scream all you want. The windows in this room and throughout the house are soundproof. Our parents have taken care of your boys; they won’t be woken by your screams. No one is coming to rescue you, so if you want to live.

“You will tell us everything, and if we find out you are lying to us, we will slit you open. We killed Mr. Tate, weeks ago, we have almost all the keys to the door, and we are going to take yours right now and our Dad is going to make sure that they are real as the others we have taken last night while everyone was sleeping. Terry maybe your right, maybe we should kill them our God, would reward us if we do.”

Terry laughed as he quickly worked the buttons on Mr. Wesley shirt by using the knife to cut the buttons off. He quickly cut the leather strap around his neck where he was wearing the pendant. I did the same to Mr. Bronson and placed it onto the dresser.

Dad came into the room and collected them, said. “Take your time boys, we mustn’t kill them too quickly, our God will not reward us if we are too hasty.” He leaned down and placed a needle in each of their arms, said. “Its only truth serum, but the knives are real and your lives are in danger. My boys or trained assassins and you have seen what they can do to a man three times their size. Now then tell us what we want to know, and we won’t kill you. If you don’t then things will go badly for you.”

I growled angrily at Mr. Bronson as I nicked him a little. To prove the knife I was using was sharp and cut way his shirt and I dabbed the blood with a cotton swab and handed it to Tony as Terry did likewise so we could run a blood test. Dora and Dr. Sars came into the room letting Dad hand them each their pendent keys. I asked Jeff if he could see them know. He answered me by popping into the room. He said, that it all made sense now. I linked with him asking him what he meant, getting veg answers stating to give him time to work. Other than that he was a good lie detector.

Mr. Bronson and Mr. Wesley tried to struggle the moment Dr. Sars and Dora entered the room, with there things they needed to inspect the pendants and the key; which only horrified Mr. Wesley and Mr. Bronson because far as they knew they were bad and evil, but what they didn’t know they were on our side, not the satanic churches side, which heightened the fear for them.

Terry was still busy cutting away Mr. Wesley shirt asking Dad how far he wanted him to go. Dad blinked said. “All the way son, you know no one can lie when they are naked. Besides we need to burn their clothes, it would be disrespectful to our master if we didn’t give him what he wanted… And right now he wants them exposed as liars and possible spies, plus the fact it would be waste if we didn’t play with our guests as they have played with us. Now just be careful we don’t want to hurt them too badly, that if they die before they tell us the truth we won’t get anything out of them. Nate is your friend here I thought for just a moment the temperature dropped?”

I nodded said. “Yes he’s here, and he can see them clearly now. He says you can begin to interrogate them and he will tell me if they are telling the truth.”

Dad and Tony took seats around the bed, while Mr. Vincent set up a small video camcorder to record their interrogation. Dad said. “We will give the serum a few minutes before we begin. We will up the dose if we have to, but make no mistake, we will kill you if you lie to us. So lets us begin with a little truth from us, in hopes of building trusts. Dad said for me and Terry to take our time, and said once we were done we could pleasure them so they won’t be to backtrack so easily. We called it love and torture.”

© 2019 Shep

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