Spies For The Crown  Part 3

Spies For The Crown Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 279-2

Spies For The Crown

Part 3


Dora and Dr. Sars quickly set up shop using my desk to work on the key and the pendant. Dad said leaning forward in his chair placing his hands in front of him. “First off you must know. We are not demon worshipers none of us are not Dora as the new Holy queen and Dr. Sars who the High priestess of the satanic church here in Heber. They are spies, with the talent of white magic to help us when black magic is used. Very few people know this, including your selves, because we like you keep secrets.

“I am telling you this, in hopes to gain your trust honestly, even though we don’t need to tell you anything, because if you don’t will be killed if you do not answer all our questions. We brought you here so we might interrogate you, and find out who you are and who you work for. Since we couldn’t do so with a whole place filled with demon worshipers. We need you like you need us, but we could talk freely in regards to our plans to why we were there.  You should also know I am truly sorry into tricking you using my boys, but you would have fought us, if me or Mr. Vincent tied you up and drugged you, and possibly harmed you and us. So I have asked my boys to do it instead, knowing that most will underestimate them.

“Now then boys and us won’t hurt you if you answer our questions, they have been taught how to use a knife like one in their hands, but they have also learned how to pleasure you as well; which I have instructed them to do while you answer our questions. No man or women can resist the pleasures you will get while answering our questions. Once you have answered our questions we will give you the antidote that will neutralize the truth serum and if they are the answer we want. Stating that you are men we can trust. Then we will free you, and we will pretend that this never happened.

“First question, who are you? We have checked with our organization and no one has ever heard of you.” Mr. Bronson tried to get free, but it was useless. Dad came over and checked his bindings and tightened them, then checked his eyes using a pin light. Picked up another needle of truth serum and administered it to both of them, watching their heads fall to the pillows as their bodies go limp.

He asked again as Terry and I worked removing the rest of their clothes adding them to pile we were creating. Mr. Wesley said. “We won’t tell you anything. Torture us if you must, but we will not give ourselves up; you heathen b******s.”

Dad smiled taking his seat. “We will see about that. Its time for phase two boys, like I said no one has been able to resist my boys while being questioned.

I said to Terry. “Take off your clothes. I want to measure your penis with Mr. Bronson’s I want to see if it’s just as big as yours and Jakes.” Terry giggled as he quickly did what I asked. Dad said. “Nate you are embarrassing Terry and Mr. Bronson. It’s only fair if you take yours off as well.”

I turned too Dad said. “Ok, but I want you and Mr. Vincent to take off your clothes so we can all have a little fun, besides you already said you can’t lie to them if they see you naked.”

Mr. Vincent said. “Nate does have point, Robert. You did tell them that.” Dad gave a heavy sigh asking the ladies if they minded. They shook their heads no that they would like to help, once they have determined the spell and the type of metal the pendant and the key was made of.

Terry quickly got ready as he waited for me to do the honors once we boys and Dad, as well as Mr. Vincent, took off our clothes. I’ll had to do was cut way their boxers. I got on the bed and straddled Mr. Bronson and said. “Normally I would ask permission, but you and Mr. Wesley already did when you told us you wanted the full experience as potential clients. So you don’t get the chance to say no, even though you were tricked, plus you have had sex with me, Dad and Mr. Vincent, now it’s our turn to play. Like my Dad said, you either tell us the truth or you will die here.

“We can not allow the other side to win. Like it or not we have no intention of letting you live if we find out that you are working for Mr. Ganger and the satanic church. We are given you the benefit of the doubt since you stated you didn’t want Mr. Granger to open that door, making sure he didn’t have all the keys or the pledges they would need. Nor could we tell you our plans, that none of the keys they are about to find or have found by now are not the ones they think are real.

“Answer our questions truthfully and we will free you, well not less they are the answer we are looking for. Trust me when we say this; no harm will come to you if are not spies here to kill us after learning we are not part of the satanic church but spies trying to take them down.”

Mr. Bronson smiled. “Very clever if that was true, but how do you explain working with Mr. Tate and these witches. You can’t because we both know their souls are as black as they come.”

Dad said. “He isn’t lying we have aligned ourselves with the satanic church, but so has Mr. Wesley and you and we all know he is friends with Mr. Granger and it was him that brought him into the fold and they both admitted as much. Plus the fact almost all the members that have come to celebrate tonight know who you both are and vouched for you, but the only reason you and Mr. Bronson are not still down there, or haven’t been taken into custody is because of your valiant efforts tonight in saving those children from being pledged to their Demon God and the fact that Nate here and Mr. Stringum saw you hand over the Key to Mr. Bronson in the hallway before Mr. Wesley met with Mr. Granger insisting to make sure he didn’t get his hands on it.

“Now tell us who are, and who you are working for like I said we have contacted our organization and none of them have heard about you, nor have they seen you.”

Mr. Bronson said. “Fine, but first you tell us about yourselves first. For the same goes for you Mr. Carrion and Mr. Vincent.”

Dad said. “Ok boys, let's see if we can mix it up a little, finish undressing them, while Lance setups… for they say a picture is worth a thousand words.” Dad moved his chair closer, as Terry and I cut way their boxers.

Both of the men were at a soft point as Terry moved into position. Mr. Bronson asked what he was doing. Dad said. “Having some fun, we find that with the truth serum combined with person pleasure sensors that they have a hard time of resisting. Now then I will explain our side while my husband Lance is setting up a little movie that I know you boys will enjoy.

“First off, Dora is a white witch, whereas Dr. Sars was raised in voodoo magic, and has replaced her mother as the high priestess now that she has passed on going on a year now. The High Bishop of the satanic church is still very much involved in the church, but he has switched sides and works with us, and is repaying his debt to society for all the things he has done. It’s a long story, but that’s for him to discuss the details with you.

“Also we have a High Judge Mr. Grayson who you have met tonight at the party and his two inquisitors who are also working with us, and are still very much involved with the church, but have sworn never to participate in the murder of innocents just as the High Bishop has. Again to tell you how all this came about is too long to tell in one night. So we will say for now that like us they are spies to take down the church from the inside of the church.

“Right now you are being watched closely by Nate’s friend if you haven’t noticed a slight temperature drop in the room. He is our spirit warrior and guide that can look into a person soul and mind too see if they are tainted.  He can be quite useful when he wants to be. Like at today’s game, where he made the coin or should I say coins to always be in our favor and he made sure each of our balls scored.

“He was also the reason why Mr. Striker became so cold during the game if you need further proof he exists. However his abilities are limited and sometimes needs us to do most of the leg work, but make no mistake, he will tell us if you are hiding something from us now that we have removed the key you were hiding from Mr. Granger and the pendant that was making it impossible for him to read you… Boys can begin anytime. I think the truth serum should be at full strength, I rather not give you too much not wanting to kill you our incapacitate you.”

Terry laid down between Mr. Bronson legs placing his legs and feet to the side of his chest. Dad moved his chair to the side of the bed so Mr. Vincent could roll in a small TV and VCR and put at the foot of the bed as he ran a long extension cord to a nearby plug. I smiled at Mr. Bronson as Terry leaned up on his elbows so he could see what I was doing. I didn’t ask for permission, not that it would do any good considering the situation.

I stroked Mr. Bronson and Terry to a very hard state and just for fun, I measured them using Moms measuring tape she uses to measure us when buying new clothes or wanting to see how tall we are and how much we have matured in our water works. I told Mr. Bronson and Terry that he was about 2 and a half inches shorter than Mr. Bronson and about 1 inch shorter from Mr. Philips.

Dad rubbed his head said. “You're still a growing boy, so don’t fret sooner or later you could possibly beat both of them after all your only 14 almost 15 come this January.” Neither of the men was surprised by the fact their portfolio lied about our ages.

I found a super large condom and ripped the top off with my teeth and slid it over both of their penises so I could have them both. I laid down on top of Mr. Bronson placing my feet across his chest and shoulders and begin my work. Dad watched as he re-asked his first question. Mr. Bronson moaned, shaking his head, from the serum trying not to answer, but the moment he was aroused he answered, as his buddy told him it was a trick they have endured torture many times. But his words were wasted as his eyes body stiffened said. “Jerald, I am Jerald McLain. “

Dad said. “Now that wasn’t so hard, care to spell that for me and for the camera, so my good man Tony can do a quick search through our database?” Mr. Wesley groaned because he just gave into our demands. Listening to his friend spell out his name. Dad said. “You will get your turn I promise. Now then where are you from Jerald?”

Watching him lick his dry lips as he shook his head, but with me on top of him and pleasuring him and Terry. He couldn’t resist, said. “Stoney burn Scotland.”

Dad said writing it down. “That’s a long way from here so my next question is why are you here? And who sent you?”

He moaned even more, as he shook his head, Dad waited patiently he said. “I work for the Crown… oh god please don’t stop.” Dad smiled at me as I had found his pleasure center.

Dad said. “My sons very good, when it comes to pleasuring a man, but I need to know why travel all that way for a simple celebration.”

Jerald moaned licking his lip, said “Chasing down Mr. Striker and Mr. Granger and several other members that had been invited to the party.”

Dad said. “Again very long ways too travel, for chasing down members of the satanic church; it must be personal or you wouldn’t come all this way.”

Jerald moaned and stiffened as he climaxed, he gave a sigh of relief said. “They killed my wife and two boys. While I was at work, I came home and found them lying dead half eaten, I have been hunting them down for 5 years. I had just gotten a word through several of my contacts within the church that they were coming here to put a new man on the throne. I was hired by the crown to do whatever it took to bring down this church that has been terrorizing the countryside in Scotland and knew I was close to several of its members.

“Mr. Tate was one of the members on my lists and had escaped before we could capture him and had simply vanished some years ago. It was pure luck when a letter with his name arrived to where I was staying, by mistake. Telling me Mr. Tate was re-organizing with a man as you we known as Mr. David Stringum and several others like your self and Mr. Vincent. Our informant’s like I said informed me that they were putting Mr. Striker on the throne, during the satanic holiday of this year.

“I brought this information to the Queen and she charged me to make sure whatever it took that Mr. Striker never would be placed on the throne. I reached out to my best friend here and they provided me with a cover story. However the moment we found out what they planned to do. We knew we needed to stop them from opening that chamber door and remove any obstacles too prevent tonight’s celebration from happening.

“Inside that chamber are several items that if they came to surfaces our world would never be the same again. There are 12 chambers like this one scattered across the globe. Our source says there is a map inside this chamber that would tell us the location of each of them. Each of them can only be opened during certain satanic holidays, all except this one. However, they can not access the inner chamber where the devil himself resides on this particular holiday, only when it is time to put a new member on the throne that rules over all them. Now then will you please untie me, I have told you everything I know, and this position is killing me?” Dad looked at me and I linked with Jeff who was busy confirming Jerald’s story with his friends.

He said he had told the truth. Tony came back in soon after and confirmed it. Dad said “Fine, but don’t think about leaving this house. The doors and the windows are sealed shut and I am the only one besides my husband Lance that knows the combination.”

Dad reached into the drawer and took out the key and handed it to me having Terry and I move off the bed so I can unlock his handcuffs. Dad moved over to the other side of the bed and said. “Now it’s your turn. I noticed Jerald here didn’t mention you in his story. So you can tell me the easy way or the hard way.”

Jerold nodded said to his friend. “You might as well tell them.”

Mr. Wesley said. “Fine, but you promised me I would be next, to be pleasured like that.” Dad laughed and said. “Well we aim to please, but I rather hear your side first. That way you and your friend here can have the whole package with my boys once we know we can trust you. We already know that about Jerald’s reason, I and our family and friends have our own reason similar to Jerald’s. We are after a man named Crawford and whoever he is working for.”

Both of the men blanched Jerald said. “That would be a Mr. Samuel Crawford by chance?”

Dad said. “Yes, could be, but he went by the name Tomas, but we think that was an alias, I have a picture of him give me a minute.” Dad quickly left the room and came back with a photo album of bad guys we had taken… Dad quickly flipped through the mug shots until he found his picture and profile. He showed to each of the men as we watched their eyes eying each other indicating they knew the man.

Mr. Wesley said. “That’s him alright. He went by the name of Mr. Samuel Goodman a local archbishop outside a town of dobbin in Scotland. Like Our friend Mr. Tate he disappeared several years ago as we were close to bringing him down for several murders connected to him finding they had both changed their names several times every time they relocated with a string of bodies in their wake which was why the crown wanted these men to answer for them and stop this church of theirs. How by chance do you know this man? May we ask?”

Dad said leaning back as he placed the book on the nightstand, said. “He was our LDS Bishop in our Highland ward about 70 miles from here, before we moved here.”

“We had also learned he was responsible for drug trafficking and child prostitution ring using the local kids and their parents. When in truth he was the ambassador for the Satanic Church, charged with raping several boys within our ward including my own.  We had him excommunicated and ran him out on a rail so to speak.

“We have been working on gathering evidence on him and wasn’t until recently we found out that he is one of their Holy Prophets and close friends with Mr. Tate and several friends of his here. This man Crawford is on the top of our list, but to get to him we needed to get inside the church and in hopes that we would be able to draw him out and take him down and his church.”

“But that doesn’t tell me who you are, so let's stop playing games and tell us, who you are and why you are here. We have already established your friend Jerald, and we have freed him for his honesty. We will do the same for you if you can prove to us that you aren’t part of the satanic church to inform them that we are spies working to take them down. So tells what we want to know. Considering it seems we are all on the same side even though neither of us knew it.”

Mr. Wesley nodded, said. “My real name is Mr. Terence Wesley, I was born and raised in New Zealand, and I went to school at Harvard University to get my law degree. Which is where I met Jerald, we were roommates for most of our time there. Later on, we joined the arm forces of Great Briton. I never married, but I had child two children out of wedlock, the woman I had them with died at childbirth before we could be married.

“When I heard what had happened to my best friends family I wanted to help. I came from money, where he didn’t and found the idea of helping him take down this church exciting and dangerous. After the war, I practice law for a time, to provide for my two children, and to provide me something to do, but when Jerald came to me I wanted to help, I needed something more in my life where I could make difference. He tried to talk me out of it and nearly did when I run into this man Granger who convinced me to come to one of his social gatherings.

“Since me and him were frat bothers I oblige him not realizing what his alternative motive was at the time. At first, I was intrigued by being invited to a special elite club outside the school. But when then he begins to tell me about this church he belongs too where only the rich and the best of men belong too. He pecked my interest so I went. Thinking what the harm it would be if I joined this church and giving me contacts that I could use to build my first empire as my father and grandfather did. Then things went bad very quickly as I found myself staring at child no older than the age of 5 or 6 and their parents. What I saw that night will haunt me for the rest of my days as they sacrificed him and ripped out his heart and organs and ate him right in front of me.

“I ran as fast as I could heaving my guts out and kept running until I came upon an abounded farmhouse. So I had thought until I walked into the door finding several more dead children as these monsters were feeding upon them. They turned and saw me. I knew I was going to be next. They had these eyes that were red as blood and pointed teeth, as they were ripping the flesh off their bones and sucking the marrow from them. I don’t know how long they chased me, into the woods finding an old church house. I went inside and bolted the door shut, but they found me and were about too…eat me as well. Then there was this bright light as is descended upon me brighter than the noonday sun.

“These things turned too stone and crumbled the moment they entered the church house. I saw a boy no older than 19 may be a little older with blond hair, blue eyes. He told me to find my best friend and tell him what I saw. To tell him the world is imperiled and it needs our help. He vanished right before my eyes as the morning sun cascaded through the window where he had stood. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but when I contacted my best friend to tell him about it.

“He informed me of what had happened to his wife and two boys. When he came home from work; I knew what I had witnessed was for a reason and I knew I didn’t dare walk away. So I joined him and his friends and we went to the Queen and she put us in charge of a task force that was working on solving the recent murders of children like I had seen and what happened to Jared’s family.”

Dad asked for a description of the person that saved him. He quickly described him, and at I cringed recognized him. It was one of Jeff’s friends that I had saved and who came to help us the night before. Jeff quickly confirmed it and I told Dad that he was speaking the truth, but Dad had already tossed Jerald the key said. “It seems we are all here for the same reason.

“I apologize for what we have done too you, but you must understand how much our families here are in danger. If the satanic church learns about our real purpose we are all dead. We will let you dress and we will adjourn to the living room where we can watch this video of the real Mr. Tate we have put together which really needs to see to understand how he died. Plus I think we all need something strong to drink after that last tale and what I am about to show you.”

They nodded as I went to the closet and brought them each a robe. I noted the time that it was a little past 10 pm we still have had no word from Stringum and that concerned me and Dad. But the moment we walked into the living room there he was sitting as his face seemed focused on the picture of our family above the fireplace. When he saw us he stood, said. “Its worst then we thought.”

© 2019 Shep

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