Immortality  Part 1

Immortality Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 280


Part 1


We all took a seat in the living room as Tony handed over what he had gathered in regards to our two new guests. Stringum didn’t even look at it as he stared at our family picture on the wall above the fireplace. He mumbled. “Such a waste.” He then shook himself from the picture and said. “So what do we have here is a mystery in itself.” Said picking up the folder and thumbing through it and smiled. “So it seems we are all blundering in the dark together, I never even considered that there might be another taskforce across the British Isles. Last we heard was that post had been abandoned, according to our good friend Mr. Holliman over 20 years ago, but apparently, we were wrong.” 

Dad and I looked at each other, we had yet to mention that Mr. Holliman or for that matter everyone here on this mountain with us were all spies infiltrating the satanic church. However they acted like it wasn’t news to them, but I did catch a small glimmer of admiration from that said toshay we had surprised them.

Dora and Dr. Sars came into the living room with the pendant and the key. They had put it inside a white stone box as Dora said.  “A nice piece of work… may we ask where you acquired the pendant.”

Jerald said. “No, you may not. We promised never to revile their names on the point of death. They are very powerful witches. So the answer is no, we have no intention of breaking that promise. However, if you would like to give them a message we would be happy to give to them so you two might meet them in person if they agree too. Other than that you must prove yourselves to them that you are indeed cut from the same cloth.”

Dora said. “I understand, so we will do so by the time you leave we will have our message ready to be sent. Thank you for keeping their promise; we would like you to do the same for us in return.”

They both nodded and handed the white stone box back to them; Dora said “A jester of good faith, but we would advise you not to wear them unless your lives are threatened. You will not need them here while on our mountain.

“Now then let us show you what we know about our common enemy and perhaps we can both can gain knowledge of each of us has experienced. I must caution you what you are about to see; is what these men are capable of. More so this man Crawford as we know of him…”

Dad nodded as he put in the video of what we had gathered so far on Mr. Tate, Antonio, and Crawford. Both of the men’s faces paled and grew angry when they saw the tape of them rapping Terry, and then again as they watched what we had discovered in the cave, where we first encountered those half men, half-demons as they were ripping the flesh for their victim's bones.

Which Mr. Wesley or should I say Mr. Samuel Goodman who had described them in perfect detail, and now here they are in real life. They asked if we could replay the part where they died; getting a closer look as they both died and turned to stone then ash leaving no trace of them. Stringum acted as if he was bored as the tape went to snow as it ended.

Stringum said. “And with that, I would like to say that Mr. Striker and his two friends Mr. Granger and Gregory all met the same fate…. But the moment they found the keys I had left for them Mr. Granger had Mr. Striker and Gregory put in the keys; watching them, as the keys dissolved one by one, which we all knew would happen since we had done so ourselves.

“Then watched Mr. Striker die as Mr. Granger put the blade to his throat, and fall to the ground dead so I and my men had thought and expected. He didn’t seem to bother him that he had been tricked. Or the fact I had gassed them all and removed our inside man. In fact, it was like he had expected it.

“However he did something that I will never forget and have nightmares for a very long time. As me and my men watched from the control room, watched him transform Mr. Strikers body right before our very eyes into one of those creatures we have seen inside the cave. He did the same thing to Mr. Gregory using the same knife as they tried to resist him and fight back of course.

“But after he said an incantation they grew still as their body turned rigged before him like they had done when he cut off their fingers. Then he pulled out a small bag containing two small pendants placed them around their necks as they finished transforming watching them bow low to him.

“He then picked up the fingers he had cut off the two men and waived the blade over them turning them into a fine powered and scooped up the powder and blew it onto the door, watching the chamber door open and close right behind him sealing him and his two new demon monsters.

“Right now, as far as I know, they are all still inside that room. I have sealed the room, but if Mr. Granger is that powerful it will not hold him for long. As a precaution, I have had our taskforce rounded up every person in the house and take them to a location where we can interrogate them and keep them away from their children and Mr. Granger.

“I have no idea what is happening inside that chamber, and it scares me too think what is taking place. However, I am not stupid enough to go in there after him, feel it would be better to wait until this night is over and not even then until we know for sure what we are up against. This man is far dangerous than Mr. Tate, and we should have known better or I should have known that Mr. Tate was just another cog in the wheel.

“So that’s it, we are screwed if I am having to guess, that if we went up against Crawford and his goons right now, we would lose this fight in a heartbeat. All we have done is merely slow them down. Perhaps Nate’s grandmother is right, we should get out why the getting good.”

Dad said, standing. “No, I refuse to believe that. We have sacrificed too much to just quit now. We will find a way, we took Mr. Tate down against all odds. We can take down this church, and if we don’t stop them from taking over our world I could never live knowing I quit when I could have done something then sit back and watch the news finding more dead children and their families.

“So we try a little harder, that’s all. What you need is a good night sleep, in fact, we all could after the week we have had. I for one am not going to quit because quitting well only give them what they want. So I am going go to bed, I am going to get on my knees and pray, hoping that we will find something that will lead to the destruction of these monsters wanting us to bow down before them sacrifice our loved ones.

“You said yourself that what they want in return the price is too high. Immortally is a lie, no one lives forever and that includes them. Mr. Tate and Antonio believed that, and now they are dead. Every person that has pledged their souls to gain that dies one way or another they all die. You and I watched that happened not more than a few minutes ago; that we have something they don’t have and that is god and his angels on our side.”

Dad turned to leave as Mom followed him to their bedroom. I placed my hand on Stringum shoulder and said. “Remember what Colby said about finding the other members that have the rings? Jeff says we should start there; perhaps Jerald and Samuel here can help us. It’s obvious that they were sent by our spiritual friends. I think if we put all our cards on the table with the information we have, we might be able to find something that could help us plan our next move.

“Dad’s right we are all exhausted and we need time to process and gather some strength. There is nothing more we can do tonight. What happens… happens. You and I both know what we are up against. Let them do their worst because sooner or later we will have them right where we want them. Tonight wasn’t a complete loss. We have saved countless lives tonight and we have rounded up several elite members. That’s all that is important.

“It was never about taking down the church in one single blow tonight. In time we will, but we must have trust in our friends. You have always been a good friend to me, and a father when I had none. You were always there for me, and making sure that I had food in my stomach and a warm place to sleep. You patched me up and held me in your arms when no one else would. You taught me that life is maybe hard, but it is the friends you make that make it worth living.

“Reminding me of that countless times to never give up; I am telling you not to give up now because you are surrounded by friends you care about you.” I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, said. “I love you, and I thank you for everything you have done for me. This battle isn’t over; it’s just made things a little more interesting.”

I turned to leave telling Jerald and Samuel that Terry and I will be running a nice hot bath if they cared to join us; reminding them that we promised them the entire package. They looked at each other and said goodnight to everyone as they followed us back down to my room. Asking them which flavor of babble bath they would like.

Jerald said. “You mean it comes in different flavors?”

I nodded said. “Yes, you said you wanted to try them all. But it’s going to cost you.” I moved towards them opening their robe and rubbed the hair on their chests and moved my hand downward said; “Our prices is us shaving you like a sheep.”

Then in whispered to each of them of all the things Terry and I were going to do them. They both smiled at each other as Jerald said. “No handcuffs or tying us to the bed.”

I said. “Oh but that’s was the best part, considering you said you wanted the whole experience, but we will take that into consideration since we have already played that game.” We dropped their robes and ours and pulled them towards the bed. Telling them to decide which one of us they wanted to shave them like a sheep as we pushed them down on the bed and straddled them a then laid down on top them.

Terry said. “I was taught that everything starts with a kiss.” He leaned down about to do just that, watching Samuel move his head then told him to relax that it was only… just a kiss. He quickly touched his lips with his and opened his mouth with his tongue and moment later they were kissing. Samuel moaned surprising himself and his best friend Jerald watching him wrap his arms around Terry.

I turned my focus on him said. “It’s your turn.”

Instead, he surprised me and kissed me instead of having his best friend start laughing. “You never told me you have kissed a boy before if you would have I would kissed you a long time ago.”

Jerald released me said. “I never thought you would like me to kiss you or I would have.”

I slapped him and said. “The only one you should be pleasuring me is you.” I leaned down and kissed him hard and not letting go until he nor I needed to take a breath. I felt him put his arms around me and holding me in place and then moaned.

© 2019 Shep

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