Immortality  Part 2

Immortality Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 280-1


Part 2


We had chosen to take a nice hot bath where Samuel and Jerald could try out some of our bathing products. One of Moms new bubble baths was called pumpkin pie, which was a big hit at the moment and only available from October to Christmas, the flavor skin oil was cranberry.

It didn’t take long to feel like you died and gone to heaven among all those bubbles as Terry and I groomed them for the first time, considering it was part of the package; plus a die to go to heaven massage, which left them wanting more, but had fallen asleep soon after. It felt good too close my eyes even though it seemed so very brief as the alarm clock went off and Mom calling us to the breakfast table.

Terry and I groaned inward even though it would be his and his brother Jessie first day of school as well as Loren’s. Even though I many of us had missed nearly a week of school to prepare for the Halloween fundraiser, and put together the Tangled Hearts premier. Life once more was back too normal.

Terry and I quickly put on a robe and made our way down to the breakfast table, while our two new guests went to their rooms to dress. I didn’t tell them that Mom hated the idea of us being dressed at the breakfast table. I just simply rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and took a seat at the table. Mom frowned noticing that they were fully dressed including their shoes, but since the carpets were to be cleaned today she let it go for now.

Stringum had already left with Dora and his wife Dr. Sars long before the sun came up, according to Dad anyway as he was smart enough like us to be only dressed in a robe. Not wanting to get on Moms bad side. He started off the conversation as he read the morning paper; announcing several deaths last night on the front page showing line of body bags, and several satanic symbols in the background. We knew we couldn’t save everyone in the world, but seeing the picture made me ill and discourage.

That most if not all of them were young children. It also made what we were doing more determined to stop them.  Dad said folding the page he was reading. “I think it would be a good idea that you take the boys with you to school today. I have already called the principles of both schools and they said it wouldn’t be a problem if they followed you today and our older boys to class.

“Instead of having them bored out of their skulls here driving us all crazy. You boys can decide who is going to which class, and so on. That way Mr. Goodman and his friend Mr. McLain can spend the day with me and some of the fathers and piece together our next move without having to worry about you kids being underfoot.”

Just like that all the boys that were here groaned realizing that our holiday was over, and school and homework was our daily grind once again, causing all the adults to smile as if that was the best sound in the world. I could never figure out why they thought that us being in school for the biggest part of our life was a good thing. What’s worst we end up paying to go back to school when we graduate from high school.

However I was more than prepared to go to school, all of us were as we doubled checked our homework and ran out the door with a kiss on the cheek from Mom telling us to be good and have great day as Landon came by with our personal styled white bus warm and comfortable compared to the normal school bus.

Mom and the girls had found clothes for all our boys from each of our closets. I had no doubt many of them hadn’t worn clothes this nice. Or had any doubt that all those boys and girls that had been taken to safety to prevent them from becoming a pledge went without either. And like us they too most likely had some form of school while their parents were being interrogated to determine if they were capable of being parents, more so those that were willing to scarify their children to some Demon God.

Mr. Holliman and his wife had decided to adopt the five the boys, Colby and his little bother Victor as well as the two boys Trevor and Scott as well Ethan. Giving them a family of 8 boys in all, the question was where they were going to put them all, but Stringum stated it shouldn’t be a problem. They could always add on to the cottage or he could build a new one if they wanted too. For now, they had decided to play it by ear. Since the cabin that had been given they would be just fine for now. Plus they could move in right away.

The news of Mr. Tate found dead surround by dead boys was at the top of news as it hit home here in Heber, which many of them considered him a pillar of the community. Nothing was mentioned about his sorted past. However, it did leave a big hole to fill as Mr. Holliman was sitting in front of the principal office waiting to meet with him while his wife reported to work.

Stating she was going to take the job and spend the week moving into her new home after registering her boys and her new ones they had chosen to adopt. Plus the fact someone had to be there so when the moving trucks arrived to fill her new home someone could show them where she wanted everything.

Many of the students coughed brown nosier when I and my brothers turned in two weeks worth of homework and tests as well as our papers of the current book we were reading in class. Typed neatly and in a nice clean folder as they stacked up on the teacher’s desk as we each took our seats noticing a few that were empty. It bothered me seeing them and knowing why and where many of those boys were.

I could only imagine the same thing happening across the United States and wondered how many of them had been killed or simply gone missing. How many of their faces would end up on milk cartons and missing posters? It brought little comfort that these empty seats would be refilled as the person who used to sit in them would simply be forgotten as life just went on.

It only made me more depressed that many of them could have been saved. If more people like our selves got involved and helped put a stop too what was going on, but they all felt the same as my grandmother did. To let someone else do it, let some else risk their lives.

Yet the thing is we send our fathers and our brothers off to war to protect our freedoms yet when faced with monsters in their own neighborhoods that rape and murder and kidnap their children. They say it isn’t worth the risk to save them.  I view them as cowards because they wear rose-colored glasses to where they can look the other way and pretend that thing like this wasn’t happening or their friends and neighbors were demon worshipers in disguise.

There is a simple quote that I keep in mind which states you can’t fix stupid. You can not force someone to do what others could be doing to help themselves or their community.

The truth was if they helped… People like Mr. Tate would not be seen as pillars of the community. Rapists and murders would not go free or be allowed to live among us. The truth would be that these kids seat would not be empty today or forgotten.

The truth would be if people removed those rose colored glasses. They would find the devil himself living right next to them. Then perhaps they would do something to send him back to hell. I am not saying there aren’t risks, but you risk your life every day not knowing if you will drop dead any seconded.

People die everyday… it is how you chose to die that is important. Knowing that you have helped, you could die in peace knowing that you did something to prevent others from dying without reason.

School was school, mostly uneventful, but it was nice to have uneventful days not having to worry about the risks you were taking. All you had to do was be a student, walking to and from class not having to worry if a monster was about to slit your throat and feast upon your soft beating heart the moment he feels the need.

Personally, I was bored to tears after such an eventful week of monster chasing. School seemed only a distraction… a good distraction where it stated it was a normal day. Even though I found normal overrated; wanting something to happen that would rock your world, but sadly today nothing happens, as we all waited for the last bell to ring as the clock clicked down to the final minutes and seconds.

My mother wasn’t home yet, but I had been told she would be by the time dinner was on the table. Everyone else was either at work or down at Holliman’s to help move them in. All except Dad, Stringum, and Tony as well as our two new guests Jerald and Samuel who were busy discussing how we should proceed now that we just got our butts kicked by Mr. Granger. Seeing his picture on large moveable chalkboard, with several members they had taken in; plus the leader of our taskforce General Kegien; who I have only met once.

General Kegien was older chap that reminded me more of the guy on Kernel Sanders Fried Chicken. Other than the fact he was mostly bald other than white tuffs of hair on the sides of his very round head and white beard and mustache that basically covered his chin and mouth area.

He was tall and slim about the average height of 6 feet if that, not muscular in any way, but neither was he weak in stature. He said, standing. “Good you boys are home. You mind taking a seat we have some questions we need an answer too.”

We did what we were asked to do as he had Dad passed around mug shots of the men they have in custody. Wanting Colby and the boys to point them out if they recognize them; since they were looking for those particular members that could help with finding those that might have the rings or the keys we needed. Even though it was apparent that Mr. Granger was able to open the door without them.

Yet for us mere mortals we needed those keys and those rings that would allow us to enter the chamber itself. Stringum stated that he was now number one on our bad guy’s hit list. That Stringum was right. They were not able to hold him long as he disappeared or vanished or he was still inside the chamber, it was unclear which, but something had broken through or escaped the sealed room and wasn’t caught on camera.

Watching them look at the map where it was circled with a long line that went from the house about 5 miles due east and out of some sort of cave where someone had spotted a person hitching a ride that looked a lot like Mr. Granger. How they came upon this person was mystery other then the roads were blocked as they were interrogated the people that new about Mr. Grangers plans and had told them that there was a cave nearby that contained a hidden entrance.

That was sometimes used when trying to avoid the cops undetected since the other hidden underground entrance had been sealed to prevent anyone that knew about it from escaping.

The question is why break out a sealed room then go to the trouble of going out another secret entrance? Most of all where did they go after that with the roads and skies being watched, or who went that way when they could have left the house easy enough.

Stringum’s interest was now peaked after finding that entrance, but like the chamber door, it was sealed shut nothing would open it without bringing down the mountain on top of them. However, I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or bad thing that we couldn’t open it from that end either. Not seeing Jeff or able to contact him only made it harder.

Not that he would have just given the answers to all of our questions. He could be very frustrating at times like now when it was obvious that some sort of spirit or demon left unseen by mortal men.

Colby and the boys pointed out several members they have seen with their old bosses, but it didn’t help to know that those individuals had left the party and was let go to a lack of evidence. The law was the law. We couldn’t hold them without good reason. If we did we would be breaking the law and they would go free on a technicality, but at least we had something to go on even though it wasn’t much. It was lead and leads were exactly what we wanted. 

Mr. Holliman soon joined us as he came over to our house after Landon had dropped him off. The look on Jerald’s and Samuels' face was surprised, that like everyone else they had thought were bad guys were actually good guys playing as bad guys. Yes it was kind of confusing, but none the less it was, what it was watching them all come together on a united front.

My mother soon arrived with Jennie and her family, to see how things turned out as my mother asked point blank who our new guest were, noticing several new boys and them. We learned not to tell her everything, mostly because what we knew would give her nightmares. Jennie told her kids to take a seat at the table and start working on their homework.

My adoptive Mom and the girls were down at the shop doing inventory and wouldn’t be home for another two hours; which was the case at the first of the month or the last of the month, but with the two parties over the weekend and with our court date on Wednesday. Today was the only day of the week they could do it. To make sure they had enough inventories, and go through their sales receipts which was Rhoda’s and Jackie’s job to do but they still had to review them; to see where they stand. 

I had been slacking in that department since I hadn’t a chance to do it with preparing for the fundraiser, and the premier as well as last nights advent. Stringum though seemed unworried that I hadn’t had a chance to oversee my duties to him. However that would change the moment I could walk down to my room turn on the computer and print out a report, but my focus was here at the moment; as Stringum said putting away their work as it was taken down to our workroom, that he and Dad were done with us for now.

We had promised my adoptive Mom that living room and the hallway carpets would be cleaned by the time she came home. Dad told the boys to move the furniture too inside the pool area and set up the industrial carpet cleaner. Dad had purchased most if not all our carpet cleaning stuff from Mrs. Cranny, and Mr. Stringum to the liberty of hiring someone to replace her husband while he was serving his time in jail, being it was the only income they had. I knew Paul would be ferrous about it, but he left his family high and dry.

Jennie made sure that things were looked after while he was gone until he could do it himself, or if he was put away for the things he had done. My mother had decided not to press charges in regards to what he had done to his two daughters or to me. Because she was responsible for allowing it to happen; yet in regards to me, she decided I wasn’t any worse from wear since this was considered part of the norm having a monster like the men we were taking down use me as sex post.

Mom and Dad disagreed, said he should be accountable for it. Having my mother state, that if it was none what was going on here, the Judge would throw the book at us. More so when my grandmother testifies the kind things we were doing; since she was under no longer under any obligation to keep quiet if she was going to do her best to remove me from their care.

Stringum’s lawyers, of course, will make certain if any of the things we were involved in remained top secret including adding precaution of a statement from our government run task for that everything that I was doing and the Rothwell’s, as well as anyone on our mountain, is under the classified act. That can only be seen or mentioned in the Judge's chambers. Where my grandmother and my father, as well as Paul Cranny, are not allowed to know what we were involved in.

Dad had me teach the boys how to use the buffer and the other carpet cleaner equipment since I was best at it. Which wasn’t a hard job letting my brothers that were old enough and strong enough to work the buffer as the younger boys, worked as a team using another machine to suck the dirt right out of the carpet as well as put down the cleaning solution that would start to break up the dirt? It was a three-man team, too work the process.

Dad took over as I was told to go down to my room and do my homework, and go over bookkeeping duties so my workers could have a paycheck by the fifth and the 15th of the mouth. I didn’t have a lot of homework, in fact, none of us did since we just turned in two weeks worth. Mostly Dad wanted me out of the way so he could speak with my mother and Jennie Cranny, watching them follow them down to his room and closed the door.

I knew better than to eavesdrop, but I was worried about what Dad and they were discussing so I eased dropped on their conversation being their room was across the hall from mine.

Hearing my mother’s voice arguing about the idea, but Dad overruled her because he was my guardian and she wasn’t. She had given him full custody of me, the moment she signed those adoption papers. Dad said overhearing him. “Linda we need him, he needs to go and I am going to let him go. In fact, I am going with him and so are Tony and Mr. Vincent. It’s not like he going to go all by himself. You have enough problems to deal with, and being here isn’t helping him or you. He belongs with us, and you belong at home with your two daughters.

“You have already signed Aaron over to me, while you are seeking help. Aaron will be fine, and you know I would never let anything happen to either of them. Being here every day isn’t what your doctors wanted. Its three weeks until Thanksgiving, we have two court dates because of your husband. The only thing you should be focused on is getting better, so you can go home. Not spend every waking minute here with your sons.

“The Judge will ask you and your doctors how you are coming along, and how soon you will be able to go home. If you want to get better, and you want Aaron back you have to be home under a doctor’s care as an outpatient. If you aren’t able to do so, Aaron will have no choice but to be placed into foster care, which neither of us wants… So I am telling you to go back to the hospital and get better, Jennie is closer then having us drive you back and forth up and down the canyon if need someone to stay with and has agreed that it would be best if you do so.

“We can not afford you not to get better, we can not let Aaron go into the system when right now we have so many boys and girls right now being placed overloading the system. With you here, you aren’t letting the doctors help you, and your husband will file for custody for his two daughters and the Judge will have no choice but to commit you to long term facility letting your husband get his way.

“I am sorry Linda, but you need to think about leaving our home, so you can get better. Sitting around and painting pretty pictures or playing games with our boys. Isn’t getting you closer to going home, we aren’t doctors or therapists, yes you have improved… but this is the ninth inning where everything counts.

“We can not let you stay here forever and Eric doesn’t need to be worrying about you. He has enough on his plate as it is. We have an agreement that you can see your boys anytime you would like either here or the hospital. Every day you stay here, just so you can be with your two boys is not facing your problems with your two daughters and your husband. Who you know your husband Jim will do his best to get you committed so you will never see your boys our daughters ever again.

“This was always a temporary solution and you knew that. I like having you here and I know your boys do too, but staying here is not a long term solution when your husband is doing who knows what. Hoping to put you away for life, and take your girls and Aaron away from you. You staying here every day and driving back and forth shows the doctors you can not leave the hospital for long periods of time, which means your husband can and will use that to his advantage.

“Even with your divorce papers in the works you still must show that without your husband Jim that your kids have a stable environment. Without a stable environment, the Judge will rule that Aaron needs to be placed into foster care, and if Jim proves that he can handle raising your two daughters without you, the Judge will rule in his favor.

“However if the doctors say that you have shown improvement living on your own, and provide proof that you will be able to return home by Thanksgiving, then Aaron will be returned too you soon after.

“So you have until tomorrow to decide how you want to play this. Either way, Eric and I will be on a plane come Thursday the moment he and the boys get out of school; so we can chase down these leads. He is the only one capable of finding the people we need and can blend in with the rest of the boys as we search for these men we talked about; now that the Satanic Holiday is over. They will go back to their daily lives, where we will be waiting for them. Then when we have them they will be arrested post haste, and dealt with.

“Right now he needs to be focused on his school work and learn how to blend in with the rest of the boys when we arrive so they believe he has been recently purchased by Jared and Samuel during the time they were here. He doesn’t need to be worrying about you, and he needs to see that you are getting better. So his bother doesn’t end up in the system or his father puts you into a faculty. So make it look like it was your decision, he needs to know that he is loved by you and he needs to know you will be alright.

“He has already lost his grandmother after she had betrayed us by taking matters into her own hands. He doesn’t need to lose you also or his brother Aaron because you aren’t capable of providing a stable home. 

“Wednesday is going to be the hardest day for him, seeing his grandmother trying to taking him out of this home because she feels that being here is no longer a choice she can live with. Then there is his father who wants him out of this home, and placed in a home for boys until his 18th birthday; knowing that once that happens he will never be allowed to see you or his brother ever again or his grandmother. Very three people he cares for taken away because his own mother isn’t able to provide a stable home and is locked up.

“His grandmother is already going to side with his father because it means he and his brother will be put somewhere else. Willing to take the risk of neither seeing her grandchildren ever again, but knowing they would be away from you, and away from your husband and most of all away from a family that loves him as their own. We can not let that happen, we can not let him loose you or Aaron.

“I fear for him, if that happens, knowing if it was me I would give up, I wouldn’t care too fight back. He has lost too much already, and I plan to make sure that I will do whatever it takes to make sure, his mother is getting the help she needs, so none of that happens.

“Linda I am only looking out for you and what is best for my son Eric and his brother Aaron. Don’t put their lives at risk because you think you need to be here every seconded. That is what you asked me and my wife and family to do… for both your boys. Its time Linda, its time for you too go home and fight for their lives so they can have something to go home too.”

The door opened as I quickly closed mine and ran to my computer and started to look busy. Wiping the tears from my eyes, knowing Dad was right, my mother needed to leave so she can get better. Dad opened the door, asking me how I was I coming. I said I was almost done, that girls had pretty much had everything done for me and I was just signing payroll cheeks.

He nodded said. “When you’re done, I would like a minute alone with you to go over what our goals are for the week, now that things are back to normal.” I nodded and he closed the door; letting Sparky in with his new friend Frosty as they took my bed as if it belonged to them. Far as they knew it did and I certainly wasn’t going to tell them differently.

© 2019 Shep

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