Fighting For Your Life  Part 4

Fighting For Your Life Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 281-3

Fighting For Your Life

Part 4



Stringum put on his snow boots and coat and left out the door for home, watching his car pull out of our driveway. Already it was snowing again, and according to the weatherman, it was going to be deep by morning, which was why Dad insisted my mother and Jennie spend another night. It was the price we paid living so high up in the mountains near the ski resorts which was already open and our small town of Heber would be busy streaming with customers.

I said goodnight to the Earls, the Olsen and Bishop Sakes and his family. Fran was still trying to butter up her Dad in to let her and her brothers going with us, but so far he had put his foot down, as well as allowing her two bother Hank and West to go for the same reason; which was because of the reason we were going, which was we were in a since we're playing the role as male and female prostitutes; but he was allowing Kirk to come, but that was because he and his bother had already been providing that service long before he had met them and their mother.

Plus the fact Hank and West weren’t prepared like the rest of us were. So he had thought anyway. The discussion ended by telling they had enough boys and girls going, and felt that if they went they would be adding to the problem. I saw the look in Fran’s eyes that said this conversation wasn’t over.

The girls called us told us they were now ready for us boys. Jerald said that should be fun. We had to agree, considering that we all liked sex, more so when it comes to girls. None of us were gay, stating the fact clearly as we hurried down to my room.

Yet what awaited us there wasn’t exactly what we expected seeing the girls all wearing modest clothing and evening dresses. On the bed were several new sex toys, and near the fireplace was a tripod with large paper with the rules that said at the top. (Lesson number one of being a playboy,) which was a nice word to use instead of a male sex slave or prostitute.

Hell, I didn’t even know there were rules in regards us boys having sex with woman or men when it came to high-class clients. We all took a seat on the couch as the Rhoda and our two guests Jerald and Samuel took point, saying. “There is more than just removing your clothes and bending over boys. There is certain faunas too when it comes to higher class clients.”

With that our training began and lasted until way past midnight. We still had a lot to learn. I never thought having sex could be so complicated. However, it wasn’t boring as each took a turn at it as they grade us and told us how to improve on our technique.

When morning came, my mother wasn’t around, and neither was Jennie and her family. I also noticed that neither was Dad seeing that his car was gone. I didn’t say anything instead I took my seat at the breakfast table with my brothers. Mom said Dad took my mother to the hospital to make sure she checked in, and to meet with her doctors. So on Wednesday, there wouldn’t be any questions or surprises. Personally, I was glad as well as disappointed by the fact she didn’t say goodbye.

I nodded giving a heavy sigh hoping there wouldn’t be any surprises knowing my father and my grandmother would do their best to try to remove me and my brother Aaron from the Rothwell’s care. Mom shook me out of my thoughts asking me and the boys about what we learned about our training as playboys or in our case male escorts.

I said that we didn’t know what all entailed until last night as they all smiled at her agreeing with that statement. She told us that Landon would drop us off at the doctor’s office in town right after school and she would meet us there. Then she and Dad would go up and finish up meeting with our teachers.

Again we gave a nodded… a tired nod for many of us. Personally, I had a lot on my mind with the court date finally here. Mom knew I did… telling me I had nothing to worry about; we had all the proof stating that I wasn’t responsible for all the things my father was accusing me of and my friends. Yet it didn’t stop me from worrying, all it took is that one time to remind me what happened when my parents kidnapped me, causing the Judge to question that Downing’s were not the best choice for me to be with, as I watched everything fall apart on speculations and lies that my father and my mother told.

Now my grandmother was going to do her best to have the courts remove from the Rothwell’s because she feels that she can not support what we are doing because it puts my life in danger. Thinking I am still 9 years old and still thinks I need protecting.

I wasn’t ready to face her for what she tried to do. She had crossed a line that day, and I felt betrayed by her and hurt thinking that she didn’t want me to be happy or wanting me to sacrifice my happiness… and had stated that what I had wasn’t happiness. School was the least of my concerns, but the idea that I wouldn’t be seeing some of my friends or none of my friends ever again if my father and my grandmother win’s consumed my thoughts.

Personally, school was just a distraction, it was not important anymore, because what the rest of the students or my friends that weren’t going with me. Were stuck here sitting in a classroom and doing their best to keep up. I don’t even know why I bothered taking notes or worked on things in the back of the chapter when none of it was going too matter since I wouldn’t be turning in the same work, or taking the same tests this Friday… when I wasn’t even going to be here.

Instead, I would be thousands and thousands of miles away in a different country. Some would say it would be exciting, yet if anyone asks us where we were going. We were told, England or France for three to possibly four weeks or longer. None of us really knew where we really going for sure, other then it was somewhere in that neighborhood.

I was more than happy to get back on the bus when school was done, turning in all my homework and any books that belonged to the library here finished or not. I wasn’t about to take the chance of them being late or the chance I would never be coming back.

I didn’t say why knowing both possibilities were on the table for a number of reasons. Wednesday if my father and my grandmother win their case, if they killed us for being spies, or it took longer then any of us figured on. Any of those reasons could happen. Yet so far there was no sign of Jeff and I didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing, but I also knew if he was in trouble he would find a way of contacting me and so far he hasn’t.

Fran, West, and Hank got off the bus with Kirk and his little brother Darren when we stopped at the doctor's office in town. They said, they had managed to talk their Dad into coming with us; after talking with Stringum and my Dad in regards in helping put away bad guys.

I wanted to scream no, but what right did I have to refuse their help. They all knew what we're going to be doing. However, there was some that wasn’t since we had more help then we needed and not everyone on our mountain could go or everything here would fall apart. They were calling it a history excursion, where they would visit historical sights.

Well so everyone else believed as they told their friends that they had raised enough money to go. Everyone at school had no idea the real reason why a lot of us were going. I could only imagine their faces if they all knew the truth. Yet I knew none of them would believe us, not that we could tell them the truth, not knowing who would be listening. Bishop Sakes had told the teaching staff that he and Mrs. Hothner who married Coach Brady was taking a bunch of students to see the sights of New England and would be gone for two weeks.

Her husband Coach Brady was also going now that basketball was season was nearly over and his Asst coach was more than capable to take over while he was gone. It was what it was, and there was nothing I could do to change it. Yet there had to be a good reason to why so many students were missing. Stingum and Dad thought it was an excellent idea to have them as chaperons. Yet it was unclear where they were going to put us all. The waiting room was jammed packed with all of us kids and our parents.

The office was closed unless they had a standing appointment. Being a small town it was seldom this busy, but with all of us there the waiting time for a room was 20 to 30 minutes. The nurses were overwhelmed at first but once they got organized it was like a moving production line. Physical, pee in a cup and sperm sample, and then several shots in the arm, hip, and butt. Then back on the bus, as Landon kept the bus nice and warm.

Mrs. Vincent worked line taking pictures of each of us, for any that needed a renewal of our membership card as someone else took our picture for our passport that we would need to get in and out of the country at the airport.

I hated needles, but I was used to it now and to the point, it didn’t take a squadron of male nurses to hold me down anymore. Those days were pretty much long gone. Now I just focused on something else which was Rhoda as she squeezed my hand asking me if I would like to see her breasts again? What was I going to say no?

I nodded stating the fact I never get tired of seeing them or her naked and the doctor nor the nurse cared since she was my wife, and her being in the same room with me meant it was better this way then having to have those squadrons of male nurses hold me down before I end up destroying the room.

Once we were back on the buss Landon drove us all home, I wouldn’t be in school tomorrow because I needed to be in court at 10 am sharp. It was an hour’s drive depending on the roads and the traffic. The courthouse was in Provo in the same building and the same room as the family court was usually held. It always brought back bad memories of that day when I was told I would never see the Downings again and with us leaving on Thursday instead of Friday it was simply pointless to bother going to school for the rest of the week.

Not that it mattered I was way ahead of the class by at least a week or more. I seldom slept much, because of the night terrors of everything I had been through. Mom and Dad simply accepted the fact that I had them, and school work always kept my mind off so finding me sleep at my desk was nothing new. The days began to blur sometimes when that happened, but the moment I came home I took a two-hour nap before dinner a much need nap after two long nights.

Again that night after dinner we continued or lessons of how to be a playboy and the kind of things we could do and couldn’t do. There were so many rules when it was only just sex, but the way we had sex or stimulated someone was so different then what we were used to doing.  Again we practiced what we had learned even putting on costumes that weren’t appealing to some of us boys, which included dressing up as little girls, to wearing nothing more than long boy’s nightgown that they wore sometimes in England.

Most of the men and some woman had this idea that being nude while having sex in the open was a taboo, so they did so wearing these nightgowns. To cover the body while having sex or they did so under the sheets or under the covers. It made no sense to most of us considering being naked during sex was the whole idea, but apparently, some felt that it was horrifying to see each other naked.

More so people that were ashamed of how their body parts looked; causing us boys to roll our eyes, because many of us it was just the way God made us, and we never really cared about how a person looked without their clothes on. It was what was inside that count. Unless of course, you were a monster, that was when things would be more difficult, having to act like you really wanted to have sex with them.

There was still no word from Jeff as I rose early the next day after a quick breakfast. Dad said Jennie would pick up my mother and meet us all at the courthouse. He and Stringum asked if had seen or heard from Jeff and once again I stated I hadn’t.

Stringum agreed that it could because he was busy or the fact we really didn’t need him, or the third option was he was in trouble, but neither of us said it. It was what it was and there was nothing we could do to change it.

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