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The King Of Lies  Part 1

The King Of Lies Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 282

The King Of Lies

Part 1

I had slept most of the way to the courthouse, after a very long night of sex training. I hated this building with a passion being as it was the same building I had been in when I lost everything due to my parents lies. Now here I was back again and once again my father was going to tell more lies to get what he wants, which was money and me placed somewhere that my mother couldn’t find me. He didn’t care about my well being or my happiness.

All he cared about was making sure that his needs were met regardless if he had to manufacture proof and tell lies to get it. They say the truth would set you free; however, they had never met my father. Rhoda, Jackie, and Eli came along because this affected them as well as Greg, Bishop Earl. Since he lived in Santaquin and knew my father very well since he was his Bishop. There was still no sign of Jeff and once again Stringum and Dad asked if I had seen him or heard from him watching me shake my head no.

We all went inside finding our lawyers or should I say Stringum’s lawyers that had gathered all the proof and my caseworker who had left early to return to her employer and grab some last minute paperwork that we might need today. The moment my father and my two sisters Susan and Becky saw me Susan and my father sneered angrily at me and then calmed himself when his lawyer whispered something in his ear watching him go for his belt. He hated the very sight of me, and I could say without a doubt that feeling was mutual. However Becky seemed reserved, but the moment Susan and my father whispered something her ear she sat down looking elsewhere.

My mother and Jennie soon arrived, and again my father sneered at them, sitting across the hallway until we were told we could all go in. We let my father and my two sisters go in first, so we wouldn’t have to worry brushing past him. Or give him and Susan an excuse to take a swing at me or my mother. My father said the moment we set down to us. “Say goodbye to each other now, because when they lock you up and throw away the key, you will never see each other again unless it’s from behind bars as, for you, you fat disgusting b***h your time is done.

“You will never see your daughters ever again, and you can take those divorce papers and shove them up your fat a*s. I have all the proof I need to make sure all of you are put away for the rest of your life. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time, and I plan to expose all of you…the moment…” He said to his lawyer cutting him off as he pulled him aside. “What? I am just telling them don’t have a leg to stand on.” His lawyer told him to take a seat, the moment some kid and four of his friends came into the room with his parents. I didn’t know the kids personally other then they had picked a fight with me at school when I was visiting my mother.

My grandmother soon arrived trying to decide which side of the courtroom she wanted to sit on then took our side sitting towards the back my grandmother’s face was unreadable. It wasn’t long before Paul came into the room wearing the same clothes he was arrested in and was told sit two rows back behind my father with his own lawyer and two police officers on either side of him. He was told not say a word or they would escort him out of the room and he could return to the county jail.

Everyone was here, and the game would begin as I felt my life slipping away once more. My father, however, seemed a little rattled watching a few more boys walk through the door with their parents. My mother smiled as she noticed the boys. Which said that our side had something my father didn't it, which was nothing. The doors closed as we were told to stand as the Judge came into the room and the court reporter with the bailiff.

He seemed tired and bored as he took his seat behind the bench said. “Well, then it seems everyone is here. Being as it is Mr. Shepherd who is pressing charges he can go first, but I will remind him that if find that this waste of my time. I will throw his case out or the fact that he can not provide proof of the charges. So tell me, Mr. Shepherd, do you or don’t you have any evidence that says that Nate Carrion or Mr. Carrion or Mr. Earl or responsible for these crimes you are accusing them of?”

My father smiled as he stood, said. “Yes I have all the proof you will need. Starting with the fact these people you have just mentioned do not exist. They are liars, hypocrites, rapists, thieves, and killers. I have everything that proves that these people should be behind bars for the rest of their lives. I have proof that this fat cow…known as their mother should be placed into a mental facility for the rest of her life and is an unfit mother and a w***e. I have evidence not only in testimony but real evidence that will prove everything they might say is a lie.” He stood there gloating as he is lawyer told him to take a seat, whispering in his ear as he eyed the boys in the room and Paul.

Overhearing my father telling him; “well do your damn jobs I am paying you for, and make sure we win?”

His lawyer said. “Mr. Shepherd my I remind you that I am a court a pointed attorney to defend you, meaning you do not have the money to pay me or pay for your own lawyer?”

My father said. “For the moment, I told you when we win this case my circumstance will change. And then we can talk about your fee.”

The Judge said after my lawyer stood and said. “Yes sir, we are more then ready to defend ourselves against Mr. Shepherd, but I must tell you we cannot discuss certain things since it is classified and could risk our client’s lives, if certain things like why their real names are not spoken out loud here today; if we may approach the bench?”

My father sneered; “lies, just like I said.”

The Judge said to my father. “Mr. Shepherd, I let you speak and no one interrupted you. Now shut the hell up. If they are lying I will determine that not you;” then turned back to our lawyer. “You may approach the bench.” Both lawyers approached the bench as my father too was about to join them but he was told to remain where he was, watching my lawyer hand a large file that said top secret across it and a couple of videotapes. The Judge said. “Give me a few minutes to review this evidence we will be back in one hour.”

My father's lawyer made his way back to the boys in question to find out the reason why they were here having my lawyer sidestep him telling them not to say anything. My father sneered. “You are only providing me more evidence for my case against you. Once I am done with you I will be coming after each and every one of you, for even thinking of showing your faces here after what you boys did to my two daughters against their will.”

Some of the boys laughed and one of them said. “Forced? Yea right, believe it or not, old man your two daughters were not forced to have sex with us. In fact, the truth is old man you’re your oldest daughter was the one that forced us to have sex with her. If we didn’t she would ruin our reputations and our families if we didn’t. And as for your younger daughter, she wasn’t forced either, in fact, it was consensual.”

Becky smiled at the boys and licked her lips as she sized them up. Susan jumped to her feet and lunged at them only to be stopped by the boy’s parents; having the bailiff drags her back to her seat.

It wasn’t even an hour before the Judge came back into the room, his face was paler then it was when he left the room. Once again we were told to stand as he made his way back to the bench placing the file and two videotapes in front him. We regained our seats as he said to everyone in this room. “Let the court show that following names be read into record; Nate Carrion and his wife Rhoda and his husband Eli Carrion as well as his wife Jackie Carrion. Let it also show that Nate parents are Mr. Robert Carrion and Mrs. Karen Carrion.

“Any other name will be stricken from the record and will remain classified as well as anything that might be brought forward that may expose their true identities and purpose in regards to why their names are stricken from the records. Mr. Shepherd, you have a long road ahead of you after what I have read and watched during our short recess.  I will ask you again, are you prepared to provide me real evidence of the charges you are accusing them of?”

His Lawyer whispered in my father’s ear watching him shake his head no pound on the table, said. “No I will not walkway empty-handed, nor will I allow them to get away with this.”

His Lawyer said standing; “it appears that my client would like to move forward, he and I would like to view the evidence to why you have stricken their real names from the record and any testimony that could hurt his case against him.”

The Judge said. “No you may not Mr. Shepherd, but I will allow your lawyer to view the evidence, providing you Mr. Shepherd can prove to me why it is so important to your cases today?”

My father said. “Because of your honor, my mother his grandmother has requested that, that he and his f*****g brother be removed from their care based on that evidence. I would have to agree considering what I know of the Rothwell’s and their friends with them today. Hiding in luxury, so they can do what they want when they want. Like raping my two daughters, and beating us to the inch of our lives, whenever they want to and get away with it.

“I am not a strong man, nor can I defend myself against their attacks upon me and my two innocent daughters, who were repeatedly raped by them and their friends, then beaten to the inch of their lives if they refused to have sex with them. I have proof showing the lengths they will go; if you will permit me and my lawyer to review the evidence that you have been already been provided, so we will know which of the lies to confront first.”

The Judge hesitated and looked at the clock, it was nearly lunch time and we had yet to get started. He said. “On one condition Mr. Shepherd, you and your lawyer sign a confidentially form that states you can not ask questions, you can not talk about this outside this courtroom. If you do and I find out that you did, I will throw your a*s in jail, for a very long time. However, you can only refer to what you have seen that might push your case forward. But for the moment I would like you to present your case that states you can prove that your son and his adoptive parents or parent, as well as their friends, are responsible for the things you are accusing of them of doing you and your two daughters since nothing in the videos or the classified file even talk about it.

“Therefore we will hear this matter first then we will be adjured for lunch and you and your Lawyer can view the tapes, but I will allow only parts of the file that shows that various parts of the government have demanded that since this is an ongoing case, that certain parties and the information it is under the classified act.”  He quickly went through the file finding the sheet where it had been signed by our taskforce and government officers. Handing it to the bailiff to copy it and present it to my father and his lawyer.

He continued on. “As I was saying if you can persuade me that your life and your daughter’s lives are in danger without viewing the evidence that states their names and what you and Mrs. Doris Shepherd are prudent to your case against them. We will consider it, but if you can not, I will dismiss both your cases. For what I have seen, could very give me nightmares for the rest of my life and my God helps you Mr. Shepherd and your mother. For I feel that if they weren’t doing what others won’t. We are in a world of hurt. I plan to meet with them afterward to discuss how I may be of help.”

My grandmother’s face was in shock and so was my father when he said that. Stingum smiled and so did our lawyers and my caseworker. My father looked at the piece of paper the bailiff hand them, said. “This proves nothing, and I doubt those tapes will either, I smell a conspiracy against me and stinks of a Judge paid off to keep his mouth shut.”

The Judge ignored him and said. “On that note, we will move on I have been over the following evidence. In regards to the car and how it was used in the scene of the crime. I have asked all those that had a key to the car, and to provide proof of ownership as well as proof of each of their whereabouts and will now hear testimony from both sides since it has nothing to do with the evidence I have already seen.

“I will also hear testimony on these rape charges you claim had taken place a number of times as well as pertaining of the night said of the crime was committed. Are you able to provide evidence of these crimes Mr. Shepherd and are you Mr. Carrion and Nate Carrion able to provide evidence that states you had not committed these crimes against Mr. Shepherd and his two daughters?”

All said yes, and they gave each side a snarl. The Judge stated that since the case was against us, that my father and his lawyer could go first asking if we had a problem with that. We shook our heads no watching each of the lawyers reach inside their briefcases, pulling out pictures, and more video. Noticing that my father’s lawyer noticed we had more video and they only had pictures.

My father’s lawyer quickly explained that night, said. That I had gone to my mother's house and broken in the door and waited for my sisters to come home from school and while I was waiting I robbed them of the following items and including large amounts of cash my father had tucked away for a rainy day. That I was seen loading up their family car by several of the neighbors. Producing pictures of me or someone made to look like me.

When asked how I arrived to the home. My father said that my adoptive Dad and Mr. Earl had dropped me off at the house and waited outside the church house until almost dark to beat him. Again the lawyer produced pictures and police reports as well as hospital bill of injuries that he and his two daughters had gotten from us.  Too us it was laughable at best, as we presented our evidence, even more so when my father provided proof that we were breaking the law when we were told that I wasn’t allowed to see my mother or to be within 15 miles or more from him and my sisters as well as my mother’s house.

The Judge stated that so for my father had provided enough proof to get his attention. Stringum stippled his fingers and leaned in telling our lawyer to hit my father with everything we got, but do it slowly so there would be nothing left of his case. He said gladly motioning over the TV and VCR as the bailiff plugged it in.

My father smile faded quickly as my Lawyer said. “According to Mr. Shepherd his son, Nate Carrion was running wild, destroying property, raping his two sisters, stealing undisclosed amounts of cash and personal items that did not belong to him. Not only that he beat each of them to the inch of their life including his own father after being told by the courts that Nate wasn’t allowed to come within 15 to 20 miles of either of them or his mother's house. What I am about to show is that following people he has just listed weren’t responsible nor anywhere near them.

“These videos were taken into evidence and have been verified that what you see is it hasn’t been tampered with and has been time stamped. But before I show them, I have here an affidavit from her doctors and the nurses. That during the time, his mother was in the Provo hospital recovering for the injuries that her husband Jim inflicted upon her. That they had turned away her son Nate and told him that his father has made it clear that she had no visitors. However, his wife hasn’t pressed charges in regards to those injuries.”

My father yelled. “Of course not, when I didn’t touch the fat cow; and those injuries happened when she fell down a flight of stairs when the rope broke around her neck trying to kill herself. I should know I found her at the bottom of the stairs when I came into the house to find out what in the hell she had done now.” The Judge told him to be quiet and shut his mouth that it was our turn to speak and provide evidence.

Then turned to ask my mother if this was true; she shook her head no that my father tried to strangle her with his belt. Our lawyer quickly found the photo they had taken of her so-called injuries and handing a copy of it to my father’s lawyer. The Judge said; “according to the photo and the doctor’s report. There were no rope markings but a man’s belt. Plus the fingerprint bruises don’t match your wife’s and if I was to guess that you would tell me those markings are not from your hands?”

My father sneered. “That’s right; I never touched her. She must have done those on her way to the hospital as they were drugging her so she couldn’t hurt herself further.”

The Judge said. “I see, then you wouldn’t mind me having your hands and fingers measured, so we can rule you out?”

My father said. “Over my dead body; I am not the one on trial here they are, and if I understand my lawyer that unless she had pressed charges you can’t make me, and it had to happen at the time of when those injuries took place.” Man, I hated the law, more so seeing that my father had gained a little knowledge.

However, Stringum leaned over telling me that my father was now running scared. Plus the fact she didn’t do it and her injuries were now healed it would be hard to get a true convection, but it did open things up for my father in regards to his case against her as an unfit mother and we all knew it.

© 2019 Shep

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