The King Of Lies  Part 2

The King Of Lies Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 282-1

The King Of Lies

Part 2


I watched my fathers and Susan’s faces the moment the video played showing me check into the hotel with Rhoda and Landon and his wife. Our lawyer handed the bailiff a copy of the bill, and a copy to my father’s lawyer allowing them time to read it and weep. Then hand them a copy of the bill of the restaurant we had gone too. Along with the affidavit that I was told by my mother’s doctors and nurses that I wasn’t allowed to see her.

That part was a lie, but only me and the doctors and nurses knew about it and hated my father for what he had done to my mother. However it left the opening we wanted for Paul Cranny; who so far was keeping quiet not risking too spend another night’s stay behind bars, because of his mouth.

The tape ended, as our Lawyer said. “So you see your honor Nate couldn’t have been involved in what happened to his father that night. He was other words preoccupied.” Leaving the opening for my father and Paul Cranny; who was more than glad to take the opportunity to pudgier themselves.

My father went first as his lawyer stated. “Yes, that may have been true in regards to that night. However you have yet to prove Nate’s whereabouts during the day and I have sworn statements and Paul’s Cranny’s testimony that Nate did visit his mother in the hospital, for he was seen leaving almost two hours when he arrived and I have video showing Nate entering his mothers room and leaving the hospital then driving to his grandmothers house and then to his mothers house soon after where the crime was committed.”

Our lawyer said. “Really, considering the hospital does not have cameras in the hospital other than the entrances and all the exits. The only cameras that are in the rooms are rooms that have patients on suicide watch and ICU. Which neither his mother was in.”

My father smiled and so did his lawyer and that worried me and Dad, but Stringum said we didn’t have anything to worry about watching my father’s lawyer put in the video. Showing me everything he said. Proving my father was right or was he?

Stringum nudge our lawyer said. Showtime, as we watched him go up to the TV and asked for the remote. He paned it back, a little said. “His mother's room was 208, not 308, he was visiting a sick friend, whose name is confidential. If you will note the room number by the door and according to the doctors and hospital records you see before you; where the name has been inked out, for his or her privacy. And then note the room number was corrected and initials by each of the doctors and on the hospital records that they had been a clerical error. Nate never visited his mother since she was on another floor above the one he was on. However, you will note, that Paul Carney was seen leaving the hospital in his wife’s car; if we forward the tape.”

The tape ended in snow, causing my father to smile, and then lose his smile as we played our tape. Showing the same footage, but it showed Paul entering the hospital with a camcorder in his hand and filming me and Landon going into room 208, not 308. I knew Stringum had pulled some strings or paid to have those initials just in case Paul had the proof that would derail us.

My father was no longer smiling as he watched Paul follow us in the car as I stopped at my grandmother’s house. Giving Landon time too run a few errands. However, there was still the matter of the car and me have seen entering my mother’s house with the loot in question; having my father’s lawyer take the bait, in regards of the pictures that had been taken by someone that claimed to be a concerned citizen.

It was time to strike another blow, as we waited nicely for my fathers and Paul Cranny’s lawyer prove how guilty I looked in those photos. However, we had the boys behind us as the Judge asked if we had proof in regards to what really took place. Our lawyer called our first wittiness as his parents told him he better tell the truth or else. He quickly took the stand, as he was sworn in watching Paul’s face that paled he recognized the boy and even more when he gave his statement.

Stating that Paul Cranny had paid him 300 dollars in cold hard cash; said it was easy money. That all he had to do, was put on this disguise, as my Lawyer reached into his briefcase pulling out a baseball cap that was newer than mine that said American Fork High School on it. A pair of glasses that looked nothing likes mine, and shirt I had worn many times. That I had thought had gone missing when I stayed with Cranny’s

The boy nodded that it was this disguise, and that he was told to kick down the door enter the house and remove the following items and put them into the trunk of the car that he had driven onto the property and pull it around the corner and told to place the items into a dumpster near them.” My lawyer stopped him said. These items right here, if I am correct?” Listing the items that were found in the car. 

The boy nodded as he was questioned said. “But I knew I could get more money if I stuck around to see why they wanted me to do this. 300 dollars was nothing when I could get 300 hundred more. So instead I retrieved the items and waited to see what was really going on and hid in the bushes. Paul was in the house for a long time before he came back for the car. In fact, it wasn’t until the two sisters came home from school when it got interesting; as I sneaked into the house finding him and them completely naked, having sex in the living room.

“Susan was hard up big time because many of us boys at school hated her guts, and she was known as the Ice Queen. That if anybody refused to have sex with her when she wanted or where she wanted it. She had a way of ruining someone's rep even those that refused her. She was bad in bed, it was like making love to block of ice, and because she only wanted it one way that was anal.

“Yet when it was Paul she had him do this thing called around the world, having him use a condom to prevent her from getting pregnant. Becky too had a go, but everyone at school knows what you were getting with her, and no condom was required which was a big turn on because she enjoyed it, and loved to have group sex with as many boys as possible. It was consensual sex between us guys and her; knowing that she wasn’t likes her older sister.

She liked it to keep it on the down low, so her father or her mother wouldn’t find out, but apparently that isn’t true anymore, because her own father told us boys to knock our selves out as long as we paid him for it; which we thought he was kidding until he came to our house and demand that we paid him for allowing his daughters to have sex with us.

“When that happened we decided we wanted no part of either of them and we made it known to everybody at school they were no longer on the menu. Come on, the sex was not worth the money he was asking for when there were other girls that wanted it and it was free.” My father's face was beet red with anger as he demanded proof that he ever said that to any of them. Paul also face seemed to pale by that testimony, as his lawyers asked if we had any proof in regards to what the boy said

Our lawyer thanked the boy said. “We do actually, but I would like to hear the rest of the boys in the room confirm that neither of Mr. Shepherds two daughters was forced to have sex with them.” The Judge simply said asking the boys, how many of them have had sex with Mr. Shepherd’s daughters. They all raised their hands, he said. “I see, well then it would be waste of my time to hear from all them.

“Now then it seems we have come to the heart of this twisted tale where the family car comes into place. So we will hear testimony on how the car was obtained and go on from there. Since it really doesn’t matter if Mr. Shepherd asked to be paid since only proves one thing that Nate nor his friends had sex with Mr. Shepherd's daughters. For the simple fact, they never left Salt Lake City on the day in question.

“So that leaves the car in questions. Mrs. Cranny has stated that the car was parked in her driveway and that Linda shepherd gave her permission to drive it. Since Paul had the family car, after being kicked out of the house for sleeping with other women, and was caught trying to have sex with Nate. In her house, yet again no one is pressing charges; because they want Mr. Cranny head on a pike in regards to the force-able rape charges to other boys and his own not just Nate’s or Eli’s. Which I understand is an ongoing case, and the final hearing will take place at the first of the year.

“Now then back to the car… It was found at the hotel Nate Carrion was staying at as if the police report is correct. Mr. Cranny was found in the driver seat with the stolen items in the back of the car. All except the money that we were told Nate had stolen. I have asked Mrs. Shepherd to provide a bank statements and she referred me to their Bishop who I have talked to said they were flat broke; that if Mr. Shepherd had that kind of money it was new to him. So my next question is how the car got there, did Nate drive it there or did Paul.

“We already heard testimony that Paul had told one of the boys to drive the car to the house and break in and steal the items and drive it back to where he got it, which according to him was a few blocks away from the Shepherd residence. So now we have to figure out if Nate ever took possession of the car. And don’t you dare Mr. Shepherd or Mr. Cranny says he stole the family car? We had already concluded when we met that Nate was to hand over his keys and provide proof of ownership. You did not bother in coming said you were too injured to move.

“Yet according to the hospital report and the police report you had only mild bruising, and no broken bones of any kind. That being said, I felt that you were lying to me. So I removed your restraining order allowing Nate to visit his mother anytime she or he felt like it but told him to stay within the boundaries where he lived and not go outside of Salt Lake City in which he hasn’t. So I have here the keys of the car, and the bill of sale as well as the title of the car which states he owns it and he loaned the car to his mother, until he has his licenses, by the way, how are you doing with that may I ask?

Our lawyer said. “I have his transcripts right here stating he has completed the book course and has all the points he needs to get his licenses, that all he needs is the driving range, but Heber High doesn’t have one, so he is having to wait until spring when he can sign up to take that course in Salt Lake.” He handed my transcripts to the bailiff and he gave them to the Judge as he noticed my grades and grade point average and congratulated me for my high marks.

It made me blush a little as he told my father and the courtroom he wished his boy’s grades were this good. He asked my father how my sister’s grades were. Finding out that he didn’t know, and he didn’t really care asking what the point of this was. The Judge said, “Grade’s tell a lot about the person, and their parents. I find that kids with bad grades find their way into my courtroom more often than not like bullies and trouble makers. Your oldest daughter is both so I am told, and your youngest daughter simply doesn’t care, because you or her mother doesn’t. I am willing to bet that most of those boys here don’t have come anywhere close to the grades Nate has.

“I should warn them, that if they don’t buckle down and stop thinking with their penis they will end up with nothing. Just like your going to end up with Mr. Shepherd nothing. For I do not see one ounce of hard evidence that states Nate is responsible for raping his own sisters. Why should he when has a wife… a very pretty wife I might add and a husband. True it might be unorthodox or even legal for men to marry other men or women for that matter, and frankly, I do not care. It’s a free country if he wants to a sexual relationship with Eli he can do what he pleases.

“We are not here to tear up their agreement or marriage contract. The law states if the parents have given their child permission to marry at 16. Then I have to put my feelings aside and I must consider them adults; which brings me right on back to who is responsible, and who do I listen too. Do I listen to a father that wants his son to go to prison on false charge, or a grandmother that doesn’t see their marriage legit, and wants me to rip it up so we would be forced to see her grandson as a child.

“If that is the case, then we have a problem. For there is so far no proof that says he isn’t being a responsible adult. He has wife and husband, they all have adult jobs and they pay bills just like we adults do. And what I have seen in all these tapes and files before me is Nate the adult, making adult choices. Unless you can prove otherwise I am going to state for the recorded that I find Nate Carrion, Rhoda Carrion, and Eli Carrion are all adults.

“Now then back to the car, somehow the car ended up at the hotel where Nate was staying. Mr. Cranny states that you Mr. Shepherd sent Mr. Cranny after it, so my question is. How did Mr. Cranny know that Nate Carrion was staying at this hotel? And the second question is if Mr. Cranny was told to retrieve it and brought Mr. Cranny to the hotel according to his statement? I am assuming that last tape on the table in front of their lawyer has the proof I need?”

We all smiled like we had the best cream and nodded. My fathers and Paul’s face turned pale the moment the tape was placed into the VCR showing Paul and my car entering the parking lot with him in it and few minutes later fast forwarding showing him still waiting as the cops showed up and placing him under arrest with the stolen items and no cash what so ever on his person or in the car; other than a few loose coins inside the ashtray.

His goose was cooked and the Judge smiled, said. “I guess that means we are done for today, I think 6 months in jail for committing the crime, of theft. And at least another 2 years for having sex with a minor and possibly longer when he is brought up on charges for raping Nate, Eli and several other boys in his own neighborhood plus his own that will put him away for the next 5 to 7 years. As for the boys, I would suggest that their parents ground them for a very long time until they are old enough to have sex.

“As for you Mr. Shepherd you are a fool on a fool’s errand, there will be no big payday at the end of this rainbow, even if they could or can’t afford it. I’d put you in jail if I could, but who would watch your daughters while their mother is in the hospital. I could put them in foster care, but that would mean disrupting the home further and it would only make matters worst, however I feel that best way to punish you would for you to seek help for your anger management, and give you warning that if we find you in my courtroom ever again for the slightest offense I will throw the book at you.

“Now then do I still need to go over anything in regards to this lawsuit that our very quiet grandmother has put forward? And discuss your wife welfare in regards too placing her into a mental faculty giving you sole custody of your daughters which I feel would be a very bad idea after what you just accused your son Nate of doing. In hopes of robbing his adoptive parents blind of trumped-up charges by having Paul commit these crimes with your permission so you can get what you want and what you always wanted after 4 attempts in court to put your son out of reach of his mother and his brother Aaron and to make sure that he spends the rest of adult life either in the system or in jail.

She shook her head, said. “I think that we can work out our difference in family court. Seeing as that you do not seem to care that my two grandsons lives are in danger the longer they are with the Carrions.”

He said. “Really? Well then, let’s adjourn for lunch until 2 pm giving us 2 hours in hopes of coming to a quick understanding we can all live with. Since I will be hearing the case anyway and I am sure none of us want to come back here until after the Holidays. Seeing that Nate and his adoptive parents will be out of the country on field trip according to High School that several of their children have been saving up to spend a week in England for their ethnics and history class.

“I am told at least 25 or more students and their parents are leaving this Thursday. I have no intention of letting Nate missing out on such a trip.” My grandmother's face paled now just learning about it. She was speechless as she sat down and looked at Stringum and my adoptive parents. She was surprised and angry as she clenched her fist so tight that her knuckles were bleached white. That she never heard the bailiff telling us to stand as the Judge walked out of the room and Paul was taken screaming and kicking back to jail where he belonged.

My father sat down next to her and said. “I am guessing that was a surprise to you, after what they had done to me, and your granddaughters.”

Grandma turned around and slapped him hard across the face. “Get the hell out of my sight, and don’t you dare think for one minute that I was ever on your side in this. Not after what I have heard today about you selling my granddaughters like w****s and prostitutes. I am going to make damn sure that you never get custody of them. I may hate what your wife is doing, sleeping with men that are not her husband, but what you did to her and how you have treated her.

“I can understand how she feels unloved by you and has to seek that love elsewhere. You are not the man I raised you to be. We do not treat our wives our children like yesterday trash. Now either man up or sign those devoice papers or fix the damn problem. It's up to me make sure once again that your children have a home to come home too.”

She about to slap him again as he caught her hand and growled angrily said spitting into her face. “How dare you accuse me of not taking control of my own life?  I never once asked you to butt in when you weren’t needed. The way I see it is that this is your fault, always butting in telling my so-called wife to bring that evil vindictive brat into our home; knowing that neither I nor his mother wanted him.

“Forcing us to make certain that he remains in foster care as someone else problem. Now he and his brother are out, and once again you want them back in my home so we can be some sort of family like my older brother Darald. I am not Darald, I am not LeeAnn either, nor will I ever be. Now get out of my life and let me make my own decisions when it comes to my family.”

He got up and left. His lawyer asked if he wanted to see the classified evidence or if he was coming back. He said. “Why should I care if they get themselves killed? All I care about is making damn sure that fat cow is put away for the rest of her life if you can’t do that much after everything else; you are no use to me. As you said, you’re only a court-appointed lawyer and not a very good one. So no, I do not care to see any more proof that cannot help put that wife mine away and give me full custody of my daughters. Those people can keep those brats as far as I care. I will sign any piece of paper that says that and my fat wife can not touch them or see them ever again. Now either helps me put her way or get the f**k out.”

© 2019 Shep

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