The King Of Lies  Part 4

The King Of Lies Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 282-3

The King Of Lies

Part 4


Once again we all stood as the Judge came back into the room and took his seat on the bench. He gave us all smile and sighed heavily, telling the Bailiff to lock the room that this was a sealed hearing and if he wouldn’t mind finding someone to sit with my two sisters. My father said “No, this concerns them, and everyone here. Plus the fact I don’t trust you not to take the girls from me, in hopes to delay these proceedings. I have no wish to go into whatever it is or was in the evidence that is top secret. Since I do not care about what these people do… that requires them to be so secretive or the fact it could cost them their lives. As far as I am concerned they could get themselves all killed as long they leave me and my daughters out of it. So the answer is no and we can just refer to it without actually talking about it.”

The Judge said. “As you wish, but as long as you know this will be the final custody hearing. If you lose Mr. Shepherd there will not be a second one. You have proven that you are a man that is not highly thought of or a father figure in my eyes. To me, you are nothing but angry little man that feels he is above the law and thinks he can get away with it by a slap on the wrists. That ends today, no matter the outcome if you come before this court ever again. We will throw the book at you, the laws are changing every day and what you have done in the past you will not get away with in the future.

“I have regretted the decision I had made all those years ago, when I took Nate from the only home that wanted him and placed him back into the system, because of the lies you and your wife told me because I refused to believe parents such as your selves would kidnap your own son, beat him to the inch of his life, to prevent him from being placed in a loving home. I have watched from afar as this boy has grown up and it makes me sick to my stomach that I made a bad judgment call.

“I tend to keep an open mind here today, but make no mistake Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd this will be your last chance to prove to me without a shadow of a doubt that I should remove him from another home based on lies and half-truths. As for your two daughters and your son Aaron, their fate will also be decided to where they will be placed. So far, Mr. Shepherd, your case seems flimsy at best, as I have said earlier, what you tried to do was appalling. However I have no proof that you and Mr. Cranny cooked up that scheme for money, and to ruin the lives that you feel have wronged you and him.

“The only reason you are not in jail with him is because you took no part in the crime, and he did of his own free will. I have no proof like I said that states you were responsible, but my gut tells me you were. It was his actions that put him behind bars. It will be your actions today and in the future, that will determine if you take the cell next too him.

“So let’s be clear that today is your last only chance to prove why you think you your wife should be put into intuition for the rest of her life, or me ruling her as an unfit mother. Which I should have done all those years ago, but something made her change, or she would be sitting with you arguing that I should take her boys, and place them in a home for boys.

“Instead she has filed for divorce and full custody of her two daughters and wants to send your a*s packing, and right now I feel she has a very strong case, since you beat her so bad that she needs to be placed into a hospital and placed at Charter Canyon for treatment of spouse abuse and depression. Since you went first last time. I am going to hear evidence from your accusers. To why she and they think she should have total custody and go on from there.”

My father stood, said. “No, I rather go first, because I feel already you are siding with them, without seeing my evidence first.”

The Judge asked if that was fine with us. Mom and my mother shook their heads no, but Dad said. “We have no objections, but we would like to hear from Doris Shepherd first since its only fair considering she has a say now that she has been granted custody of our son Nate and his brother Aaron who isn’t here, since we were told that his father didn’t care about his welfare, but his grandmother and we do.”

Mom whispered. “What the hell are up to dear, by giving her a foot in the door?”

Dad said. “Giving her wants she wants, which is to be heard.”

The Judge said. “Fine, I have been wanting to hear why she feels that you Mr. Carrion and Mrs. Carrion are not good parents. Other than the fact that last time you were in family court had your privileges of being foster parents taken away, after what had happened inside your home and she stated that your adoption son Nate couldn’t be in better hands, and now she is asking me to remove him from your care.”

My grandmother said. “Quite right, Nate is being tricked and being sexually and physically abused by them, if I may have my lawyer to present my cases. Considering I am an old woman and don’t know the law, or can speak so eloquent, plus the fact I am very rattled to what I have heard today so far. I also feel that my granddaughters should be escorted out of the room because I can not allow them to hear what their bother has got himself into with his adoptive parents and this man Mr. David Stringum.

“My son Jim may not care to hear that evidence, to why they must use fake names, even inside a locked courtroom. I do not share his opinion and feel that he should hear and see for himself what his son and the Carrions or evolved in. I will not be silent any longer. I feel strongly that once you have heard from me and whatever my son may have will only help his and my case, but I would prefer that my granddaughters not be present. For it would give them nightmares as it has for me the moment I have learned of it.”

She took a seat as she began to shake with anger and uncontrollably because of how rattled she was. My father refused, once again, but my mother and my adoptive parents felt that they should be removed from the room. Until after she has spoken and after she has presented her evidence. Stringum said whispering. “Here we go, that battle ax is going to ruin everything we have worked hard for.”

Dad said. “Oh, well, it’s a risk we will have to take.” Watching my two sisters being escorted into the Judge's chambers allowing my father to inspect the room that there was only one way in and one way out as someone went inside the room to sit with them to prevent them from eavesdropping, having the bailiff stand by the door. The Judged asked my father if he was satisfied now that no one could take his girls without his knowledge.

He said. “No, but it’s not a battle I am willing to fight.”

The Judge said. “Then you won’t mind me asking you to relinquish your seat so your mother and her lawyer may present her case.” My father growled angrily as he picked up his things and took a seat behind her on the other side so he wouldn’t have to sit near her.

After few minutes allowing her lawyer to get settled watching Jeff take his seat next to my father as he stretched out his long legs watching my father rub his hands and blowing into them asking the bailiff to turn up the heat; getting nothing other than a shake of his head. Yet when my grandmother asked he was more than willing, getting icy stares from my father.

Her lawyer said pulling out several videos. “First of Doris Shepherd would like you all to view these tapes. I have seen them and what I saw applauded me that you Mr. and Mrs. Rothwell would allow this to happen to her grandson. I have also would like to begin at the beginning when her grandson first came to live with the Rothwell’s. These pictures were taken within the first month of her grandson Eric was placed with the Rothwell’s, and I gather that this wasn’t the first time this happened.” He quickly handed the bailiff two copies of photographs as he gave one to our lawyer and one to the Judge.

Mom and Dads face paled seeing the photographs that showed the whip marks he had done to me. We had thought that these photographs had been destroyed, but apparently not all them. My grandmother said. “The photographs you are seeing are of injuries of a cattail whip. The Rothwell’s state and his foster bother at the time Shane said. These marks were made from them pulling Eric behind Shane’s bike while riding a skateboard Eric was threatened that if he said anything other then that; that they would punish him for it. Even in his file according to his caseworker at the time; said that it was, and as well as the Rothwell’s and each member of their family said it was skateboard accident.

“Yet when his grandmother questioned him he told her what really happened. As you know he was refused any visitors, including his own family and the Downings, you made that ruling as Judge at the time. That no one was allowed to see him including his grandmother and there would be no visitations rights for him or anyone he knows. If wasn’t for a close friend of his by the name of Mr. Niles and old Bishop of theirs winning the boys trusts. His grandmother would never have been contacted or would have learned about this incident.

“I bring this up now, even though things have changed over the years in his care… because once again Mr. and Mrs. Rothwell continues to leave her in the dark. I bet if you asked them even now after all these years they would still say it was skateboard accident. The caseworker handling the case at the time issued a warning and they were fined 6 months of no welfare checks in the boy’s name. And his grandmother isn’t pressing charges, against them for this incident, and it has past the time the courts can do anything and it never happened again. She just wants you to know what has taken place since her grandson has entered their home so you can do something now before it’s too late.

“Over the years they have had become good friends with her and had allowed her to visitation rights.

“The next time something happened was after this past summer that we know of. They had just returned from a summer vacation visiting some old friends in a nudist colony, after dealing with their last foster kid who was found guilty of raping their daughter Jody to the point she can never have children and he and their son Shawn was responsible for it and had been accused and convicted of raping their two younger boys Jason and Jared as well as several boys in the neighborhood along with their old bishop Mr. Crawford, but during this vacation they learned that their youngest boy Jonathon was also rapped and the boys had been keeping it a secret because their parents refused to listen and brought it to her grandson Eric’s attention.

“She and his mother, as well as her husband, knew that Mr. and Mrs. Rothwell were practicing’s nudism. Even though his father didn’t like the idea and found it immoral and other things and still do. But she and her mother allowed it and signed a form stating that they were willing to accept the fact they were razing Eric in the Rothwell’s nudist lifestyle, and his mother as well from time to time participates and so does his brother Aaron.

“However that isn’t the issue she is having a problem with, she’s grandmother understands that nudism is nothing more than people sharing themselves and their lives with each other, and has been among many of their gatherings held in Santaquin and in the Rothwell home, even though she herself doesn’t participate. She learned to accept the fact both her grandsons are deep in that culture.

“That being said, this next tape you will find shocking, and one of the many reasons why we wanted to her daughters to leave the room. On this tape, you will see a woman named Mrs. Gloria West, who they have contacted over the years to perform tests to see if their children could handle the stress of taking on more adult responsibilities, but to their surprise, the tests she gave wasn’t of their design. And Doris Shepherd was told they had been locked in a room as prisoners to watch Mrs. West give her own tests, and finding out soon after that she was doing Mr. Crawford’s bidding. Performing the tests you are about to see.”

I looked over at Jeff as he made himself comfortable, asking him when he was going to help us. He simply said. “I have already done it, and warned you that this would happen; besides she’s making a very good point that could save your life if this ever happens again.” Mom and Dad to were concerned as my grandmother looked frazzled but calm.  

Stringum growled. “So that’s why she wanted copies to frame us, I’ll give her credit she has been planning this for a very long time.”

The tape played as I cringed remembered how I felt and the pain I felt. I couldn’t sit still watching that fake penis and that smile on her face as she physically rapped me, and tortured me for hours. The tape ended and once again the lawyer placed one tape after another as he went through my life and picked at it like a raw dried scab.

My father smiled like he had the best seat in the house, and looked at us with such glee, knowing that each one of these tapes meant bad things that could happen to my adoptive parents; giggled with delight seeing me being tortured and in so much pain. However, his smile faded when he saw the last two tapes, seeing what happened to the grandfather when the High Bishop slit his throat and everyone in the circle started to eat his organs from his lifeless body.

She even showed the tape of our first wedding proving once more what these people were capable of doing and why I was married to Eli and his wife Jackie and sister Rhoda. By that time he was throwing up into a waste bucket. But the last film was the one that caught his attention.

Watching Mr. Tate and Antonio die, by the hands of our spiritual friends as their bodies turned to ash and scattered into the wind. His fear and the Judges heightened when he saw those demons feasting on their victims and the pile of bones we had found.

My grandmother’s lawyer turned it off after that and said. “This is what Doris Shepherd is afraid of might happen to her two grandsons that are in the Rothwell’s care. She has asked them nicely and has begged them to stop this insanity before they all get themselves killed. She like everyone else saw the papers and the news over the weekend; in regards to all those grisly killings statewide and across the country.

“She is now asking the courts to remove every child including her two grandsons from the Rothwell’s care and has asked the courts for her help in stopping their friends to risk their own lives and their children’s lives that have helped the Rothwell’s to this doomed caused of theirs. She would like you to reconsider the contract of adoption and nullify his marriage to Rhoda and Eli. So he may have a chance to start fresh somewhere else without them.

“She is asking you to consider his mother unfit mother and put her in an institution for the rest of her natural life. So Jim can be free to find a new wife for his two daughters since he does not want the boys and has made it clear where he stands on that issue. She is pleading with you that you stop this today. To prevent them from leaving the country to avoid and is believed by her that they are doing so; so that the law can not find them for what they have done. That it is not a school field trip. It is nothing more but a lie, so they can keep her grandchildren from seeing her so she believes.

“I implore the courts in her behave, but personally I would like to shake their hand for what they are doing. So other parents and their children will never have to go through the very things I have witnessed here today. She may be their maternal grandmother, but without their help, more parents and their children could have died during the satanic church’s holiday as they pledge their own children and their souls to a Demon God.

“It scares me to think that; if it wasn’t for the Rothwell’s and their task force to take down this church. It would be hell on earth and not even she being their grandmother would live long enough in a world of monsters, rapists, and murders as her neighbors. In fact the moment we leave here today. I am going to go home and kiss my wife, and hold my children in my arms and pray to God that people like the Rothwell’s protect my family from these monsters, rapists, and murders. And then I am going to write my congressman and I am going to ask him how I can help.

“I am not as rich as Mr. Stringum, but I know people that are, and I plan to go to them and make sure they have whatever they need to keep this taskforce going until every last one of them is driven back to hell. I am then going to see if me and my wife can become hosts or adoptive parents for all these children that have no parents to take care of them. Yes, I implore you to consider her requests, but I also want her to consider that she is also lucky to have a grandson like Eric that is willing to go the distance. Regardless of what he has been through.

“Not many boys his age would even consider the things he and his friends and his Rothwell family are doing. To keep boys like him from being tortured and rapped. In my eyes, he is more than a man then is own maternal father. That has not once shown him any kindness, or love or respect he so much deserves. He deserves a father like Mr. Rothwell, where he protects every boy in his care, regardless of their background. He may have not been the best father like he had with Downings when Eric first arrived in his home, but Mr. Rothwell loves him and he loves him just as much.

“No your honor, I vote that Eric stays with the Rothwell’s and let him make the choice as an adult. I rest my case.” He took his seat and smiled as my grandmother's mouth dropped and her anger boiled over not believing what the hell just happened. Everyone else too was surprised by the fact my grandmother's lawyer not only represented my grandmother but himself as well. Jeff, however, wasn’t surprised as smiled like he had the best cream.

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