The Verdict  Part 3

The Verdict Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 283-2

The Verdict

Part 3


The Judge looked at my mother and the police report and then looked at my father, and said. “Mr. Shepherd it seems that you are digging yourself into a grave of lies and half-truths. So far everything you tell me is one-sided which is based on how you view things, yet when your wife gives her side of the story, it only makes me want to hear more of your cases to see which side I should believe as a whole.

“Now then we will break for 1 hour then we will continue, but this time I am going to allow your wife to speak first since I feel I am getting more truth out of her then I am you and to save me time, seeing that thick folder Nate’s caseworker has. I am going to look it over, then I am going talk with Nate and his two sisters alone one at a time so they can give me their take on everything that has transpired as well as their caseworker, who has overseen your family for the past year or so?

“I am summing you have each of their current grades and over the past two years as well as reports from their teachers how they are doing in the classroom including his brother Aarons.”

She nodded said. “Yes I do, I think you will find it very interesting reading.” She handed the large stack of each of our names on each of the folders she has compiled just for today.  Knowing he would ask for them. She then thanked him for allowing us to break to relieve ourselves as she half ran out of the room before she pee’d her pants; with everyone else at our table except for me and Dad.

Grandma watched as her lawyer quickly shook our hands as Stringum quickly pulled out a card and wrote on the back of it, said. “Call me anytime, but if you really want to help you can call this number. This person is the head of our task force here. You won’t be able to reach me since I am scheduled to fly out of the country tonight.

“If you wouldn’t mine, I would like you to send her bill to me. I know she can’t afford much, but she’s family and family take care of one another regardless if they are being pig head and stubborn. It’s the least I can do since I feel responsible for this mess I have put her and her grandson in.

“If you're looking for a job, I am looking for lawyers like you, speak to my man Landon and when you send me the bill.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his checkbook, said. “An advance, if you take the job, I am offering you. And on the back of the card, you find with the number of our task force, and what I prepared to pay you for your services.” He blinked as he saw the amount and gasped as his mouth dropped repeating the amount.

He nodded taking the check and business card as Stringum made a quick exit. My grandmother walked over to her lawyer said. “Please tell me he didn’t just pay you off, for what you did to me by making a fool out of me in your closing remarks?”

He said. “No, in fact, he just offered me a job and gave me the money as an advance if I take it, and told me to contact someone if I really want to help make our world a safer place to live in.”

Grandma growled. “What he just gave you was enough money to make funeral arrangements for you and your family if you join their cause. I am firing you because I now know I can’t trust you. Get out, I can handle this myself.” Grandma left taking my sisters with her as my father and she stopped to argue in the hallway.

My caseworker came into the room overhearing what happened said. “I understand that Doris Shepherd fired you. I would like to rehire you for the remainder of this court session as my attorney. I just overheard Mr. Shepherd and Doris Shepherd that they are now going to come after me, after learning that I am no longer Nate’s caseworker that has been overseeing Linda Shepherds children over the last two years; hoping to discredit my testimony so everything in that file I have given to the Judge cannot be used in a court of law. I am still being paid as Nate’s caseworker, but that will end the moment Doris tells him that I have turned in my two-week notice and have joined the Carrions in taking down the satanic church.”

He rubbed his chin and smile, said. “I accept, that gives us an hour to go over that file, I am assuming you have a copy?”

She said. “Of course I do, it’s in my office upstairs,” watching him follow her out the door. Dad asked if my friend was still here. I shook my head no, said he was close if we need him. Dad said. “Well least that’s something. It’s so hard to sit here and listen to your father bash us with lies and half-truths, but at least your mother is sticking it to him. I had thought we be done by now, but it is what it is.” I nodded as we sat and talked about our trip. He didn’t like the idea of what Jeff was suggesting, but he did have a better understanding of the world then we did.

Mom came back to bring me and Dad a couple of sodas and chips from the vending machine as my mother also soon joined us asking us if they had missed anything. Dad said. “No, not much… appears that Nate’s grandmother fired her lawyer; because Stringum offered him a job and he offered him an advance if he takes it. Then before he could leave the room our caseworker rehired him, which I am sure is going to make her day.”

Mom laughed out loud said. “I bet she won’t be too happy about that. Good, we could use someone on our side, considering we have a lot to atone for.”

Dad said. “About that, it appears that our ghostly friend would like us to tear up that agreement, we made with Linda and in doing so, Nate would have to choose, who he wants to live with and what name he would take. Nate and I were talking and we think it should be his choice to prove once and for all that he is an adult.”

I excused myself said. “I am going to make a rash adult decision right now. I was thinking about this last night, and I can’t think of a better time to do it.” Dad shrugged his shoulders to Mom not knowing what I had planned as I slipped by them, the moment Rhoda and Eli came into the room with Jackie and Greg with his parents.

I got on my knees taking Rhoda’s hand and, said. “Rhoda will you marry me, I do not have much to offer, and know we have promised to see where our lives take us, but I can not let our lives be separated if something happens that causes me to leave you, I could never live with myself if you left me. I will love you and cherish you for the rest of my life.”

She looked at me as my grandmother and everyone else started to come back into the room.  My grandmother made a quick dash begging her not to do this of all days; watching me slip the ring on her finger, the same ring we were married with. She said. “I don’t know, that depends if you are ready to be a father.”

Grandma said. “Oh God, please don’t say it.”

My face brightened and said. “Oh well, then how can I refuse? I have been hoping to wait until we graduated from High School.”

She said. “Yes, I will marry you, and I was going to tell you tonight, but the doctor says I am pregnant again.” I kissed her and then placed my hand on her belly and kissed that too.

Grandma sank into a chair next to my two sisters, as my father asked. “What did you do boy?”

I said. “Becoming a father, and my making my mother a grandmother if you must know, and for your information that’s what married couples do we have sex and we have children that we love and when creating a family.” I returned to my knees and fished out three more rings. Taking Greg’s and Eli's hands said. “You both have been by my side through it all. I would like it if you married me as well, even though in truth the world won’t recognize us being married, but when has that stopped us. It’s the world that isn’t ready for us.”

Eli looked at Greg and they both nodded Eli said. “F**k the world. Yes, we will marry you.”

Grandma groaned rubbing her face with her hands as I placed the ring on their fingers and stood up and kissed them both, letting everyone outside in the hallway looking in and my father growled at my mother. “This is what you have caused because you refused to listen to me. I will not stand for it. And the law is on my side, and so is the church when it comes to polygamy and gay marriages.”

I ignored him and got back on my knees asked Jackie to marry me as well placing the ring on her finger then kissed her. My caseworker and her new lawyer came into the room after watching what just took place and made her way over to us and shook our hands and hugged us congratulating us asking us when we are going to get married. I said. “The moment the Judge comes into the room,” watching the bailiff close the door stating it was closes hearing as we quickly took our seats.

Grandma shot daggers at me and then said to her lawyer. “I thought I fired you?” When she realized her lawyer was in the room and making his way over to our side.

He shrugged his shoulders said. “You did, but apparently Mrs. Holliman has retained me as her lawyer.”

My father growled angrily. “You can’t, she hasn’t paid you, and neither has my mother.”

He said. “Actually she has, I have a check right here and signed a contract that states I am her lawyer. As for your mother, I have already received payment in full.” We all stood as the Judge came into the room.

Dad said. “Well, this at livening things up.” Mom shushed him, as she wiggled with anticipation. My mother asked me if this was a wise move.

I said. “Maybe, maybe not.”

The moment the Judge took his seat Jeff popped in taking his seat on our side of the room giving me two thumbs up. I stood up and said. “Judge Griffin, may I speak first before we get started?”

He said. “Of course, you can Nate. I understand congratulation is in order, may I ask have you chosen a date to renew your vows?”

I said. “Yes, I have. We would like you to marry us before we start these proceedings.”

He said. “I see, I am assuming you have a reason?”

My father said. “Yea, he just got his w***e knocked up again.”

The Judge said. “I should fine you for that, but seeing as we haven’t started yet I will let that go. Well, then I have no problem with you getting married and its only fitting that I should be the one to do it, after what I have put you through by removing you from the Downing’s. Give me a moment to get my things together.”

I nodded as he quickly left the room and came back with a marriage certificate and his bible. We came up front and he asked if I had the rings we nodded as we quickly removed them. He said. “Ok take your girl's hand, and tell me your full name you will be using.”

Rhoda said. “Rhoda Lang it was my mother’s middle name before he married Eli’s father.”

He nodded as he wrote on the marriage certificate. “I amusing Eli and Greg are going to be your guy’s best man?” They both shook their heads no. And my grandmother groaned. He said. “I see, you do realize that your marriage won’t be legal in this state?” They nodded and said. “Ok, then, we will marry you boys after Rhoda and Nate.”

I shook my head No, said. “I want Rhoda to be married to by my birth name.”

The Judge blinked a couple of times, said. “Ok. I am assuming your adoptive parents are ok with this?”

Dad said. “Yes, but I would like to do something first if I may. In my hand, I have two documents one is the contract I had his mother sign stating if she hurts either of her boys ever again. She will lose them and end up in before the courts to decide her fate. The second is the adoption papers that state if the other happens her son belongs to me, and the adoption is closed and she will no longer be allowed to see him. I am now going to rip this up after you have read them to make sure they are the same ones in his case file.” Dad slipped them out as my mother, and my grandmother's mouths dropped not knowing why he was doing this after all these years holding it over their heads.

The Judge read them, said. “You realize without these documents, that the adoption is null and void and you’re letting his mother, off the hook. You better make sure you really trust that she doesn’t go back on her word.”

Dad said. “I do, she has proven to me and her two sons and that she wants them in her life, and she loves them, and only wants the best for them.” Dad took the papers and ripped them up into little shreds of paper then tossed into the garbage can as they caught fire. As he jumped back as everyone gasped.

Jeff smiled because he caused that little blaze, as the bailiff said. “Ok, that was unexpected. The garbage can I emptied personally after destroying those tapes earlier.” He turned over the garbage can showing that he had as the charred remains of the paper floated out. Grandma faces blanched as her hands started to shake and eyed the room to see if she can see Jeff.

The Judge said. “Then all need is his mother and his father to sign off on this.”

My mother said. “Glad to do it. I can’t believe I am finally going to be a grandma.”

My father said. “Don’t look too me, I am not going to put my name to something I don’t agree with.”

Dad said. “Good because I don’t really think we need your permission if I am correct. The decision is all your sons and the ones he is marrying. After all did you not Judge Griffin state in a court of law, not more than a few hours ago. That Eric here is now officially an adult according to laws that govern us?”

Judge Griffin said. “I did, a matter fact I did say that on the record. Well then I see we don’t need Mr. Shepherd's permission, but without those adoption papers, it means he no longer a Rothwell either or a Carrion. So I will ask again are sure you want to do this, for once it is done son, you will not be able to walk away and shake hands. This marriage contract will be binding.”

I nodded. “Yes and double yes.” Grandma groaned and my father growled angrily knowing there was nothing they could do. My mother was all excited as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

The Judge said. “If I marry you, I feel I am cheating you out of a girls Cinderella wedding.”

She said. “Done it… and no I don’t need a repeat of that trust me, your honor, it isn’t something any of us want to relive it.” He nodded and quickly married us, using our real names, but this time. I used my father’s last name, making him angry enough to chew nails.

I then married Eli and Greg and kissed them as my father and my sister gagged with horror. Even though they couldn’t be on the marriage certificate all that mattered was that they and we were a family. I married Jackie as well and let Eli marry her using his father’s last name as they put their names on the marriage certificate as husband and wife.

Mom, Dad, and my Mother congratulated us as the Judge said. “Ok, it's official today you are adults I have proof right here saying that. “Now then let’s get back to business; by asking one simple question; where are you kids planning to live, since you still in high school?”

Dad waited for the shoe to drop knowing he had just given way my chance of ever being a Rothwell all because he was told Jeff wanted him to do this without explaining why, as still hadn’t dawned on him that. He just saved my bacon by making sure without a doubt that neither my father nor my mother could claim custody and more so my grandmother, who was still processing what in the hell just happened.

I said. “With my adoptive parents, I am still a Rothwell slash Carrion. Too me they are my family.”

My mother looked hurt the moment I said that, as put my arm around her and said. “My mother is considered part of that family until she decides she doesn’t want to be of her own free will. Nothing is holding her, if she wants out she can simply walk out that door anytime she wants too. Knowing that I have forgiven her and I love her.

“But make no mistake as long as she is my mother and has kept her word to me, and the Rothwell’s and my brother Aaron. I will protect her and Aaron with my last breath; if her husband or my two sisters hurt her or my brother Aaron ever again.

“Now then, I believe my mother would like a chance to be with my two wives and my two husbands. So they can talk about our new baby and our plans when we leave here today.  So I will let my two sisters go first, but I doubt you will get much truth out Susan. If I was you, Judge Griffin, I would hide your wallet and your checkbook and make damn sure that she can not find your zipper. She likes it rough; she likes to force her self on men and boys. Then accuse them of raping her as you have found out today. She isn’t an angel and she is she certainly earned that reputation of being the Ice Queen.”

My sister broke down in fake tears sobbing as she called me a monster. My father stood up and reached for his belt, as Dad stood in his way, said. “I wouldn’t if I was you; I helped train that boy of yours. One word from me, and I will let him beat the crap out of you. Then when he is done it will be my turn for laying a hand on my son.” My father pushed him to the side, asked the Judge if he was going to allow this.

The Judge said. “Allow what Mr. Shepherd. I didn’t see anything nor heard a word that was said, Becky your first, while your sister gets herself under control. By the way Susan I know for fact those tears and sobs are fake. I should know considering I have seen my share of girls like you trying to get unearned sympathy.”

Becky nodded and made her way towards the Judge's chambers said. “For the recorded, I no longer have sex with men; I have been a good girl… Mostly? Unless you count, all those boys that were here earlier. What can I say? I like sex, and love a good around the world.”

My father rubbed his face with his hands, as my grandmother groaned. “And this is all your fault Linda, and this why you are an unfit mother.”

My mother said. “Maybe, but if you remember I tried to stop her, and I have been gone for a little over two months. It was my husband’s job to make sure that didn’t happen.”

My mother took her seat as my caseworker and her lawyer followed Becky. Grandma asked my caseworker and her lawyer. “Where in the hell do you think you're going?

My caseworker said. “To review her file, being as I am signed by Mrs. Shepherd to oversee each of her children.”

My mother nodded as my grandmother said. “Fine, I am going in there as well since I am her grandmother.”

The Judge turned and said. “No, you are not. Last I checked Linda is still the parent and her husband… and so far has proven he can not be trusted. Mrs. Holliman is employed by this state as the family caseworker to oversee all matters when it comes to her children. Last I heard she still their caseworker.”

Grandma said. “Well last I heard she quit that job and today is her last day.”

My caseworker said. “She right, as of three o’clock today I am no longer employed here. However being as I haven’t been replaced yet, and I have been in this room the entire morning and afternoon I am still on the clock, and according to my lawyer who I have asked to join me for the remainder of these proceedings. He has spoken with my supervisor confirming that once I leave this courtroom and the verdict has been decided I will no longer be employed by family services and a new one will be appointed first thing tomorrow morning. If you need proof I have it right here in writing.” She handed him the form they had all signed and notarized.

The Judge said. “I see, well then you will be sorely missed. May ask why you are quitting after all these years?”

She said. “Yes, so I can help children and their parents as a school counselor at Heber Elementary and my husband will be the new teacher and the head of the seminary program at Heber High school when school starts at the first of the year.”

He nodded and said. “Well then I happy to hear that, shall we proceed?” She nodded as she put her arm around Becky as they went inside the Judge’s chambers closing the door behind them.

© 2019 Shep

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