The Verdict  Part 4

The Verdict Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 283-3

The Verdict

Part 4


Becky soon came out and Susan went in like revolving door as my grandmother made her way over to our side as my mother went to sit with Becky as my father toyed with his notes as he did his best to ignore us. My grandmother said whispering between Dad and my adoptive Mom yet loud enough for me to make everything out. “Mr. Rothwell I don’t know what your game is, but I want to thank you for tearing up those adoption papers and that contract you made his mother sign.

“However, I still very much disagree with you in regards to this Satanic Church business. But seeing you are willing to meet me half way by doing that even though you and I left things unresolved between us. I was hoping you and I could discuss about letting my grandson move out of your home, now that his wife Rhoda is pregnant with his child, and she will be graduating from High School this coming May.

“If my calculations are correct the child she is carrying cannot be more then a few weeks old, putting her due date sometime between July and September. She is 17 and will be 18 in February so in the eyes of the law she is adult, and with her graduating from High School. She and Eric can live on their own, and still be close to you, and your family.

“It’s clear that I underestimated my grandson and the love he has with Rhoda. I can even live with the fact that he wants Greg and Eli and his wife Jackie to live with them as a married couple. And I can not stop them from having sex with his two husbands and his two wives, and the law is against me on this because they are no longer consider minors, but adults.

“That being said, I would like you to forbid Eric from going on this trip of yours and have him moved out by the time you get back. I think it would be best that for the time being that he remains close to you and your family in one of the trailers Stringum has that he can afford on their income. Knowing that right now things are not looking good for his mother or his brother. And as you know his father has given me custody rights of his brother, and with his mother being ruled as an unfit mother that means I am will have full custody…

“I will be taking Aaron and until he is placed into foster care or a home for boys since his father doesn’t want him and his mother will not have a home to live in or a pot to piss in after today. I know I can’t raise him on my income nor able to provide for him for a long period of time, but you are leaving me with no other choice. If continue the insanity of getting evolved with the Satanic Church, its time to think what’s best for your family including my two grandsons.

“My son Jim has enough proof to put Linda away an institution for a very long time. Think about it, and be smart. Stop this business with that church. You can save not only his brothers life but Eric’s life as well. His mother will not win this case today. I am only looking out for my two grandsons like I have always done. And feel we can work out our difference if only stop this madness of yours and this man Stringum. Already so many lives have been destroyed don’t let this be yours and my grandson fate; no good will ever come of it. Its time to let the professional do the job we have paid them to do. Stop this insanity and stop putting yours and my grandson lives in danger.”

My grandmother gripped his shoulder and stood up and walked away as Susan came out watching my mother take Becky by the hand kissed her on the forehead before coming back to our table. Susan shot daggers at her and me, as my father asked drying her tears. “I take it didn’t go so well, well it doesn’t matter, sweetheart. You will not have to endure this much longer, and we can go home.”

My grandmother took Susan and put her arms around her as they talked about what happened inside the Judge's chambers as she looked straight at my caseworker… that if looks could kill she be dead as she called me in, having Rhoda follow. Grandma was about to stop her until she realized that she had every right to be in that room with me, and the same with Greg, Eli, and Jackie. And no one said they couldn’t as the door closed behind us as we were told to take a seat.

The Judge said. “This shouldn’t take too long, I just need to ask a few questions, in regarding Shawn Rothwell. Please tell me what happened and how everyone else feels about him coming home with his visitation rights being restored?”

I nodded and quickly broke it down as Eli and talked about the boarding school and what could be happening according to too our sources and who talk too that could be trusted. Greg and Rhoda talked about how our friends felt about Shawn coming home. Then we talked about my mother and my father’s anger he has with me and Aaron as he quickly went through the file. We talked about Aaron, and my two sisters Susan and Becky and what home life was like for them and me Aaron growing up, too see if going home for either Aaron and me if my mother was committed to an institution on a more permanent base.

We soon came out as everyone shot worried or heated emotions at us as the Judge called in my adoptive parents. And then my grandmother, then Greg’s parents, and then Stringum and Jennie Cranny, saving my father for last. I looked at the clock it was now almost 4 pm we have been in court now, close to 5 hours not including a two-hour lunch break and 1-hour potty break.

The Judge came out of the room with my caseworker and her lawyer said. “Thanks for being patient. I will be making the final verdict after I have had chance to review the evidence and each of your testimony, since it getting late, and I want to chance to review and make several phone calls to collaborate each of your testimonies, we will meet back here first thing in the morning, at 9 am sharp, since your plane doesn’t’ leave until 3 am, I have a lot to consider, and so far what I have heard astounds me.

“Mr. Shepherd, I would suggest you pray that what I find is what you want to hear for the moment it isn’t looking too good. Your daughters are one step away from being placed into a foster home. Mrs. Shepherd, you are also one step away from becoming an unfit mother. You and husband are on the edge of a knife in regards to your current situation, he is facing serious charges that could put him in jail for a very long time. He must prove without a shadow of a doubt that his life is truly in danger to do such drastic measures to ensure that his family is safe from the threat he says is real, because right……. What is Mr. Shepherd?” He paused as my father stood to be recognized cutting him off.

My father smiled lifting the tape recorder out from his coat pocket that he has carried the entire time he has been in this courtroom. He said. “On this tape is all the proof you need, it proves that Mr. Rothwell and Bishop Earl and these boys here in this courtroom plan to kill me when we leave this courtroom; in hopes of taking my daughters away from giving my wife total custody by default.

“As for my boys, I could give a rats a*s they have been nothing but trouble makers and bullies to me and my two daughters who are innocent and are the victims to what my wife and these people here today have done to them. I’ll we want is to be left alone, and to live without a target on our backs. This tape I will show you that mine and my daughter's lives are in danger the longer these people are allowed to walk free and unpunished for the things they have done to me and my daughters… ”

The Judge asked if this is true, we all shook our heads no, my father said. “Their lying, I have it all on tape; may please play it?” The Judge nod as everyone but me looked scared because we had in a way provided him that crucial evidence. He pressed play, and nothing happened. Then all of sudden there was nothing but garbled words played in slow motion that no one could make out as it seemed that the batteries were dying; after being played over and over again.

My father looked at the tape recorder and then us. The Judge said asking. “Is this some sort of joke Mr. Shepherd?” My father begged him to give him a minute said. “It must be the batteries; it was all here a moment ago, and this recording never left my side. And I have just listened to it while waiting for my turn.”

He put in new batteries and replayed the tape, as it gave high pitch squeal and then high pitch voices that no one could make out. He banged the recorder on the table and it started smoking. He quickly popped out the tape before it melted. He looked stunned as the judge said. “Perhaps the device is malfunctioning, why don’t you bring it in tomorrow morning so you could make sure the tape you have is working order; before I make a final verdict.”

“We have had a long day. I have called the hotel near here and booked you a room and my bailiff will see that you have meal vouchers and transportation for those that need it. We will continue at 9 am sharp in this courtroom.” He turned and when back into the Judge’s chamber said “Mrs. Holliman would you and your lawyers please join me? For the record, you are still on the clock and will be until the final verdict is read tomorrow morning.

“I won’t keep you long. I just need your advice to how we should make sense of this mess.” She nodded as she and her lawyer went back in the Judge’s chamber. The bailiff quickly issued meal vouchers to several local restaurants to my grandmother, and to my father.  And was about to do the same, for us, Stringum said he got it covered, telling him to give them to my grandmother and my father. Knowing they didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

We were told to wait in here until the bailiff came to get us so my grandmother and my father and my sisters could leave the building without being harmed by us as an added precaution, even though none of us would have been that stupid. None of said a word until we knew we were safe to talk in private. Stringum had Landon drive us to the Hilton in Provo, after making sure that my father and they hadn’t made a reservation at the same hotel not that that can afford a night stay here. Because he had turned down the offer to one of the other ones that were nothing more than bed and shower, with no room service or valet parking.

Stringum also had Landon drive my mother and Jennie Cranny to the impound lot to retrieve my car. Now that it was no longer an issue, and asked my mother if she needed to call the hospital and tell them that she was spending the night here with us, because our cases were still before the court, and the verdict wouldn’t read until tomorrow morning so she could swing by the hospital and pick up a change of clothing. Allowing Jennie to attend to her family and allow my mother to choose where she wanted to spend the night. Out of the three places, I knew my mother as she chose to stay at the hotel with us, stating it, so we can strategize on what might take place tomorrow.

No one said anything about her decision because made it perfect sense that my mother needed to tell us her side of what took place inside the Judge’s chambers. Like always we were greeted like royalty as the manager quickly met us at the door watching us step out of the limo as my mother and Jennie were taken to the impound lot. Jennie said. “I guess I will see you guys in the morning when I drop my boys off to school, but since I don’t have a babysitter for tomorrow and not knowing how long court will be tomorrow. I have no choice but to bring my two little ones with me.”

Dad said. “Oh I think we can work something out, why don’t you bring a change of clothing for all of you, and join us for dinner to discuss things. I’ll have Jody or Kerry come down and watch the kids, tonight and tomorrow, and they can take your two older boys to school in the morning. Since I need to call them anyway and have them bring Aaron with them just in case things don’t go the way we think they should.”

She nodded and Dad closed the car door as we watched them drive off. Dad put his arm around me, said. “So it seems you are stuck with us. I have no intention of letting your grandma bully you into a decision that none of us want. And as for our trip, there is no question according to our spiritual friend that you need to go, your grandmother may not approve but when comes to our special friends telling that you need to go, and then God forbid we don’t listen. Now then let’s go find us a room and see if we can scare up something to eat before your mother and Jennie comes back. I am starving and if know my boys we could eat an entire horse.”

I nodded said. “You got that right Dad. I need to go if I want too or not. According to Jeff things are about to get real interesting. However, I think it might be best to inform Mom that you and she aren’t going unless we find a way to bring everyone and place to put them. Since there will be only a small hand full of us actually participating as male and female escorts, and Jeff has made it clear to who they are. That being said, I have a very bad feeling that the verdict tomorrow isn’t going to be all good news. Once you learn about what we were asked and what we said in there.  Yet for the moment nothing changes, regardless if my grandmother and my father think they got the upper hand.

“That tape, my father has won’t do him any good. Jeff made certain of that, and he plans to make certain that tomorrow that things go the way it should. Since you kept your word by destroying those documents and what I did in there to secure my future as a Rothwell slash Carrion or Shepherd by making it impossible for anyone to treat me like a child and as they and the world we live in has no choice but to consider me as an adult.

“Making this custody issue mute. To the point, no one can force me or the ones I married today under my name to be taken because they think they own me and them. It was Jeff’s idea and I learned a long time ago to not second guess him. If he says that what I did today will be important then I have to trust him, so far he has never lied to me.”

Dad said. “I will never treat you like a piece of property to be sold at fair market value. You have proven time and time again that you are a man of your word, and should be treated as an adult. More so by making a hard decision, knowing that this decision can not be undone by a simple handshake and part company as if it never happened. I am proud to call you my son, with or without those adoption papers.

“I had a feeling that Rhoda was pregnant again the signs were all there and were overjoyed when Mom told me, that after the visit to the doctor’s office yesterday confirmed it. She asked me to keep it a surprise so Rhoda could tell you herself. I couldn’t be more proud knowing that you wanted to keep my families name when you could have easily have said. You were done, and you and your new family were moving out.

“I will make you a deal if things go bad tomorrow I will do anything in my power to make it right. Your mother and your brother will always have a place to live, even if means I have to purchases a cabin just for them. No one that is part of my family deserves to be put out on the street. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that your brother never sees another day in foster care, or your grandmother takes him away from us or his mother.

“Now then as far as Shawn goes, I will make you a deal and we will sign a contract that if Shawn repeats his previous behavior. He will be disowned; he will be brought up on charges and we will let the courts decided his fate. We can not allow him to become a sexual predator like the very people we are taking down. However, I want you and your friends to give him a chance. I am not asking you to allow him to have sex with you. In fact, you’re Mom and I will ask everyone to refrain from doing so, in his presence.

“Every room especially yours and Aarons will have a lock on it preventing him from doing so in secret. Shawn will have his own room by himself during each of his home visits and will be required to stay within our sight until we can trust him. Dr. Sars and Stringum have assured me that Arthur will not be a problem, since they will be out of town visiting family for the holidays, and Arthur will be going with them.

“That is the best I can do, and I willing to put it in writing and have Shawn sign it. Stating he has read the contract, but if he refuses to sign it he will remain in boarding school until further notice. Do we have a deal?” Dad put out his hand and we shook on it as we stared at each other until I broke I eye contact first and removed my hand. Stating the agreement was sealed in stone and sense I broke contact first it meant Dad couldn’t break the deal without sealing his fate as a liar.  The contract its self was the final nail, knowing if he broke it meant he could never be trusted again.

We went inside as Mom asked me what we're discussing, Dad said, “Man to Man things.”

Mom said. “I see, well then I thought Nate and his wife would like to spend the night in the honeymoon suite. And Eli and Jackie take the other one, yet I don’t know what to do with Greg since he like a third wheel stuck in the middle.”

Dad said. “Oh, I feel differently about that arrangement, since, they are all officially married to each other. I think we will let them decided which room they would like. Since Greg will be moving into Nate’s room on a more permanent base because that’s where he belongs being as he married to them.

The law might not recognize them as a married couple but I do, and always have, but today it is official in the eyes of the court and in eyes of God that are all married to each other. We can not separate them any longer, because they are adults. Like us, we married the Vincent and we all share the same bed and our lives as a married couple.

“Greg is married to Eli and Nate as well as to Jackie and to Rhoda. He is not a fifth wheel he is their husband as long they should live on this earth or until they a null their mirage. We must accept that fact, that they are married, not only by our Rothwell, name, and our Carrion name, but married now under Eric last name. It is what is, and the sooner we realize that they are adults the sooner they will be accepted by us and their peers.

“The world is changing, same-sex couples are right now trying to get into law giving them the same rights as other married couples. 3 states have passed a law allowing same-sex couples to marry. I have no doubt that in the years to come, every state we live in will also pass the law of some sort to allow same-sex couples to be married and recognized as a couple. So I say the hell with what the world says. I choose to recognize my son Nate and his family as married adults, so no longer our choice or Greg parents choice to make where they live or who they sleep with, or who they have sex with. However, I told my son that we will do whatever it takes to protect our family.

“That we will sign a blood contract stating that if Shawn repeats his previous behavior while he home with us. He will be disowned, he will be placed under arrest and the courts will decide his fate. And I promised him we will do whatever it takes to ensure Aaron spends not one more day in the system and he and his mother will always have a home to live in regardless of the verdict tomorrow; which is why a need to speak with his grandmother before the judges gives his verdict.”

Mom said. “I see, and you decide all this without asking me first?”

Dad said. “Yes, knowing you would agree with me.”

Mom nodded. “Well your half right, I do agree with that except the part about this contract in regards to our son Shawn. Considering we had agreed we wouldn’t sign it. That everyone was going to have to trust us to make the best decision. If that happens, as a mother I feel we should give Shawn the benefit of the doubt. Before we decided that he can not be saved.”

Dad surged his shoulders said. “Sorry, Karen. But I gave my son my word and we shook on it. When a man shakes hands with another man promising certain things he can not go back on his word. Don’t get me wrong I love Shawn. But I can not allow him to become a sexual predator like the people we are taking down and have them face the law and let the courts decided their fate.

“Shawn should be given the same chance, if he repeats his previous behavior he will have to face the same fate, or we will look like liars and hypocrites… Just because he is our flesh and blood does not give him the right to rape other boys without severe consequences. If we do nothing, Shawn will become the very monsters we are trying to stop. I can let that happen.

“I love him, but if he becomes another Mr. Tate or another Crawford how wills you feel when he has raped and murdered his victims? Knowing we should have stopped him when we had a chance? I can not live with myself or look God in the eye and tell him. I couldn’t do it, because he was my own flesh and blood. Jonathon, Jason, and Jared are our flesh and blood too. How do you think they will feel when we allowed Shawn back into our home and he rapes them and possibly kills them because we did nothing to stop him, giving his past, going on faith that he is serious about turning his life around?”

Mom gave a heavy sigh and said. “I know, but my mothers gut tells me he has changed. So I am giving him the benefit of the doubt until then…”

Dad said. “Agreed, nothing changes, until then. Now let’s go check in so I can call home. I am dying for a hot long bath and massage from my wife. The only one that knows what I like besides my son here; but he has own wife and two husbands to attend too.” Dad placed his arm around me, said; “a son that I love more than life itself, and very proud knowing he is now going to be Dad himself.”

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