The Verdict  Part 5

The Verdict Part 5

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 283-4

The Verdict

Part 5


Rhoda and everyone was waiting for me as I opened the door, to our honeymoon suite. Jackie was already running us a nice warm bubble bath. The moment the door was closed I hang a sign that said do not disturb on it as Rhoda Eli and Greg assaulted me, by pushing me against the wall and taking turns kissing me, barely leaving me any time to breathe. I would kiss one while the other two worked on my clothes, by ripping open my shirt as the buttons flew across the room.

Flipping my tie over my right shoulder after losing it part way so they could rip the last button so they could open my shirt completely, and let hang open as they licked and kissed my chest and teased my n*****s with their lips and biting softly all the way down to my belly button. While they worked my belt and pulled it out of the loops and tossed it into the corner.

Rhoda slapped my hands away as I tried to help. Forcing my hands to the side, and pulled me away from the wall and into a pair of fuzzy handcuffs placing my hands in front of me. Eli and Greg picked me up and carried me by my feet and shoulders, and tossed me onto the big red heart shape bed as I watched Rhoda slip off her dress leaving her in only in her bra and panties. When I arrived at the bed things got a little more interesting, as Eli and Greg pulled a switchblade pocket knife, hearing it snap into place and smiled at me. I said. “Moms going to kill you if you ruin my Sunday clothes.”

They all laughed at me as Rhoda said. “No, she won’t, considering the clothes belong to us not her. We could always buy more, besides I have always hated that white shirt and these blue dress pants you and the boys are wearing and that god awful tie is an eyesore.” She said removing my shoes and my socks tossing them over her shoulder. Greg and Eli told me not to move as they cut away my shirt and pulled the ruined fabric from underneath me.

Rhoda told Greg to come closer ripping open his shirt like I had done with mine as Jackie entered the room naked. She had a belly now, not a huge one yet, but it was obvious that she was pregnant. In any case, she was still beautiful to us; it was like watching one of God's miracles happening.

Jackie reached into her purse and pulled out several condoms and several small bags of our special tea, and mixed into a copper iron teapot and set it to boil on low on the small camp style burner, no doubt didn’t come with the room. Placing the condoms on the nightstand; Rhoda was busy as she did the same thing to Greg’s white shirt and tie allowing Jackie to put him also into set of fuzzy handcuffs and walked him to the bed telling him to lie next to me, as the girls removed his shoes, and socks as well as his belt.

By that time Eli had my Sunday pants in ruins and was told to do the same to Greg’s pants and shirt, while the girls worked Eli’s shirt off hearing long tares of fabric as they ripped it from the back. Using one of the switch blades watching Rhoda remove his shoes and socks telling him to lie down next to me and Greg as we lay on the bed only in our boxers as the girls straddle us taking their time as they carefully cut open our boxers. Asking if have been good today.

We shook our heads no. It was a game we all played knowing being bad meant a punishment of awesome sex. If we were good all we would get was an oral stimulation.

The tea kettle went off watching Rhoda and Jackie get off the bed. Rhoda told us not to move one inch unless you didn’t count our boy's penis at full attention as we watched our girls walk the room preparing what was to come next. Rhoda slid out of her bra and panties.

Jackie reminded Rhoda that they couldn’t groom us, in each of our delicate locations and the same went for Rhoda, we were told arrive dirty and in rags as new sex slaves. Jerald and Samuel said that it was important that we arrived that way. So we could be seen we came from the streets.

Rhoda helped with the cups as Jackie poured the tea adding ice to it stirring so it wouldn’t burn us, the drink need to steep with the herbs and spices, then cooled before drinking to make it work the way we intended. Stringum was working on mass production by putting into tea bags.

For now, we had to do it manually by putting it into either a coffee filter or small tea bags then seal them. Coffee filters waste more of the herbs then the individual tea bags. The girls helped us sit up and having us drinks it. Telling us that if we had plans on sleeping tonight that wasn’t going to happen. That tonight we would be playing some new games and using some new toys they had purchased in bulk for the store.

S and M (Sadomasochism) was becoming very popular and was spreading like fire; which is the giving or receiving of pleasure�"sometimes sexual�"from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. Like slapping one's face, a good spanking, sometimes using specially made whips that only in flicked mild pain like a slap across the face would or being spanked with a bare hand or soft leather belt or whip or switch depending on the amount of pain the person can handle without being harmed. We were being taught to be able not only to inflict pain but be the one receiving it.

Neither my mother nor my grandmother knew that we had planned to spend the night at the Hilton when we were done with court. We wanted to spend as much time together as we could with our spouses before we had to get on the plane and begin our roles as sex slaves newly purchased.

We had already packed an overnight bag, and Landon had already made the arrangements so when we were done with court we could go directly to our rooms where everything would be waiting for us, that all we had to do was drive to the airport and get on the plane.

We weren’t allowed to take much with us since newly sex slaves traveled with nothing more then what is on their backs. It was up to our new bosses to provide clothing, shelter, and food for us. However, Jeff had already made a list of the people that would take those roles.

Dad had the list, and he was most likely informing Mom that neither of them was being on it. But the most shocking factor was who he had chosen. Of course, they didn’t have to take his advice they could always choose the ones they felt would be better suited for the roles that needed to be filled.

In regards to me however there wasn’t an exception and Jeff had made it abundantly clear earlier. Yet once again our lives were being manipulated. We had just finished bathing and were having sex again forth fifth time due to tea; which made us all extra horny and we just practicing one the new positions we would be used as sex slaves.

Now being a nudist had rules, and being a recently married couples inside their honeymoon suite had their own which was we didn’t give a tinkers damn what the outside world while the door opened while were having sex together, we knew we should have locked it, but everyone knew we would be preoccupied until it was time for dinner and for hour big meeting, and we were told they call first. However, someone didn’t get that message nor bothered reading the sign on the door.

Rhoda said. “Were a little busy, can’t you read the….sign,” cutting off her words as the door opened seeing my grandmother standing in the doorway. She blushed as her eyes opened real wide noticing that Jackie and Rhoda each had horsewhip in their hands and were kneeling behind me and Eli with a double-sided fake penis allowing all us to have sex at the same time. 

Greg already had his turn as he was lying in front of me and Eli stretched out completely naked with his feet tied down and his arms and hands tied down to the corners of the bed with belt gag in his mouth as Eli and I were tasting him.

Rhoda said. “What do you want? Can’t you see we are a little bit busy?” She got up pulling the penis out of me and her and walked towards my grandmother with it in hand, who was speechless? Not because we were naked. She had seen all of us naked numerous times while visiting us and she didn’t care about that. It was what we were doing, yet she couldn’t stop us from doing it.

She found her voice, said. “I came to see if I could discuss some things hoping to get you to reconsider before it’s too late. That you could still walk away, and part as friends by ripping up that marriage contract as if it never happened. You are making a big mistake. I tried to talking to your parents, but they refused to listen to me. So I have come to you personally hoping that I could convince you that nothing good will come to this.

“That this has gone on long enough and it is time to stop before you all get killed. I am begging you, please don’t let your pride and your parent’s force you into this idea that you need to do what you are doing. This isn’t what God intends, this is against everything the LDS church believes in when comes to a marriage.”

Rhoda said. “Really then, let's make this clear from this moment on. We are no longer members, and we are not going to rip our marriage licenses and part ways. Most of all we are not going to stop anything we are doing and that includes have sex, like this. Or helping to take down the satanic church… we are going to get on that plane and we are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that things that happened over the last few days never happen again until there no satanic church left. Now get the hell out.”

Grandma begged us as we shook our heads telling her no and that was our final decision while Rhoda pointed her towards the door as she left the room in tears. Passing Mom and Dad, Grandma turned said. “May God forgive you, because I won’t, as for you Mr. Rothwell? I will see you in court and I will be taking my grandson Aaron with me. I can not allow you to corrupt him any further and I have you to thank for what’s going on in that room and taking my grandson Eric away from me; letting him have sex with w****s and boys that are far too young to be having sex and having children or to be married for that matter. Most parents would never allow this to happen and wait until they are much older than 16 and 17.

“In my day children listened to their elders. In my day we didn’t do what they were doing inside that room. I can handle something’s but not that. Nor what you are doing getting mixed up in things that no parent or child should ever get mixed into. My God have mercy on your souls when you lose tomorrow.” She turned and left as the elevator door opened. Dad looked at us and looked back at my grandmother as the door closed.

Rhoda explained what just happened. Dad said he wasn’t surprised but next time to lock the door. Rhoda said. “Why? There was a do not disturb sign on it,” as we all slipped into a robe. Mom looked at the ruin clothes on the floor. She didn’t say anything, as she picked them up thinking she could mind them. Jackie said taking them and throws them in the garbage can. “It isn’t like the boys are going to be needing them for a while, but Mrs. Shepherd should have known better too walk into our room when we placed the do not disturb sign on the door. What did she expect that we wouldn’t be having sex?” She rolled her eyes.

Mom said. “True, we know better than to trespass where we aren’t wanted. We came up to tell you that a packaged arrived with no name on it to tell us who it was from that had been addressed to you, and followed Doris up here. Wondering what the hell she was doing up here when she supposed to be at her hotel. And finding out she just got done speaking with Greg’s parents trying to get them to reconsider everything that has taken place today, and not let Greg go on this trip, and quit helping us take down the satanic church. She told them she is going ask the Judge to consider placing all their children into foster care if they don’t stop what they are doing.

“Then bring them before the LDS church for sex abuse, and other charges she could stick to them that she thinks that they are doing, even charge them for destroying her son Jim reputation in Santaquin. That being said, we are very curious to see what’s in this package with each of your names on, using the married name you used today.”

Mom handed a small package that was a small blue box with a white ribbon on top to seal it. It said exactly what Mom and Dad said. Just our names on… our real names on it, the ones we used to in the courtroom as we were being married. We could only think who would go to all the trouble makes sure we got it. 

I quickly opened the box finding a note and a small flower blue and yellow flower with green, yellow, dark red specks in its petals, I had never seen this kind of flower before, it didn’t even smell like a flower it was close to stickweed smell mixed with sulfur. In fact, none of us had. The note said, to help me; and the ones I loved for proving our valor today.

“According to the note I was too give the flower to Dora and she would make some sort of potion that would help us on our mission. That we should drink the potion at midnight tomorrow night, standing naked in the moonlight while having sex. Giving the exact positions we should be in while drinking the potion.

It was unclear to why and unclear what the effect of the potion would do to us. Inside the box said to make sure the pilot was at these coordinates by the time midnight where the moon was at that point in the sky and not before and not after. And when we land a car will be waiting to take us and our two white witches to undisclosed locations.

Dad and Mom said, “So it seems that you five are all going and will be flying before everyone else. The question is why, and who is responsible for this?” Like I need to say that I had a feeling Jeff had something to with this. Stringum knocked on the door and waited for us to answer it. He had another large package in his hands and that seemed it had some weight to it. Dora and Dr, Sars was right behind him with Arthur. Man, I was glad we were at least wearing a robe. I hated being naked in front of Arthur, knowing how he couldn’t resist looking at my manhood and lick his lips.

It was always kind of creepy when he did it. It was a reminder that he had helped Shawn rape his younger brothers and the boys in our neighborhood. He set the package down in front of us said. “I was told to deliver this to you before you guys boarded the plane that will be waiting for you at the Provo Airport. Dora said that it didn’t matter if you opened now said she and my wife Dr. Sars had received several interesting gifts before we left Heber said they are to be in the air at some strange coordinates working some sort of spell they have never heard of or seen any of their books. However, the words and ritual seemed based on white magic origins.” We all nodded as I passed our package to them and our note.

Dora and Dr. Sars eyes widen seeing the flower. Stated it was a very rare flower, and very hard to find, but this one had been recently picked and been preserved by some sort of spell. They each quickly looked over their notes they had gotten with the list of the rest of the ingredients they would need to make the potion that was described. Right now they had people bring them here as well as their equipment to make this strange potion, but they were lacking this very rare flower to create the potion, without it, it might as well be a strong tea.

We opened the boxes finding fine silk white robes, with each of our names pinned on them telling us to only wear these and nothing else they barely covered our lower region. That everything we need will be provided for us, including telling us that food and drink we shouldn’t eat anything after 6 pm, other then what has been prepared by Dora or Dr. Sars after that. That they have been given the list of foods and drinks we should part take; that we needed to eat and drink every bite of it or have the rest destroyed by fire using some sort of spell and ritual.

Again it seemed that someone was watching our every move as the robe with my name on it had my real name on it and the symbol of a tiger drawn in gold thread on both sides of the front and the back of the robe. Stringum gave us the sign that said we could be watched at this moment giving us the sign, which was two fingers touching his right elbow tapping lightly, seeing that every item had been delivered by a special messenger that seemed had vanished into thin air according to the manager of the hotel.

Dad said whispering, “Is your friend here, do you think it was him.” I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders not knowing, but it was very possible due to all the strange things he and his friends were capable of doing. Stringum too said that he hadn’t seen him since court today after the documents went up into flame, but it didn’t mean he didn’t have anything to do with this. My mother and Jennie knocked on the open door said that everyone downstairs in the lobby was now checking in. She acted normal as if none this had been planned in advance. Well mostly planed in advance looking at our packages.

Dora quickly closed the lids placing our package inside with our robes. Telling Arthur to carry it to their room, and not too drop it. Dr. Sars said. “I’ll meet you all downstairs. Is it’s not a formal dinner by any means in fact rather a special surprise courtesy to whoever is responsible for all this and what they want us to do tonight and tomorrow, its kind of exciting mystery, but there seems to be nothing to suggest they wish to harm us and everything has so far has been the opposite.”

Stringum said finally noticing our ruined clothes hanging over the garbage can in the room, and knowing we only packed clothes to change into after court and nothing else, but since we were all staying the night anyway. He said it shouldn’t be a problem noting the time that it was close to 7 pm.

Dora said. “No problem at all, Dr. Sars and I have already prepared our newlyweds their first meal together.  The instruction said that should be dressed only these robes before entering our dining room. That no clothing other then robe should be worn. And again once they are done with court tomorrow which was why we had told those that were going tomorrow not pack any so they arrive with a little less big deal.”

Stringum said. “Like they will need any considering our guest have made that abundantly clear.” 

He chuckled lightly as he eyed us. “It was just in fortunate that his grandmother walked in on them, and it’s her own fault really. After all what else would be going on inside this room with a sign on the door that says do not disturb? But they should have locked the door, to prevent meddling grandmothers from walking in announced. Well damn, it too hell we catch hellfire tomorrow from her, but she should have known better. It was no secret where we would be staying tonight until our plane’s leave. It is what it is. Let’s go down and eat so we can discuss how things might play out tomorrow.  So these kids can get back to what they were doing before we intruded on their privacy.”

We all walked into the elevator with our hotel room keys in our robe pocket. The moment we arrived at the lobby people started to stare at us until we were mobbed by all our friends. Congratulated us for getting married and to congratulate me and Rhoda finding out she was with child, my child this time.

I couldn’t have been prouder, thinking that I was going to be a father. I made myself a promise that I would love that child regardless if it was a boy or girl. That I wasn’t going to be my father, in fact, I was already thinking I would name the baby after my Downing parents. Rhoda agreed that it would make them happy and a way to honor their memory.

My mother, however, wasn’t as pleased about that and felt hurt that we wouldn’t name the child if it was a girl after her, but when I reminded her that she was about to be a grandma, her smile brightened. I knew my father wouldn’t be, and he had stated as much. Not that he would be allowed anywhere near my children, he wouldn’t be known as their grandfather, for as I was concerned he was dead to them. Mom and Dad, however, were bursting with pride touching Rhoda’s stomach as proud grandparents.

Eli too was proud of the fact he too was going to be father, even though his first child wasn’t his, but he didn’t care. He liked me believed it takes more than sperm to be a father. It took a lot more than that and he was prepared to give the baby all that he had inside of him. They knew it was going to be a boy, and they were naming it after his Dad. Because Dad had been more than a father to him and Jackie, his father had died a few weeks ago in his prison cell of a heart attack.

He was thinking that if he named him after him, it would remind him who he was and what his father had done while the High Bishop of the satanic church. He was indeed a child murder and rapists. What kind person like deserved that kind of honor, too have their first grandson named after them?

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