A Roman Feast  Part 1

A Roman Feast Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 284

A Roman Feast

Part 1

I watched as Stringum palmed some green stuff to the manager look the other way, as we 5 were lead through the main dining room quickly as we headed to the closed-off dining room; having every one turn seeing underdressed for dinner or dressed like everyone else in the dining room who were staring at us as they whispered to each other or their waiter. Telling them what is the world coming too; allowing people to come down to dinner only dressed in a bathrobe.

No one else followed as I noticed that Dr. Sars and Dora were handing out something that looked like white shirt boxes to everyone including all the children and their parents that lived on our mountain, as they raced up the elevators to their rooms telling them not to doodle. My mother opened the package said. “You got to be kidding me.”

Dora said. “Linda; you will be fine, think of it as one of our games.”

Jennie looked at her said. “Yes Linda, it will be fun;” placing something green that looked like leaves of some kind on my mothers head.

Once the door was opened for us while the manager handed Stringum the key as he told us to put on the clothes that are on our chairs; as we noticed a 3 very large white-clothed table covered with food, from dates, olives and grapes and other fruits I didn’t recognize. With suckling pig and large roasts steaming with a pile steaming vegetables of every kind, it was too vast to name them all. It was a wedding feast befitting a king of old. 

In front was another smaller table that was almost to the floor sitting on some type large platform surrounded with 5 low opened couches sitting in half square end to end so the guest could see us clearly and them seeing the ones that would be sitting around the table on the platform. On the table were five golden goblets with gems circled all around them, and several clay pitchers; near them and all the food that was on the rest of the tables.

Having our guest sit on of three very long one-sided tables that had fine crystal glasses and several silver buckets with ice with champagne bottles or sparkling apple juice that were placed on the tables. The odd thing was there was no silverware of any kind except a steak knife made of pure silver for cutting and a two-prong fork also made of silver and oversized plate with a wooden bowl at each of the table settings to put their food on, and a large square gold napkin with silver edging.

There was no other silverware other then a large fork stabbed in each of the meats and ladles and severing spoons. The very large tables were about 2 feet tall with large rich pillows of every color for chairs in front of each place setting; each one had a name tag to where the person would be sitting. It was something out of a fairy tale or old history book dating back to the day they worshiped Greek Gods, seeing all that food being displayed in urns and platters made of fine silver and gold. It was obvious that we five were to sit at the platform table looking over our guests. 

The room too had been transformed into a large green garden of potted trees and shrubs including a waterfall as it trickled down into small pound. All the sides were stone marble pillars or they looked like stone. In the background, there was music of harps playing including birds mixed in it. The ceiling above us was draped with a white canopy of see-through and non-see-through material. As it pointed towards the main table on the platform where there were several pillars draped with fresh cut flowers arranged into a garland of leaves circling each of the pillars around the room.

Above us was stage lights hanging from the ceiling and but non inside the large dome over the platform. The stage lights which they sat on had been painted white to blend in against the canopy. I had a feeling that all of this was Stringum’s doing, but who could blame him? He wanted to make up for what happened last time we were married. It was all so Cinderella and perfect. 

The room smelled of food and the scent of pine and flowers. In the front was more fabric of white see-through fabric as it made an arch like a tent and gathered every so often to create smaller arches with tied golden rope as it circled around the dome. Along sides of our platform where the big empty space was there were big bowls of golden cauldrons lit with fire and wood spaced about every 6 to 7 feet as it licked the air giving us heat…. to almost too warm to the point you would need to have window open or you would sweat like we were already doing in our bathrobes. On the ground in the middle of this empty space was a large carpet of green to look like grass, which seemed out of place, while other colorful rugs placed with the three very long tables.

Whoever did this went all out, and had money. I questioned if was Stringum being as he was the one with this kind of money and several of our friends. He must have been working tirelessly to make sure we have wedding dinner to remember after the last one that was nice until turned into a nightmare. However, Stringum looked amazed as we did, as I asked if he was responsible for all this and wanted to thank him.

He shook his head, no, said. “I had planed nice dinner with some sort of entrainment. The moment you surprised us at the courthouse by getting married, but this?” He said as he pointed towards everything. “This was not my doing. It was like this when I arrived this morning before the court proceedings and long before we checked in. I added the lights and sound system so it could be filmed, but that’s it, well a little bit more in regards to the entertainment that Dora allowed me in on.

“But as I said the manager said that everything we see here arrived two days ago. I asked or ghostly friend about it he said…. that it had to do with some friends of his that you guys will meet on your journey to where we are going. That I should make sure everyone participated tonight. He didn’t say why or what those details were. I am just shocked as you are when I found this room like this. Other then Dora and my wife had stated it was on a need to know bases and I wasn’t one of those people.

“They prepared this wedding dinner by following the instructions they were given and told me that I should butt out. So I am butting out. Now if you will excuse me I must change into my clothes that our guests have chosen us to wear tonight and you should do the same.” He turned on his heal as Dr. Sars came into the room to get him she was dressed in a robe like us and so was Arthur closing the door, chewing him out telling us to find our individual packages on the seats on the platform and put them on.

We found our spots seeing each of our names on packages on our seats. The girls bounced up and down with excitement opening their boxes finding a white Roman Greek dress and a golden belt made out of gold leaves and a set of pearls for their hair with fresh daisies and small makeup kit and a gold handle hand mirror.

We boys found a similar outfit that was more like robes with no sleeves trimmed in gold along its edges with lions in the middle of the gold trim in small little black shadow boxes. In many ways, it was just very thin short white sheet and as for our crown, it was a circle of golden maple leaves that had been made by hand. There was nothing more in our boxes, as the girls removed their robes making us boys smile and feeling our manhood come to full attention seeing them naked. The girls quickly put theirs on while us 3 boy’s did our best too figure how to put ours on or why we were told to dress like this for dinner, having the girls help us.

Dora and Dr. Sars soon came back in telling Arthur to sit at the end of the table and not touch anything. Handing him a coloring book with crayons too keep him busy. He too was dressed like us, other then the fact his robe was all white and had green trim and his crown was made of green leaves as he did what he was ask folding his large bare feet under him as he kneeled on his pillow stealing a handfuls of purple grapes hiding them in his lap hoping no one saw him. However, Dr. Sars noticed, but gave a heavy sigh stating it wasn’t worth the effort to punish him just because he was hungry, and who wouldn’t be looking at all this food?

Dr. Sars and Dora were dressed in the same fashion as the girls however Dr. Sars dress was made out light pink fabric and Dora’s was a very light blue fabric with some sort of cape that flared out with their arms tied to their wrists that had large gold and green bracelets at their wrist holding up their dress capes and above their elbows. Around their necks was a large gold neck collar covering their bare shoulders and the front their breasts.

With an inlay of red gems in a layered pattern and tied around each of their waists was a band of golden rope that went from their waist to the bottom of their knees, both were barefoot, as they did the last of the finishing touches, checking off a list of items on their clipboard. Adding a little scroll at each of the places as everyone else came in gasping at the table; having Dora attend to us picking up our discarded robes and tossing behind the platform out of the way.

Dora quickly told us to follow her around our canopy platform where there as a small walkway; that led out the back and would then we be led out into the hallway; when our guests take their seats. Rhoda asked what they were up to, but all they would do is shush us telling us we would find out soon enough.

Jackie and Rhoda bounced up and down with excitement while we gazed out watching everyone else come into our little paradise garden gasping as their eyes filled with awes how everything looked. I had to admit it was pretty awesome.

Fran, Cindy, Loran and Samantha Greg’s two sisters and Terry’s older sister quickly came around the corner to where we were taking their places standing two by two holding baskets with rose petals Each of them were warring the same kind of dress as Dora and Dr. Sars except for the large nick collar letting their bare shoulders be shown as the dress was tied at the back of their neck and came down the front creating a small V shape covering their breasts.

With a golden rope tied down around their waist as it flowed down the front, on their heads was a small band of gold plus the other girls I knew hadn’t seen in very long time soon joined them, carrying a basket of rose petals as well. I hadn’t seen many of them since leaving Highland, and they had gone on to college either at BYU or at Utah Valley known to some as Trade Tec. Now it is Called Utah State University College of Orem Utah. We had lots to catch up on as we whispered back and forth waiting to be lead out into the hallway.

Then there were the boys that were our age being dressed like us boys who were all our best friends as they took places in-between the girls holding large green palm branches. Dora telling them in whispers what they were supposed to do as were led out the side door and circled around to the main dining room as our family and the rest of friends took their seats.

Causing a huge commotion as people stared at them as they passed the hotel guest going into the dining room, as the last ones were arriving for dinner. Many of them smiled as they said how nice we looked, asking us what was going on in the other room. We shrugged our shoulders doing our best to keep our robes from slipping off our shoulders; even though it became obvious that we were having some sort of wedding feast in style of a Roman Greek dinner party.

Having many them sneak a peek as they gasped at our dining room as our friends made their way in; dressed in the same style as we were; the woman all wearing either all white with gold rope with green leaves or circlet of gold or silver in their hair or a light colored dress with a dress cape flowing out the back. While rest of boys were wearing the same style of robe, wearing either in white, blue or green pastel colors with a circle of green leaves on their head, all were barefoot.

The girls and their parents chatted like a bunch of birds telling them no, it wasn’t going to happen after sneaking a peak. My mother and Jennie were the last ones to arrive with my brother Aaron and Jennie’s kids wearing the same outfits.

My mother and Jennie were both wearing a white dress, but my mother had a large gold sash over the front to indicate royalty with small a crown with a diamonds, that were most likely made of paste and plastic.

Aaron wore a green circlet of gold leaves which was smaller than the rest of the boys and his robe was all white with green trim, and it did go past his knees, while us older boys didn’t even come close, almost mid hip range and very drafty for those that weren’t wearing underwear.

Once everyone had taken their places Dora had our honor guarded take their places telling us to wait outside the door of our portion of the closed-off dining room as everyone in the main dining room started to crowd around us asking what’s going on coming late to the party as the manager told the waiters to rope off the walkway.

Telling the people in the main dining room that it’s a private wedding dinner. Having several of his staff hold the back the curious guests as they whispered how young the five of us were asking the manager is this for real or is just pageant of actors. He shrugged his shoulders, not telling them anything other than to return to their seats.

The moment our honor guard friends were in place lining up creating a double line. A loud fanfare of trumpets sounded and everyone turned and rose to their feet. Our bridesmaids started throwing flowers as the boy's bedside them crossed palm branches.

Stringum said. “Ladies and gentlemen, our Kings Nate, Eli and Greg, and their Queens Rhoda and Jackie, all rise and take notice for this day they have been married according to the laws of our state until death do us part.”

Everyone gasped and clapped and cheered as we made our way in hearing hotel guest gasp and some grumbled we were all married. “Please God tell me this isn’t true they are so young?”

Rhoda and Jackie smiled back holding their ring fingers where I had placed each of their wedding rings. The same woman said. “Shouldn’t there should be three brides?” Greg smiled showing his wedding ring that matched the rest of ours. The woman fainted, and that created a panic, as the doors closed shutting them out and the outside world. I could think about what they would do if they saw us kiss.

My mother, Aaron, Jennie, and her family were sitting at the first table that was the one facing the platform, with Greg’s family and my adoptive family All wearing royal robes and dresses like ours. Watching both my mothers and adopted sisters grab a Kleenex, to dab their eyes commenting how beautiful we looked while Dad and Stringum took pictures.

Mr. Vincent who made it back in time just for this, was filming us with a camcorder so we could have something to remember this by as Mr. Kirkland the only one that wasn’t dressed like us and his filming crew, was busy behind some large trees with real filming equipment as our filming crew followed us down the aisle.

While Mr. Kirkland and worked the soundboard and the lights; while we made our way down the small aisle of red carpet lined with gold fringe. Watching our bride’s maids and bests men trading places to keep up with us having us to slow down and wait….

The moment we moved forward they would work from back to front until we made it up to the platform steps and fade into the background taking their seats. While we turned taking the hands of each other, as Stringum stood in the middle of everything wearing a same white robe, but his shoulders were covered in gold and silver trim clothe draped over his shoulders, wearing a gold crown of leaves like ours.

Holding a large scroll in his hand said. “Ladies and gentlemen of the court I present to you your Kings and Queens of the evening.” He turned and bowed too us placing his right hand over his sternum. We bowed to our guest in the same manner after they had bowed to us.

We took our seats on our individual couches that had been placed in 5 corners square. Dora whispered too us. “It’s not polite to keep your guest waiting; you must eat first, and toast them raising a glass.” I did what I was told and as we all stood and being as I was the head of our little family.

I picked up a clay pitcher and poured into each of our golden goblets, I said. “Thank you for coming, to our wedding feast. May you feast upon our good fortune and may the heavens bless us and you this night.” It was something I was told to memorize as we stood out in the hallway.  

Everyone raised a glass and I drank finding what I had just poured was red wine and not the non-alcoholic kind. It was not usual for me to drink wine of any kind, not more than a glass full when we celebrated. However, there were 3 pitchers full sitting at our table and were told to drink it all and eat everything on the table, until we could no longer eat or drink another drop.

I thought ok this can’t be good. I took our seats as Dora took her seat with her three boys and the High Bishop as he raised a glass to us with a nod of his head.

The moment we began eating, finding there was only one fork or I thought it was fork having only two prongs at the ends and steak knife both made out of gold with strange lettering in symbols on them. That I recognized in some of the drawings I had seen when Dora and Dr. Sars was tracing them around my bedroom or similar to it.

I didn’t give much thought other than ok that’s odd shrugging my shoulders a little feeling the wine already going to my head and it was barely a sip, Noticing the other serving utensils all had the same symbols in graved on them; which really wonder what really was going on? I could feel the room getting warm already and everyone at my table soon confirmed it that something was going on, but what?

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