A Roman Feast  Part 4

A Roman Feast Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 284-3

A Roman Feast

Part 4


My grandmother said. “Where should I begin? Taking a seat to rest her old bones asking the Judges if it was ok for her to sit said. “Last evening I paid a visit to the Earls and many of the Carrions friends at the hotel they were staying in. Hoping to get them to see reason that this trip they were planning, that no good could come from it. I tried to get them to see reason that the Carrions were manipulating them and their children. Yet they spurned me and refused to listen to me and were unwilling to help me convince the courts or the Carrions to see reason and stop this insanity of theirs.

“My last hope was me to get my Grandson Nate too see reason, and come away with me, so he wouldn’t lose his brother in this fight. Yet when I knocked on his door and was told come in. What I saw was something I wish I had never seen. Nate and his friends were in engaged in barbaric sex practices to the likes I have never seen in my life.

“Where their wives were using a double-sided fake penis and forcing them inside the boy’s butts and a woman’s orifice, while Greg was strapped down in front of the boys stretched out and in serious pain as they tortured him and the boys. With his feet and hands tied to the bed and a leather belt was used as a gag while the boys were being forced by the girls to share his penis between them.

“Each of the girls held a horsewhip in their hands wearing leather spikes around their neck that went down midway towards their stomach allowing their breast to be shown through the holes that were provided.

“Each of the boys they were forced to have sex with… were each wearing leather spiked collars. With chains attached to them like animals pulled on a leash; laughing as they beat them repeatedly with the whips in their hand forcing the boys to obey them. They yelled at me, telling me to leave and never come back that they were busy. Busy punishing their husbands for all things they did wrong today. I refused to leave, wanting answers to why they were doing this.

Rhoda told me because they can, and I couldn’t stop them, now that they are considered adults now. I tried to tell them this was wrong and the LDS church will be informed the moment I returned to my hotel.

“Rhoda slammed the fake penis down on the table in front of me as I sat pleading them to stop this and listen to me; noticing that it was indeed a torture device like the one Gloria West used on Nate when she physically rapes him. She told me to go ahead and do it as they untied Greg; I had asked if they would at least cover themselves knowing I was uncomfortable with their nakedness, and they had done so many times around me, but they refused this time, forcing me to look at them and their nakedness.

“Rhoda said That it no longer care about how I felt or the LDS church felt about them about having sex with whoever they wish and how they wish or where it was done. That they had decided to leave the church and never set foot in it ever again unless they felt like it. That they were no longer members of the LDS church, in fact at that moment they are not members of any church. 

“My heart wept for them and my grandson Nate, being as he had been raised in the LDS faith all his life. That now that he was considered an adult he was choosing to side with his Carrion family and his wife. I tried to reason with them, but they refused to listen to me. They forced me out of the room slamming the door in my face.

"Only to open it again noticing Mr. and Mrs. Carrion and Mr. Stringum with his wife Dr. Sars who is voodoo high priestess and her lover Dora the Queen of the satanic church in Heber. Carrying wedding presents for Nate and Eli. I confronted them, on what had just taken place, and they told me to mind my own business. Threaten my life if I didn’t leave them alone or saying anything about what has taken place in their home.

“However I didn’t leave right away as I waited for a taxi to take me back to my hotel I noticed that more of Nate’s friends from Santaquin and Highland where they used to live was just arriving with wedding presents and checking into the hotel for the night.

“So I called my son Jim that he neede to be here as a wittiness to what was happening and to bring his daughters and we would have dinner here instead so we could get good seats to what was about to happen. Asking him if he received an invitation, which none of us had gotten in the mail.

“Seeing many of them had these invitations that said Nate and them had been planning this wedding fiasco the whole time. Including had already reserved the rooms and a private dining room to hold the wedding reception. Noticing that it had been elaborately decorated watching Stringum check the lights and the sound system. This was no spare of the moment wedding as we were all to believe. This was planned way in advance, and once again his father and I were left in the dark.

“After taking pictures of the party, I was too upset to leave as I waited in the lobby trying to figure out the best way to help my grandson Nate, hoping to get him alone. When my grandson and his wives and husbands came out of the dining room into the hallway…heading towards the elevators.

“All they had on was a bathrobe trying to hide the fact they were all naked included two of the girls who were friends with the boys noticing that robes were open where the hotel guest could see them if they looked in their direction, but they were to busy inside the main dining room to notice, as their parents helped them all to the elevator and their room; because they were all drunk, and they were told to drink as much wine as possible and have sex all night long.

“I was dumbfounded learning that the Carrions had allowed this to happen and thought they felt strongly about their children or them about drinking any sort of alcohol or other than a small glass of wine every once and while on special occasions, but not to the point of getting drunk on it.

“Yet appears I was wrong, it became obvious that my only recourse was to present my case here in court. Since they would refuse to listen to reason and I beg you, Judge Griffin, to reconsider your ruling to allow Nate to be seen as an adult and remove him from the Carrions forthwith… before the next time, I see Nate will be his dead body found lying in a morgue and the Carrions and their friends long gone where the law can not touch them.

“I beg you to do what is right. Listen to what my son Jim has to say. Look at all the proof he has that says his wife Linda should be placed into a mental faculty allowing me to see to both my grandson needs, by putting them both back into the system or be placed into a home for boys. Let my son raise his two daughters as he and I see fit, while he finds a mother that is worthy of their love.” Grandma was crying as she finished her last statement and fell silent.

Dad said. “Are you finished? For I would like to tell the Judge what really happened and to why we did not send you a wedding invitation.”

My grandmother said. “By all means let’s hear you explain yourself out of this one.”

Dad said. “Let’s see, last time you saw my son was at the Halloween fundraiser. And the last time I checked being married means you are an adult to make your own decisions. That includes the drinking wine, which was more of a grape juice mix and it was our decision as adults to let them drink it and as much as they wanted. It wasn’t if they were drinking and driving, they were spending the night in the honeymoon suite where they could do whatever they liked.

“And what’s more, what did you expect Doris when people get married they have sex. Lot and lots of sex and you knew that we allowed Nate to have sex with anyone he likes, that it was his decision, not yours, and that his mother and us had given him permission as long as it was safe sex and he wasn’t forcing anyone to have sex with him, long before this Satanic Church business ever happened.

“You yourself accepted the fact that we were raising your grandsons in a nudist environment and a free love society, and were fine with it because we weren’t doing anything wrong, and you have stated and signed an agreement like all the other parents that they were fine with it and wanted to participate.”

Grandma cringed and said. “Yes, but you misled me and everyone else to believe it was wasn’t anything more then one sharing yourselves that this lifestyle you believed God intended and had said many times to me, if Adam and Eve never left the garden this would be the result, but I saw wasn’t sex. It was forcible rape and torture of the worst kind. God never intended what I had seen. You know it and I know it.”

Dad said. “But you are forgetting a few facts which were they were married, by the Judge himself in a court of law, you and your son Jim witnessed it. They were granted the freedom to be seen as adults, and make adult decisions.

“Which also means you and I can not tell them what to do because they are no longer children. Plus the fact there was a do not disturb sign on the door. Yes, they should lock the door, to keep noisy grandmothers out, but it shouldn’t have been necessary; knowing what the sign meant and knowing perfectly well that they could be having sex, behind closed doors like any other horny married couple or in their case all 5 of them.

“Rhoda told you they were busy or tried to as you forced yourself inside the room ignoring the sign on the door, ignoring everything including the fact they were told they were married in a court of law and were ruled, adults.

“You ignored their privacy sign and walked in where you and I weren’t wanted. What you saw wasn’t torture, you assumed it was because you never have seen what they were doing before I have very little doubt that pain you thought you saw was nothing more than pleasure. It’s called sex bondage or S and M. where they mix moderate pain with sex to heighten their arousal of having sex.

“Now then as I was saying before you interrupted me, the reason to why you weren’t invited to the wedding dinner is simple and you know why, but Judge Griffin doesn’t. I had hoped we could work out our differences, but apparently, you are not ready to listen to reason.

“As I was saying… and I will be brief as possible. That Rhoda had asked me and my wife not too mention the fact she could be pregnant with Nate’s child until she could see a doctor to confirm it other than the pregnancy test you can buy at any pharmacy over the counter.

“Nate was thinking about remarrying Rhoda before we go on our trip but was told to keep a secret.  Many of us got together and decided to throw a huge dinner party before we leave on our trip. Not even Nate or his two husbands or their wives knew about it. His two sisters Kerry and Jody sent out invitation about a week ago and we were planning to give you yours on Saturday before you left for home.

“Yet you did something inexcusable, and because of that, you were kicked out of our home. After you tried to talk Nate too pack his and his brother things and leave our family. The family he has grown to love, and us have grown to love him and his brother Aaron. Yet when he refused to do so, you tranquilized him using some leftover tranquilizers you were given when he stayed with you for a few days last Thanksgiving.

“Thank God they were old, and thank God it wasn’t his current prescription because if they weren’t, you could have put him into a coma or killed him with an overdose. You tranquilized him and then tricked us to believe he was really sick after going without sleep for little over a week other than a couple of hours here and there.

“Without waking up screaming because of night terrors which happen more often when he goes without sleep for long periods of time. You tricked us into believing he needed to go to the hospital knowing the only one close was the one in Salt Lake City.

Once we there you called the cops and family services on us, telling them that his life was in danger. That we were bad parents; you tried to get us arrested and put a restraining order on us. You tried to take him away, even if it meant you had to lie to do it.

“If wasn’t for the tests that showed all those tranquilizer in his system and had caught you red-handed as you tranquilized him again in the hospital causing a panic, hoping to buy you enough time to get that restraining order, but by that time you were out of tranquilizers and Nate was awake and he was able to tell us and the cops and his caseworker what really happened.

“That is the reason Doris you didn’t get an invitation to the wedding party last night. As for his father… his mother told us not to bother sending one to him or his two sisters, but apparently, you decided to crash the party in hopes of finding some dirt on us, and to your credit.

“All you did was make things worse for yourself. I am going to advise my son Nate to not bother going to your house for Thanksgiving or for Christmas, like he has done every year he has lived with us, and the Downing’s or any foster parent, because some dumb caseworker believes that children should be home during the Holidays no matter if their parents do not want them there.

“Christmas is not a time of joy, But for Nate and Aaron, in your son’s house. It is pure torture knowing that their sisters will be getting presents and they won’t. That only presents they will get is when they go to your house. And Nate’s are waiting when he returns home to his foster parents. He is expected to buy a present for everyone including his parents and his two sisters. Yet the past they don’t spend one dime on him.

“This year will be his first Thanksgiving with us, as my son and part of our family. This will be his first Christmas where he will know that there is something under the tree from his brother, and from his mother and maybe from you. But he won’t be spending it with you, because of what you are doing. By hoping to take his brother and put him in a home for boys or put him into the system knowing if that happens he will never see him again.

“How do you think he should forgive you when you are taking everyone he loves away from him because you feel that what we are doing isn’t worth the risk to make sure people like his father and people that kidnap children off our streets and sell them like cattle. Rape and murder them and their families to some Demon God.

"You think by working on his emotions… using trickery and finding dirt on us or his mother makes him feel that you are only looking out for his best interests. We wouldn’t be in this courtroom today if it wasn’t for you and your son Jim. Accusing us for things we didn’t do.”

Dad gave a heavy sigh as he poured himself a glass of water that Mr. Holliman had requested for us. Dad lied about the wedding dinner, but the truth would have been unbelievable we were all glad he was fully clothed to do and it seemed believable even though it was a lie. We had no idea who was really behind this. But the invitation was handled quickly the moment Dr. Sars and Dora found out what was about to take place. It didn’t matter that it was a lie as long as it made sense and it did for it could have happened that way.

© 2019 Shep

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