A Roman Feast  Part 5

A Roman Feast Part 5

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 284-4

A Roman Feast

Part 5


Dad turned to the judge and said. “Your honor; in this file is a statement from the hospital stating that Nate was placed into the hospital because he was tranquilized by his grandmother. Also, you will find our statements to the local police and too family services. Mrs. Holliman was soon called when family services found out he was her caseworker, but Doris Shepherd requested a new one; stating that Mrs. Holliman was part of the problem, knowing that if she was allowed to be on site.

His grandmother would be able to convince that caseworker that Nate life was in danger.” Dad quickly hands our lawyer who wasn’t doing much other making sure we stayed within the law. As Dad defended our family against my father and my grandmother who were determined to do whatever it takes to win, even if it meant lying or only giving half truths.

Dad retook his seat after taking another couple of swallows, finishing his very tasty glass of water, that some of us weren’t allowed to drink, said. “As you know our lives are always at risk, but you also know that we can protect ourselves, and we have the means to do it. Including Nate and the boys are watched around the clock with help nearby if things get out of control. Every day someone dies because we can’t stop the ones responsible before it is too late.

Doris shepherd believes that what we are doing is wrong because we do not seem to be able to stop bad men from killing or sacrificing children and families to their Demon Gods. Just by picking up a paper of what happened during the Satanic Sabbath that took place over the previous weekend; tells her that we were unsuccessful in saving those that died.

“Yet if she knew how many children and parents we had saved over the last few months alone, plus the ones we saved during the Satanic Sabbath, the number would surprise her. As well as how many people right now are on their way to prison because of what we have done, would also be staggering.

“The papers only tell you the bad, but seldom tell you the whole story.  In this file in my hand is a list of how many children we have saved, and how many bad people we have taken off the streets. It is only a small handful, and we need as much help as we can get. We can not save everyone in the world, only God can, and we aren’t God, but we are doing the best we can.” Our lawyer again handed the folder over to the bailiff as he divided the copies out. Dad said leaning back as he looked at his own copy. “The last names have been blotted out, but there is a case number beside them. If she or you were to call the person over our government taskforce, they will confirm that the person does exits as well tell you what is happening with them.

“As for the children, even now they are finding homes for them, and the state foster system is being over flooded because they do not have enough families that are foster parents.  Nor are there enough doctors or child psychologist to explain to these children why some of them will never see their parents again, or why their parents want to kill them as an offering of thanks to their Demon God. These men are monsters, just like the ones we have seen on those tapes; only scarier in person.

“Yes we are risking our lives, and there is a chance we could be killed. Yet we take the same risk when we send our husbands, our sons to war to fight for our freedoms. Some come back, and some do not come back. People die in war, regardless if they are soldiers or happened to be in the way when death comes knocking on their door. However, we are all prepared to take that risk, because we know no one else will. Doris Shepherd may think this risk we are taking is a fool’s errand because she loves her grandson dearly and doesn’t want to see him hurt.

“I understand that as a parent, but I also know there comes a time when boys and girls grow up and become adults. They cannot be children forever. Nate is no longer a child; he is a man and is an adult making adult choices. He has been taught to protect himself from men like his father that think they have the right to beat them whenever they want. To kill and rape them, too kidnap other children and force them to have sex with them. These men are dangerous and should be dealt with accordingly. Not allowed to roam free without consequence.

“It takes evil and criminal acts, that Doris Shepherd and Jim Shepherd feels are immorally wrong, to catch men and women in the act of committing these crimes. The law states that we must have proof that these acts are being committed to justify reasons to put these people behind bars, or these monsters go free until caught without any wiggle room. What Doris Shepherd saw was a game these monsters like to play…. We must be allowed to do whatever it takes to catch these monsters. Giving them what they want, knowing they will lower their guard once they think they are safe and can’t get caught, which why we use boys and girls that they have known to use to commit these crimes.

“There is nothing like an innocent child, to lure them in, knowing that they can do anything they like without getting caught. Each child we use has been either prepared by us or trained by us or sometimes prepared by a monster like them. That we have either purchased from them or simply to took them with enough proof to put there rapist and kidnappers and murders away for a very long time. Then we use those same boys or girls; too lure them into our traps. Giving the child a chance to get a little payback for what they have done to them.

“We give them what they want, allowing them to do so, thinking they are safe, but in truth, they are being watched and the child and they are never alone, with help not far behind. It works, and because it works we are able to put these people behind bars. These children are loved and cared for and are willing to risk their lives because they know, that once that monster is caught and put behind bars. Lives are saved, and fewer children are rapped and kidnapped now that one more is off our streets.

“It was Doris fault for trespassing where she wasn’t wanted. The sign was on the door, and she was told to go away, but she trespassed where she wasn’t wanted. Nate, Eli, Greg and Rhoda, and Jackie are adults according to this court of law.  She can not be allowed to dismiss that fact because she feels that it is wrong, so by doing so, she feels that there should be no consequence for her actions. She was not invited to the wedding celebration because of those consequences.

“She will not have Nate sitting at her table for Thanksgiving or for Christmas this year for her actions these past few days. I am asking the court to be lenient in the case of Nate’s mother, who has proven herself that she is a fit mother, and intends to follow her treatment plan so she can be home with her children. Jim Shepherd has proven that he can not be trusted as a parent or as Man.

“He has lied; he has manipulated the truth to tell his vision of it. So it will not incriminate him. He has demonstrated that he is the one that is a danger to his children and too his wife. Linda Shepherd has police reports dating back the last year and a half when we agreed that visitation rights should be restored to her as long as her husband Jim is watched around the clock while my son Nate is in her home. The police reports will show that Jim shepherd is guilty of trying to kill my son Nate, and for physical abuse as my son, Nate was only defending himself, and his mother and his brother Aaron.

“This needs to end; he needs to understand that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. He needs to be in some sort of treatment plan to curve his anger, or he needs to get the hell out and sign the divorce papers. I would gladly pay him 10 million dollars if we knew that Jim Shepherd would stop terrorizing us and my son, and his mother and his brother, but I don’t have that kind of money, and if I did. Jim Shepherd would not stop, knowing he just got away with it, with a slap on the wrist with no consequences. He will never stop; he will keep coming after us until we are all dead.

“He is not a man to be trusted. He is, not father that loves his children, he is a monster in his own right, he is child abuser filled with hate, filled with revenge because no one is willing to take the risk to stop him. I will swear in open court. That if Mr. Shepherd lays one hand on my son Nate or his brother Aaron or their mother after today. I will take him down, like any other monster. However, he won’t see prison, he will see the hand of death around his throat as I and the people that love Nate, and his mother and brother Aaron will beat him until he is six feet under. That sir is not only a threat but a promise.”

Dad sat down as his eye stared right into my father's eyes and then I noticed the fear in them, as Dad handed over all the files to the bailiff. Handing one to my father, one to my grandmother and one too the Judge. My father’s voice shook as he stood, to accuse my Dad with everything he had. The Judges said. “Sit your a*s down Mr. Shepherd, and shut the hell up. I would like to hear from your wife. While I look over your so-called evidence, not that I haven’t already heard more then I need to make a ruling. The Hell with it, I am done.

“Mrs. Shepherd I rule in favors that if you complete your treatment program. With the stipulation that you spend three days in the hospital and 4 days out as outpatient in your home and not in miss Cranny’s home, but yours. And can prove to me you can not only take care of yourself, but your two daughters, and you keep seeing your doctor and this psychologist Dr. Washburn. I will then allow Aaron back into the home, in time for the new school year in January. In the meantime, I rule that Aaron remains with the Carrions until further notices. Being as he is a better fit with their lifestyle than having to bounce him around in the system, because of his odd behavior that most would find upsetting to them.

“However Mr. Carrion will agree that Aaron will not be participating in the work he is doing with the government task force. While Mr. Carrion is away, the Earls will watch him… and the same goes for them in regards to Aaron participating in this satanic business. It is my recommendation that Susan and Becky be seen by a child psychologist for behavior issues and for sexual issues. They will be refrained from sex until they are old enough to know what sex is; if they can not refrain from doing so or until they are at least 16 years of age minim or older. They will be removed from the home and placed into a home for girls where they will be taught that this is unacceptable behavior.

“During the time Mrs. Shepherd is out of the home, they will spend time with their father if Mrs. Shepherd allows it but I will leave that up to her being as she has full custody of her two daughters. But I would like her to consider the possibility to let her daughters be with their father when she is out of the house. Since she has proven that she can handle the responsibly when it only concerns her daughters and be watched around the clock as it has been.

“Then when Mr. Shepherd is home, he will have to either vacate the home; until it is determined that he is no longer a threat by the doctors he will have to see immediately after these proceedings or spend some quality time in jail to decided if he wants to either remain a father or to be forced out of the home and never see any of his children ever again including his two daughters. I do not feel that the girls should be away from either parent, I wish I could say the same for their sons.

“As for Mr. Shepherd my final ruling and my advice is that, I would strongly suggest he signs those divorce papers and he be treated for anger management, and see a marriage counselor and also see Dr. Washburn who will give me a report each week to see how things are going with both him and his wife. If there is no improvement, nor does he follow his treatment plan and he tries to kidnap his daughters or lays a hand on anyone including his wife and four children.

The court will sign those divorce papers for him, and he will pay his wife starting this next pay period. Two thirds of his wages which will be garnished from his checks for child support and the rest will go to his wife for wife support so she will have something to live on while she is going to college and while he is out of the home regardless if he signs the divorce papers or not, or the court signs them for him if he can not follow his treatment plan or lays one hand on his wife and four kids.

“I will call their Bishop to make sure that happens. Mr. Shepherd if you lay one hand on your wife ever again or your children living or not living in your home; not only will you be divorced you will be placed under arrest and you will never see your daughters ever again. I would say your sons as well, but you do not care enough about them or if any for that matter. Your custody case is denied. Full custody goes to Mrs. Shepherd providing she stays the course.

“That goes for you, Doris Shepherd. Aaron and Nate will remain where they are, Aaron will remain in the home of the Carrions until his mother is well enough to be able to handle raising all three of her children. I do not care if it means you might never see them again, you brought that onto yourself and so you bare the consequences. Aaron will remain in that home or the Earls until further notice. Even if means until he is 18 if his mother can not have him in the home. My advice is that you try to work out your differences with the Carrions and to butt out where you are not wanted.

“Nate, Eli and their wives and Greg are considered adults in the eyes of the law and in my courtroom. You trespassed into their room without permission. What they were doing was not against the law; it is well known that S and M is becoming popular. Therefore being as they are adults and married. What they were doing was none of mine or your business. Sex is sex, adults have sex. Married adults have sex. It is what makes the world go around if they want to have sex with other people and is consensual in their free love nudist lifestyle. No one has the right including a grandmother and parents to tell them they can’t. That includes what religion they choose or not choose.

“This is a free country, men and women have died for our freedoms. In fact, they still are. Including what Mr. Carrion and others like him are doing to keep our society free of men and women that rape, murder and kidnap children and use them as sex slaves or treat them like cattle or use them to sell child porn magazines and films… Do I like what they are doing? No. If the choice was my children being kidnapped, raped by these monsters and killed or sacrificed to some Demon God? I would pray to God that there are people like Mr. Carrion and his family that are willing to make this world a better place. Taking down monsters, and putting them in prison. Using any means necessary.

“It sometimes takes evil to catch evildoers. The risk to your grandson is minim, He is quite capable to protect himself until helps arrives. So I say again butt out if you don’t want to be a part of it then butt out. It’s that simple. Makeup and shake hands because if you don’t you are the one missing out on being a part of your grandson's lives. That is my ruling and it is final. Do not come back into my courtroom Mr. Shepherd unless you would like to see the inside of a jail cell with your friend Mr. Paul Cranny.

“Mr. Carrion I will be watching and I wish you the best of luck, and may God be with you. But please don’t mess things up in regards to your son Shawn. He is a bad risk, one I wouldn’t take lightly. Now go and be with your family… And before you go, I would like to shake your hand and Nate’s hand, plus give you any support you might need. I have friends that can help pave the way, if you need a favor or two and need nice fat check to ensure you have what you need all have to do is ask.” The Judge shook hands and placed a large check in to his shirt pocket. Grandma gasped when she saw the amount.

My father growled angrily at my mother as she took her daughters with her, said. “They’ll be staying with me and Mrs. Cranny, while you get the hell out of my house. Then I will let either Mr. or Mr. Knox take them, or Bishop Clark while I am away because I do not trust you… that you don’t try to kidnap them like you tried to do last time. The Judge said I get full custody not you or their grandmother.

“I feel that right now they need their mother. I will be home sometime tonight so the girls can go to school in the morning and make arrangements with the Knox’s and Bishop Clark. I want your things gone by then. Now get out my sight, you caused enough trouble and you should thank your lucky stars that you are not in jail for things you did to me. Next time I will press charges.”

My mother put her arms around my sisters said to my Dad. “It seems Mrs. Cranny and I would need a babysitter and us girls would like to spend some time doing some shopping. Knowing there isn’t much food in the house, and Nate and Eli and Greg need a place to stay until their plane leaves. Allowing Rhoda and Jackie to run some girl errands like shopping for baby clothes and what not…that they both will need; if that is ok with you Mr. Carrion?

"Plus that would give your wife also a chance to do some shopping as well as we had planned to do once we were done with court. You are also invited Mrs. Holliman and Mrs. Earl, knowing that this could be the last time we see each other for a while. The men have lots to do, and I am sure Aaron would like to spend time with his brother before he goes on his trip.”

My grandmother made her way over as I was about to leave, she apologized to all of us. Promising that she will mind her peas and queues, Dad and her shook hands, but he made no promise even though she wanted to put their difference aside. All he said was. “We will see, but not until you make the effort to see things our way and not put a wedge between us and Linda or Mrs. Cranny. You have done enough damage, and it would only go unsaid if we allow things to continue as if none of this happened. You could have avoided all of this, but instead, you butted in where you weren’t wanted and took matters into your own hands. An apology is not going to get your foot in the door.

“I won’t stop what we are doing, because you feel that the risk is too high and feel that we can let others do the job as long as it suits your needs. Now I have lots to do before we leave the country. We should be back by Thanksgiving, but don’t count on it, or Nate showing up at your place without out us.”

Dad walked away leaving my grandmother, said. “I am starved if know my son you are too. I understand that Dora and Dr. Sars have fixed us all lunch, back the Cranny residence.”

I nodded and begin to follow as grandma stopped, but I was too angry at her. So instead I walked past her if she wasn’t even there as she stood there, wiping away tears, yelled: “Nate I am sorry, call me when you get a chance so I know you’re all right.”

I stopped in mid-step and turned, said. “Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it.”  I knew what I said must have hurt her, but I knew that if I simply forgave her she would think it was ok to do it again. So I left her there and got into the limo and wiped my hurtful tears away as Rhoda put her arm around me. Telling me everything will be work its self out.

I nodded and as Jeff said in our special spot. “It will.”

© 2019 Shep

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