Our Journey Begins  Part 2

Our Journey Begins Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 285-1

Our Journey Begins

Part 2


Eli asked the boys who they wanted to be with first, and what game they would like to play first. It was a stupid question, as they stated they wanted to play follow the leader, we just had to figure out between us the three of us how we wanted to do this. Then an idea hit me that we could split the boys right down the middle, Eli could work one side and I could work the other as Chad worked the middle.

I quickly pulled Chad and Eli to the side and gave them the plan. I said. “The rules are you boys can only take off one item at a time until there is nothing left. Do you know what the most important thing to start with when playing this game? They wiggled with anticipation, Robert said. “You start with the kiss and end with the kiss.” We nodded I said. “Correct, why do we start with the kiss?

Robert said. “Because it means you have given the person permission and shows that you trust each other not forcing them to do anything you don’t want to do. That no, means no.”

I said. “Correct, so I am going to let you say no when you want us to stop.” They laughed. Michael said. “And why would we want you to stop? We want you to have sex with us, and we been waiting for our turn, ever since my Dad ruined it last time.”

I said. “Well, I am just making sure that you really want to do this, because you want us to have sex with you, unlike last time we had no intention to.”

Robert said. “That you know of? Dad was just in a hurry because he doesn’t like to play follow the leader and just wants to bend us over to where he can really enjoy it. He doesn’t like the soft and cuddly stuff and finds it boring… But we like the soft and cuddling stuff because we don’t have to rush.”

I nodded said. “Well, then I guess…” I was cut off when there was a knock on the door. I looked out the window finding one of their friends. I told the boys not to move, and went to the door and opened it.

The boy looked at me noticing that I was still clothed and gave a sigh of relief, said. “Good. I was worried you started without me. I am Josh my Mom says she and Dad are going out tonight, said if it was ok with you. She would like to meet you,”

I nodded seeing her standing on the sidewalk. I said. “The boys are inside their parent’s room.” He nodded, but he didn’t come inside, instead, he walked me over to where his mother is standing with his backpack and sleeping bag.

She said. “You must be Nate. I am Josh’s Mom Mrs. Jenkins. Jennie and your Mom have said you are the best babysitter ever and speak really highly of you.” I nodded taking notice that Josh Mom was a knockout. Blond hair cut shoulder length. Green eyes and smooth face that was very Jamie Summers look like on the six million dollar man TV hit series. She was about the same height as me 5-7. And had killer legs stuffed in tight jeans. Josh looked a lot like his mother with the same color of hair and eyes and was the same age as Jennie’s boy Michael. 

I shook hands with her and said. “So they say, but my mother likes to over do it sometimes.” She laughed and said. “Modest as well that was unexpected. Anyway, my husband and I were planning on going out tonight, but our baby sister we had lined up canceled at the last minute, and when Josh called and mentioned that you were sitting for Mrs. Cranny I had to meet you in person.

“Now then I willing to pay your 25 dollars, if you can watch my boy for us and make sure he is fed, bathed and in bed by 8. Your mother and Mrs. Cranny say you cook all the time when you babysit and you bathe their boys all the time. I have everything he will need in his backpack the basics. Pj’s, toothbrush and a change of clothes for school tomorrow and his school books. His homework is done; I have a list of people you can call if there is an emergency.” She fished out a piece of paper out of her purse and twenty-5 dollars. I gave her back the money said. “I can’t take something I haven’t errand Ma’am. You should know that I am a nudist.”

She blinked at me and then giggled. “Son, I know that, and I frankly don’t care. There are worst things in this world than being a nudist, after what Jennie's husband did too her and her boys. Let's be frank according to your mother and Jennie. A person that is a nudist doesn’t rape young boys or murder them like those monsters in the paper. They see nudity differently. That’s what I like about you, your honest and upfront about your lifestyle. Now then I can pay 30 dollars if want to haggle price.”

I shook my head no said. “That’s too much. Like I said I haven’t earned it and I am only here until 8 pm or until Mrs. Cranny and my Mother comes back. I’m leaving to go on a school field trip to New England with my wife and my friends when they do.” She looked at me then at my ring finger. She said. “So it’s true you are married.” I nodded. She said.  “Then I have chosen the right person for the job. 35 dollars and not penny less, it’s what I normally pay his regular sitter for 5 hours of work.”

I gave a heavy sigh. “Seems we too much, but as long as you know up front, what we nudist do, I’ll take it.”

She giggled; “I am not stupid young man.” She whispered in my ear. “I can’t wait to ride you and taste every inch of you. Paul and I have had lots of sex when he is done cleaning my carpets. And he sometimes brings his boys over.” She reached down and cupped me between the legs and I jumped. She handed me 50 dollars instead and handed me the backpack and the sleeping bag, said. “When you come back call me, and we can work something out, now that Paul is no longer in the picture.”

I blinked a couple more times wondering what had just happened. I opened the door and put his sleep bag down on the couch. I was about to go into the room as the boys were waiting for me, they had removed each of their shirts and shoes and socks as they were kissing them. Eli said. “Sorry, but we couldn’t wait.” I was about to say something when someone else knocked on the door. I looked out the door, finding the second boy and he too was with his mother, with his backpack and sleeping bag, but was busy talking to Josh’s Mom.

Robert told Josh we were playing follow the leader. He nodded said. “I’ll wait until Nate comes back since you have already started and me and Curtis can play the game with Nate.” Then he turned to me and said. “Robert you did tell you that we want to play the game called around the world.” I nodded and he took a seat on the couch and took off his shoes put them by the door. I didn’t say anything. He said. “Mom hates it when we wear shoes in the house. I’ll save the rest when you come back?” I said. “Ok nothing more,” teasing him.

I opened the door on the second knock as his mother was pushing the doorbell. She said. “I am Curtis’s Mom. Mrs. Davis. I have been told you are babysitting Mrs. Cranny’s boys and Mrs. Jenkins boy Josh tonight. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and babysit Curtis for me. I willing to pay 40 dollars, I must warn you he’s a handful, and I have such a hard time getting a sister for him. But after I heard that you’re the best when it comes to boys his age. I had to meet you in person. Now then he has everything he needs, toothbrush, Pj’s and a change of clothes.

“He hasn’t eaten yet and still needs a bath. I understand from Mrs. Cranny that you do this all time when babysitting. And since it is a school night I would like him in bed no later than 9 pm. and before you say it I already know you are nudist and you’re married. I say good for you. I was raised in a free love society back in the 60s during Woodstock and back then we had amazing consensual sex. And we didn’t care back then what the world thought besides we weren’t hurting anybody, and it was none of their damn business anyway. Now Mrs. Jenkins said you are only here until 8 and I fine with that knowing that Mrs. Cranny and your mother Linda will be here to take over.

“If you do a good job I tip well. Like I said Curtis can be a handful.” She leaned in and whispered in my ear, and said. “So am I, perhaps you and your wife can come over sometime we would love to have you…” She reached down and cupped me as she placed one hand on my butt giving it a good squeeze and said. “I would love to have you for dinner. You look so tasty and I can eat you from head toe and we could find out if you can really make me squirm with delight.” She stepped away handing me 3 twenty’s and told Curtis to behave himself and have fun.

I opened the door and we went inside and putting his sleeping bag with Josh’s; only to hear the door knock again as Josh gave him a fist bump taking a seat on the couch and whispered in his ear as he kicked off his shoes. This time it was two boys who I wasn’t expecting going over the three friend limit. And they were brothers by the look of it about the same age, no older than 8 years old, twins by the look of it; both with red hair and hazel eyes and freckles. Instead of there mother… their father was standing in between the boys, with two backpacks and two sleeping bags.

He said. “You must be Nate Linda’s son. I am Mr. Anderson and these two boys are Jack and Henry their good friends with their boys. I have plans tonight and heard from Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Davis that you are babysitting their boys and Mrs. Cranny’s boys that you are having a slumber party. Everything they need is in their backpacks. I don’t care that you are a nudist, in fact, I’ll be frank I am bisexual; which means I like to have sex with both male and female. God, you look tasty…”

Without warning, he pushed me against the door and kissed me hard taking my breath away. He growled and moaned at the same time. Finding I liked being kissed that way as he lingered biting my lip and said point blank. “I want to have sex with you badly. I want to rip those clothes off and lick you from head to toe like ice cream cone, then sweetly bend you over and ride you. God, I wish I could right now,” pulling himself back and pulled out his wallet and handed me a hundred dollar bill. And backed away eying me like a piece of meat, then got into his car and pulled out of the driveway.

The boys smiled at me and waved to their Dad. I asked the boys if this was normal for his Dad to do this. They shook their head no as Henry said. “Depends on the person and how they feel about kissing and having sex, you didn’t say no, or you wouldn’t have let him kiss you like that, and you didn’t stop him. Meaning if you came to our house, well let's say things would have been fun.”

I blinked as I opened the door, watching everyone in the house step away from the windows. Only ones still wearing clothes was me and our 4 new arrivals who said. He’s ours, for now. Greg, Eli, and Chad said. “Fine, considering we have already…Started…”

Chad’s words cut off as someone knocked on the door, as everyone that was naked hid out of sight. I opened the door; finding the last boy and his father and his mother with his sleeping bag and backpack. They pushed me back into the house throwing the boys sleeping bag and backpack with the others watching the father close the door with his foot as his wife pushed me up against the wall and kissed me placing her hands under my shirt.

She moaned how good I tasted and felt, breathing hard and fast, as her husband took over kissing me as she undid my pants, belt, and zipper. Letting my pants drop to my ankles and pulled down my boxers and took me in her mouth. While her husband was busy kissing me until she came back up lifting my shirt over my head dropping it to the floor. While she took over kissing me while her husband tasted me all the way done to my penis; then came back up to kiss me leaving us both breathless. The boys acted as if this normal as they whispered between them. The boy's mother lingered a moment; said. “Save some for the boys dear.”

He growled hungrily as he pulled my lips with him; said. “I understand your babysitting tonight, we are Ferguson. God damn son, you look even better naked than with your clothes on, and you taste divine; anyway, this is our boy Dale, he friends with all boys here.”

He lunged for me and kissed me again hard and fast, moaning. “I don’t know what it is about you, but I just what taste every inch of you,” and went for seconds as he took me in his mouth again as his wife lunged for my lips ripping open her shirt hearing the snaps come loose. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Mrs. Ferguson said between breaths and moans. “Save some for me and our son dear.”

Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson had same generic brown hair as their son Dale. The same brown eyes and Dale had his mother nose and mouth thin and full. Both his parents were the average height of 5-9 his father had some graying on the sides of his hair which cut short into what we call a missionary hair cut. His mother’s hair was wrapped nicely in a bob which was coming undone as she placed both my hands on her very nice plump breasts. I wanted to taste them, but they left me no room as they licked my bare chest all the way done to my penis and back up again to my mouth barely allow me to catch a breath

He growled. “I am trying to dear, but he tastes so good.” Pulling himself away and opened his wallet; placing a hundred dollar bill into my hand said. “Damn we are going to be late. Teeth brushed, dinner, bath, bed 9.” Lunged for me my lips as his wife had seconds on my penis and growled hungrily as she pulled up my boxers and pants up, said tossing me my shirt. “When you come back, call us before anyone else. We will pay you double. Wear clothes you don’t care about, or come naked, or bring extra. You won’t be in them long.” She quickly finished re-snapping the buttons on her blouse, then lunged for my lips again before they left out the door.

The boys gasped asking Dale if this is was normal for his parents. He shook his head no said. “No, but then again, the moment they heard the words nudist, and free love society and watched when Mr. Anderson kiss him. They made a beeline to the house, the moment he left.”

I looked at the money in my hand, too surprised to even think straight. Hearing the boys tell everyone else that I was all theirs. I took a seat on the couch, watching everyone else leave the room except for the five boys that arrived as Eli said turning. “Look at this way at least you know how their parents feeling about having sex with their boys.”

I groaned as Eli gave them each three horny pills and glass of go juice packed with enough to make every boy horny for a week. I knew I was in trouble, but it was what it was.

© 2019 Shep

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I love your story so much!

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thanks i am glad you are enjoying it
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What gives you inspiration for writing?

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my life story

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