Our Journey Begins  Part 4

Our Journey Begins Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 285-3

Our Journey Begins

Part 4

Mom said. “So the Ferguson’s ripped your clothes off and Mr. Anderson kissed you. What did the other mothers do?”

I said. “Nothing much, but tell me all the things they wanted to do to me.”

Mom said. “Well then Dora’s right, we need to double that dose if we are going to get our targets to let their guard down. I bet right now those parents are wondering what the hell just happened?”

I said. “No, I think they knew exactly what they were doing just afraid to act on out in the open. I asked the boys if this normal behavior for them and they told me it was, and Robert told me that their mother talked to each of them in private, and they denied that Paul had any kind of relationship on the side behind her back with them.

“Yet when they told me what they wanted to do, they said Paul was having sex with each of them and bring his two oldest boys with him so they could learn how to have sex, just like he and his Dad used to do when he was growing up. That cleaning carpets had it extra privileges.”

Mom laughed. “I can’t wait to see what happens, perhaps we could learn a little, what Paul and the boys were actually doing once we come back from our trip. I wish we had a few more days, to test that theory, but it can wait I suppose.”

She laughed. “I can understand how they feel, when it comes to how irresistible like all those girls were at the nudist colony. How they wanted to have sex with you the moment they saw you.” I cringed because I still remembered that. Now they want a repeat, man I was in trouble.

Landon picked up Heidi Sims placing her backpack in the back of the limo and got in. Completing our group that would take the first flight to wherever we were going as she waved goodbye to her parents, as they yelled back to have a good time and stay safe.

All they knew was she was going on a field trip to New England and nothing more. She didn’t think her parents would be too happy to find out she like the rest of the girls except for Jackie were going to be working girls in a high-class brothel.

Dora handed each of us some bottled water that she and Dr. Sars just prepared shaking something up inside them. I wasn’t sure I wanted to drink it. We still had about three hours or so before we had to be on the plane.

Dora asked Landon to drive us somewhere that would be perfect for a quick trial run and not too far from the Provo Airport. Landon said he knows the perfect place, not saying where.

We drank the water which was bittersweet… already I could feel my body tingling in all the wrong places as I looked down where I found a bulge. I asked Mom if they feel anything. They shook their heads, Dora said she and they wouldn’t because they were used to our scent when our overactive hormones and pheromones were working over time.

Landon pulled up to a night club in Provo where a mix of young adults and teens frequent, noticing the hotel right next door and said. “This should do it, for a quick test drive. I’ll go inside the hotel and reserve you each a room… and while you’re mingling I’ll run a quick camera feed so we can see what we need to work on.”

Dora looked outside the window said. “Excellent now then go mingle and so we can see what happens. To see which ingredient we need to add more of for that type of person and you.” 

I looked outside and back at Dora as if she was crazy. Eli was more excited then I was about getting random people to have sex with him in a matter of a few minutes. I, on the other hand, was a little reluctant.

Landon came back with keys for us all… Mom and Jackie would stay in the limo with Landon… Dr. Sars and Dora would watch us inside as we mingled. Landon gave us some spending cash about five hundred dollars in total breaking it down to20s and fifties. Mom wished us good luck as we went inside the night club, known as the Rose.

I took off my glasses and hand them to her to keep safe and so I could blend in better. I didn’t really need them to see unless I was doing a lot of reading, It always gave me a headache if I went without them too long.  

I asked how far they wanted us to go… Dora and Dr. Sars blinked at me as if it was a stupid question, telling me to go as far as they are willing to go… that they won’t do anything they aren’t comfortable of doing. I wasn’t sure about that, but time was wasting…

We followed Eli as Dr. Sars and Dora hung back a little so not too interfere, taking up position at the bar that looked over each of the booths and tables as well as the crowded dance floor and the game room with 6 pool tables and other games us young adults and teens liked. I envied them, yet this was important.

Eli was already inside and was handed a hospital band bracelet that said we were underage drinkers. That only thing we could drink was water or club soda. Dora had told us if we drank anything we needed to mix this fine powered inside our drinks to help with the pheromones.

With so many people here it wasn’t going to be so difficult to find our victims. I took a seat at the bar, ordered a Sprite, as the bartender noticed my wristband. I mixed the powder crystals in it and stirred it with the straw. The bartender looked at me I said “Something to settle my stomach” Ss I drank it all down in several gulps.

I didn’t need him to think I wasn’t going to use it as date rape drug and give it to my victims, yet what he didn’t know that date rape drug was me and my friends, I order another glass and did the same thing emptying the last of my powder inside it and sipped some so the bartender wouldn’t get suspicious and took the drink with me. I looked around for Eli not finding him or anyone else with all the people here. I left the bar and went over where they were playing pool.

I wasn’t a pool shark, but neither was a horrible player. I hated to make conversation with people I didn’t know, but this journey was about getting people we didn’t know to drop their guard and trust us. It was like I was the spider and they were the fly caught in my little web.

I pulled out a couple of fifties that Landon had given us out of the 500 so we could flash a little cash around and two room keys to a hotel next door that was a dive, but allowed moderate privacy where I could take my next victims if we made that far. I placed my money on the pool table of 2 men and two girls, said. “I bet 50 dollars that I can beat you?”

They laughed at me but seeing the cash they took the bait, knowing nobody turns down cold hard cash, more so from a young teenager like me. I didn’t rush them, instead, I made it look natural as I picked up my cue stick and let them rack up the balls, then bushed up against the two guys, said. “Look at that not a single ball drop.”

Making sure I was close enough to them letting my venom take hold. I moved away standing against the wall with the one the guys and the two very good-looking girls next them a brunet and the other with blond hair, both boys were brown hair and what I could tell were old enough to drink barely, which was perfect, and I liked the idea that what I was doing would be consensual providing if I could get them to take the bait so I could bring them back to my lair. 

I said getting up close, but not too close to make it look like I was treating them, said. “My name is Nate by the way,” putting my hand out to shake. Getting no reaction other getting their names as they shook my hand like a wet fish as the girls Jill, Linda the boy's names Rob and Trent.

I took a sip of my sprite and set on the edge of the pool table next to me but out of my way so I wouldn’t knock it over, watching to see if anything was happening. So far nothing, I noticed Eli and Greg had gone on the dance floor and it seemed they were having better luck they were already at the kissing stage the girls too were busy as they already had their victims by showing a little skin seeing they had unbuttoned their blouses about part way down, wearing tight jeans sneakers... It was my turn again as I sunk two balls. I didn’t really care about the game as I tried to stay close to my targets.

The game ended and I lost a hundred bucks and still no invention for sex or kissing. So I thanked them for the game and was about to go out on the dance floor to find my next target as I felt someone grab my arm. It was Jill the one with blond hair spinning me around so fast and kissed me.

Her boyfriend Trent came over tapping me on the shoulder said. “What the hell dude, she's my girl…” then before I could reply, he lunged for me cutting his words off and kissed me hard taking my head into his hands and started wrap his arms around me, then when he realized what he had just done as people either gasped or didn’t care. He quickly stepped back trying to figure out what he just did even Jill was trying to figure it out seeing Trent kiss me.

I said. “Sorry, but she….” Trent kissed me again forcing me up against the far wall, this time it was deeper as he placed his arms around me again, pulling me away from the wall. Then being pulled apart by Jill and the other boy Rob. Asking what the hell is going on.

Trent backed away quickly said. “Please tell me I just…” Too stunned to speak, he fled the room. Rob asked, Jill if what he saw just happen. She nodded then pulled Rob into a kiss causing his girl Linda to become jealous, as she pulled Jill off him only have Rob and Linda kiss him pushing him up the wall as they were close to tearing each other's clothes off right in public, not that anyone would care seeing many with unbuttoning shirts and girls in bra-like halter tops.

It was like a chain reaction as they pulled back and looked at me then all three of them start looking at me like piece meat wanting to devour me. Forcing me up against the wall and kissing me again as the pheromones were taking over. They were about to rip my clothes and there’.  I pulled away from them said. “If you want I have a room next door, I am going out to get some fresh air." Inviting them in a sense to have consensual sex, without actually saying it, but implying that I was in if they were. Yet they didn’t take the bait as they continued right were they left without me.

I left them there, to see if they would follow or notice that I had left the group as I looked back watching Rob kiss both the girls, pawing at each other as the girls were ripping open his shirt feeling buttons hitting me and several others flying across the floor. I took the back door exit where the bathroom was and took the time to relieve myself. I washed my hands as Trent came into the room. The moment he saw me rushed me forcing me up against the wall and kissed me putting his hands on my belt and started to undo my buckle and my pants.

He was stopped as someone was about to come into the bathroom. Stepping into one of the urinal stalls, finding it was his buddy Rob as they eyed each other than boom they were kissing each other and were pulling down each of their shirts over their shoulders and biting each other's n*****s as they kissed; I said. “I am in room 108 if you are still interested.” Laying my room key near them and slid out of the bathroom and went out the back door passing the bodyguard telling him I was going out to smoke he stamped my hand so I could come back in. Only to find Jill and Linda kissing each other outside, both had their shirts opened and bras pulled down tasting each other beasts then resumed kissing. There were other guys watching, but the girls didn’t seem to mind the attention.

The moment they saw me they lunged for me, forcing me up against the wall kissing me trying to rip my clothes off when their boyfriends came out, with their shirts back on and open and pants undone and their belts in the loop hung down a little. Eying me like hungry wolves with my room key in Trent’s hand.

Then their heads turned towards their half-naked girls as the girls lunged for them as I stepped out their reach. Greg was just coming out of the hotel room, breathless gave me a solute and went back inside the club. I opened my cheap hotel room, with the spare key; looked at my watch stating I had about 1 hour and 30 minutes left, wondering if they would follow me only to hear a knock on the door finding all four them, the boys shirts ruined beyond repair seeing the sleeves torn off their shoulders hanging by a thread down to their elbow and their belts completely missing and girl’s bras gone and their shirts were also torn like the boys.

They forced me inside the room slamming the door shut as they forced me against the wall, Rob said after kissing me. “God you taste so yummy, I never kissed…” Lunged for my lips cutting his words off, and then released me. Only to have his friend Rob kiss me as Jill pulled Trent off me and kissed him, removing their shirts or what remained of them and kicking off their shoes as they forced each other against the wall in a flurry of twist and turns kissing and ripping each other's clothes off.

Linda pulled Rob off me and forced him up against the wall kissing him… It seemed I was forgotten, as about to leave them to it. Having Trent stand in my of the door. I felt hands and arms grab me from behind then hearing Rob voices “Going somewhere, our little treat of perfection?”

He swung me around tossing me on the bed. The girls were naked and so were Rob as the girls took my mouth as they lifted off my shirt tossing it against wall as they took turns kissing me as Linda straddled me working my belt while Jill kissed me than Linda and her kissed then back to me as she leaned over me trailing her tongue down one side of my chest then the other before kissing me while her friend Jill took over the tongue bath as got a chance to taste both their breasts.

I felt my shoes and socks being pulled off and then my pants and boxers being pulled off as the girls were either kissing me or tasting me as if I was their last meal, then it was like an army, as they were tasting me all over my body as if they couldn’t get enough of me. I lost track what happened before they passed out finding that Dr. Sars had tranq’ed them.

I rolled out of the mess of naked bodies and slipped on my clothes. Finding several spent condoms on the floor and on me. Dr. Sars and Dora were busy taking blood samples and skin samples from each of my victims which seemed strange, but I doubt that they minded since they had each been tranq’ed.

Dora said. “Still not got the right mixture,” I looked back my four naked victims wondering why they considered that failure. Dora wrote down the time it took me to get them to my room from the time I introduced my self at the pool table. It was about 40 minutes. Dr. Sars left them some money so they could buy new clothes and settle the bill of the destruction of the room, finding smashed lamps and torn curtains. I got back into the limo with everyone else.

Greg asked. “So, how did it go?”

Dora said. “It was a failure. It took him almost an hour and 30 minutes to get them back to his hotel room before they had sex.” Greg Eli was 30 minutes to an hour, Chad was 20 minutes and the girls had a better success rate then us less than 10 minutes and had been with several different people the majority guys. What can I say if I looked like that I tap that as many times as I could and not waste a second?

Mom said. “Maybe because there were too many people, unlike just one or two at time. So the pheromones were confused.”

Dr. Sars. “Could be, I will have to analyze the blood and skin samples I took to determine why and the video. We will have to try it again tomorrow once we reached our destination.” Mom remained silent as she squeezed my hand, not wanting to let go of it until we pulled up to the waiting jet in the hanger, where Dad Mr. Earl and Stringum was waiting as they went over the map on the wall with Mr. Vincent. They turned as we pulled up; Dad asked how our experiment went. Dr. Sars said. “Fine, we just need to make a few tweaks to it for the desired effects we want, and then test it again.”

Mom gave me a hug telling me that she and Dad as well the rest of our family will be taking the next flight in a couple of hours. That they won’t be far behind us; I nodded, as I numbed myself and got abroad the plane. Landon carried everything on to the plane that Dora and Dr. Sars needed, as we hand over our wallets and purses to Landon so he could lock them up.

We didn’t want anyone finding anything about us, other than our fake names… and as sex slaves, we no longer had last names. I hated giving up my wedding rings, but for this trip, we couldn’t say we were married. The only ones that could would be Jackie and Eli since they were the ones beside Jody and Dr. Sars running the shop in town as they made contacts for our high-class brothel.

© 2019 Shep

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