Preparing for Battle  Part 1

Preparing for Battle Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 287

Preparing for Battle

Part 1

There was nothing I could say or do… that would make the situation go away.  Yet as I thought about it there was a way out. I had been told that I couldn’t save everyone, and I was to use everything I knew. The one thing I knew was girl’s sexual organs are not fully developed, and that was my way out. Once more my health class was going to pay off for me. I knew that these people did not want me to become the monster we were seeking out and they cherished life above all else. This was a test to see how far I would go or should I say willing to go when the pain of being raped becomes joy. The other thing I had learned is to ask questions, to see how far I could reason with them.

I asked. “May I ask your names, you know me and my friends and family, but I do not know you?”

They nodded the man in charge said. “My name is Gerald this man beside me is my brother Garret. The boys are Hunter, Hebert, Troy, and Tanner. These two little girls are sisters of Hunter and Tanner. Kay-lee and Jennifer, The older girls your age are Beth and Kateleen, who are Agatha two oldest daughters.”

Gerald was the man in charge, with dark brown hair. Blue eyes, and soft complexion around his chin and cheekbones, and very well built, with broad shoulders like his bother Garrett, yet they looked nothing alike as his hair was more of sandy auburn color and had a more chiseled completion and stout nose and wearing wire-frame glasses. If they were brothers, it was in name only, because they couldn’t be more apart.

The four boys were Hunter with blond hair, green eyes, and soft complexion and his bother Tanner were also different in comparison, with dark brown hair and brown eyes and hard chisel complexion. Weston and Troy were also different, one had auburn hair and the other was more of light sandy color, both had blue eyes, and both about the same age as the rest of the boys 8 and 9.

Even their younger sisters Kay-lee and Kathleen were different in contrast. Kay-lee had light blue eyes and long auburn hair and her sister Kathleen had long blond hair more of honey color or a straw color; with brown hazel eyes. The two older girls were more sister-like with both red hairs to more of rusted brown color and both had green eyes and soft complexion and they did look a lot like their mother Agatha.

So I said. “Yes the test is fair, but it is also up to me how far I am willing to go if I am not mistaken you just told me I couldn’t save everyone. I am not a monster that inflicts pain for the joy of it. When the pain could kill them or maim them, I will decide if it is the risk of my soul to put them through it.”

The men smiled and nodded, Gerald said. “Agreed, you are the first to past this test in a very long time. We value life; we do not inflict pain to the point of death or maiming. However, you must go as far as you can go before that happens. Death comes to us all eventually. We have accepted that knowing the battle we face could kill us, yet if we do nothing. We die anyway, but or souls will be in torment forever because we didn’t try, and instead we did nothing.”

The deal was struck so it seemed as the small girls and the small boys were told to take a seat on the bed for now. I said. “So I take it that two older girls are virgins, as well.” They both nodded and said. “Ok then I am ready to get started, but if you would permit me to bathe each of you afterward, to prevent from ruining the bed, for I do not see extra sheets." 

Gerald who seemed to be the one in charge said. “We are yours to do with as you please; all you have to do is but ask and it will be done.”

I was going too say leave the tent and forget the test. I was about to when Gerald said. “No, the test must be given. Nice try.” He smiled as if he had expected me to say it as I gasped, wondering how they knew what I was thinking. He said. “Everyone who has taken this test has tried to get out of it, those that did. Failed, and they are no longer living, rapist and murders and kidnappers are growing more cautious because of those that failed, which is why you either pass the test or be sent away and never allowed to return.

“Your life will resume knowing you have failed, knowing that you chose not to accept the quest we are giving you and it will be you watching the monsters taking over our way of life as they go unstopped knowing you could have stopped them and all your work will be undone. We will have to find another too replaces you and as you know it’s already too late.

“One of the chambers has been opened. If they open the others the demon will rise and the world will be plunged into darkness forever. Time my young Nate is not on our side, you either pass or you fail. We are here to help you and those that are here with you and those that are arriving. Each will be tested; each will be judge how they pass our tests. We are the gatekeepers, and we determine the worthiness of your soul.”

I said. “Thanks for the reminder. However, I would still like to know what kind of help you are going to give me when I rape your boys and your daughters. If it was me and I was their father, I wouldn’t allow anyone near them that could cause this kind of harm to them that you are asking me to do.”

Gerald looked at his brother Garret and he nodded as if they were linked with each other. Which I knew could be possible because I have done it when Dora spelled me and Eli and the Benson's when we were tasked in preparing them. Garret spoke for the first time. “My brother is correct when he said; we have accepted the fact that this is necessary. Would you rather those we seek to do it?

“Knowing that what they will endure by their own hands or would rather you do it, knowing you don’t find causing pain and suffering to others enjoyable?” I looked at my watch as read 2 am in the morning then again it could be 4 am with a two hour time difference, I wasn’t sure. The man said. “No need to worry Nate, you and your friends and family are fine.

“You have the rest of the night and tomorrow and even the next day if need be, there is plenty of time even if you could leave there is nowhere you can go without our permission and no one knows where you are and your spiritual friend has agreed to butt out to allow you to make your own choices. He will in from those he speaks with that you are safe and will see them when you have completed your tasks. This is not the time to rush, this is a time for learning, and learning takes time. Now I believe your bath is getting cold let us bathe you.”

I nodded and climbed into the tub. The two older girls removed their robes and hung them up, while the men left the tent with the children telling them to come when they are called; telling the girls to call them when they have bathed me. They nodded picking a side I said. “You know, you could save time if I bathed boys and the girls with me.

They giggled and Beth said. “Yes, but then we couldn’t have some fun.”

I said. “Fun is my specialty when it comes to bathing.”

They giggled at me, as Kateleen asked. “What kind of fun?”

I smiled. “Climb in and I can show you?” They looked at each other.

Beth said. “But there is only room for one of us and then we couldn’t bath you properly.”

I said.  “Choose who goes first?”

They giggled. Beth said to her sister. “You bathe first; while I see to water, and to the others.”

She nodded and was about leave without her robe as I stopped her before she could go. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did…. if we were in a nudist colony I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Turning my head towards them and smiled at the beauty before me noticing the neither of them groomed the way I was taught and being raised. I had no problems of doing what they were asking me to do, and we had been given permission to do so.

Yet something said it was something more because how comfortable they were around me without any clothes on. It was the two little girls I was more concerned with, the boys I accepted the fact that I was to show them I could what was necessary, when they had already given instructions to Helen Dustin’s Mom that I prepare him as part of my test and they were going to be with me during our stay here seeking those rings and keys and seeking out the little fish to lead us to the bigger fish before they can open the other chambers.

I said before Beth could leave grabbing her hand. “First I need my grooming kit, so I may bathe each of you properly, and I was told I can.”

Kateleen looked at her sister and she shrugged her shoulders said. “We are already groomed and have bathed why asks this young Nate?”

I said. “I was told I’ll I had to do is ask and it would be done, I need it so I can pass the tests. Trust me you will find I am very knowledgeable when it comes to women’s needs and body?” language they used was strange like old English. I hated the fact they called me young Nate like I was some child, but kept my temper at bay, for there were worst things than being called young Nate.

The girls shrugged their shoulders at each other. Beth said. “I will go ask our mother Agatha. What things do you need young Nate?”

I said: “A bathing razor, nail clippers for your toes and fingers, and buffer pads; hair clippers of some sort, hair brushes for your hair and combs, and your favorite nail polish. Everything else I need is already here.”

Beth said. “Your request is strange for a boy or man like you young Nate. I will return once I have them.”

I shrugged my shoulders said. “It is what it is.” I stood up and got out of the tub taking one of the towels to dry me off a bit and wrapped it around my waist and went over to the table near my bed. Getting strange looks from Kateleen when I picked up the box of condom, the fake penis and both tubes of KY Gel and brought them over and set them near the tub at arms reach.

I then poured me a glass of wine, which was more of a berry wine that has been aged to perfection and had no doubt been treated with lots of sexual herbs as it tingled in all the wrong places. Even though there were a bottle horny pills near it… in which I opened and took 6 just in case before climbing back in the tub. This time I took the other side so I could watch the door. I hated having my back turned when someone I didn’t know could hurt me. Not that they would because Jeff trusted them, it just made feel better and I was able to relax such as it is as I wondered what the others were doing for their tests.

Kateleen stared at me, as I said. “Please join me before the water turns cold while we wait for your sister.”

She gave a heavy sigh said. “You are a strange one; I have never shared a bath with a boy since I was small.”

I said. “Yet you and your people aren’t shy around me without our clothes.” She blinked at me as she climbed in taking the side I offered her, bring her knees up to her chests, trying not to touch me other than my feet and legs at her sides. I took few sips after chewing the bitter pills and swallowed the rest reaching for the pitcher for more.

She said. “Why should we be shy about our nudity young Nate; it is life, it is who we are. The gods in heaven gave us these bodies, is not acceptable to see our true selves where you come from?”

I laughed a little said. “Unless you want to get arrested, it's not, however, I do agree with you and have been taught the same as you that is life and it should be respected and shared with those that see as such and be celebrated. I was just making an observation that’s all.” I moved closer as she tried to back away find there was nowhere to go watching me reach for the soap and washcloth nearly knocking over the shampoo or at least I thought it was seeing no label on it which stated like the soap was homemade. I frowned at it and said sighing. “I should have asked your sister for a bathing sponge.”

Her eyebrows rose, said. “Bathing sponge?” What is this bathing sponge young Nate?”

I said. “It’s a ball of soft knit fabric that is used for only bathing. This is washcloth is nothing more than a wet towel in comparison.” I was really beginning to think if they lived in the dark ages only adding to their oddities. She jumped when I touched her legs said. “Relax; I am just going to bathe you, as you bathe me.” She nodded and relaxed as I took her other one and put both of them in my lap.

Her feet jumped back when she felt her foot brush against my manhood. Again telling me she had never been naked in a tub with a boy or a man. I took my time because it was necessary. Looked over her shoulder towards the door of the tent hearing rustling as Garret came in with a load of firewood, too add to the burning cauldrons that were providing us heat and light. He asked Kateleen if I had made her a woman yet.

She said. “No, Father he hasn’t; we are just bathing while we wait for my sister Beth.”

He smiled said. “I see then I will tell her not too hurry, I’ll put the kids to bed since Nate has all he can handle for tonight. Like I said young Nate there is no need to rush, we are not monsters, we are loving people, and cherish life above all else. Showing a person kindness, love and respect is what we here believe in. However, if you hurt my two daughters by rushing the natural way of things; things will not bold well for you, as well as our boys that have been given to you.

“Pain and maiming of others is the demons way. Remember that, knowing the pain you yourself went through when it was rushed when it was unnecessary and what the outcome is.  Treat my daughters as you would your wife’s and husbands. Treat our sons younger daughters as you would treat your bothers and your adoptive sisters. Or be prepared to suffer the same pain that could lead you your death and the cost of your very soul.” Again proving once more they knew more about me than them, for I never mentioned them or my two sisters, Susan and Becky.

I nodded said. “You have my word sir, I will not rush, and I will not harm those you or anyone you love. But may I ask why you are giving me your own oldest daughters and your two sons?”

He blinked stopping dead in his tracks, said. “My two older daughters are old enough, too bear children, it is our way that when girls reach maturity that they choose the boy they wish to wed when they take a new name. The younger boys and the girls will become your sons and your daughters. It is the way of our people, so they know how precious life is. Is not the custom of your people to have many wives and many children?”

My mind froze at the word that I was about to be married "again.” Garret turned as he placed the last of the wood into the cauldrons and several large pieces of coal said. “I will leave you alone; do you need anything young Nate before I go?”

I said. “A bigger tub would be nice. And maybe some more…” My words were cut off when Agatha came into the tent with my grooming stuff in her hands. She looked at Kateleen in the tub with me then looked at Garret as he shook his head.

She gave heavy sigh and I wasn’t sure if it was relief that we hadn’t done anything until she said asking him. “Has he least kissed her yet?”

Garret shrugged his shoulders and left the tent, said. “I will see we might arrange something young Nate, but make the best of it until then.” He didn’t wait for a replay.

Agatha placed the items near the tub, said. “Beth is seeing to the children, once she is done I will send in her to replenish the tub with fresh hot water. It seems you are indeed a strange young man Nate. Our common friend said as much, but he didn’t tell us everything it appears. I’ll bring more berry wine, and scare you up some food. You won’t need these tonight.” She picked up my unopened box of condoms and the fake penis then said. “It’s only right you should use what our heavenly gods have given you when you are with your betrothed.

“These are tools for after you have bedded, my two daughters, as it is they that have chosen you as their husband. We as their parents and guardians have approved of their choices, and in turn, you should be honored for they are my own flesh and blood. I have arranged a place for you to live while you are here with us.  The elements here are fickle but necessary, but we can not hold back the weather to suit our needs.” She leaned down and kissed me on the head and her daughter said. “Isn’t she lovely?”

I nodded as she turned to leave. Turning giving a nod to her daughter in my direction, she said. “I know mother, the Gods help me I know.” She left the tent and said. “So, are we going to kiss or we going to stare at each other?

I said. “Nope, not yet, I plan to take my time.” She growled under breath and leaped across the tub and kissed me quickly, said. “The bath is getting cold.” Using that for an excuse to kiss me taking the last of the wine and my goblet and drank it and hurried back to her side of the tub. I smiled.

© 2020 Shep

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