Preparing for Battle  Part 3

Preparing for Battle Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 287-2

Preparing for Battle

Part 3



I smiled at my new brides to be, accepting my fate. “So, it seems we're alone again,” I said leaning against the door, as they turned facing me giggling as they both nodded. I moved to the bed and laid down on it long ways letting my bare feet dangle over the edge. They whispered in their ears and giggled, but never gave a word of a reply so I said, “When we were alone back at the tent we were just, deciding who was going to bathe who, and you said the tub isn’t big enough for the two of you and me?”

They nodded and looking through the empty bathroom and giggled in each other ear, I said, picking at the bedspread, and looked up. “Now we have a bigger tub, and there is everything I need in there to show you how much fun we can have bathing together.” They nodded again looking at the empty tub I said. “So, I say we climb in it, and we can see if it is big enough for the three of us.”

They giggled and smiled Kateleen said. “Yes, it would be a shame to waste it. But as you know we have never been with a boy before, well other than a little kissing here and there, but not naked in a tub where we actually might do the unthinkable.”

I smiled and got off the bed, said turning around dropping my robe so they can see my entire naked backside. “There is that, too consider too.” Walked over to the table picked up one of the pitchers of wine and my goblet and poured me some wine; took a couple of swallows and took with me and the pitcher. Placed the wine and my goblet as they watched me biting their lips pretending not to look as I bent overturning on the water to fill the tub and move some of the candles to the sink to keep from falling into the tub and give us most the light other than one little light bulb, that flickered because of the storm outside. I then walked over to the sink where Moms gift basket was and said. “Are the two comings or am I to bathe alone,” turning, as they sneaked back around the corner.

I smiled finding everything I needed and placed the items on the sides of the tub. Checking the water and adding some skin orange softens and little cinnamon and spice bubble bath from the gift basket. I climbed in and watched the door, said. “The water nice and warm and I have the only cup and I…” my words cut off as I smiled, as they came into the room dropping their robes in front of me. I bit my lip eyeing them, and prayed. “Rhoda, please don’t kill me. Man, they are hot.” They quickly climbed in taking the far side of the tub and brought their knees up to prevent from touching me.

I drank the rest of my wine and poured some more. Wishing I had some that stuff Dr. Sars and Dora gave me too get them to forget their senses and devour me, but seems I was stuck doing it the old fashion way, which was fine, I wasn’t in any hurry. Well, maybe a little bit; hearing the rain coming down hard and the wind blow against the house as it whistled as it was almost dawn. I prayed Mom and Dad and my family and friends were safe, but something told me there were. I took a sip of the wine noticing that it had been kicked up a notch feeling all the wrong places tingle, not that my manhood needed any help.

I said. “Would like some?” They licked their lips, and I passed them my cup letting them drink and refilled and took another sip and passed it to them.

Beth said. “You know you can’t get us drunk right? It’s only Berry wine.”

I nodded. “Good, because I want you sober so when we do the unthinkable I won’t feel like I have taken advantage of you.”

Beth said “True, but what makes you think you’ll get that far, we barely know you young Nate?”

I said. “Oh, I think you know me well enough, considering you had your choice of boys, but instead you chose me, I know that means something, but we can play that game if you want because I like games as you will learn quite quickly.” I moved closer as they backed up finding they had no place to go. I smiled wickedly and grabbed Kateleen left foot and pulled it towards me; started to massage it in my lap. She closed her eyes moaning, and then stopped her self because it surprised and her sister, watching me bring it up and suck on her toes.

She giggled. “What a strange thing to do young Nate.”

I smiled. “Do you want me to stop?” She shook her head no, so I continued. I smiled at her and said. “Why does every call me that? You are just as old as I am, I am guessing and no one says young Kateleen or young Beth. So let’s say you just call me Nate; after all, you are to be my brides.”

They nodded. Kateleen said. “So Nate, We girls were wondering if you are gay because you haven’t kissed us yet. Most boys can’t wait to do that or throw themselves at us.”

I said calmly. “Really? Well, the answer is no… I very much like girls, as for throwing myself at you. I am not that kind of guy, but I think you already knew that?” They giggled nodding that it was a stupid thing to think. I said calmly sipping my berry wine. “Now the reason I haven’t kissed you yet is because I am in no hurry, and every time I get close you, you shy away from me because we're both naked. And as you have said my darling Kateleen, you have never kissed a boy naked in a tub. I know you would if you realize that we can’t do the unthinkable without kissing while we are naked.

“Yet you bathed your brothers many times and most likely changed their diapers, and you know we boys have a penis because you seen one most of your life I reckon; so being as you two are going to be my brides, and I am supposed too as your husband to be… to make an honest woman out of you.” I set the wine goblet down and leaned over, as Beth and Kateleen tried to back away. I said. “I am now going to kiss you; I am going to do while I am naked and you're naked.”

I leaned down as she tried to slip away but finding that I was aroused she gasped as she brushed against it and me, and I kissed her. Pulling her up and bring us closer chest to chest almost standing as she leaned back against the wall not able to go anywhere. Watching Beth skirt around me gasping like a fish. As Kateleen placed her arms around me as our kisses deepened. I released her slowly biting her lips and pulling them away from her as she moaned falling slowly into the tub breathlessly.

I took my place as Beth moved back to her side of the tub gasping looking at both of us. Then Kateleen launched herself at me and kissed me again lying on top of me. Moaning as I placed my hands on her back deepening the kiss until she needs to take in more air. Then giggled as she retook her place as she blushed; Beth's eyes looked at both of us, then her eyes got big as she found me leaning in her direction, this time Kateleen moved out the way so she could trade spots with me as the water splashed here and there about us.

The further I leaned the more she tried to slip until she had no choice but to kiss me or go under the water, but having the same problem as her sister finding that I was aroused and the only way past it was to brush up against it and me. By that time I had found her lips and was pulling her up as we stood in the tub with her back towards the wall. We deepened the kiss as she pulled me closer until there wasn’t anything but skin. I released her pulling back only to have her push me against the other wall as Kateleen made a mad dash to the other side of the tub as more water splashed in and out of the tub.

Then she released me sliding back down in the water panting as they eyed my arousal I slid back into the water, said. “So that’s me kissing you naked. On to more interesting thing we can do in the tub.”

Kathleen asked. “Like what?”

I smiled. “Playing a game I call follow the leader.”

Beth said. “That’s a kid’s game like Simon says.”

I said. “Same principle, but way more fun, it evolves kissing… and?” I paused picking up my cup finding it empty.

I poured the remainder into the cup took a sip and passed it to the girls. I smiled taking Beth right foot in my lap and massaged her foot watching her eyes roll into the back of her head and brought up to suck on her toes.  “And the best part is touching you and you touching me,” letting Beth's foot touch my arousal as jumped back, as I watched Kateleen drop the glass into the tub ruing the wine that was left in it. She gasped breathless “Touching us where?”

I smiled. Wickedly finding the glass said and raised my eyebrows, said. “Everywhere.”

I nodded letting it sink in. They quickly got the idea as their eyes looked up at me as I stood showing my very aroused penis watching them blush turning their heads, and stepped out of the tub not bothering to cover myself as they whispered pointing at me and raising Beth rising one finger. To describe my arousal again stating clearly I wasn’t gay.

I heard Kateleen say. “Mother never told us about this?”

Beth said. “She never said about kissing boys naked in a tub either.” I smiled as they ducked back there heads as I added more wood to the fire, and picked up a tray of finger sandwiches and another pitcher of Berry wine.

The door opened as I was walking back. It was Agatha I said. “Sorry, but I need to steal Kateleen and Beth for a minute.”

I nodded as she eyed my arousal and smile I said. “Can I speak to you for a minute, Agatha?” She nodded as I put down the plate of finger sandwiches and the pitcher of berry wines and we stepped out into the hall, I said. “I don’t think this berry wine is doing much.”

She said. “Really?” Looking down at my arousal, “I think its working fine?”

I said. “Well that part is working, but that stuff Dr. Sars and Dora gave me that you said we had to take with everything we ate and drank.”

She said. “Yes, and you did what we asked you to do and you followed our instructions, so what the problem young Nate?”

I said. “Well it’s the girls; it seems to have no effect on them.”

She said. “I see, well then do you want me to make easy on you young Nate? This is your problem to work out, we told you that, and we said not to rush nature. I think if I gave you what you want. That would be called cheating. They are your brides to be, not playthings and not men or woman that need to fall into our trap. Now, are they?”

I shook my head no she said. “Ok then… Listen, I just wanted to tell you your family has arrived, you can see them if you like so you know I am keeping my word, but it could be sometime before the boat can being them due to the storm, but they're here and that’s all that matters. Now let me speak two my daughter and see we can help you with your problem unless you want to do it on your own power letting nature take its course?”

I said. “Cheating, wouldn’t be fair to them I guess. However, I am concerned about getting them pregnant if we even get that fair, considering they are a bit shy about, touching me and my.” I looked down as her eyes followed mine to me very aroused state.

She laughed. “Oh well then, let’s say we leave that up to Mother Nature, but don’t fret my boy. You let me worry about that. We witches have our ways and if we wanted that to happen, then it will happen, but it’s my problem, not yours. I want nature to decide first. You should know the girls want this as much as you do if not more, and they choose you over the other boys that came with you. So that’s in your favor. Now go in there and make love to them, and let me worry about what comes next.”

She said holding me in place taking my hands giving them a good squeeze. “You know, I would really like to have another grandchild with a heart like yours and body that makes my body ache looking at how handsome and very attractive as our god's heaven have made you. If I was a hundred or so younger, we be howling at the moon for days.”

She looked down at my arousal asked. “May, I” I nodded. She stroked me a little and then smiled as she steps back. “I’ll bring you some more berry wine, and give it a little extra kick to keep you in that mighty fine penis going all night or what’s left of it, and all day tomorrow and the next. If you still haven’t bedded your brides by then. Then we will talk about cheating nature. Please tell me you kissed them?” I nodded and she gave a sigh of relief. “Then you need no help from me now do you my young Nate?” I shook my head and turned to go back in as the girls ducked around the corner I felt a little pat on my butt and heard her hum. “Yes sir, I envy your youth.”

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