Preparing for Battle  Part 4

Preparing for Battle Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 287-3

Preparing for Battle

Part 4



Once again the girls ducked inside the bathroom, not wanting to get caught eavesdropping or to avoid having to see them me look at me naked and aroused. Agatha didn’t mind in the least as she called the girls out into the hallway, telling them she needed them for a few minutes watching them come out of the bathroom wearing their robes. She tsked, at them as they skirted around me, as their eyes wanted me, but didn’t know how to get what they wanted. Agatha winked at me as she took the girls out in the hall closing the door.

It was my turn to eavesdrop as I stood by the door listening. Agatha said. “I don’t see what the problem is my two very beautiful daughters, he is what every girl that I know could ever wish for. He handsome, he has a good heart and very attractive when he is naked. You have seen naked boys all your lives, you have bathed many of them including your own two brothers and changed their diapers. The way I see it, you should be in that bed under the sheets riding him until you pass out and doing it again, so what the problem?”

There was silence then Agatha laughed. “Oh… well, what did you except that you just see each other naked is all that it takes. If that was true every girl your age or younger would be pregnant the moment we dance naked in the moonlight as so we can celebrate life and how our Gods made us. You like us have been doing this since the day you have been born and when you reach the age of maturity like have now… you mate, you have sex and you have lots of it, how do you think came into this life and you know this.

“Listen, this all you need to know as if you have forgotten what we have taught you. The male penis goes here, and it can go here, and here.”

Kathleen said. “Mother that’s gross,”

Agatha laughed. “Actually I find it rather tasty, now come with me, I need you to see something.” The boards creaked as they moved from the door. I busied myself by eating and drinking more berry wine and familiarized my self with our room, and then as I waited I looked out the window seeing the break in the storm over the ocean as the sun rose above it. It was an amazing sight to be held.

I put on my robe not sure why I bothered, considering the fact everyone has seen me naked, and it was part of their culture even though they were weren’t nudists they celebrated the life, and to them seeing one naked during a celebration meant celebrating life, and how God made us and none of them were shy about doing so.

It was the other they had a problem with wanting nature to take its course, but that’s not what concerned me the most. It was what they wanted me to do, and I didn’t know how far they wanted me to go with their two little girls who weren’t even come close to maturity, but the boys I knew, and that I could do because as they said it was necessary, but the question was why when we had enough of our own that could fill the needs of what we needed to do.

I also wondered if Rhoda and the gang were having the same problem that I was. I called to Jeff even though he was more than happy to butt out and not allowed to interfere, but it was worth a try. Yet once more as I called for him I got nothing, not surprising he seldom came when I called and only when it was important. This wasn’t life-threatening. It was what it was and I could handle it.

The door opened as the girls came back in and they seemed a little pale as they carried in more berry wine. Agatha said. “Breakfast is 9, is there anything I can get you young Nate? Before I leave to start breakfast and put together a shopping list of your favorite foods.”

I said. “Yes if it is no trouble I would like some chocolate sauce… you know the kind that goes over ice cream, and some whip-cream, and a couple of jars of honey.”

Agatha said. “That’s a strange request young Nate, may I ask what you plan to do with those items?”

I said. “Sure,” I got off the bed and walked over to Agatha and whispered in her ear.

She laughed. As she and I eyed the girls and smiled said, “I think we can find some, but it will take me a while to get, but I will add it to our grocery list see if we can when your family arrives on the morning ferry, now that storm has passed.” She closed the door and giggled. “That something I just got to try.” 

The room was silent again as the girls stared at me, I put some more wood on the fire, adding some coal and offered them some food while I run us a new bath. Causing Kateleen to ask why I was running a new bath, I said. “Because it has gone cold while waiting for you to come back and we haven’t started playing our game. I find the tub the best place for it, well the first part of the game anyway.” Once I was done I came back into the room as the girls were eating on our bed, as their eyes rolled back in their head moaning how hungry they were.

I joined them on the bed, as I watched their eyes follow the lines of my robe and I smiled when they notice some part of me was poking through. I didn’t bother covering up. They had every right to see it, but they couldn’t take their eyes off it so I gave in moved my robe to hide it, and apologized for it. They shrugged it off but their eyes never left the spot as they whispered to each other…

Kateleen shook her head no said whispering. “No, you ask him.”

Beth growled fine, and turned her head towards me and said asking me. “What did you need those desert items for young Nate?”

I smiled. “Oh that is a surprise, providing we ever get that far, considering we have yet played my game in the tub, but I will tell you this. What I have in mind you will beg me to keep those items in stock. It is a shame we missed the rain, for I like the rain and what we could have done it. But it is what is.”

I got off the bed deciding that this was the best time to asks some questions before I go any further and allow the girls time eat and do what girls need to do when a male isn’t around watching them. I took off my robe having them watch me hoping to test my boundaries and use it to ask my questions catching them off guard, I said to the girls. “You mind if I leave you girls for a minute, I forgot to ask your mother something.” 

They shrugged their shoulders. The fact I opened the door and left naked, did seem to bother them, then again why should it. I went downstairs finding several women I didn’t know busying themselves with breakfast other than the three sisters that I did know like Agatha, Iris and Brianna none of the men were around and neither were the children had seen most of them go out to attend to the animals. They turned and smiled at me, liking what they see, but acted like it was no big deal. I said. “I hope you don’t mind if I walk about the house naked. I was told by Agatha and Garret that this where I would be staying while I am here and that I should make my self at home, and this what I and my family do in our home as you know we are all nudist and feel most comfortable this way.”

Iris said. “Yes, that is correct young Nate this is your home as much as it is ours. Please feel free to do as you like, as long as you allow us to do so also.” I nodded they smiled and returned to their work as if I wasn’t there only to sneak a quick peek now and again. Not realizing I was trying to push my boundaries to see how far they were willing to go since they wanted me to rape those boys and those two little girls.

Plus the fact they wanted me to have married sex with no protection and wanted me and the girls to do so every chance we got. For what purpose was unclear to me which was I was pushing my boundaries. Besides, it wasn’t if we had seen each other naked as we danced on the beach in the moonlight in around the fire last night to celebrate life. And I was no longer the shy boy that I was before coming to the Rothwell’s, which seemed so long ago.

Agatha asked. “What can I help you with young Nate?” I said. “I was going through my room and was wondering why there wasn’t any wedding clothes, since we are to be married sometime today or tomorrow, only finding everyday clothes that are my size and finding that in the clothing bags was an only a vest and pair of ruined pants with more holes in it as if I lived on the streets as beggar covered in dirt and mud. And the girl’s dresses were more of a working girl I would find on a street corner.”

Agatha said. “Oh, and you came down just for that, in the nude.” She tsked. “I could have told you that when you came down for breakfast young Nate, not that we mind seeing you this way. No not at all, but the reason is simple. You will be married the way you are, it is our way so the brides and grooms can see what they are getting, providing they even make that fair, since you still haven’t bedded your new brides, but then again we can’t expect you too in a few hours now can we?” I gave no reply since the answer was clear enough in regards to her daughters and me. She said when I didn’t answer or make an attempt to leave. “Now what’s the real reason young Nate you came down?”

I smiled. “I wanted to ask you without the girls overhearing me.” I moved in closer so if they did over her me they would have to come down the stairs in plain sight, said in a softer voice leaning near the far wall out of the way but so I could see the stairs and the door. “I wanted to ask this, which is have they been together?” Everyone turned their heads towards me.

Iris said asking. “Been Together? Their sisters, of course, they have been together since birth.”

Brianna said. “Iris, I don’t think that’s what he means, he means have they been together in a sexual situation?” I nodded that was what I meant and Iris said. “Oh…then why didn’t he just say so?”

Agatha said. “He was being polite, weren’t you young Nate?” I nodded that I was. 

Agatha smiled. “No, they haven’t, we don’t allow that until after they have chosen a mate, they are pure as the driven snow. True they have kissed a boy and held his hand before, but nothing beyond that.  Yet we have explained to them that it is part of being married. When sharing a bed with you, and your wife Rhoda and her two new husbands, but that can’t happen if you haven’t done your husbandly duties first; we separated you so when you’re seeking out those that wish to harm us. You both won’t be so easily recognized after what has happened with Mr. Granger, now that he knows who you are, already… and the news is spreading and we felt it best too separate you from your friends and family. Yet I sense that too wasn’t the real reason you came down here, is it young Nate?”

I shrugged my shoulders said. “Yes and no, I will be honest. Garret has made it clear, what my test is, and you have given me instructions to prepare Dustin personally. I am fine with that and did what you asked me to do. And I understand when it comes to your daughters you want me to bed them, but why marry us; I could have done so just having you give me permission to do so. Then there is the boy’s, and the two girls when we have more than enough boys to do what we need to do and how far do you want me to go in regarding them.”

Agatha had me take a seat I nodded as she sat across from me, said. “Nate it is like Garret said, it’s a test to see if you can do what we ask. True the boy Dustin you did what we asked and we thank you for that. The boys you that you picked to come, won’t be able to do what is required because they know too much. It will be like throwing gasoline on to a fire. These people you and I are after will be excepting Jerald and Samuel to bring boys that are new, right off the streets. Not boys that he has purchased while he was with you or have taken from those that have been dealt with accordingly. They have seen them, and they have been with them many times.

The older boys like you they will expect have a working knowledge of what they want and are expected to do, but the younger boys, like Dustin, are the ones that need to be setting the trap. I don’t like it anymore then you do, but like Garrett said. It is necessary, and we accept the fact that they are to be used and they must be trained, because they will be new faces to them; the boys that are coming that you picked before coming here will stay here on our island, and when their guard is down then we will let them help. But only the ones we feel that can handle it.

“The two girls are your test as much as the boys are. It's wrong and we know it, but you must be willing to go as far as you can without causing too much harm where it kills them or meme’s them for life. If you do that, you are not the boy we think you are. Life is precious to us. They will heal, in time, and so will you. We are only hurrying the process, by a couple or so years and we have accepted the fact that we are doing it for the greater good. We will help you as much as we can, by allowing you and the ones that live here to show the ones what we do in a marriage bed is acceptable out in the open; so they no it its ok, like you walking about your home naked, to see if you can get a rise out of us.

“Which I am sure was your intention, but my dear boy we have seen more of our share of naked boys like yourself and were fine with the fact if want to can and we enjoy watching you because it celebrates of life in its simplest form.  The other reason is because you are allowing your brides to attend to their womanly business without a man about to watch them, but it is really unnecessary because it only natural to discard bodily fluids and they girls have changed many diapers and potty trained them as well standing over them to make sure they don’t make a mess of it until they can do on their own.

The rest you have to do on your own. I am sure you are quite capable considering you got them to get into the tub with you. It took me a week to get Garret and Gerald to even do that much, and when they were aroused they did their best to hide it from me; even longer to get them to kiss each other and to have sex with each other, more so with me in the room. So I know what you are going through.

“Too answers your last question why marry you to my two daughters when I could have given you my permission to do it. The answer is simple. They would become nothing more than a passing attraction to you… True they would be more than that like the girls Fran and Heidi and the other two girls and boys that came with them and will also be married today and will be tested so they may help you and us.

“You young Nate take your marriage vows seriously with Rhoda, and she has with you; like it should be and you married her three times now proving that and we celebrated it because….lets say we had little extra help by our common friend to make sure that you did so again a reminder of your love for her while you parted from temporally. Which is why you are being married two my daughters and being married means you can have a meaningful sexual relationship without boundaries. Which also means being their husband they are your wives… there is no such thing as safe sex, it is one of the greatest gifts that our Gods in heaven have given us, and it shows we love them.

“I was married to Garret and Gerald when I was 14 as a new bride when it was considered normal to be married so young. Now the age is 16 and older. I didn’t know them, and they didn’t know me, they were brought to me with the instructions that we were to be my husbands. We have had many children over the years, but we didn’t have them until we were ready to have them. My mother was a white witch like me and my sisters, and she helped me like I am going to help you, by letting nature take its course. It would be unfair to my daughters to have a sexual relationship with you without being married to you. Even though you are going to have sex with other people while you are here seeking out those that wish to harm our way of life. We understand that, but when you’re not doing so you will be married to my daughter lawfully in our way of life such as it is.

“What you do as husband and wife is your business and the same goes with the boys and the two girls we are giving you as their temporary guardians. You will protect them with your last dying breath; you will love them as if they were your own children, as they will be going into battle with you… So you must teach them with our help and our blessing as part of your test showing us that you are worthy of such a gift. The same goes for my two daughters because you are their husband and as their husband, you will provide for them a home to live in and make sure they have food in their bellies and clothing to protects them from the elements.

“Your wives will tend to them as their mothers when you are here or away without them if the reason calls for it… We will then watch them for you so you can be husband and wife. You will work to earn the money, granted the money you earn will come from the very people we are seeking out and Mr. Stringum has paid us tidy sum, even though he has yet realize that. By hiring most if not all of our men to build and renovate the buildings you will be using.

“As we said, you will have plenty of time to do what you need to do. Now Iris and Brianna have prepared you a little pick me up, that should see you through for a few hours, and then you will sleep, before tonight’s wedding celebration. Now I believe we have answered all your questions young Nate for the time being. The ferry will be here around noon, if it comes yearly I will send for you, but if you wouldn’t mind putting on some of those clothes so when your family comes you can introduce them to your new brides first as a proper married couple.

“I realize they are nudist like you, but my daughters aren’t, and we are only nude when we celebrate like we did last night. Once they are gone you and yours can run the house, the yard or anywhere you like, it’s none of our business what you do, have sex like three married rabbits. God knows I did when I was your age. We spent more time out of our clothes than in them. True it saved on the wash, and back then we had to wash our clothes outside; instead of an electric washing machine and dryer.

“Yet we still make most of our clothes and many other things you will see while you are among us, like the berry wine, that has been properly aged, and the bread you smell baking.” She stood up as the girls came down the stairs wearing their robes, asking where I had gone and telling me my bath has gone cold again. While Iris handed me a cup that looked like freshly squeezed orange telling me to drink every last drop; I did what I was told and she kissed me on the cheek telling me what a good boy I was.

Agatha said. “He was just making sure your wedding will be beautiful and we were going over the menu. Scrapping fish off the menu finding out he hates fish, which is a pity, all that fish the men been catching for tonight will have to be smoked dried instead. I’ll come to get you when breakfast is on the table. Least I won’t have to worry about you not being clean for a while.” She pulled her sisters Iris closer and without so much as hesitation as they kissed.  The girl's eyes went wide and mouths dropped as they deepened the kiss then released each. Agatha said. “What? She's my sister, is not right for me to kiss her?” Brianna did the same to Agatha as the girl's eyes got even bigger. Agatha didn’t apologize as they returned to their morning duties.

I smiled, as I walked past them, Iris said. “Breakfast is at 9 young Nate. I think you should wear the blue shirt and the brown pants I made you.”

Agatha said. “I was thinking about the yellow shirt I made.”

Brianna said. “No the green one.”

I said. “How about I let my brides choose considering they are ones that will be having too re-sew the buttons on it, after ripping it off me?”

Kateleen said. “You think so do you, my sister thinks you should wear nothing, so we won’t have to work our fingers sewing on buttons all day.”

Agatha tsked at them “Providing you even get that far, considering all this time you been with Nate all you have done kiss him and stare each other from across the tub and haven’t gone any further than a simple foot massage. If I come in and find that you are still staring at each other and haven’t made any progress. I will brew you girls something that makes you so horney he will have to beat you off with a stick so he can come up for air. Now will please go upstairs so the rest of us can have reason to give you a wedding of your dreams.”

Beth Nodded and Kateleen said. “Yes mother, it’s just…”.

Her mother said. “Just what?” She followed her daughter's eyes back down towards my arousal. She smiled. “I don’t see what the problem is? Of course, he’s aroused. If he wasn’t then we have a problem. Maybe you girls should figure out what to do with it instead of just looking at it and find out how it works. I told you what I would do with it. And showed you one of the things I really like to do with it with my husbands, now haven’t I? I’m old women and I still like to do those things and I am as healthy as a horse, so deal with it.”

She turned around ending the conversation. Iris smiled and took carrot giving a demonstration by stimulating the carrot sliding her hand up and down and while Brianna took the same carrot and did an oral demonstration. The girls blushed and I said. “I am going to run us another bath.  Come up when your ready, I’ll be waiting.” 

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