Driving me Crazy  Part 1

Driving me Crazy Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 288

Driving me Crazy

Part 1

With the information I had, it was time for a new plan, since the old one wasn’t working. I quickly opened my closet and begin dressing choosing a red maroon shirt and pair of brown pants because brown goes with everything. I opened the dresser finding brand-new socks and brand-new boxers and began dressing. The clock on the dresser read 6 am and the sun was coming up.

My plan was simple after I had failed in my task of having sex with my brides since they couldn’t get over touching me when I was aroused. The game wouldn’t work if I couldn’t get them pasted that. So my idea was using the boys and the two girls to help me. It wasn’t as if they weren’t going to be participating anyway and they were now my responsibility and Agatha and Garret had made it abundantly clear they were, however when it came to the girls I had already decided to delay what they wanted me to do too them as long as possible, something’s I wasn’t going to do, unless I felt it was necessary.

All the boys and were out tending the animals and the two younger girls were down in the kitchen, and there was no reason I could think of that I couldn’t help them. It was my bride’s job to make us a home, cleaning, cooking and so on… right on down to bathing our children we have been assigned to. Again that was clear enough that needed no explanation to why from the conversation and the information they gave me. So if they wanted to play games… Fine, I was going to play the game and do whatever it takes to win. Loosing isn’t option… the stakes are too high. The girls came in as I was dressing asking me what I was doing thinking I was making a new bath for us all

I turned around buttoning my shirt and tucking it into my pants. Finding that the clothes they made me were surprisingly comfortable, I said. “Getting dressed and going out to help our new children like a husband should since it is the role I was given apparently. If you wouldn’t mind cleaning up the room and the tub, and put the candles away since it is obvious that we don’t have enough time right now to have a romantic bathing experience and you two have house duties to attend to. I would appreciate it if you did what I have asked.”  I went to the bathroom and relieved myself letting the girls follow me having them sneak a peek as they whispered asking each other what I was doing as they both shrugged their shoulders.

I came out and smiled said. “After breakfast and if we will discuss our roles, and how I attended to proceed. Once my family arrives on the ferry and seen too.” I picked up my work shoes and my socks and left the room going downstairs as the girls stood their shell shocked. It wasn’t my problem, it was theirs. And they needed to come to grips with it or we would fail. Like I said failure wasn’t an option. They had their chance to do it their way, now it was my turn to do it my way.

Agatha had said she didn’t expect me to do it all in one day. I was in no hurry and apparently neither were they and I had feeling when my family and friends found out including Stringum they were going to be told so.  Yes, we need to find those rings and keys. Yes, we needed to get the little fish into our traps to get to the bigger fish. But we had information that coven didn’t have and they, in turn, had the information we didn’t have. Time is a fickle thing, and that included people.

The moment I came down the stairs everyone in the kitchen heads turned and begin whispering and shrugging their shoulders. I set my shoes and the socks by the couch in a fairly good size living room. It wasn’t as big as ours in the cabin. It was more the size of our old Rothwell home living room. Two large couches with homemade couch cover with homemade blankets and pillows overhanging the sides of the couches. Couple overstuffed chairs all facing the fireplace and small TV Set an old fashion radio as well as a large bookcase of full of books.

All the floors were made of oak wood. And the walls were painted off white with wooden spacers or what some would call I-beams that held the house together. Even the ceiling had them with electric lighting and long with standing lamps in each of the corners. The dining room was open and so was the kitchen with a small wall that contained the modern day fridge and modern day stove and oven. Even though they did a lot of their cooking from the cook fireplaces and the wood burning stove, to save on solar power, batteries, which made sense being on inland away from the mainland.

I took a seat on the couch and begin putting my shoes on. Agatha came over to ask me what the hell I was doing. I said. “Doing what you asked me to do, which is to make honest women out of your daughters. You told me to take my time and told me that I had duties as temporary guardians over the children you have assigned me to make sure to take the role seriously. This me taking my time, the other wasn’t going to work. The girls are too shy, around me; it's one thing being naked together and another to touch each other while naked in certain places. Dancing around a fire and celebrating life isn’t the same as being with each other because it isn’t new to them while the other is.

“You told me that they bathed the boys, and girls growing up and changing diapers as part of becoming a mother. The boys and the two girls you have assigned me to watch over and train as part of my tasks and my test. Will need the same lessons as your daughters if we are to have any chance of success, I couldn’t it all in a few hours and I am sorry. But you made clear to me that you didn’t expect me too and certainly not in a couple of hours. So I am going to see if I can help the men and the children that are attending to their chores.

“I lived on a farm for nearly 2 years and I am sure you knew that since you know a lot about me. My brides will take over their duties as mothers to the children and as well being my wives now instead of later, is that ok because the other isn’t working. They are too shy, and I need them to let me in and accept the fact if we are to be together as husband and wife and temporary parents to the children… They need to learn just as much as they do, they need to learn the things I am going to teach them that will save our lives when we are out among those that wish to harm us. I can’t do my job if they won’t let me.”

Agatha gave heavy sigh and took my right hand and patted it as she squeezed it and kissed me on the cheek, said. “I was right, you are an odd one, but apparently I misjudged you young Nate. You are more then what we expected. So let me get this straight you want us to butt out, and let you do it your way?”

I nodded. “That and making sure the girls and the children know what you are asking me to do is acceptable. They need to know that above all else or they will not trust me… If they don’t trust me, I hate to think what would happen when we are mingling with our prospective targets. When they are asked to do the things that none us want them to do. More so the girls, which I haven’t determined will be necessary, or what they will be able to do and not do. There are some things you do not know about these people we are seeking. And there are something’s that you know that we don’t know which is why we were brought here so we may learn from each other. 

“However the most important thing for me to do and what I am tasked to do… To pass the test you are giving me is that children and your two very beautiful daughters are. They need to know, that I would never hurt them. They need to know that they can be free to do things I am asking them to do and that they have your blessing. It is my job to ensure their safety, and I can not do that. I can not simply take off their clothes and we have sex. It doesn’t work that way, I am not like the men and women that we are seeking out to stop them from doing this.

“I do not force these things on children or my brides to be. They must do so of their own free will…. If I don’t have it, then we fail and I will become the monster; because you are making me and them do things that should never be done. Not with children, it is different with your two daughters, it is different with boys my age or men like Garret and Gerald. We are old enough; we are mature enough to do those things in the privacy of our own home or with others that have given their consent.

“The task is hard, even harder since I do not have their trust and I am alone and have been separated from my wife Rhoda and my two husbands Eli and Greg. And will need them and my wife Rhoda to help me with the lesson that your daughters must learn once we have consecrated our marriage as husband and wife. And you yourself told me how hard it was for you to get your husbands to trust you. Now I am asking you to trust me by helping me by butting out when I need you too and help me when I need you too so we can do what we need to do to bring down those that wish to harm us and the ones we love. And send their demons back to hell.”

She kissed me on the cheek and said. “Yes your odd duck young Nate, but like that you’re honest with me and the ones I hold dear to my heart. I will speak to my husbands and my sisters and we will do whatever is necessary. No, go, you will find the men and the children doing chores out in the barn. I’ll keep your bridesmaids busy, its time they learned what motherhood is about, and what means to be wives to their husbands and children. How fitting you chose the maroon red shirt because it is a harvest moon and it means the beginning of a new year. No go, and send Garret and Gerald to me, so I may speak with them before breakfast is served.” I nodded and she patted my hand again and kissed me on the cheek.

The girls came down the stairs as I was tying my shoes, they were both wearing homespun dresses in blue and yellow they were wearing sneakers, they looked at me and their mother, as I whispered in her ear, she said back whispering to me. “It’s your right to ask them to do so, since this your home and theirs as your wives and children and will save from cleaning the mud off our floors as well mending socks.  It is also our rule as well if hadn’t noticed… Apparently, your wives think to join you to find out what you are up too. Go, I’ll handle them.”

Agatha tsked placing her hands on her hips said. “I believe your husband to be asked you clean up your bedroom. I do not see empty dishes, or the robes you were wearing that need to be washed. Now grab a broom and a mop and come to me when you have done what your husband to be has asked you to do. You will not be going outside today, so kindly remove your shoes and respect his home and ours. Unless you intend to disobey him and me as your mother and spend the day scrubbing the floors where you tracked mud and dirt on to them if go where you are not needed.”

I closed the door wishing I had grabbed a jacket, but I wasn’t about to go back inside having to deal with the aftermath I just created. Plus the fact I would have to take the time and clean the mud and dirt off my shoes. So instead I ran to the barn seeing Garret and Gerald with the boys feeding the livestock. The two small girls were helping the woman in the kitchen… apparently, it was the wife’s job here to maintain the house. While the men tended to the heavy labors outdoors. I was fine with doing either, and I knew enough workings of a farm as I made my way over to them.

Garret and Gerald acted surprised to see me dressed and ready for work, considering I wasn't to be performing my husband’s duties before my marriage tonight. They closed the barn and stood in the doorway preventing me from going inside telling me it wouldn’t be fair to see how our wedding things were coming along. I told them that Agatha requested them to come right away, that she needed to speak to them regarding our wedding. Yet Garret said. “Well, in that case, you can help load things up into the trucks to be taken down to the dock to be sold when the ferry arrives, either way, you’re not going inside the barn until then.”

I rubbed my arms because it was cold and said. “I can do that,” Garret asked why I was out here anyway when someone else could have fetched them. I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the men that were loading things on the trucks like kegs of berry wine, fresh milk from the cows and cheese and butter and other things.

Once I was done I rode to the docks. I smiled seeing Dad and Mom and my brothers and sisters and several of my friends as they were coming off the ferry. Stringum was fit to be tied as he was arguing with someone from the coven. He pointed angrily to the island and to the main city. Mom rushed me as she hugged me to death; it felt good to see them. She asked where Rhoda and the gang were.

I shrugged my shoulders telling her and Dad I hadn’t seen them since last night and have been told they are here somewhere on the inland preoccupied. I didn’t want to spoil anything, even though it concerned me deeply what they may be doing and what their test was to prove themselves ready to perform whatever roles the coven was allowing us to do with their help. Yet even that was unclear.

Once everything was loaded on to the trucks we all went back to the house I was staying. Having everyone bombards me with questions, and I refused to answer most of them other then we were all fine, and that they needed to see Agatha her sisters first. That all was well and will be explained.

Stringum said. “Fine, I have plenty of things I would like to ask them and one of them is why we were blinded fold and why were we being held hostage until now when I need to see to our base of operations, telling me that I need to be tested before we can proceed. Jerald and Samuel have refused to answer our questions other then the fact everything is going according to plan. That not even they know everything… That they are to being us here first before we are allowed to mingle with the population.”

I shrugged my shoulders saying all will be explained once we arrive. Dad and Stringum and everyone else wanted details in what they had in mind when it comes to helping us. I’ll I did was shrug my shoulders telling them I didn’t know, so I remained quiet.

© 2019 Shep

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