Crazy  Part 1

Crazy Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 292


Part 1


I was used to being treated like royalty the second we pulled up to curb of the hotel and being greeted by the hotel manager in person, what’s more not really having any luggage. Other then the girl’s carry-on bags with some clothes they couldn’t do without or makeup. Even Dr. Sars and Dora had enough luggage’ to compensate for the lack of us boys and husbands that didn’t have any. Or precisely put us coven boys new and old didn’t have any and were told not bring any except for the clothes we are wearing.

But the manager like most managers of the hotels we have been in with Stringum didn’t care. Because all they saw were the dollar signs the moment our limos pulled up; watching him point to his luggage boys who quickly came out with baggage carts. Stringum introduced himself by a shaking his hand stating he was the guy they talked to over the phone. The manager quickly stated that everything was in order. Not daring to say what kind of trouble Stringum had caused by having to cancel or rearrange someone’s room just for us.

Then again we were bringing him good business since we were staying in his best rooms at a premium rate for not one night but several. And this was the slow season until about the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas, by that time we would be home. Or we hoped we be home. Stringum didn’t care how much it cost, because the money we were spending was well worth the cost of helping make our world a better place, by taking these satanic people down, plus the fact they were loaded and won’t be needing it where they are going.

I looked at the clock on the wall of the lobby where it said it was just barely 9 am Saturday morning, and we were no closer to finding out who our targets were, or me being closer to reigning in my brides. It bothered me that someone was working against me. It bothered me that I wasn’t allowed to help my friend Jeff to find the mole in our coven, do to some promise he made to the three sisters. That he was to leave me alone and butt out unless my life, not theirs was in danger.

I checked into the hotel using my new name Nate Garret and adding my two wives and my kids to the hotel register. The manager was a little surprised to find that I had 7 kids while everyone else had two, but the moment Stringum opened up one of three metal suitcases full of cash. I could have been just another customer like Mom and Dad who had a large family. In fact when Stringum asked for a couple more beds to be put in mine and my parent's large suite he didn’t even blink an eye the moment the green stuff was planted on his palm. He nodded said he would have someone take care of it.

Stringum could have put them all in another room. But he promised the sisters that it wouldn’t be a problem of families staying in the same room regardless of the size even if he had to buy sleeping bags for them. In fact, he suggested it to the manager whose face paled asking if he was crazy that this was a five-star hotel, not a KOA campground.  (Kamp Grounds of America.) Which I could never figure out why Kamp started with “K” instead of a “C”. 

Again Stringum didn’t care how much trouble he caused, every man had his price, so he believed and the money proved it. He handed us new fathers a bundle 100 dollar bills equaling close to 10 grand, handing me two bundles because I had 7 kids and they each had two minims, and no more then three, telling us too buy our families some nice clothes including luggage and to make sure we kept the receipts other then tips or buy someone’s undivided attention when came to bribes.

He then put the rest of the money in the hotel safe. All except one metal suitcase he was putting in his room. Our coven wives and our coven husbands had never seen that kind of money before, yet they knew that many of their families were pretty well off.

Once we made it to our rooms finding them large as a modern size home. With a small two or three person tub in the big expensive bathroom and 8 person hot tub near the balcony looking over the sea and small kitchen, that had been left empty all except the dishes. I wasn’t too surprised to find our new dining room set in place instead of a generic hotel one. Stringum was Stringum seeing all our wedding gifts piled in the living room and overstuffed wedding card basket. Mine had two bedroom suites. One for the kids and one for me and my two wives Kateleen and Beth.

The manager asked me if I was fine letting my kids share a bed. I nodded I was, but I wanted the girls and the boys separated. He said. “Of course, how stupid of me not to consider that I am not custom to how nudists like your selves sleeping arrangements. That being said, I do run respectable hotel I would prefer it that when using the faculties that like the pool that you least wear a bathing suit.”

I said. “Of course, however, if my children forget, you can consider yourself warned.” I did what Stringum did. Opening my wallet and handed him some cash.

He nodded said. “It seems that the pool is closed, you will find the key at the main desk anytime you and your family like to use it. Will there be anything else sir?"

I nodded said. “Yes, when my two wives check-in, have them put a list together of the groceries we will need and if my children or they call down for room service. Ignore them, unless they say Tiger is hungry and ask them how many stripes he has and the color. If they don’t know the answer, hang up the phone.” I quickly wrote down the answer on a business card Stringum had made up for me and gave him another 5 hundred dollars. He smiled seeing the money and placed the card into his pocket.

Telling me it will be done as he said. “If there was anything else, please come to me directly.”

I said. “Yes, does the door lock atomically once I am inside the room or do I need to lock it?” He said he didn’t understand my question. I closed the door and opened the door. He looked at me I said. “I would like an automatic lock on this door, and a regular one in the master bedroom. To keep the staff and our nosey parents and kids out while I am sex with my wives. The last hotel I was in my grandmother walked in on us while I was having sex, regardless if there is a do not disturb sign on the door.”

The manager blanched, said he would have the locksmith here within the hour." I nodded that should be fine since I was going out to buy some clothes for me and my kids. That everything we had was ruined because some idiot left our luggage at the other hotel and the manager was a horse’s a*s and sent it to the wrong hotel instead of this one with the rest of our things, having me point to our wedding gifts and dining room table.

That I paid him a handsome sum of money, promising me everything would be here when I arrived. The manager started to sweat and telling me that he will make double sure my orders are followed or the room is on the house giving me back some of the money I just gave him as I waved it way like it didn’t matter knowing he was mine and would serve me and my family well.

I nodded; asking him if he minded if I hold him to his word on that. I put out my hand and shook it and he didn’t break eye contact or remove his hand until I did. I said. “I am new to the area, or there any shops nearby that sell clothing for my children and what is the nightlife like around here, are there any hotels nearby he would recommend since my wives and I like to be discreet when we are having sex with other people. That we find that would like to have a sexual relationship, but being very discreet.”

The manager smiled, as he gave me a list of shops nearby and I palmed him another 500 dollars even though he refused to take it, if he would make sure that there was a room ready for me, and I paid him another 500 to keep his mouth shut about our little conversation closing his fist with my hand over the money and watch him leave bowing to me that everything will be taken care of by him personally.

I told kids to make sure they use the bathroom and wash their hands afterward. That we would be leaving in a few minutes. I picked up the phone, and dialed my mother’s house, as my father picked up the phone. I quickly said. “Is this the Shepherd residence?”

He said. “Yes, and may I ask who is calling? I said. “Yes this Dr. Garret I was told I might be able to reach Linda shepherd here, is she around?”

My father yelled; “fat b***h it’s for you,” then said. “Listen, Dr. Garret, is there any chance you and I could meet in person, perhaps discuss a deal of putting my fat stupid w***e of a wife in a facility. The courts refuse to listen to me. She has already…

Jim what the hell?” Hearing my mother take the phone from his hands asking him “who is it?”

My father said. “Hell should I know, some doctor named Garret calling to check up on me, like everyone else on this God forsaken place. I can’t even take a leak without the cops watching me.” I heard the door slam.

Mom said. “Hello Dr. Garret, please forgive my husband, he…” I stopped her and said. “Mom it’s me your wayward son.”

Mom said. “Give me two minutes.” I heard her stomping down the hall pick up the phone she had installed in her room, then I heard more stomping then a silent click and more stomping and a bedroom door slammed. She picked up the phone said breathing hard. “Sorry son, I had to unplug the phone from the wall, so your sisters and your father can’t listen in on our conversation. He and Susan have been making my life difficult since I have been home. Can you tell me where you are, or is that a secret still?”

I thought about it and said. “No, not really, well I am not exactly sure. Dad said it should be fine, considering it’s just you and grandma, who I still haven’t called. And still wondering how she would take the news, not that she could do anything about it. I am somewhere in Boston about maybe 2 hours or so from England, and we haven’t started our mission yet, well not exactly. I hope you your seating down.”

Mom told me just to tell her what was on my mind since there were no secrets between us and Mom and Dad told me I could. So I said. “I am married.

Mom laughed. “Son I know that you married Rhoda and Eli and Greg at the courthouse.”

I gave heavy sigh, said. “Yes, but Mom I was married again to two more girls, by the name of Kateleen and Beth.”

Mom was quiet as she processed it then said asking, “undercover or real?” I stated that I think really, Mom wanted an explanation so I gave her one, she said. “So, you’re not going to tell your grandmother that… she will have a heart attack. She has already been calling me since the day you left the courthouse if I have heard anything from you.”

I gave a heavy sigh, asking if she minded not telling her, she laughed. “Which part? That you are married to two witch coven girls? Or the part you now have seven kids from the age of 7 to 9. Yea that would give her cause to kill you and your adoptive parents. Wait they are still your adoptive parent’s right? Oh hell now you got me all mixed up.”

I smiled said. “It’s just a piece paper Mom, it always was, so unless things change I see it as that they are my adoptive parents, better than not having any don’t you think other than you of course. Who just became an instant grandmother of 7 grandkids and 1 on the way? I know it freaks me out every time they call me Dad, but according to the coven, they are my responsibility all the same even though they raised them since birth. Then when someone reaches maturity or what they call the right of passage.

“They marry and they are given kids to raise as their own. However, I have the most, because my little spiritual friend put in a good word for me. Anyway, it is what it is, and my problem. I’ll call my grandmother when I can. I am still kind of mad at her. I have no idea what I am going to tell her. Maybe the truth, she deserves to know and needs to know she can’t do anything about it.

“Listen I got to go, I have to be a Dad and buy some clothes for my children, find some lunch for them and us. I’d let you talk to them but there isn’t time, maybe their grandparents can work something out for you talk to them. That too sounds weird I know, already they are calling Dad Grandpa Carrion and Mom Grandma Carrion and they are eating up like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Now they are going call you Grandma Shepherd, just think what is grandma going to do when the call her great grandma Shepherd?”

My mother laughed. “Man I would like to be there when they do, I am already busting at the seams. I am going to tell your father, that he just became a grandpa of 8 grandkids and let him stew on that for a while. Unless you rather me not tell him?” I thought about it and smiled, thinking how much more he would hate me. I said she could but not give him any details, not that he could do much. Most people would think he was crazy if he said. ‘Yes my oldest son has 7 children and 1 one on the way and he is barely 17.’ When the fact is he considers me dirt under his feet and not once has he ever called me his son other than a bad reference.

I said goodbye grabbing my jacket and took my roll call. I closed the door and opened it. I hated that you had to lock the door to keep everyone out, but until my wives came to terms with having sex with me and teaching the children as well as preparing them so we can go after our targets. I need to make sure I could do so without being interrupted and causing a meltdown.

By the time I made to the elevator the locksmith was just coming up as my wife Rhoda and her two husbands, as well as her two kids, were coming out of their room. I stopped the elevator hearing the locksmith tell her that keys will be down at the desk. Like me, she didn’t like people coming into the room so easily knowing they would don’t bother reading the sign on the door.

© 2019 Shep

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