Crazy  Part 2

Crazy Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 292-1


Part 2



Kateleen and Beth were just arriving watching them check in. They rushed me, and just like Stringum said they would. I told the kids to give us a minute and to get into the limo. Having the girls ask them where I was going, as they had this crazy looked about them when they looked down at my crotch licking their lips. Then having them both push me up against the wall in the lobby and started to undress me as they tried to kiss me. I ducked turning away, telling them to take a cold shower, Dr. Sars and Dora came running as my pants dropped to my ankles and soon my boxers as their hands grabbed my penis. Dora quickly sprayed them with something, as Dr. Sars laughed that we were just married.

Causing the people in the lobby to laugh with her as the girls blinked finding themselves with their hands on my penis and jerked their hands away and apologizing; I quickly put back on my pants and backed away said. “We will continue this later, I missed you too, now go upstairs and change into something more comfortable in my case nothing would be good. I’ll come back with something to eat besides me.” Causing everyone to laugh and return back to their business. Hearing says kids today all they want is sex.

Dora told me to go that she and Dr. Sars got this. I nodded and gave a heavy sigh looking down at my ruined shirt, finding all the buttons either missing or the fabric torn. I got into the limo telling Landon it was just us. I didn’t ask if he knew where we were going. He was one of the best limo drivers and menservants I have ever meet.

Rhoda said getting into the limo with her two husbands and her two kids. “Did I just see you being rapped in the lobby by your two wives?”

I said. “Yes, I feel like a cheap husband because I have been wanting them to do it, but it wasn’t them, it was the drug their mothers gave them.”

Jasper who was Rhoda’s husband said. “That’s because their desperate, after what happened last nights… can you blame them? My two sisters are not the typical run of the mill girls, and when comes to guys they find attractive they don’t know what to do.”

Rhoda said. “Yes, like you and Daniel who took me tying you to the bed so we could have sex and deal with your little shy problem around girls like me.” Taking his hand and placed it under her dress causing him to smile. Man, I envied him.

He said. “Yes, but my two sisters are worse they never kissed a boy, other then on the cheek, in fact when Daniel and I were told you kissed them without a stitch on or managed to get them in a tub with you we thought everyone was lying to us, but mother was right they did choose you like we chose Rhoda the moment we saw you we had this strange feeling that we were to be our husbands and wives.

“Everyone else had the same feeling. Something was telling us that we needed to be together. We tried to disregard it, but every time we did there was a name on the wall or a small message or a picture of you falling from a book. At first, we thought our parents were doing it. But when it started to happen more frequently and they weren’t around. We took it as a sign from our Gods that it was meant to be. It was the same for each of the children we were assigned to. So Mom and her two sisters were trying to help them so the Gods wouldn’t be angry.

“I am sorry that happened, but try to understand, when it comes to my two sisters and us we never so much as kissed a girl, or held their hand unless we are dancing or celebrating. It's one thing to be naked while dancing, it is another when it comes too actually touching oneself in a sexual manner. Our parents told us about sex, but never really explained how to go about it. I and my brother Denial found out that we too would be having sex with each other, like our fathers Garret and Gerald… who have been raised us since we were 7 or 8; when our Gods gave us to them like he has given you your children until it’s their turn to be married. In truth, we are all brothers and sisters and we are all family.

“That’s how we were raised, and if you didn’t come we would be married to one of the sister’s covens. It’s been this way for thousands of years and the only difference is this time instead of being married inside the coven we are married to strangers with different ideas and different cultures. It is not our way to ask our gods why, and we do so willingly. So forgive our mothers for wanting to push it along.” I nodded that it was fine.

Rhoda said she had already talked to Daniel and Jasper about having sex with me today, and they had agreed to it, they both nodded. I asked if they ever been with each other. They shook their heads no, telling me their fathers told them not too until I show them how. Yet something said, as they looked at each other, that they didn’t wait.

I said. “Well then please tell me you have at least tasted a penis?” They smiled looking at their son, Jerry.

Rhoda said. “Well, what was I supposed to do? You have 5 boys and 2 girls and they tasted you even if your two wives refused too. However, they haven’t done anything else. I wanted their first time to be special.”

Denial asked. “What it was like kissing a guy?”

I said. “That it was like kissing a girl, but it when it comes to girls there is a big difference.” They both looked confused and I smiled, said. “We table this discussion until we get back.”

They nodded as we pulled to the side of the curb letting Landon opened the door. He took off his shirt and handed it to me; I shook my head telling him I was fine. He nodded putting his shirt back on and stated I should buy shirts with snaps rather than buttons, I said. “Thanks, but then my wives would have nothing to do.” He laughed climbed back into the limo and took out a newspaper.

Once again I was faced with a store clerk that saw me like a bum off the streets, and how my family was dressed as well as the people with me. She frowned at my attire seeing the ruined shirt I was wearing. She said. “Goodwill is two blocks down, everything in this store I am sure is out of your price range.”

I said. “Thanks, but I think I can buy what you’re selling.” I pulled out my wallet and handed her my credit card, telling her she can call to find out my limit. She told us not to touch anything; we ignored her as she snapped her fingers at her help telling them to make sure we didn’t walk off with anything.

Rhoda asked how come I just didn’t show her the cash. I told her because she would think we stole the money. She rolled her eyes and went up to the counter, said. “Listen misses. Were loaded; I have 10 grand rights here in my purse, my husband Nate is shopping here.”

She took out the purse, and the clerk said. “Stolen most likely, or a ….Yes, I need to run a credit limit on this card, and see if it belongs to the person of one Nate Carrion.” She gave the number and gasped a little asking if she could see my idea for verification. I nodded handing her my identification which was my learner's permit and another card that Stringum gave me if I needed to prove who I was. She verified it using the numbers on it. Then she looked at me, said. “I see, no that’s all I needed to know.” She put on a happy face, said. “How can I help you today Mr. Carrion?”

I said. “As I said, I am buying new clothes for me and my wife Rhoda Carrion and all these children that are with me including these friends of mine.”

She nodded said. “Well then, I am sorry I missed judge you. You must understand we get a lot of crazy people in here, shoplifters and the sort. Crime here has gone up over the last few years.”

I nodded said. “Well I can understand, I was mugged not far from here which is why my clothes are in such a state. If it wasn’t for these boys here they would have made off with my wallet. So like I said we are here to buy clothes, I understand you sell the best.” She nodded and told them to go wild. I found a shirt my size and said. “Mind if I try it on?

She said. “No, go right ahead. The dressing room… Is.” I took off my ruined shirt and she hummed licking her lips.

I said. “My grandmother hated dressing rooms, says their overly small, and when she could easily have us boys take off our shirts right at the rack so she could see how we looked in them instead having us run back and forth, but then again I was these boys ages, but with how the world is changing, when predators are spying on young boys and even have hidden cameras inside the changing rooms. It makes me feel so unsafe. How much would it cost me to get you to lock the doors? I’ll pay what you might make for any business you would loose while we are here.”

She smiled. As I took out my wallet and counted out hundred dollar bills on the pile of jeans on the shelf. I stopped counting when she told the girls in the store to lock the doors and tell them we are closed and take a long lunch; when I had reached 2 thousand dollars. She told me to call her if I needed anything, picked up her book she was reading. I knew she was watching closely. Either to see more of me and Rhoda’s husbands or to make sure we didn’t take anything without paying for it first. Jasper swallowed hard telling his bother Denial and he would prefer a dressing room, then having people stare at him in his boxers.

Rhoda said. “Listen; just think about that you are wearing a bathing suit,” Daniel said they never wore one when they went swimming. I told her husbands whispering, to get used to stranger staring them naked because they will be when we are taking down those that we are after. To just pretend that sales clerk is their older sisters or mother. They couldn’t, it was too much to ask right now. I understood and let them change in the dressing room. I knew my boys wouldn’t care, or my two daughters. They were too young to worry about things in regards to modesty. I wanted them to get used to the fact that strange people were going to see them naked.

I told the boys to take off all their clothes. The store clerk gasped, but she didn’t say anything as I handed the boys new ones too try on. I quickly removed my daughter’s clothes. It was then she freaked out seeing them naked as I pulled them along to the girl’s isle; watching her making her way over to me, blushing as I was trying on little girls panties; until I found the right size for them.

I said. “What? You told me you would look the other way. These are my children. I am not a rapist, if you look outside you will see limo my driver Landon or you call my hotel and speak to the manager.” I gave her a card and she called. Finding out that everything I said was true.

I dressed my daughters in their favorite colored dresses which were pink and blue with white ruffles underneath with several other nice dresses. I had found me several pairs of jeans and shirts with snaps, and a few pullovers. I had a whole pile of clothes. Even the ones that didn’t fit, telling her to give these to goodwill as I paid for them in cash, and wrote on the back of it how much I spent as a bribe.

Knowing Stringum will laugh because of it. Rhoda paid cash for her family and her two husbands and the clerk the ones we were wearing, said. “We won’t be needing those any longer. Next time you see someone dressed like that, don’t judge them, and could you be missing out on great sales day.” She flipped her hair said. “Come family let see what else we can find and scare us up some lunch.” Landon met us placing our packages into the trunk. He had replaced his shirt with a clean one. He nodded to the sales clerk as we got back into the limo.

We shopped for two more hours had a quick bite and made our way back to the hotel. The manager greeted me as he had his boys carry our things to our room. I asked if everything was taken care of. He nodded handing me my new hotel key and he handed new ones for the Rhoda and her two husbands. Rhoda said. “I’ll take the kids to the pool, while you get acquainted with my two husbands.”

The manager handed me the key to the pool telling someone at the desk to tell our guests the pool is now closed and if anyone complains they can talk to him about it. He handed me a shopping list. I said. “Thanks, are my wives still upstairs?” He nodded. Telling me the rest of my friends and family were here and were in the pool except my wives.

I gave heavy sigh as I was trying to decide what to do, asking Denial if his sisters ever been to a grocery store. Knowing it was a stupid question as they shook their head no; that they were lucky if they left the island. This called for Mom, and I cringed because she wanted to spend some alone time with them. I found them at the pool with the rest of our family and surprised to see them wearing bathing suits. I told the boys I’d be up in moment not to do anything, not remove on a stitch of clothing.

Having them explain Rhoda had explained the rules of how to play follow the leader. I told Dad that pool was ours anytime we wanted it. Handing him the key, he understood taking off his bathing suit, having everyone laugh as people that weren’t nudist or coven born. Quickly leave gasping as everyone was tossing their bathing suits over the side of the pool. The manager smiled said the pools closed unless they felt like staying for an all nude swim. None of them did. In fact, several people complained he said. “I own this hotel; if you want a refund on your room please notify the desk. I could use the rooms.

Mom said taking the list that she would see to it and came up with me as I used my key, finding my wives and their mothers having a nice little chat going over the books I had given them with Dr. Sars and Dora. The sisters frowned at me. I motioned them to follow me. Into the kid’s room, I said. “What happened to butting out? You told me you didn’t want to cheat nature, but instead, you overstepped. If you would have come to me first. I could have told you that you have mole living in your community.”

They blanched, asking me if I knew who it was. I shook my head no, they looked at each other. I said. “I was just a made aware of it, myself according to our spiritual acquaintance that he or she isn’t alone. In fact, it’s their fault I and some of my friends more the male side have been having trouble. Because someone is giving our wives to be some counter drug that it is causing them not to want to be with us. Hoping if we fail they will be able to use it to get the coven to remove you as their leaders.

“Saying that we haven’t even bedded our wives yet when it is your fault because you are no longer found worthy in the eyes of your Gods, and was you that brought us here to help take down the true satanic church, but will tell them they have been miss lead and miss informed that we are the devils children and blame us and you for it. Then when you are no longer a threat they will kill you and destroy everything you and your people have done over the last thousand or so years bring them into the fold of the satanic church and have them sacrifice their own children and sell their souls to the devil.

“It’s not life-threatening for me as it is for you at least not yet, but will be if they succeed by using this against us; which is why our spiritual friend told someone to tell me and to tell you, you need to be more careful. Right now we caught a lucky break because they didn’t plan on us leaving the island so soon. Nor do they know where we had gone, but you need to make sure that you trust no one, or make it known which hotel we are at. Stringum is having them check for people that don’t belong here, and is watching the docks to see if we have been followed and if necessary we will move about from one place to another before going back to the island. We might anyway if we need too if we run out of place we can go to test our people before the real work begins.

“If you have a way to detect those that are working against you, then you better do it quick. Our friend can’t see them because they are carefully warded. All he sees is dark smoke, without his help I can’t see them either, but you made him promise that unless I am in danger… well life-threatening anyway that he is to butt out until I have completed my tests and my tasks you have given me, and I am fine with that.

“Thanks to Dora and Dr. Sars and them knowing how to counteract the drug you have given your daughters, to get them to have sex with me. I wouldn’t be here standing here talking to you. It was really unfair what you did. I promised you if you let me handle it. They would trust me. Like you... I was running out of ideas to why I and few of my friends were having such a hard time, but now we know.

“And now that we are here and we know what is going on. We can do something about it. I am asking you to let nature take its course; I am begging you to butt out. Now then, my mother is going to take the girls grocery shopping to help let the drug you gave them wear off and discuss things with them, and teach them about what you haven’t taught them. You are most welcome to go with them. I have your sons to work with. I am sure it would be best if their sisters weren’t here knowing I am about to have sex with their bothers.


“Then tonight depending on how it goes we are going to try to experiment on the locals to see what the strength the dosage needs to be. Plus it will be a learning experience for those that are ready while we are here off the island before we start going after our targets. So far the dosage is too strong, more so with women then men, if they become too crazed for sex right off the bat we are in trouble because we won’t get them to trust us with the information we need.

“True we have them, but they are small fish we want them to lead us to the bigger fish the ones with the rings and the keys. Taking the little fish out too soon would be a very bad thing. Which is why we are testing it on strangers first, and why we have chosen places where the little fish won’t be lurking in numbers and if they are here; they won’t recognize us.

“Do we have a deal that you will butt out and let me take my time with your daughters? You said yourself that it would be better not too rush things and let them do it willingly even if it takes them a week.”

They both nodded and apologized and I accepted it. We left the room as Agatha said. “Let go find us something to eat, I was told there is this excellent little dinner that we have been dying to try.”

The girls looked at me and told them to go and have fun. I gave Mom some money she handed it back to me so I gave it to the girls telling them to make sure they buy lots of whip-cream and chocolate sauce and to buy them each some nice dress that will make my heart stop, but most of all make sure they bring me back the receipt.

© 2019 Shep

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