Crazy  Part 3

Crazy Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 292-2


Part 3


I checked the doors to make sure they locked the way I wanted it. I eyed the phone and changed my mind. Grandma could wait, and lying to her would not be in my favor in getting her on my side. If she was ever on my side, well least not lately, still I didn’t want to talk to her. So I left the room and cross the hall and knocked on the door.

Jasper opened the door and let me in placing a sign on the door that said do not disturb and I made sure it was locked. I don’t know why I bothered considering Rhoda knew what we would be doing and so did their mothers, but ever since my grandmother walked in on us and my two wives did also when I was preparing the boys that were ready. I felt that it was necessary.

Jasper said asking. “Should we bathe first or do you want to play follow the leader and end up in the tub?”

I said. “Depends on how you play the game, which is why I wanted to do it right from the beginning so when we try it again with someone tonight you will be ready. It’s different when it comes to guys because we both know what we look like naked and the game is different then it is with the girls, yet very much the same.”

Jasper looked confused and so did his brother Daniel. I said. “It will make more sense once you have been with me, trust me, on this.” They nodded, as I followed them into the master bedroom. Like me they haven’t opened their wedding gifts and just like my room their own dining room table that they were given was here as well.

I asked who was first Daniel said Jasper won the first pick. I nodded said. “Then we will play a two-man game. The rules are the same the only difference is you work as a team being as I am the one in charge of the game, I can’t remove any of my clothing; it is your job to do it as it is my job and my partner's job to remove yours. Also, you can only remove one item per turn. Now then the most important rule is that even if you are with a guy like me is you start with a kiss and you end your turn with a kiss. I will stop playing the game the moment you tell me to stop; I won’t do anything you are not willing to do. This game is all about trust and it must be consensual, if it isn’t we will wait until you are ready. Is that ok with you?”

They nodded and I had them get on the bed. They were about to remove their shoes. Until reminded them they can’t take anything off like I can’t it’s my job to do it. I said let's start with the kiss. Jasper swallowed hard, as I leaned down, as I smiled at him. I told him I would do all the work all he had to do was trust me and meet me half way. He nodded as my lips touched his. He clenched his fist wanting me to stop, but they had already agreed that this was going to happen, and we had talked about it. I told him to relax that it is just a kiss.

I touched his lips with mine again, this time he relaxed, but kept his hands clenched. I used my tongue and mouth to open his a little bit at a time, letting him find out that there was nothing wrong as we shared a breath. I then placed my tongue against the front of his teeth feeling him jerk back, and I smiled. Releasing him telling him to do exactly what I do. He nodded as his brother watched. Giving him two thumbs up reminding him that their Dads kiss each other all the time and so do their mothers and they both had seen them do it. I asked if he wanted me to stop, he shook his head no.

I proceed as we kissed again going faster and this time when I licked his teeth he licked mine and giggled a little until my tongue touched his, finding that too was ok as he did the same with mine. Then I deepened the kiss. He moaned as it surprised him and his brother, as I released him. I turned said. “Now we are ready to play the game.” He nodded telling his brother that there is a difference. Only to feel me lifting up his shirt as he asked me if he wanted him to remove it, I said. “No, remember you can’t help me, only your brother cans, and its team effort. Just relax.”

He nodded as I lifted his shirt out of his pants and slid it up, so I could taste his chest. I smiled seeing that Rhoda had left me to groom them as well. I licked his skin avoiding the hair around his belly button and on small chest hairs feeling and hearing him giggle then moan when I bit his right n****e and then his left before pulling down his shirt, and started to unbutton it. Reminding him he couldn’t help me, he nodded. I opened his shirt and licked him again and teased his n*****s before I kissed him ending my turn with him. I moved off him and told him it was his turn to watch. He smiled at his brother as he lay down next to him.

I said the same thing and he swallowed hard but after watching his brother and I kiss he was more than willing to try it himself. I did the same thing and he moaned after he kissed me telling his brother that there is a difference. They both smiled at each other as I repeated the same thing to his brother shirt lifting it up and tasting his chest and biting on his n*****s before I unbuttoned his shirt telling him to leave it opened. I ended my turn said. “Now then as a two-man team, we work together. I kiss and then you kiss, and so on and so on until we were all naked.”

They nodded as I came back to Jasper and kissed him I moved down to his chest waiting for his brother to kiss him as he hesitated, but his brother told him his lips were his, that he has to play the game. Or we won’t be able to have some fun tonight. His brother kissed him lightly on the lips, having Jasper telling. “Come on kiss me, Nate kissed me far better than that bro.”

He sighed and kissed him this time deepening the kiss, getting a smile from his brother. He then watched me repeat what I was doing. He said to his brother. “You don’t taste as good as Rhoda does.”

I smiled, said. “Let me guess she uses the skin oils?”

They nodded. I said. “Well, for now, you just going have to do without, unless you want to put them on and start over because when we go out tonight you think the people we are going play with is going to be wearing them? It is part of our trap, not theirs… which will make us even more irresistible.” Daniel begged I rolled my eyes and said. “Fine, go ahead after you end your turn with me and each other.” They gave each other a high five as Jasper ended his turn so his brother and I could do him like a team.

It was a quick sample because the boys wanted to get undressed and start over. I gave in letting them remove their shoes and socks as I kicked mine off. However, I made them re-buttoned their shirts, having them ask me why I smiled telling them. “Its how we take our clothes off that matter when playing the game. Like me not removing your shirts only lifting them up so I can taste you just enough before I unbutton them can be boring. We take our shirts off all the time, and we think nothing of it. So when we play this game we take our time, so we can have a little fun.”

They nodded but didn’t understand, but they trusted me, and that meant everything. Jasper lay back down as his brother Denial laid on his side waiting for me to begin. I told him not to go any further until I was ready since I was the boy in charge of the game. He nodded giving his brother a fist bump.

I leaned over and kissed him, without any hesitation, this time I told him to place his arm around me, and he nodded, and did so… I returned to kiss him and deepening the kiss until he and I needed more oxygen then we were getting through our noses. I nodded to his brother to kiss his brother; he nodded as I moved over and down a little and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and licking him finding his flavor of peppermint candy. Once I was down half way down I went back up to his lips, telling Jasper to finish where I left off since he was my partner this round.

He nodded and took his time while I kissed Jasper and opened up his shirt as we both tortured him as he moaned how unfair we were, I smiled that it was the best part of working as a team because it drives the person crazy. I kissed him ending my turn and Jasper lay down after he ended his turn with a kiss.

This time the boys were doing exactly what I was doing to them as it was their turn to work as a team as they repeated the kiss and undid the snaps on my shirt finding a little hair on my chest, because no one had groomed me for almost a week, but they soon understand why I was going to groom them because they didn’t like ruff feel of any shaved chest or the getting any hair in their mouth and why I avoided theirs.

It was soon Jasper turn again, telling him to do exactly what I do. He looked at me strangely as he shrugged his shoulders. Then kissed his brother after I kissed him and made my way down his stomach this time when Daniel came down. I went all the way down to the bottom of the bed and took Jaspers left foot and massaged it a little, as I waited for Denial to join me. I asked him how he was coming with his massage lessons, finding out that Rhoda hadn’t taught him how to do it except on her and their son and daughter. I told him it was the same, showing him as he watched then did exactly what I did.

Watching his brother Jasper moan how good that feels, I placed his toes in my mouth and sucked on them I watched Daniel cringe, I said. “You boys did bathe this morning right?” They nodded, I said. “Then you should be fine, but you can wait until we bathe again.” They both gave a sigh of relief. I told Daniel to keep massaging his brother's feet, he nodded as I stepped behind him and helped him off with his shirt; adding the first real article of clothing to our pile. I kissed the back of Daniel trailing my tongue down his shoulders all the way down to his lower back. He said. “We didn’t add any skin oils there.”

I said. “And whose fault is that? I gave you permission to do so; you knew we would taste each other. I should have said every inch from head to toe, next time you will remember that when we play the game again. I am sure Rhoda helps you do it so she can taste you both and your children from head to toe.” They both nodded that she does. I shrugged my shoulders stating it pays to listen. But it was fine since I didn’t either because I had no one help me and my children and I didn’t bathe this morning again reminding them that people we are playing with won’t either. Providing they even get that far, which was one of the differences that separated us from them. Until our targets learn what is expected of them.

I moved back up onto the bed tasting Jaspers chest, n*****s and shoulders that had enough skin showing with his shirt opened as I waited for Daniel to come back up for his taste as I ended my turn with a kiss. Then it was Daniels turn to work with me as my partner as he did exactly what I did after learning what comes next as I removed his shirt adding it to the pile of clothes we were creating removing my shirt adding to the pile before we both ended our turn. Jasper lay back down since it was his turn again and his brother Daniel was my partner again.

So far neither of the boys had said no, and so far they were really enjoying the game, as three guys. This time I when I went down I undid Jaspers pants and his belt as well as his zipper he raised himself up, so he could watch, I asked him if he wanted me to stop. He shook his head no, and I started to remove his pants having Daniel help me. He tried to cover up his penis that was sticking out of his boxers. I asked him again if he wanted me to stop, knowing what was next he shook his head no. That his two Dads told him it was going to happen and they showed him and Daniel that they do so all the time when they are having sex.

I asked permission first and he nodded giving me it. I placed my hand on his penis and stroked him and then tasted him, finding he had added green spiced apple skin oil to it. I noticed he wasn’t groom, but I knew that because Rhoda told me, including his legs hadn’t been shaved, seeing some hair, but not as much as I have seen on some of my friends. He said. “Rhoda finds it very tasty, but then again she’s a girl.” I smiled telling him she’s right it tastes divine, he smiled lying back down.

I offered some to his brother, who hesitated but only for a minute, when his brother said, he was going to taste him so he might as well do it. That their parents said it wouldn’t hurt them and have been tasting penis since the day they had been married.

He took little snake bite licks then his eyes opened wide and found it better then he thought and stroked him just like I did as I went back up to his chest and lips ending my turn as I waited for his brother to end his turn wanting seconds as he eyed that nice big cobra sticking out the front of his boxers. I only wished that my two wives got just as excited as their brothers.

© 2019 Shep

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