Experiment Gone Wrong  Part 1

Experiment Gone Wrong Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 293

Experiment Gone Wrong

Part 1

I had to stop this before it got out of hand. I told my two wives no, that there was no way I was going to let them go with us tonight. Kateleen wanted to know why, so I said.  “Because you aren’t ready, we still haven’t really had sex, yes we had done in the tub, but that is only a small part of what you need to learn if you go with us without learning the basics first. You will not be able to do anything, because one, you don’t know the rules of the game. Plus the fact we don’t have the time to teach you or get comfortable with the idea. There is a lot more you need to know, your brothers are ready, and you are not.

“It doesn’t matter whose fault it is because the fact is you are not ready. You will have to rely on instinct, you are going have to be comfortable about having sex with strange guys and girls kissing you and wanting to have sex with you. You will need to be ready to make a split decision. There is no way you can learn the basics in a few short hours. I can not allow you to do it until you know you can do it without thinking or hesitating for one seconded.

“There is no way I can prepare you and your brothers in time for tonight’s experiment. I barely have time to prepare your brothers as it is. I am sorry, but it’s my job to protect you and not put you in situations that you can not handle. So as your husband I am telling you no until you can prove to me you are ready.

“Just because we had sex one time does not mean you are ready for the big bad world, and that is my final answer. When you are ready then you can go with us, and right now your not. However, since it is a learning experience, you will be able to watch, so you will know what is expected of you. That is the best I can do. Is that ok or do you feel you can’t abide by my wishes?” The girls looked at me and nodded. Kathleen tried to reason with me, by arguing. I said. “Fine, kiss your sister Beth.”

She said. “Done,” she kissed her on the lips and stepped away. “See I don’t mind kissing my sister.”

I said. “My point exactly, Jasper kisses your brother as we did earlier.” He did and Kateleen blanched placing her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom. Beth paled watching as they forced each other up against the wall, deepened the kiss.

She looked away looking at the ground said. “Gross… and you want us to do that with other girls?”

I said. “Yes, and that is only the beginning.” She nodded, and turned to place her hand over her mouth and made a quick exit following her sister.

The boys stopped kissing, and their fathers smiled. Garret said. “I’ll run us a bath; meet us in our room when you are ready.”

I nodded Mom said. “I’ll handle this, I believe you have enough to worry about son. Did you call your mother and your grandmother?”

I shook my head no said; “I called my mother, but not my grandmother.”

Dad said. “Then you better do so, before we make her any madder. You know how she gets when you don’t tell her things?” I nodded and he closed the door on his way out.

Mom closed the bedroom door so I could have some privacy, the fact I was still naked and my clothes were inside the bedroom. Didn’t seem to bother anyone, and then again why should it. It was them that interrupted us in the first place. I picked up the phone and lay down on the couch and made myself comfortable. It was barely 5 pm. and we were planning to go out about 8 or 9 pm. I felt guilty for being so bossy, but it had to be done; knowing that they weren’t even close to being ready. That if this was D-day, we would have failed when it mattered the most.

My grandmother picked up the phone on the second ring. It was 3 pm her time. She sounded out of breath, I said. “It’s me, grandma, your wayward grandson.” She started ranting as I took the phone from my ear as she was screaming at me because my father was being a horse a*s, blaming her for allowing this to happen. I just wanted to strangle him, but it was what it was.

Once she calmed down and got it out of her system I explained in greater detail. She cursed, even more, telling me I needed to get out and come home. I laughed silently knowing that wasn’t going to happen. She asked me about Thanksgiving and I said, most likely not, and most likely not Christmas either. She begged me to reconsider, and come home now, now that Rhoda had two new husbands, she didn’t need me anymore, or she would have never married them in the first place.

That alone said she didn’t understand why or what we were doing was important. She reminded me once again. That if I had gone with the Downing’s like I was supposed to, none of this would have ever happened. That it wasn’t too late, all I had to do is get on a plane or a bus and come home. I didn’t matter to her the fact that I really didn’t have a home to come home too. She still believed that my father would change if I only meet him halfway.

Nothing I said, mattered to her, all she saw was what she wanted to see. I hung up the phone after saying. “You are lucky I even called, and you’re lucky that I cared enough to tell you anything after what you tried to do to me and Aaron and my mother. I don’t know why you can’t understand or why you refuse to see what I am doing is important. …As for my father, he will never change, the only home I have is the one I have here, and if you can’t see that, then I am sorry.”

She cried begging me to see reason and come home before I end up getting my self killed. I hung up the phone angry because she couldn’t be reasoned with, and she had the nerve to ask me to leave my life, leave my family and friends just so she could see me as the frightened little boy that needed his grandma. Thing is I did need her, but not the same way anymore.

Mom came out of the bedroom bringing me a bathrobe said. “I take it, it didn’t go so well?”

I asked. “And you’re surprised...? Mom, she doesn’t want to face facts that I am happy where I am. She still believes after nearly 17 years that my father will change. When the truth is he will never change or wants to change? He hates me more now than he ever did. Not once in my entire life has wanted me or my brother Aaron. Yet my grandmother says he wasn’t raised like that. That he was the kindest person she knew. Yet she only wants to see what she wants to see… and I can’t understand why she being so closed minded. Now more than ever, because of what has taken place over the last few days.”

Mom put her arms around me, telling me I could go home if I wanted. There was nothing holding me here and everyone would understand. I shook my head no, telling her that my home is with them. Not with my mother or my grandmother. She kissed me on the forehead telling me how much she and everyone here loves, me. I said the same thing. She nodded and asked me how I would like to be a redhead. I said it would match the fiery anger I am feeling, after going head to head with my grandmother. She kissed me on the head sent me on my way. I had other things to worry about, and my grandmother wasn’t one of them, at least for now. 

Once again I did what I was supposed to do, but it didn’t bother as me as much because the boys I had prepared or had sex with and their fathers, was by our own choice. Meaning we were all consensual adults, above the age of 16 or 17, even though the method we used was the same with boys younger like the 5 boys that have been given to me be their father. It was nearly 7 pm as we were having a quick dinner as Dr. Sar’s and Dora dyed my hair red, more of rust color.

My name Nate was a common name. My two wives, as well as Greg’s, Chad’s and Marks two wives, weren’t ready, and once again they tried to argue that they were. Yet the three sisters told them point blank that the answer was no, they could come, but only to watch and not interfere or participate. So they could learn what it is going to take when either D-day arrives or before they are ready to participate in the experiment.

It was either that or stays at the hotel and in their rooms watching sex tapes and practicing what they need to learn.  Telling them that this was no game; this was an introduction to what we would be doing as we seek out our potential targets.

Yes in many ways it was a game, we called it tag you are it. The rules were basically the same. We scout out our targets find those that were either easy targets or a possible challenge, and then trap them in our web and take them back to our layer and feast upon our victims before they knew what had happened.

Our main goal was to see how many we could bring back and get them to do anything. Adding to our second goal which was to see how long it took before we had sex. Tonight was more of exercise and learning experience for our coven husbands and wives that were ready to be tested. If they failed they would have to learn from their mistakes quickly, which was the whole purpose of the experiment.

We were taken to a hot spot, near the hotel that would be our spider’s lair. Landon was good with fake Ids that would get us in the club; he had spent the afternoon setting up hidden cameras and limo drivers and the cab drivers that didn’t care what we did in them and several cheap rooms at our own hotel, well cheaper then the whole suites we were actually staying in. which consisted of two large king size bedrooms and a sitting room and a small bathroom. Dr. Sars and Dora with Agatha and her sister’s help would keep an eye on or girls so they could watch, but not interfere.

We quickly went over the layout of the night club and where the cameras were to monitor our progress. We were each given 500 dollars in cash in small bills and our room keys and were told that everything we needed like condoms and KY Gel was in each of the hotel room. Plus we were handed extra ones to put into our pockets if we need them before we got to the hotel room.

Dr. Sars and Dora opened a metal suitcase, that contained little blue vials of the sex drug that we would be using tonight with each of our names on the vile, warning the coven boys and the girls that were ready that theirs would be extra strong, because it was a test for them more than anything to see how fast they get them to have sex with our victims, plus to see how they well they played the game and if they hesitated.

It was also a test to see how the drug would work, if it was too strong then we needed to dial it back because when we are dealing with our real targets, we needed the time so they could bring us to the bigger fish. All in all, it was equally important as it was also equally fun. We paired up with one coven boy or one coven girl. It was boys against the girls this round.

In some ways they had an advantage because how the girls were dressed tonight, showing off their very womanly features. Not that we boys looked equally attractive in tight jeans and shirts that were halfway unbuttoned showing as much bare chest we could get away with and still wearing the shirt with gold chains to note that we were loaded. I was paired up with Jasper and Greg was paired up his brother Daniel. 

Getting in the club was easy because it helped to get out of a white limo. Having the driver open the door as the bouncer at the door let us in atomically; no questions asked just gave us a stamp on the back of our hand. Not bothering to card us. Right away we noticed several girls our age as well several boys who were trying to get in the door. I smiled at them as they licked their lips at me and Jasper seeing our shirts opened and how good we looked in our tight jeans. I stopped at the door telling the bouncer to let the first four girls in, handing him a 50 as he nodded slipping it into his pocket.

Jasper looked nervous as he followed me since this was his first time out in public and off the island. I noted the place to seat up our trap with a nodded of the head towards an empty table near the bar, a perfect place to get a feel of the place. I knew Agatha had told each of the coven boys and girls that she and her two sisters wanted them to practice having sex or sexual relationships with their own sex. I, however, was walking a gray line because I was choosing to mix it up a bit, but I wanted something that Jasper could help get over his nerves with first which was why I hand picked out the four girls our age. We had stated that most people prefer a more mixed group and unless they were gay, for easy pick-up targets.

Yet problem Jasper and most of them were going to have was blending in, they may look like everyone else. Yet the thing was they didn’t have the experience of mixing a mingling with their own kind. They didn’t go to high school with the children on the mainland. They were each homeschooled which meant they never been to a school dance, or have played pool or any kinds of arcade games like pinball or even Pack-Man. The only dancing they did was dancing around a fire as a coven. Not cheek to cheek or holding hands, man there was so much to teach them about real life.

I told Jasper to relax and follow my lead he nodded as we took a seat at table watching and waiting for our first targets which were the four girls I had told the bouncer to let in about 20 to 30 minutes to give us time to scope the place out and ordered a sprite, he order one as well as I picked our targets. He nodded towards the dance floor as he whispered he never danced with a girl like that or even played a game of pool. I smiled telling him, he would be fine; he looked at his watch as if he was on the clock and in many ways we were. Already Greg and Chad were on the dance floor with Rhoda, Hindi, and Fran.

The four girls came in and headed towards our table, I told Jasper to relax and pretend that we had nothing to do with letting them in. It wasn’t long before they made their way over to another table. I flagged down the waitress and told her to ask the girls if it was ok if we bought them a drink. Noticing they had a red band on their wrists indicating that they couldn’t drink alcohol.

The girls nodded in our direction as the waitress delivered our message, they smiled and whispered to each other and decided to share our table in the corner which was a round booth. Already Greg and Chad were already leaving. I wanted to say show off, but it instead I said under my breath to let the games begin.

The four girls took a seat as I stood and introduced ourselves. Names weren’t all that important. The girls took their seats and thanked me and Jasper for helping them get in the door, and for buying their drinks. I nodded politely, stating it was no big deal as I shook hands with each of the girls, telling them Jasper was my cousin and who I was visiting. That he promised to show me the hot spots in Boston. Once our hands touched and they were close enough to get a scent of us, the games begin; the question is how long it would take for them to go crazy with sex.

I took my seat and made small talk, Jasper was nervous as hell. Trying to do his best to fade into the background, I whispered to Jasper to relax and to say something. So it didn’t seem I was the only one talking. Yet he was practically useless. I watched Rhoda and the coven girl head towards the far wall. Noticing like me she was having the same hard time as I was with Jasper.

However, he jerked up all of a sudden, causing me to look down finding one of the four girls had removed her shoes and was rubbing his leg with her foot. I whispered to Jasper to do the same thing, he looked at me as if I was nuts. So I did the unthinkable, by asking the girls if they would like to dance. They nodded that they would and finished our drinks, leaving two girls with Jasper and taking two of them with me. Jasper gave me a look that said. “Oh please God don’t leave me here with two very beautiful women?” Watching them slid in next to him. There was nothing I could do for him; he had to work it out himself.

The girls asked if I was rich, after noticing my clothes and the limo I had come in with Jasper. I stated that my parents were and that they made it big on Wall Street. Already they were hooked into my little web of lies as they danced with me and started to kiss me and grab parts of my body. Jasper soon came to join me, hoping that girls I had left him with would leave him alone, but they had him in him dead to right like two deer’s caught in the headlights.

He did his best, telling them he wasn’t a very good dancer. Overhearing one of the girl's states, they really weren’t in the mood for dancing, as one of the girl's hands, went downward and grabbed his crotch as he paled trying to find a way out. So I asked the girls if they ever have ridden in a limo before. They shook their heads no. I asked them if they would like too.” Having them whisper in each other's ear, and asking us what we had in mind. I said that depends on them, which we were staying at a hotel near here. They asked me if my parents would be round. I shook my head no, that they were away on business. They nodded as they each giggled.

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