Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 17

Kollie and his small party looked up from the table seeing the note left by Neil to meet them behind the tavern in 2 hours. She left them to wonder what had taken place inside the room only moments ago. Seeing and feeling of strange old magic of the song still on their minds. At this point what did they have to lose? Other than going half cocked causing more damage then good with a large army just on their doorstep, friendly or not made very little difference now.

People were terrified as the rumors spread through out the township thinking that Morgan’s army was just outside their door knowing within five days he would put the town in shackles and leave what is remaining to die. Jaydan said as he teleported in the flesh, that he was going to go scout a bit in town that he would join them in an hour’s time. That was until he ran into old friend Kodarel unaware that he was here listening in on their conversation. He nearly jumped for joy wanting to pick up the cat and swing him around, but that would seem silly considering he was a cat, a special odd cat at that. So instead he gave him a good old scratch behind the ears and nodded to him to walk with him down the broken street near the tavern.

Yet Kodarel had a different plan in mind as he lead the way in a different direction towards a little old shack that had seen better days like the rest of the town. Inside was an old woman named Tera, a healer by trade. She smiled as she introduced her self stating. “My name is Tera, I see Kodarel found you and brought you to me instead me having to do all the work for myself.” She offered him a seat in the room watching Kodarel jump in to his lap and demanded to be petted as she offered him some spice wine in which it tasted a bit off but he drank it never the less, not wanting to be rude.

Jaydan simply placed the cup on the table near him unfinished and thanked her for it as she gave him a nod in return taking the seat across from him with her own cup as she sipped it then placed hers on the table as well.

Kodarel yawned as he stretched waiting for Jaydan to get to the right spot before saying. “Tera and I have been wondering when you were going to stop by and say hello after all it has been years since we have laid eyes on each other, but with all that has been going on in the world you keep hopping from one place to another. Without as much as a howdy do and all. We were wondering what’s got your britches in such a tangle. For the time is near according to our calculations that White Solon should have been born and the Dark Prince has taken his place, yet when she casts a glance at the crystal ball we can only find the Dark Prince.

“The world is changing my old friend and it has stood still long enough. The old wind bags of the town council have fled three days ago the moment the summons that Morgan and his Dark Prince will be riding through taking what is left of the town to build his army. I say it’s high time to be doing the same my old friend.  Strike the camp, and be gone from this place before he arrives. Or leave the people behind to starve and die.”

Tera leaned forward a bit and tsked at Kodarel rude behavior or should say his forwardness. Jaydan laughed “It’s alright Tera; Kodarel has his way of doing things as I have mine, but he is right. It is time to be doing something other then sitting on our hands waiting for the town council to make up its mind. But if he is right… it is not going to matter considering if they are not here to help the town’s people. That they so carelessly left behind.” He sighed regretting that once again he was adding more stress to his own people in which he has already saved. Yet what is done is done. There nothing you can do with spilt milks but clean it up.

Jaydan however need this town and its town’s people right where they are for the moment if he was going to mine the Pyondin; the mineral need to forge weapons, armor and to remake the seals for the Cross Bone Gate Prison. That left one remaining problem the Dragons that guard the mountain and the mines. He hated wasting time when there was so much to do as he socialized with old friends, but he need the information to help guide his decision. He continued petting Kodarel as he thinks of his next move. He quickly smiled as he said. “Tera dear tell me about the Dragons that live in the mountain are they real? Or they just another fairytale to keep strangers out of the passes?”

She coughed nearly spilling her drink that she was sipping since the question caught her off guard. Knowing full well the only Dragon she is aware of that lived in the mountain is the old man Barlan there are others, but she wasn’t about to divulge that secret or can she even though he is very old friend of hers. She tapped the cup with her fingernails pondering the question. Her eyes have seen much over the years but the Darkness upon the lands has been her biggest concern of late. That and Morgan and his Dark Prince. She said taking another sip. “You must mean Barlan? He is old as the mountain themselves.”

Korderal tail twitched the moment Barlan name was mentioned. Very few people knew of the old man that lives high up in the mountains near the mines. Some say he died long ago considering they have never seen him down near the village, other than his granddaughter Neil and Korderal of course. Yet why bring this up Korderal wonder, what was his old friend Jaydan up too? He yawned again as he said. “Jaydan why concern yourself with myths and fairytales when you have bigger problems like Morgan and his Prince riding through? Unless you have more dire concerns?”

Jaydan slowly picked up his cup and sipped the bitter spiced wine regretting the taste of it said. “That’s what I thought my dear Korderal considering there is more of reason I am here at this time. For instance I need those minerals. I need them badly if we have a chance against Morgan. The seals have all been broken and he has unleashed his master Hess and his friends from the Cross Bone Prison.” Korderal yowled as he quickly jumped off Jaydan’s lap and began pacing the floor in the form of a bangle white tiger. Tera gasped as her hands shook asking how and when did this happen.

Jaydan simply said. “By our calculations three maybe four years ago, it doesn’t mater other then the fact it has happened and we are playing catch up.” He then gives them a brief update about what Morgan and Hess has done so far during those three to four years. Watching their eyes widen when they learn about the White Solon has indeed risen, causing more trembling and gasps watching Korderal pace.

Tera said to Korderal. “Then by our calculations its time for us to leave, unless Jaydan you have some idea what you are going to do. Because these townsfolk have no idea how bad things are, but will the moment Morgan rides through here.” She made a quick jester with her hands as a small wand flew into her hands with a slight nudge it began packing quickly as clothes started to fold themselves on the bed next to a large steamer trunk. She turned slightly around as dishes from the kitchen cabinet also started to pack themselves into boxes and started to pile in the corner of the room.

Jaydan said as he placed a warm hand on her shoulder. “Leaving so soon my dear Tera would imply I don’t have a plan. Yet if you sit moment I will tell you that fun is just beginning as I have in company the means to help this town, and you are missing a chance of lifetime to help your friends and this town.” She nodded but the packing did not stop as she paid attention to what he had to say that would bring a curious smile to her face. By the time he told her about the Whitmore’s and the army outside these walls it was time to meet up with the others. 

Korderal insisted she was coming along if you could even try to talk her out of it think again. You did not know Korderal and her nature for finding trouble. Watching her put a very large pack on her tiger back stating she wasn’t coming back here anytime soon as Tera and her shed tears as she help fill the pack of all Korderal’s belongings. They both knew this day was coming, but how do say goodbye to a long time friend.

Once outside the tavern known as the Silver Fox they made their way around the back. Jaydan had some explaining to do as he quickly made the introduction as they watched Jaydan with great interest regarding Korderal. More so watching her transform back into a cat as she slip her pack off letting Jaydan magically slip the pack into their belongings. Neil knew all about Korderal, but the fact she was leaving said things were bad as they seemed. In fact most the town’s people were aware of some of Korderal unusual talents for a simple house cat. How could they not after all these years living in the town itself. 

Yet it was still amazing to watch her transform from bangle tiger to a house cat that catches mice, except Korderal hates mice and considers them not on the menu.

Once the introductions were made Neil led them down the path back behind the town along the mountain pass where there was a hidden door inside the mountain itself. Taking torch off the wall and led them up the stairs to another door watching it open slowly as an old man came out dressed in long green pleated house coat dark black boots and face aged but still young as if he was in his yearly sixties. White hair graying at the sides and long arms and large hands as Neil gave the introduction; watching her grandfather blue eyes twinkle with surprise as he brings them into his study, placing a large log onto the fire and offered glasses of berry wine.

Jaydan took a seat next to the fireplace as the others all sat around him watching Kodarel make himself comfortable on the large white bear rug near the fireplace. All around the study was books of all kinds some piled on a large table with lots of lit candles nearing their stubs. The room was well decorated with large paintings and rich furnishings and the corner was a large white owl siting on a perch. Barlan took out a small thin pipe and filled it with tobacco offering some to Jaydan, Kollie and Syneral Rigs. Watching them reach inside their vest pockets for their pipes and lit them as the room begins to smell of smoke of tobacco and blue greenish rings of smoke.

Once everyone was made comfortable Jaydan started off saying he heard the news in town about Morgan’s request, he said it with a smile as he reached into his traveling bag of goodies and pulled out two large maps one of the town of Norkin and the other Galena where they plan to put everyone once it was reestablished. Watching Barlan eyebrows raise that the army outside is ours not Morgan’s and they plan to rebuild this town and
Galena within days once everyone has arrived. Then move on except for those that wish to stay. Turning his head slightly towards Tera who shook her head no, stating being in one place to long was long enough with a whole flock of people adventuring around the worlds. 

Kollie smiled with a short chuckle as he smoked his pipe watching his boys sip their berry wine that tasted a tad off to be more vinegary then berry. They all stood when one of Barlan manservant entered the room announcing dinner will be served in the main dining room if they would like to follow him. Barlan apologized stating there isn’t much but what he has to offer he offers freely if they hadn’t noticed that these lands are dieing due to the effects of the black plague. Hoping they have a solution if they intend to rebuild here and
Galena which seems an impossible fruitless task.

Kollie and Jaydan laughed as they put their arms around the boys and followed Barlan’s manservant down to the main dinning room which was huge and echoed the moment they opened the doors. As if he held large parties here, but everything seemed unused for a very long time, and in place on the tables were more books. More then they could count, as if the man before him spent a lot of time in here searching for answers. Again he apologized stating he gets very few guests anymore. The fireplace was warm and inviting as they noticed a large elk roasting on spit that made their mouths water. Considering it had been awhile since either of them had fresh meat on the table and especially around here.

However they were served a watery vegetable stew that had long lost its flavor and sweet breads that were tough to chew. Which when dipped in the stew only made the stew and the bread taste worse then old shoe. Like he said the land itself has long giving up the ghost as Morgan and his rebellion have killed everything in its path. That alone made them wonders where the elk came from as the manservant heaped up their plates with it. It to was tough and stringy, but it did have some nice seasoning to it and to be polite they ate their portion nearly licking the plates clean.

Barlan smiled as he waved away the servants stating now that introductions were done and everyone had a nice hot meal we were ready to discuss the details why they were here. Other words lets get down to the brass tacks and spill their guts. Jaydan started off by saying “We can fix the starvation problem,” Looking at the Whitmore’s.

Causing Barlan to question with a sigh. “That would seem impossible task which was why he would like to see a pig fly. There hasn’t been a wizard in 2000 generations that could do even close to what you are suggesting good sirs. I know considering I have listed every book known to man or beast that thinks they have the solution. Yet have had failed soon after. Morgan and Hess had wiped out every wizard that has begun to solve this mystery.”

Jaydan waved his concern away relighting his pipe and said. “Yet if I could what would give me in return. I have large army and its citizens to feed and not a lot of time to be siting on my hands with an old man that has seen too many winters. I can promise you that by the end of tomorrow you will have fresh vegetables and fruits again and in time fresh meat on the table to feed you and the town below you Barlan if only listen to what I have to say.”

Barlan nodded to go on as he took a seat and swirled his wine around in his glass then without thought drank the entire glass and two others, watching his hands shake. When Jaydan tells him what and why he was here and what he plans to do with or without his help. Then he laughed actually laughed when mentioned the old mines thinking there was still Pyondin ores still needed to be harvested after 3000 or so centuries. He said. “You got to be mad sir if you think there is still oar in those mountains after all this time.”

Once again Jaydan looked at Kollie and smiled. “I willing to bet you anything that you are on wild goose chase so if want me to let you mine all you want but you got get by the dragons first and they are awfully hungry.”

Jaydan walked over to where he was and offered him his hand and said. “Deal… Kollie, boys I believe we have work too do.” They each nodded in his direction and calmly got up from the table and made their way towards the door. Once outside the night had fallen, but they knew where they were going as they reached the middle of the large dried up forest. Rena said this was the spot according to the map that was center of everything they needed. Once in place she and her little family sat in circle and she planted a large acorn from the first tree they had been given to each of the Syneral’s then joined hands.

Barlan’s mouth tightened as he watched and felt a soft cool breeze and small jolt from around them. They sky above turned darker with clouds that covered the moon as if was about to rain then lightning struck cress crossing the sky as the winds blew harder and the rain came down in torrents. Jaydan cast a shield over them from getting wet as Barlan was about to wittiness his first miracle watching the acorn jump up and sprout into a large tree and the grass below them started to turn green. Within a few minutes it started to spread outwards more quickly and latch on to the surrounding trees as they to started to branch off its sickly color and turn from dead brown to green. Kollie stood and pointed to the mountains and said. “Tera monsata de misa heth”

Barlan followed his finger to the very sight he was pointing at… noting the lava sprouted from the top of the mountain and made its way down the hill side. Watching one of his boys Peter stand up from the circle and started chanting words he could not make out for if their was a translation he would know of it. The lava cooled and rippled as if it was a live as the rains beat down cooling the very grounds itself, Kollie asked. “So Barlan care to see a pig fly?” stupefying him as he watched this family remake a world that was broken.

Jaydan reached up to one of the trees that was bearing fruit and plucked two red apples and tossed one to Barlan and took a bite out the remaining apple said. “Very nice Kollie, Rena, boys as always, now finish it off nice and pretty like and we can see how the Dragons like our introduction;” then gave a great big belly laugh.

Rena said. “Mark you heard the man.”

Watching Mark stood and raise his voice as loud as thunder and said “ Tesme smie dul far saw.” The moment he said those words a bright light descended all around them and creatures from near and far blinked into existence as they scattered through out the valley they were in… by the thousands. There were birds, deer, elk, bears and rabbits as well as other wildlife. What seemed minutes later all manner of insects spreading through the trees and the ground.

Barlan gasped as stood there and watched all this, bending down and reached into the soil that was once dead was now ready and waiting to be harvested. He could not believe his eyes as he looked at the Whitmore’s. It has been over 2000 years or more since a miracle in this magnitude has come to pass. Yet it was not complete as he watched Kollie son Frank stand and walk over towards empty river bed and dip his hands into the dry caulis dirt.

The moment he said the words “ Tera smi wetra creshna” the winds blew hard and cold and water started to bubble up with life as if he had dug a new well into the riverbed and filled quickly. Fish started to jump and frogs croaked and the water still kept coming. Frank pointed towards the mountain and said “Tera minsta marshen,” as the wind around him circled him and lifted him into the air and set him gently on the ground then looked up seeing storm clouds above the mountain tops as it began to snow.

Their work was finished for the moment as Barlan gasp with his mouth open could not utter words seeing before him a wizard family that could Tera form planets. The question on his mind was how long it would last as he took bite of the apple finding it sweet and delicious. Watching Jaydan walk towards him said. “So Barlan do we have your permission to mine those ores we need or do you require a healer as well?” Jaydan putting his hand forward to shake as the deal was made that he would heal the land around them for the rights to mine the Pyondin.

Barlan reached for his hand and said. “A deal was a deal my friend, mine to your hearts content. Like I said just watch out for the Dragons, but what you have done here this very night doesn’t please them perhaps nothing will.”

© 2021 Shep

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