Chapter 17-1

Chapter 17-1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 17-1

It was late when they went back to the tavern, but town’s people were in a rage and some were wondering around aimlessly looking at the ground and the sky noting the changes to the very soil its self. Wondering what in the hell happened. Some pointed to the mountains where it was still snowing seeing the white peaks in the moonlight and large moving dot flying over the valley. No one had a clue regarding what the Whitmore’s had done this very night not more then few miles from the town itself, which could be to their advantage or disadvantage come morning.

Syneral Rigs paid for their rooms as they quickly went inside exhausted after a long day and having to work a magical miracle just to keep the people from starving and to gain access to the mines. They still had one problem which was Morgan and his Dark prince was to arrive in 4 days if not sooner. Kollie said he wasn’t worried considering he and his family have done their work it was up to Jaydan and Syneral Rigs to begin their work.  Piece of cake according to Jaydan but he said it in away that was heavy task to bear.

During the time they were sleeping someone yelled Dragon from downstairs in the main room causing the whole place to go into a panic. Korderal was nowhere to be seen which was not surprising for a cat of his nature and neither was Tera. Then again she had nice soft bed to sleep in not far from the tavern. Jaydan jumped into his boots and made his way down the stairs to see what all the fuss was about. He only wanted five more minutes of sleep, but the moment he saw a full fledge red and green Dragon being backed against the wall and the townspeople with pitchforks and swords dodging the heavy fire breathing Dragon. Sleep was the furthest thing from his mind.

Kollie and Syneral Rigs quickly made their way towards the front of the mob and placed a shield in front of them protecting the Dragon from the town’s people. It was then he saw Tera and Korderal in the form of a bangle tiger. Tera was trying to convince the entire town that they were in no danger. Yet things only got worse from there seeing several large size Dragons circling the sky as they slowly watched them land one by one transform into their human counter parts.  Barlan was among them as he made his way towards the front of the group. Everyone made way for him not there was lot you could do against a whole group of Dragons.

Barlan quickly went up the red and green Dragon and said “Neil it’s alright, nothing to be afraid of.”

She burst into tears “Grandfather why? Why didn’t you tell me, I thought I was going mad?”

Her grandfather laughed. “Because darling you would have never believed me. Now then let’s see if we can settle you down some so you can regain your other self. Then we will have a nice long chat.” After several tries and few transformations later Neil was able to retransform into her human form as she ran to her grandfather as he held her in his arms.

Tera breathed in a sigh of relief and the town’s people once again relaxed now that Dragons have left, more as transformed into their human qualities. Barlan introduced the leader of the pack his name was Herald a young chap in his early 80s bald and slim with green eyes standing 7 feet even. Jaydan, Rigs and Kollie all shook hands as they all went in to Silver Fox tavern. The place seemed to be the central place of good food and company, besides clean; plus large enough to hold a town meeting of Dragons.

Barlan had the owner bring up two kegs of berry wine from the cellar placing a small green gem in the palm of his hand, but he wanted more considering how things are. Without pause he added two more, plus three diamond chips if he could feed everyone here a good hot breakfast, which would empty out his tavern stock. For the moment anyway as he gave quick nod to Jaydan and his people or when they walk outside this morning discovering all their hard work from the pervious night.

Eggs and beacon was the best he could do, that was until Kollie came in with his family with a full basket of apples, potatoes and two large deer ready to cook. Yes sir when feeding a bunch of Dragons you better be prepared. Syneral Rigs brought two huge bags of freshly ground flour asking him where he would like him to put it. Rena said. “I’ll leave you men folks to talk about business and see if I can help sort them out in the kitchen area. Since I now own the place and got it cheap.” Patting Kollie on the cheek with her right hand and went right into the kitchen.

Jaydan and Kollie laughed wondering if she was serious about owning the Silver Fox, but with Morgan and the Dark Prince arriving within days everyone picking up stakes and heading for the hills, you could buy the whole town for a song. In fact the amount Barlan paid the inn keeper for the berry wine alone he could easily live on that for a year. So what is she to do when she could make a nice tidy profit within those days or longer once the threat was gone? Like Jaydan said he wanted the town of
Norkin and Galena to stay in tack for the mine workings and for the new King of Galena where New Downing will soon reside.

It wasn’t long before food started to come out of the kitchen freshly made apple dumplings and eggs with a slice of venison and hash browns on the side. Rena covered in flour as she handed Kollie a list of grocery’s she would be needing, if would be a dear and fill her order as she takes the boys and sends upstairs to change the beds with fresh linen. Kollie gasps as he looked at the long list and rolled his eyes to the floor as the list kept getting longer as he unrolled it. Jaydan and Syneral Rigs laughed as he made quick exit out the back door leaving Jaydan to maintain the meeting. After all he was the leader and they are just the worker bees.

Once again Jaydan felt the weight of responsibility on his shoulders wondering how Derrick managed to do it, or even Nathaniel. Yet he needed those Pyondin minerals from those mines and this town. People included, providing if he could coax them into staying. He made his way up front and waited for everyone to be quiet, hearing a shrill whistle from Herald that nearly deafens him.

He opened with “As you know folks that Morgan and his Dark Prince is on his way here.” Hearing murmurs and rustling of feet and bodies. “However you and I should not be worried about few bad apples in the barrel we can handle anything Morgan and his Prince can dish out. I have large enough army outside these very walls that can give us some breathing room. That if he does come riding by he will find nothing worth his interest. I have done it once I certainly can do it again, with your help of course.”

Again the murmurs grew louder as Barlan stood and made his way towards the front of the tavern and Herald stood and gave another loud whistle to quiet the crowed said. “Easy lads lets hear the man out.”

Jaydan nodded thanks and continued on. “With that being said this is what I have planed to do. By playing a little hide and seek. First off if you have noticed when you woke up this morning the world has changed for the better. Knowing now your people will not starve this coming winter. In fact the lands that we have healed are waiting for new harvest as we speak. How is this possible you might ask? By doing exactly what my team and I have been doing everywhere we go. Healing worlds that Morgan has placed his plaque upon making it impossible for him to do it again.

“It has been over 2000 generations since the last wizards have had these qualities born in him and his family. He can not only heal the very ground you walk on, but heal any wound except for death itself. That’s right folk it’s the coming of a new age. This bounty of food you are eating is from your own fields, your own trees, streams and flocks. I give you back your lands; all that I am asking in return is your help defeating the mighty giant himself.  Hess Loti, Morgan’s master. You take him down and the snake its self falls away.” There was loud hush around the room as the name itself Hess Loti the King of the Shadow the beast feared by all men.

Jaydan knew the onslaught of questions by heart. How? When and Why? He answered all them as he stood their being beaten down with more questions but once they heard the tale it was the one question that remained behind “the How question” the one answer he could give them at long last as he reached into his reserves of leadership placing a large round disk on the table that Glen gave him made of clear crystal glass. Not even the strongest metal by far but if the idea is sound it could be representation in what it could be; a beginning not just any beginning but a new beginning.

Barlan choked as his eyes fell on to the clear white disk so fragile, so clear. That if you picked it up and tossed it across the room it would shatter. After all if it worked once you could do it again, but this time Jaydan had no intention of putting Hess Loti back in the Cross Bone Gate Prison instead he would wink out of existence going on beyond the veil of time itself and never to return. The disk was just an idea, a representation what could be; the Shadow of man healed and cursed by design.

Barlan fingered the small acorn around his neck tied to his own monster knowing he could never get out. For him, he had tied his fate nearly 2000 years ago. All that is left of the man resides in the small acorn which is the only key to his prison. How did Hess got out of his was do to carelessness and over doing it by nature of fear. Twenty sealed doors with no key or a physical body. His sprit trapped behind all those doors and he still managed to get out. It was only matter of time for Morgan to figure out how to bypass those doors. What’s worse all those souls that were trapped with him are free as well. What waste of hard work and ingenuity?

Jaydan once more took control of the room as he let the disk sit on the table of the impossibilities that lay before them. Time was running short as Kollie made it back through the back door with some of the supplies his wife wanted. Yes he had earned it the hard way seeing those fresh vegetable and fruits and the dirt that came with it. Having his boys help him carry it all into the kitchen. Watching him wipe the sweat off his face with handkerchief from his back pocket, he took the opportunity to fill his mug before sitting down, said. “So what did I miss if I might ask?”

Having everyone turn around and laugh breaking the illusion that everything had been worked out by the time he came back. In truth it had mostly as Herald said. “The best part my friend how we going to ride out and meet the beast and sly him.” Watching heads turn towards the front of the tavern.

Jaydan coughed and said. “That is only if we could, but instead we need to buy us a little time before we can do that. However I do have a plan that might buy us the time we need if you are willing of course.” He didn’t wait as he reached into his bag of goodies pulled out two rolled maps one of Norkin and the other Galena and began hatching his plan. Hearing laughter the moment he said he wanted to mine Pyondin for armor, swords and the minerals needed to remake the disks to lock the Cross Bone Gate Prison for good. But they stopped laughing the moment Barlan slapped down a large chunk of rock filled with mineral deposits that he gathered last night while all of us were sleeping.

He said. “That’s right folks take very good look at it, this is only a small sample. I didn’t have to try very hard to get it. The mountain is full to the brim of it just waiting for us to harvest it.” One by one they picked up the chunk and look at it smelled and tasted it. Stating over and over that this chunk was the real thing.

Herald asked. “So if we mine the Pyondin you will return our lands to the way they were before and of course help defeat the Shadow King Hess Loti.” Jaydan and Kollie nodded. Herald and everyone agreed and said. “I think we have ourselves a deal.” They shook hands and just like that it was time put their plan into action.

The plan was simple, gather everyone in the square and tell them what the town council has decided in regards to the summons of Morgan and his Dark prince then we make an escape back towards the mountain pass and hide until they are gone, by this time next week they will not know what hit them as they all raised a glass of berry wine to Jaydan and his friends.

Being a small town it didn’t take long to go door to door bring everyone out to meet in the square. What took time was explaining the plan and not scaring away the townsfolk considering most of them have already left the moment Morgan sent his summons. however Jaydan did provide and escape for those that just wanted out all together known as plan B as he quickly made gate to where the New Downing sat on the edge of sea. Informing Nathaniel that more guest were coming. Syneral Rigs quickly contacted Captain Darlen telling him to bring his army through the gate so they could set a perimeter and Jaydan did like wise to the remaining army that this where they would stand their ground when Morgan made his way through here.  

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