Chapter 17-2

Chapter 17-2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 17-2

There was a lot to do as the armies came together in the small town of Norkin where they plan on making the first stand of many. First item up for business was the fortification. The walls being what they were crumbling and outdated with old steel seals that were rusted needed repair. The main gate itself was in shambles and wouldn’t hold up to large army if breached. Kollie and his boys with the dragons help planted trees and started chopping them down in large timbers while others with the help of magic replenished the trees and dismantled the wall and cleared away the rubble. Making way for large cubed blocks of Granite, watching the dragons fly up and down the large quarry as the towns folk chiseled blocks of stone.

Glen, Barlan and Harold were in charge of the plans finding old designs of the original architecture and bring it in into the new era with new fortifications using magical shielding and the use of the Pyondin mines minerals as a test product. Forming large metal sheets, 4 inches thick inscribed with magical runes which they found in the catacombs of books from Barlan large library. In which Derrick had mastered long ago and saying “if it worked once it could work again.”

Nathanial and his town back in New Downing were working on weapons like arrows, shields and swords as well as much armor they can make in such short mount of time. What ever it took they were not going to loose this mountain or the minerals needed reform the seals for the Cross Bone Gate Prison. Providing they can infuse them, are remake them at all.

Day and night they worked around the clock as the walls went up quickly when you have close to 4000 men and soldiers. Rena with the help of the woman folk kept the food coming and going in large mass so they would not starve and have the strength to keep up the steady pace. On the last day everything was ready. The army was in place as they watched the new sewn flag blow in the wind. The town’s people secured where Morgan and his Dark Prince would not find them.

Yet no one came, the only sound you heard was the forge banging new chain mail made of Pyondin, and swords being sharpened. No trumpets, no thunderous cries from the sky. Nothing for miles upon miles of greenery and fruit trees and fields ready too plant their first harvest in very long time. Jaydan could have laid down and bawled his eyes out for bending over backwards for preparing a war that never came. Yet did not help watching the clock on the wall, he knew somewhere deep down that if he was Morgan or Hess this would be the first place I would head for and guard well to make sure none of the minerals needed to remake the seals ever came about.

It was until much later as time seemed to stand still in one place while the Syneral’s and their captains sat around a large table back at the Silver Fox tavern when they noticed one of the Syneral’s was missing and so were the Whitmore’s. Jaydan turned to ask Glen but he too was missing. Jaydan had been so busy planning a war he had forgotten the most important day of all. Which was today was the day of the coronation of Prince Orin the Prince of Living Water. He could have smacked himself real hard knowing. If I was evil wizard and I had been told that he had the wrong boy as his Dark Prince to prevent the White Solon from coming and had just gotten word to where this boy is. Jaydan face paled. Morgan and his Dark Prince and Hess are on their way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  

Jaydan didn’t waste another second as he placed a large fire breathing Dragon made out of granite on the map table on Bristol where on the shores of the village lies the entrance  to the Lady Gwin the Daughter of King Salsern of all living Water. If they take them out of the equation everything they have done will mean nothing. The war here will have to wait. He looked up from the table and gave big heavy sigh wondering once more how Derrick and Nathanial do it. He need to divide the army into two one to guard the mines and the second one in Bristol.

Yet who too stay and who to go? He began to pace as he looked at the clock the ceremony wouldn’t began until the moon is high in the sky as tradition has been. Which gave him four maybe 6 hours at the most it will take 3 hours too move 2000 troops by gate and another two or three hours to setup camp and prepare for battle. Once again Jaydan looked at the clock wishing he had more time. In fact who’s not to say the enemy is already entrenched there. “
Syneral Rig, Captain Darlen, Syneral Bowden and Captain Erlik,” Jaydan said as they stood at the ready. “Take your troops here, carry with you as much armor as you can handle. Syneral Derrick, you and Caption Dodson will guard the town of Norkin until we get back, with Syneral Tweeds men joining your army while he is away. Whatever happens do not let them get the upper hand of those mines. Yet prepare to leave at moments noticed.

“Yes sir and why are we going if I might ask?” Syneral Rig asked.

“You may, but is just hunch that all our friends are all in danger of being wiped out of existence if we sit here and wait for the battle to come to us.” Jaydan replied. Jaydan didn’t have time to explain in detail nor could he or dared to, knowing what’s at stake. They have already tried to kill the Royal family of all living water. Now if they could stop the coronation and kill the White Solon in his weaken state the worlds as we know it will perish.

Syneral Rigs, Syneral Bowden quickly relayed their orders to their men as they prepared to leave. Jaydan hated to waste time but it was necessary as he made for his room and placed his hand on the glass stone around his neck and began searching for Nathaniel and finding him dressed in robes of silk. White coral pants and burgundy vest with no shirt and black sealskin boots and long pearl handle sword, pacing around in his room. Jaydan spooked him by materialized in back of him as he nearly walked right through him, said. “Holy cow Jaydan you got put bells on that thing. By the way where are you? You’re going to be late for the party. Glen and Whitmore’s are already dressed and you are not here.”

Jaydan quickly breaks down everything that has transpired that Morgan and Hess are a no show. Which means most likely they are here in this realm. Nathaniel said. “He thought about it after all if someone told him about the boy prince that he looked at lot like the Dark Prince where else would he come. He’d drop everything on a dime just to be here to stop it from happening. After all he has tried to kill the entire Royal family of Living Water.”

Jaydan said. “Thanks pal for the heads up not that I hadn’t realized that by now.”

There was a knock on the door as it opened finding Wayne dressed in military garb silks just like Nathaniel except his vest was green with a red sash belt and plums of silk tied to his handle of his sword. Wearing fig leaf coral crown made of gold, said. “We are about to start where’s… Jaydan?” Seeing him in the room not ready only in shadow form.

Jaydan looked at the invisible clock on the wall noticing it was just barely 3pm in the afternoon back in Norkin he needs travel 3000 miles north with 2000 men, setup camp and perimeter around Bristol and not scare the locals. He needs two of him, but there wasn’t anyone around that could take his place. He said. “I am coming, just stall for some time I am just running a little late.

Wayne said. “So you forgot all about today the most important day in this realm. Fine how much time do you need?”

Jaydan said. “An hour a best,” looking at the clock on the wall in his room.

Nathaniel said. “AN HOUR” what supposed to do for a whole hour?” But he didn’t get a reply as Jaydan had turned left them standing there.

Jaydan quickly found his clothes that King of Living Water tailor had made for him, wishing he time for a bath as he quickly put them on, quickly runs his hand through his hair and straightens sword. He was dressed in green coral pants, black sealskin boots and red silk sleeveless vest. Did one more run through his hair checking everything then grabbed his crown of silver leaves with green sappers and grabbing the gifts he had purchased for the Prince of Living Waters, then quickly in hurried fashion yelled. “Syneral Rigs lets go, we need to leave I am late.” Ignoring the catcalls of his attire when they are supposed too be in full uniform when doing battle on or off the field not going to some party.

He barely had time to look at the map one last time as he made his way through the gate having to stand in line as he cursed over and over how stupid he looks on the most important day he knew was coming days ago. However he did make mental note to make damn sure this never happened again as he finally made it to the front of the line looking over the valley of green and apple blossoms, and sweet scent of freshly cooked meat and breads. He quickly ran through the thong of people as they kept getting in his way. Having too apologized over and over again nearly dropping his handful of gifts that he was carrying.

The place was lit with candle light and fresh flower vines around the large lake that was the center of town. Everywhere you looked was people and I mean lots of people wanting to get first look of the Prince of Living Water. There hasn’t been a coronation in over 200 hundred years. There would be feasting dancing the likes they have never seen in very long time not mention fireworks, and here Jaydan was late to the party.

He quickly found Nathaniel pacing in front of a large bridge that was recently built going from the main land to the larger lake where the large crystal dome had been and where the procession would begin. Nathaniel pointed to his watch and giving a sigh of relief and quickly went down the path of the bridge handing his gifts for the prince to Ransom Lady Gwin’s manservant. Finding a large cogent of soldiers all dressed in military grab of fine silks matching each other holding back the crowed. On the floor was blue and red carpet going from the bridge to the lakes, just waiting to be rolled further out to where the coronation would take place.  At the center of town where everyone would get a chance too meet the First Prince of Living Water.

Jaydan just barely made it in time before the trumpets and drums began to beat as he wiped the sweat from his face, running his hand through his hair one last time as he looked into the mirror. He took his place next to Prince Rolen of
Galena dressed in all silver and white wearing a crown of diamonds and rubies. Black polished boots, silver and white coral silk pants and sleeveless vest with no shirt underneath, showing off his large biceps from lots of sword play with his sword Felton. 

Richard and the boys Robert and Will on the other side of him dressed in green coral pants and red leather vests each with a pearl handle decorative sword on there right hip, black polished boots each with small silver crown. Whispering to each other how stupid they feel having their Pa tell them everything will be fine.
Dressed in military garb silks just like Nathaniel except his vest was green with a red sash belt and plums of silk tied to his handle of his sword. Wearing fig leaf coral crown made of gold.

The crowd turned towards the east of the lake as water sprung to the side and a portal of swirling colors ten feet by ten feet opened at the center. Trumpets blared in order announcing the Royal family. “Lady’s and gentlemen my I present you King Salsern and his Daughter Lady Gwin of all the living water realms and her son Prince Orin.” The crowed cheered as they made their way down the carpet runner, King Salsern and his Daughter putting their arm around the boy prince giving him encouragement as they walked. Prince Orin was dressed in light green coral long pants and barefoot, wearing white pleated long sleeve shirt with moon silver buttons down the front a large then life silver green cape with fur edging. Golden small crown of leaves as his mother fusses with it to keep on his head telling to stand straight and walk tall.

His mother Lady Gwin wearing blue coral dress with silver edging also barefoot with large gold crown on her head made of leaves and decorative net of seashells in her hair. Her father King Salsern wearing bluish green coral pants and matching sleeveless vest no shirt underneath with long golden cape with fur edging and barefoot and larger golden crown of leaves with rubies along the sides of the crown. The princess including grandma and young three young princes’s behind them all wearing various coral silks of vibrant colors. And silver crowns indicting their stations. The moment their bare feet touched the carpet it turned to a steady stream of water mist glittering in the sun.  The parade of the Royal family was long considering how many prince and princess that were visiting the realm for the coronation.

There were lots of whispers from the town’s people as the list continued on as they walked the moment their names were called watching Will and Robert join them with their Pa taking his wife side as they made it down the long aisle reaching the foot bridge and beyond.

The closer they got to the main bridge and everyone could see the entire Royal family including the boy Prince, Prince Orin watching him summoned his staff and clicked the ground five times; watching the large lake give way to a small platform as it raised up from the water with two more on the side. Black and gray clouds covered the sun seeing a full moon appeared in all its glory. As the platform rose a large waterfall staircase was placed down the middle of the platform and above the platform was three throne chairs made of gold. And small stone alter with a red velvet pillow holding a crown made of jewels of every sort and long white and gold scepter.

Kollie Whitmore was at the top of the staircase wearing a long robe of white and gold coral silk gown. That went all the way to the ground, with silver edging outlined with runes. Wearing a bishop pointed hat and holding long silver decorated scepter in his right hand and large book made of gold in his left hand. Rena and her three boys all dressed like their father except for the pointed hat that made him look like an arch bishop standing behind him.

The queen’s guard lined the path where Prince Orin would walk alone up to the throne platform. While his family watched down below off to the side, with their own thrones arrange according to the rights to the throne.

King Salsern and his daughter Lady Gwin knelt down to give the boy Prince some last minute encouragement before climbing the waterfall staircase to their thrones. Hearing him give an exasperating sigh; that they have been over this hundred times in the last few days, and that he will be fine. Watching them leave his side as they climb the staircase, taking their places on their throne leaving the middle one vacant for Prince Orin.

Once everyone had given their encouragement and found their seats they remained standing as they watched Prince Orin closes eyes and slowly made his way up the staircase waterfall alone listening to the music of trumpets and drums as he slowly made way up the staircase feeling the cool water lapping over his feet, and the power of the ring on his right hand that he won from doing battle. The more he climbed the staircase the more intense it became as mind and body felt a slight tugging sensation. He recognized it as got stronger each step he took. Did dare look back he would see his old self staring at him. He knew without doubt that Jeff was here watching him climb these stairs knowing he was imposter to the throne or was he. Was he not born again through Lady Gwin?

That also meant that if the Dark Prince was here Morgan was here and Hess Loti was not far behind. Yet he did not look back for he dared not, for it took all his strength just to keep the water moving in out of his body only using his feet touching the waters. He nearly stumbled on the last step as he began to knell with eyes on his backside. Kollie calmly took Prince Orin staff and handed to one of his boys to hold, allowing Prince Orin to knell. Prince Orin hearing the trumpets and drums stop as more shuffling is heard as turns his head slightly seeing the queens guard all take a knee, and the people take their seats down below.

Kollie to seem to be nervous as his hands trembled slightly giving some sort of signal to someone that we have few extra guests as his eyes stared out into the crowed. Yet what more could they do without causing a panic. Kollie made his voice louder then life as he opened the book as to read through the questions handing it to Rena to hold open as he whispered. “Protect the boy at all costs,” as he took his scepter and anointed Prince Orin asking him in aloud voice.

“Prince Orin are you willing to take the Oath of office of First Prince Of Living Water?”

And Prince Orin said in a clear voice that echoed the lake area so all the people could hear. “I Prince Orin am willing.”

Kollie asked as he read through the questions: “Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Living Water from the Streams to Rivers and Lakes near and far as far as the Ocean itself and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?”

Prince Orin said in loud voice that shook a little. “I Prince Orin solemnly promise so to do so.”

Kollie then read and asked. “Prince Orin, will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?”

Prince Orin answered: “I will and always.”

Kollie then read and asked: “Prince Orin will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of the Gods and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in and protect the United Kingdom of Living Water established by law? Order give peace and rest to all that ask, administer mercy and judgment upon your throne.”

Prince Orin said as Kollie placed sprinkled anointed water on his head. “I Prince Orin will and obey all laws given throughout my kingdom.”

Kollie reached down picked up the jewel crown off the alter and removed the crown from Prince Orin’s head and placed the real on it, then placed the scepter in his right hand. Said in aloud voice “I give you First Prince of Living water may he reign forever. Prince Orin.” The crowed cheered and said. “Long live Prince Orin.” Having him stand and meet the crowed as they cheered over and over. “Long live Prince Orin.” Watching him stand and take the throne in the middle of his mother Lady Gwin and his grandfather King Salsern.

Once he had taken the throne the sky clear showing the sun once more upon the land watching Kollie raise hands into the air say. “Let the festivities begin.” Fireworks went off as the music began to play the waterfall in front parted to the sides. One by one the crowed started a line to meet the royal family and most of all Prince Orin. Dignitaries from across the realms came first as the common folk stood back to give them room. The alter had been moved in its place was large long pillow made of golden silk so the people could knell before Prince Orin and kiss his ring on his right hand as well as bestow gifts to him.

Lady Gwin taking Prince Orin left hand said. “Here we go son,” giving it nice squeeze. Ransom read off the cards as he was given to him to announce who these people are as one of the servants collected the token gifts and started a pile. It was hard to pay attention to names or faces as each one knelled at his feet and kissed ring on his right hand. More so when noticed Morgan and a strange lady beside him yet the one he felt the most was Jeff the Dark Prince and next to him a very old man a sickly old man. The moment they were spotted everyone’s nerves went into over drive wondering why they were here and if they plan to cause trouble of all days with such a large crowed. Not that he was protected by the most powerfulness people in all the realms. Like Jaydan, Nathaniel and Aunty M. most of his Grandfather King Salsern and his mother Lady Gwin just to name a few.

No they would have to be stupid to try anything knowing they never make it back alive with as much power around them they never have a chance. The closer they came to him the more frighten he became, as his grandfather King Salsern immediately placed a shield round Prince Orin and growled. “Morgan, why have you come, no one invited you to my grandson’s coronation? Leave now or I will remove you myself.” The king’s guards surrounded his party placing swords at his back and towards his neck.

Morgan laughed as he pushed his way towards the boy prince. “To pay my respects, after all there hasn’t been coronation from your side of the family for over 200 hundred years. Not since the last wizard war. Plus the fact your line is at an end the last I checked. But apparently I was wrong, strange because I am never wrong.”

King Salsern growled as he stood up reaching for his sword. “Leave now Morgan and take your ilk with you before I remover your head where it stands. And if you try anything on your way out you will not last long for my army is in place here to destroy you. You so much as lay a finger in my grandson Prince Orin of all living water realms.”

Morgan prepared to yawn as someone nicked him then looked down seeing a sword just below where his heart should have been, plus the one in his back proving they would do it. Morgan said. “I care not for the boy prince; I doubt he will mature enough to hinder me in taking his realms away from him by that time it will be too late. For I plan to rule over them long before your dead and royal family by the time your line has perished.” He stepped aside and turned said with a bow. “Terna slversta maturnem” watching the boy prince, but nothing happened then he vomited blue water out of his mouth again and again. Until he fainted forward as his grandfather caught him.

Someone yelled the prince is dead and just like that Roland and Nathaniel were there fighting Morgan as a sword went straight into Morgan’s chest and one in the back watching Morgan vaporize into smoke as someone went for his head. The Dark Prince gasped and fell on his knees as he was captured by the Kings Guard and quickly taken away. The wind blew hard as the sky darkened across the land. Black lightening struck the ground over and over, the lake boiled into red blood within minutes everything went black and then there was bright light covering the land as White Solon rose into the air resembling Prince Orin in the flesh.

People screamed as a loud voice was heard. “Morgan shall not have these lands. Peace be onto you my people.” Prince Orin as the White Solon reached down touching his hands to the water and the water turned back to crystal clear water as it was once before. The trees that were black turned green with fresh new apple blossoms. The ground wept with clean soil as it had been before. What Morgan touched was reborn and renewed. The air was sweet and the flowers bloomed again. Prince Orin as the White Solon touched Prince Orin on the head with his right hand and then watched himself wake up. Filling his lungs with life and the vision vanished.

Kollie breathed a sigh of relief telling everyone that Prince was fine now; whatever Morgan had done is long gone. He felt wiped having to give the White Solon some of his magic to cure the land and himself, but it was necessary. He took comfort in that as helped Prince Orin to stand so everyone could see him. They cheered over and over long live Prince Orin our savior and salvation.

Prince Orin retook his seat as if nothing happened against both his mothers’ wishes. He was fine except for upset stomach as he drank several tall glass of living water. He wasn’t sure what kind of spell Morgan used on him but seemed it must have backfired or did it. Hard to tell not knowing the spell itself, so he let them continue where they left off now that danger was long past. But his grandfather set the boundaries no more kissing his ring and no further then the stairs for introduction and the Kings Guard very close at hand.

© 2021 Shep

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