Martian Revolt (continued)

Martian Revolt (continued)

A Story by Lea Sheryn

Patra Stargazer is trapped on the moon after a Martian Attack


Martian Revolt

A Story by Lea Sheryn


With slow deliberation, I lowered my Galaxy Horizon Far Seeking Binoculars. It had been more than an hour since I had last rested my eyes. Day after day, I had scanned the far skies beyond the atmosphere of Planet Earth. The last communication to arrive from Outer Space Command (OutCom) relayed definite information that a delegation had departed Outreach Mars to attend a coalition meeting with United Federation Earth or U-Fed as it was more commonly called.

It had been one hundred and fifty years since the first colony had been established on Mars. Since that time, many earthlings had relocated to the next planet from the sun to establish a permanent settlement. The settlement had thrived and grown until vast domed cities had sprung up to cover most of the surface of our nearest neighbors. Children had been born, families had grown, and the first generation of colonists had begun to die away. The people of Mars no longer referred to themselves as Transplanted Earthlings; they wanted to be known as Martians.

Until recently, all decisions concerning Mars were decided by U-Fed. The people of Mars were ruled by the laws of Earth and taxed by our standards. What started out as minor complaints had grown into outright hostilities between the planets. Several delegations had already met at U-Fed headquarters in the metropolis of Brasilia in the South American country of Brazil. If the situation wasn’t stabilized soon, we were headed toward a War of Worlds.

My mind reached out to my friend Kev-Tran. Ever since Ultra-Space Net had become fully operational, I had been communicating with my Martian counterpart. Beginning as a simple exchange of ideas between citizens of different planets, our correspondence had grown into a strong friendship. If war were on the near horizon, I wondered if we would be able to maintain our exchange of letters.

Sighing, I turned my eyes and my binoculars toward the far-reaching space between the Earth and Mars. No detectable movement appeared within my view. As a soldier, Lt. Petra-Stargazer, I had to place my focus upon the mission ahead of me yet, as a woman, my mind turned toward the loss of friendship between Kev-Tran and myself and all the others who would lose friends and connections that had been gained between the planets throughout the years.

It had been an hour and a quarter since my last break when the voice of First Commander Stark barked into my Intra-Lobe Hearing Device. The news was stunning: an Unmanned Interstellar Flying Devise (Inter-Fling) had penetrated Earth’s atmosphere and had bombed the city of Jaipur, India, which had recently emerged as a chief exporter of electronic devices to Mars. Recent news had indicated a bone of contention concerning hefty taxes applied only to Martian exports of the products manufactured there. Further communications announced another bombing of the Bahamas
a long-established banking hub. Without hesitation, I once again began scanning the horizon. It was apparent we were under attack. We could no longer expect a delegation of officials to arrive. Mars had revolted. In a blinking of an eye, the War for Martian Independence had begun.


In trepidation, my finger reached up to tap my Intra-Lobe Hearing Device. Fearing the silence that had transpired over the last quarter of an hour, I wondered what had caused the sudden lack of communication. Ever since the War for Martian Independence had begun, there had been constant over the air chatter across the Red Planet Channels of Articulation. As soon as the new Premier of Mars had been sworn into office, the entire revolt had become more of a misadventure than a real attempt to gain independence from the grip of Earth’s over-extended power.

Running on a platform to end the war with Earth, Bartholomew Bop had gained the Premiership with an overwhelming popular vote. Since Bartie Bop, as he was commonly called, took the oath to uphold Martian Law and Stand for the Rights of the People of the Red Planet, the entire situation between Earth and Mars had turned into a comedy of errors. Suddenly the War Office was swamped with orders and counter-orders to the effect of complete confusion within the Armed Forces. Even the most stalwart of the Generals had no idea which Plan du Jour to proceed upon. Bartholomew Bop remained closeted with his CABAL of Cronies while our more experienced Commanders where kept locked out of the decision making process.

Adding to the pressures heaped upon the Freedom Flyers on the Front Lines who hovered haphazardly in the space between Mars and Earth, rapid rumor spread in concern of the development of an Inter-Fling device loaded with a newly mined explosive element named deimosium. Ever since testing began in an underground chamber on the moon Deimos, Martian Commanders urged caution in the use of this highly combustible material, while U-Fed threatened hefty sanctions if there was even the slightest hint of the launch of an Inter-Fling device carrying such a payload. In the meantime, Bartie Bop and his CABAL remained eerily silent on the subject of any development concerning deimosium.

In the silence that hovered within the Manned Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron of which I, Space Captain Kev-Tran, held command, a sudden flash of white streaked past my left flank. At that instant, I realized one of my fleet had gone rogue releasing an Inter-Fling device. Without hesitation, I thrust my vehicle into psycho-drive in an attempt to, if possible, intercept the device and blast it from the sky. If my first thoughts were correct, this was the Inter-Stellar Flying Device that would cause great destruction upon Planet Earth. As much as Mars wished for independence, this was, most certainly, not the way to achieve it.

As soon as I exited psycho-drive within the vicinity of Earth, I knew I was too late. The debris field that greeted me was overwhelming. What met my eyes was more than I feared. Canted wildly to one side, more than a quarter of Earth’s moon had disintegrated. Whoever had commanded the release of the Inter-Fling had sadly miscalculated the lunar orbit or had forgotten to calculate it at all. When the device flew past the planet to make it’s arched fling earthward, it had collided with the moon causing the destruction that lay before me.

“PETRA!!” My scream filled the small cabin of my spacecraft. My long-time friend and counterpart Petra-Stargazer had been promoted to Captain at the same time I had received my promotion and had recently been stationed to Lunar Base Omega. In other words, she was on the moon when it exploded. Flipping my telecommunications screen to Ultra-Space Net mode, I found myself screaming her name again. After several moments of static on the screen, the face of my dear friend finally appeared. Petra with her face smeared with grim and her cap askew was safe! The next task was to extricate her from her precarious situation. I knew I had to think fast…



The jolt that threw me across the wildly canted room came as a complete surprise.  “What happened?” my mind screamed as I attempted and failed to gain my feet.  At one moment, my aide, Lieutenant Marshall Oleander, and I had been monitoring the air space surrounding the moon; the next a loud explosion sounded at close-proximity, and we were flying through the air.   One look in Marsh’s direction told me he was dead.  Quickly looking away from the body of my closest companion on Lunar Base Omega, I took a deep breath and began to dig out from beneath the rubble that covered my lower extremities. 


Removing the rubble proved to be an easier task than I expected.  At first the debris slowly began to lift and float away.  As the manmade gravity inside the building loosened, the free flow of the objects pinning me down rose at a more rapid pace.  “Latch Down Latch Down!” an unseen computer-generated voice intermittently called between siren blasts as the seriousness of the situation became apparent.  Somehow I had to make my way to the nearest Latching Station without becoming a part of the flotsam and jetsam that was rapidly drifting into the space surrounding the moon. 


Keeping as low to the ground as possible, I attempted to crawl beneath the equipment desks hoping they would be heavy enough to stay put during the time required for me to reach the Latching Station.  Under the circumstances of zero gravity, there was little time to spare.  Even the weightiest of objects bore no substance under such conditions.  Was this going to be the end of Petra Stargazer?  The thought ran through my mind as Marsh’s body lifted and moved upward to begin its endless journey through space.   


Refocusing my eyes away from Lt. Oleander’s lifeless form to my destination, I continued my trek to the series of long steel poles at the end of the room.  Once secured to a Latching Pole that extended far into the deep layers of the moon, the fear of floating would be alleviated.  Already, there were three or four others securing their belts to the bolts that would keep them in place.  Although I didn’t recognize any of them, I was relieved in the knowledge there were other survivors. 


“What happened?”  My voice was unfamiliar in my own ears.  The wispy far away sound of it seemed to come from a million miles away.  Straining all senses, it was difficult to hear or to understand the response.      


“Martians, Inter-Fling, Deimosium” were the only audible words to reach me.  Slowly my mind put them together.  Damn Bartie Bop!  Despite the long and tedious negotiations between United Federation Earth (U-Fed) and the Martian CABAL headed by Bartholomew Bop that banned the use of deimosium, a highly combustible material mined on the Martian moon Deimos, an Interstellar Flying Device had been deployed to destroy Planet Earth.  Instead it had made contact with the Moon thus causing the destruction that surrounded the survivors. 


“Look,” the young soldier latched to my right exclaimed as he attempted to point upward.  The thrust of his arm caused his slim body to lift despite the latching device he was attached to.  With slow deliberation, three heads peered upwards to view the strangest sight: the Earth, usually a round blue and white sphere floating in the darkness of space, was tilted in an odd position with a half blue, half brown color.  With the pull that connected the planet and its moon shattered, the ocean waters had accumulated�"in mass�"at the lowest portion of the globe.  Under these conditions, how much longer before the two orbs collided or spiraled into oblivion?


Despite the strained conditions of zero gravity, I forced myself to stand straight against the latching pole.  The first order of business was our own safety as we awaited the arrival of the Advance Team that had surely been deployed to reconnoiter the situation and effect a rescue mission.  Was my Intra-Lobe hearing device detecting the buzz of incoming?  With slow deliberation, I confirmed the sound of the incoming vehicles. 


As relief flooded the senses of the small group of four attached to the latching station, the first of spacecraft appeared on the horizon.  RED!  An audible gasp rose from the young soldier on my left.  My heart sunk as I recognized the Manned Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron.  There was no rescue; instead we were faced with a capture.  It was my duty to prepare my companions for the inevitable.  Taking a deep breath, in the hope of regaining my normal military stance, I began to recount the instructions drilled into me through years of training for just such an event. 


“Petra Stargazer!” a strangely familiar voice called my name as though from a far distance.  Gazing into the face of my captor, I found myself staring into the face of my Martian counterpart, KevTran.  Somehow I knew we were safe.


As soon as I was seated in the cockpit of KevTran’s spacecraft, he explained, with a chuckle, “It seems the Freedom Fighters revolted when we noted the damage to the moon.  As a whole, we concluded it is our duty to join forces with U-Fed to defeat Bartie Bop and return peace to Earth and Mars.” 


Wanly I smiled toward my companion.  Before I could consider all that needed to be done to restore the damage caused not only between the Earth and Mars but also to the Moon, I had to recover physically and regain my equilibrium.  Zero gravity had played havoc with my well-trained military mind.        

© 2019 Lea Sheryn

Author's Note

Lea Sheryn
The different cadence in the voice of Petra Stargazer is caused by zero gravity

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Clever and very detailed. Description and cadence were very good, making for a taught and interesting ride. The switch to Petra threw me for a bit of a loop, but all is well that ends in the ride of Kev Loved it.

Posted 9 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Lea Sheryn

9 Months Ago

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! This is a work in progress. I'm switching between Petra and Ke.. read more
and who knows maybe one day we will have an encounter,maybe we already have

Posted 9 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Lea Sheryn

9 Months Ago

That's what pet dragons are for.

9 Months Ago

yeah,and free rides
Lea Sheryn

9 Months Ago

And loop the loops?
Authors note is humorous.One of the best creative science fiction stories i have read. Amazing acronyms and great storyline you dont see many of these stories floating around perhaps due to lack of deimosium. What a great story thank you

Posted 9 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Lea Sheryn

9 Months Ago

Thank you, Kent. I don't see many post sci fi stories on here. Deimosium is my own invention. It'.. read more

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Lea Sheryn

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I love to write! To have the ability to put words together to express myself is an ability that I cherish. Working for years to strengthen my talent, I am a self taught Word Weaver. Up until now, I.. more..


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