my man - Rohit Singh

my man - Rohit Singh

A Story by Shilpi. S. Dey

people say behind every successful man, there is a woman. that's not necessary always, my success is owed to my man.


MY MAN �" ROHIT SINGH          


Being in Indian and thinking of doing a love marriage is indeed a task. Yes, even today. And there I fell in love. The feeling while writing this piece of article is nostalgic, happiness, emotional, touched and what not.

I was studying in college when I first met him. I remember I was in grade 12, and he in 13th. That’s when I saw him first, less realizing he would be the man of my life. Well, on the first impression he looked very shrewd and angry. After looking at him, I muttered to my friend sitting beside me that no girl will ever marry this guy at least. And today, I am the one marrying him. Truly, life changes and surprises you end number of times.

Getting back at the story, he and me were just formal friends for about 2 years. We used to speak lightly over social networking sites and just little hi and bye if we encountered each other anywhere. Encounter used to happen often as we were living in the same vicinity. Being a girl in much demand then, I used to be very keen on keeping my health and physique in great shape. I was regular at the jogging park near my house. While casually speaking on the phone, my better half now and just a friend then asked if he could join me for jogging. I immediately said yes, because I would get a company to jog with in the mornings. The next day he was there. He looked at me and did NOT smile, did NOT talk and just jogged. Hahhah. Yes that was surprising for me too. But, being a talkative person I engaged him into my several random talks. Days passed and we kept jogging. Over a period of time, he began to open up and I still remember the first thing he told me upfront. “Shilpi, you must become a professor. You speak lot “I cannot stop laughing at that even today. We jogged for about 1 month and then we turned out to be the best of friends. You know this is a common process in love. After 8 months of daily interaction with each other we realized we both have fallen in love. He was a very timid and shy person and I was of the opinion that he would never be able to propose me. But he did, on a beautiful night of December 16, 2011 he did propose me. “Will you marry me?” yes he was upfront and asked me to marry him. Since, I liked him too I told him yes in an instant. And immediately after that we knew somewhere deep in our hearts that we were meant for each other. Time flew and we began to get even close and can’t stay each without each other moments were simply increasing. As every relationship has their own sets of ups and downs we went through the most troublesome period of our relationship too. WE DID NOT MEET EACH OTHER FOR 9 MONTHS. That was the most difficult phase for me at least. I really don’t know about him. My friends tried to poison my mind against him. They wanted me to call off from him. But I kept trust and faith believing he indeed was busy with work and other commitments. Time was something I never fought with him for. I used to cry nights and nights but never made him feel I am upset. I don’t think he can say if I ever fought with him for silly reasons. I never fought with him for my value in his life too. I just loved him and so kept on believing in hopes and my love. To be far from the person you love indeed kills you. You begin to get unsure about your better half’s feelings towards you. And the same happened with me. I was clueless what was happening but kept faith in him always. This continued for 9 months probably the worst 9 months of my life. As they say, a bright day follows after a dark night. My situation improved too. He went to his native to meet his loving family after a year and that was the time when he finally had some time for me. And, I must say, he made up for all those 9 months in one month. From the dawn till the night we used to be super active over blackberry messenger. I believe those were the best days he ever gave me. After he came back, there was never a dull moment in my life.  Since then, he always kept meeting me, loving me and speaking to me upfront. With these good and bad moments we completed a year.

Year 2:

By now love had increased and as days passed by we were becoming a stronger bond. The days were only getting better. He was getting to know my habits, and I was getting used to him and his preferences. My man is a very calm and a relaxed man, but if provoked he can be the opposite and 10 times aggressive. Okay the best part about our relationship is we have one big annual fight and then we are all in love throughout the year. But the annual fight is mandatory. Hahha. I have come to this conclusion after deep observations in my relationships.

As annual fight had to take place. One day we fought. He wanted me to visit his new residence and my board examinations were very close. I was giving my graduation degree then. I was reluctant to go anywhere as I was very worried about taking the exams. He felt bad and things got worse. Usually being a very understanding man, he also loses his cool at times. And that day he lost it. We both were hurt, sad and angry. Love is painful, especially when it is hurt. We fought and almost broke up for 3 days. Though we were in touch always. That’s what I love about him. He keeps in touch with me directly or indirectly even when we fight. He is my sweetie pie. J anyways, getting back at the fight, we finally realized we cannot stay without each other and I still remember when he came to meet me the following evening, he hugged me tightly and said I LOVE YOU A LOT SHILPI.

I felt like crying but I did not. Because he gets the weakest when I cry. And since I love him so much, I cannot see him weak. And after that we never fought. Our relationship had now grown into a mature one realizing we cannot stay without each other which in turn was making our love even more strong,. That day he must have kissed me a zillion times. He really does love me. Like this with all love, strength and devotion for each other our second year came to an end.

Year 3:

Year three is an excellent year as we are still in it. We disagree on various topics but none lasts long, we subside into each other as if nothing ever happened. This year I realized how much a supportive guy he is. Today when you search me on Google as author Shilpi Dey. The real encouragement was because of my mister, ROHIT SINGH. I call him shatru. That is his pet name. I am not only an author but a professor too. He has supported me in all my career endeavors. I wish to study further and he persuades me to do so. Although his support reflects in the form of anger I know he loves me. This year was a benchmark year for us, as both of us went through several setbacks in our personal lives. I got detected as borderline diabetic, he has to shift his house, and we had a challenge before us. He did not give up on me when I was detected borderline and I did not give up on him when he had to shift far away. Our initial days of these set backs were ugly. Being an emotional person, I used to cry often. The thing that worried me the most was a diabetic cannot deliver kids. And I love kids. I thought I would not spoil his life for my disease. And that’s when I decided to call off this relationship. But, as he loves me so much, he did not let me call off. He held on to me. When I learned that he was ready to compromise a family life for my sake I decided I have to do something about it. I worked hard, exercised, controlled my diet and today I am no more on diabetes borderline. I can deliver babies. Yaay. J He returned from his setback too, from living alone to managing things alone to making the house a better place to live now. He has done it. He has finally done it. Earlier this year we even declared at home that we have chosen our respective partners. We expected several oppositions from many family members but it went all smooth. Everyone is okay with us, except a few one two people. I am sure they will understand our love too. My readers, I know you have enjoyed this so far but 3 months are still due for us to complete our third year. Wait for many of my posts and my soon pre-marriage post, my post marriage post and many other posts. Stay tuned.


I would not like to end this post without saying a few words for my current boyfriend and future husband.

Dear Shatru,

Without you there would be no life, I don’t think any man is as loving, caring, supportive and calm as you are. May be I have hurt you several times, but know that I do so because I love you. You have given me more reasons to love you than hate. You have given me more reasons to admire you than resent. You are my motivation, my love, my heartbeat and my everything. Without Shatru there is no Shilpi.

                                                                                                                            Yours lovingly,

                                                                                                                       SHILPI DEY and

                                                                                                      Future SHILPI ROHIT SINGH. 

© 2014 Shilpi. S. Dey

Author's Note

Shilpi. S. Dey
this is my real story. read, enjoy and bless us. :)

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Added on August 30, 2014
Last Updated on August 30, 2014
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Shilpi. S. Dey
Shilpi. S. Dey

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