Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Nanaki

Rox attends a face to face with Lucifer about her next stage of life in hell.


Chapter 1

Rox was looking down at her dress. It’s black satin slid through her fingers promoting her figure perfectly or it would have if she was going on a date.

“Rox my sweet, it does sadden me that today is your trial.” Asmodeus sighed “The last two months have been nothing short of wonderful.”

“Thank you my Lord” Rox replied not looking up.

Asmodeus continued to study her, as he had chosen the dress for her especially. “Now when Lucifer sees you he’s not going to be able to look anywhere but at you my vivacious charge.”

“I hope so my Lord, I want to get this trial over without a hitch. It will give me some breathing room.”

Rox stared up into the demon’s eyes, pure black like the void she had arrived to hell in. Asmodeus was using his human form today to ease Rox’s nerves, his demon form was horrific. The Demon Lord was dressed in a suit with tie and had his blond hair short. It was almost like he was going for a formal family dinner.

Rox’s demon form had not really changed her that much. She had gained a pair of small horns atop her head but her shoulder length, wavy brown hair hid them from view. Her eyes too were pure black like Asmodeus’ but they complimented the dress he had chosen for her. The red lipstick on her full lips was a nice feature against the otherwise black ensemble.

Today was her trial. She was to be tested as a crossroad demon. To succeed she would need to get a mortal to sign a contract giving her possession of their soul. She would then have to kiss the mortal to seal the deal and complete her half of the bargain.

Failure didn’t bear thinking about with the King of Hell. The screams of those destined to burn for eternity echoed throughout the place as a constant reminder.

If she succeeded then Lucifer would let her carry on under Asmodeus. He would be satisfied that she would be an asset to hell rather than a hinderance.

A pair of big mahogany wood doors appeared before the pair. “Here we go then. Come along dear.” Asmodeus held out an arm for Rox who wrapped her own around it and they both proceeded through the doors.

Rox gasped inside but kept her face impassive. They had entered a circular room containing seats all around the outside. These seats were all occupied by demons. Lucifer himself was sat front and centre. He looked bored. It was not until Asmodeus led Rox into a seat that Lucifer looked up. He took in the very beautiful young lady before him and smiled. “Asmodeus! Welcome.”

“Thank you my King.” Asmodeus bowed low, his arm brought Rox down with him but she knew already to follow his lead.

“This is your new charge for the open Crossroads position?”

“It is indeed my King. May I present Rox to you.”

Rox bowed again before Lucifer, never taking her eyes off of his. He was frightening she thought. The full blood red eyes and the shadow black form he chose to be in today made the hairs on the back of her neck sit up on end.

“Welcome Rox, I hope you have enjoyed your time here so far. It’s not all doom and gloom if you play your part fittingly.”  Lucifer studied her, taking in her facial features, the small horns, the dress! “I see Asmodeus has taken the liberty of giving you his full support for today. He knows I am a pushover for black satin and can’t resist a bet on a promising candidate.”

“Thank you my King.” Rox said clearly.She felt some small confidence that Asmodeus had bet on her. It was still imperative that she made an impression to Lucifer at the trial if she was to succeed in Hell.

“Now then.” Lucifer went on “Asmodeus has filled me in on your back story. An attorney in the mortal world! Contract work should be easy for you then. Death by overdose on Heroin? May I ask why you did such  a thing?”

“I murdered someone in defence when I was in debt over drugs and couldn’t live with myself for such an act my King.”

“Yes it is a act most evil.” Lucifer smiled cruelly. “Yet one for you and well for me. I’ve simply lost count.” He erupted into laughter and the room followed suite.

“Silence!” Lucifer barked. “I am sure Asmodeus has been over this but for your benefit and so there is no word of foul play-”

“I would never accuse you of foul play my Ki-” Rox stammered.

“Do not interrupt me when I am talking dear or I will be forced to show you what happens to failures!”  Lucifer shouted angrily. The Heat from him hit Rox hard. She felt as though she was going to faint.

“Now now dear lady. I need you awake for this, so I will compose myself. Its getting a bit stuffy in here.”

Rox straightened up, more determined now not to have a repeat of Lucifer’s rage.

“Now child, for your trial. You will have twelve hours in the mortal world to get someone to sign over their soul to you. You must be able to produce your end of the deal once they have signed and sealed the deal. How do you sign and seal dear?”

“They sign the contract and I kiss them.” Rox recited.

“Very good, Im sure you will have fun with that in time. Now upon completion the open role will be yours. The employment position as seen here.” Lucifer snapped his fingers and a contract appeared before Rox. “A full time position as a crossroad demon of hell under the division of Asmodeus. The latter is one of the Four Princes of Hell under the King aka me! You will be expected to deliver at the very least thirty souls each quarter. In return I can offer you a room with a view and a long happy ever after in this fine establishment.”

Lucifer stood up and moved forward until he was uncomfortably close for Rox. “Failure however.” Lucifer clicked his fingers again and this time a cage appeared with  a man inside. “Meet Steven Hicks, he has just finished his twelve hours topside and low an behold no soul or signature.”

“Please my King! One more chance-!” Lucifer snapped his fingers and Steven’s voice vanished. Leaving him frantically waving his arms in the cage. “Thats better. Now because he has failed I have no use for him. With that said he will now go where all failure go down here. To burn!”

The cage erupted into flames and disappeared. Rox did not have to imagine what that meant for her if she failed.

“I always like to ask before the trial begins my dear. What is your game plan? I hope it’s better than Steven’s. As a former attorney I will be hoping for some precise planning, especially under Asmodeus tutelage.”

Lucifer sat back at his chair and looked at Rox “Begin.”

“Well my king, I have narrowed my targets down to males only.” Rox stated.

“Good playing to the opposite sex! There going to like that dress.”Lucifer smiled. “Just remember sex appeal alone will not get a soul in the bag.”

“Will I have powers when I am topside?” Rox asked.

“No” Lucifer said “As you are newly formed still, your power is yet to develop. Anyway this will serve me when I evaluate your performance. A demon with  a brain is much more useful as a crossroad demon.”

Rox felt deflated. This was going to hinder her a little.

“As luck would have it though someone is summoning a crossroad demon as we speak.” Lucifer announced. “I’m going to let you cut the queue. Good luck.”

© 2018 Nanaki

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