Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Nanaki

Rox discovers obtaining souls is more than signing the dotted line and kissing her victims


Chapter 3

Rox sat on a bench concerned. She had everything in place now except the Kidney. If that was resolved, she would pass the trial. The problem was, she had no idea where this kidney was coming from. She decided she would head over to Kenny’s workplace, so she knew how to find him. After she thought about visiting the hospital as it seemed the best place to start.

The morning rush was starting as Rox entered Rollings Pharmaceuticals. She decided it best to hide her horns and switch her eyes back to her blue human ones. She kept the satin dress though as Rox decided it could be of use after all. She walked up to reception.”Excuse me but which floor is Mr Baker’s office on please?”

The receptionist, a young woman looked up and took in Rox’s appearance “Is Mr Baker expecting you?”

“Yes we have a meeting arranged for today” Rox replied.

“He’s up on floor fifteen, his office is at the end of the corridor.”

“Thanks” smiling at the receptionist Rox made her way to the elevator.

The doors were about to close when an arm appeared. “Sorry I thought I was going to miss this-” The sight of Rox stopped the man in his tracks and the door closed.

This man continued to stare at Rox as they rose up the building. “Is there something wrong sir?” Rox asked the man.

“Sorry Miss, it’s just wow! You look amazing in that dress.” the man exclaimed.

Rox pretended to blush “Thank you sir.”

“Please, call me Jacob.” Jacob said eyeing her figure.

The elevator stopped on the fifteenth floor and Rox made her way out. She turned to say bye to Jacob when she realised he was following. “Are you here to see Mr Baker too Jacob?” Rox asked.

“ No way, this is my floor too. I’m the regional Director here. What’s Baker want with a beautiful girl like you anyway? He isn’t running off into his retirement with you is he?” He asked.

Rox laughed “No I am here about a job he advertised.”

“Ahh well I hope it’s not his. I got my eye on his office.” Jacob replied suspiciously.

“Only some admin work I am afraid.” Rox said surprised at her own whit. The lies were coming quick and easy today. She continued to walk off up the corridor leaving Jacob at his office door. She was aware he watched her all the way.

Knocking on Kenny’s door she let herself in. “Morning Miss Rox, You’ve been successful already?” Kenny asked.

“Not yet Kenny I thought I should find out where you were first before getting going. I’m going to start at the hospital.”

“Good luck there.” Kenny scoffed “I pleaded with the doctors there for weeks to do something.”

“Maybe I will have better luck with it.” Rox said.

“Aren't demons supposed to have powers?” Kenny asked.

“Yes but they develop over time or so I am told. For now I trust my instincts.” Rox stated. “In life I was a attorney so deadlines are nothing new to me.”

“More than a pretty face aren’t you Miss Rox.” Kenny smiled. “I heard you talking up the Corridor. Anyone giving you grief?”

“Oh no, Jacob your director was asking questions. Maybe he thought I had gotten lost.” Rox explained.

“You want to watch that one Rox. He’s a greedy one, wants power. Never happy with what he has.” Kenny said rubbing his temple.

Rox stood by the window taking in the view. “He did mention he thinks you're retiring soon. Is that true Kenny?”

Kenny looked over at Rox “It is but I won’t be leaving until I have a suitable replacement.”

“Fair enough” Rox responded.”I’m going to head over to the hospital and pop back later. I’ll hopefully have news by then.”

Rox stood up and stopped. Behind Kenny she could see her old office building in the distance. In life Rox had loved her office. She’d had a view of central park that had no rival in the building. “Something caught your eye dear?” Kenny asked.

“Just reminiscing.” Rox replied. She would have loved to see the view one last time but it was outside the boundary she had for the trial.

“See you later Kenny.” Rox took her leave.

As Rox made her way back to the elevator. Jacob peered out of his office. “See you.”

“Bye” Rox said quickly and darted inside the elevator.

Outside Rolling’s pharmaceuticals Rox heard a ringing noise. She had a phone in her bag.


“Rox my sweet, how’s it feel being topside again?”

“Lord Asmodeus hello!” Rox looked around being careful not to be heard.

“How are you getting on?” Asmodeus questioned. He could sense Rox’s nerves when she didn’t answer straight away. “Now come on Rox. We didn’t spend the last two months for this to go to pot now. I would rather I was your mentor and support as a crossroad demon rather than your tormentor as a lost soul!”

Rox shivered “I need a kidney to make this work.”

“The hospitals a no go my sweet.” Asmodeus sighed “It’s beyond the 10 mile limit from where Mr Baker summoned you.”

“S**t” Rox cursed burying her face in her free hand. “Now what.”

“You have to figure it out, I can’t help dear. Now come on Lucifer is watching you.”

Immediately Rox started looking around. She felt anxious knowing the King of Hell was watching her. Was he disguised? Did he have a way of watching from Hell?

“I’ll figure it out Lord Asmodeus.” She said finally.

“I know. Don’t keep us waiting.” The phone hung up.

© 2018 Nanaki

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