Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Nanaki

Rox continues her trial with a new twist in the mix


Chapter 4

Rox found a bench at a nearby park and sat to mull things over. She needed a plan for what Kenny needed or an alternative to get a soul to please Lucifer.

She was so lost in thought she didn’t notice at first a familiar face sat across the way staring at her. It was Jacob. What was up with this man. Ever since Rox had first laid eyes on him, he had seemed infatuated with her. Why was it though. Then it hit her. Lucifer.

Rox stood up and made her way over changing her blue eyes back for her pure black ones. “My King.” She said bowing.

“Excuse me?” Jacob asked laughing.

Rox was more confused and stared at Jacob. He saw her eyes. “Whoa! What the hell? Your eyes!?”

“They’re contacts” Rox blushed, quickly changing her eye color and pretending to put contacts into her bag.

“You called me your king?” Jacob teased. “Is there something you want to tell me? Are you into cosplay?”

“No Jacob. I thought you were someone else.” Rox countered. “Why do you seem to be following me?”

“I want to know what Kenny wants with you.” He replied simply.

“An I told you. I was applying for an admin job.” Rox said trying to keep the confidence in her voice.

“Now we both know that’s not true. Kenny hasn’t conducted an interview in over a decade.” Jacob replied cooly.

Rox decided to play dumb “Why is that so important to you Jacob? Kenny is a old man looking to retire soon you said.”

“That job should be mine when he goes.” Jacob scowled. “I work my butt off day in day out for the company. I’d give anything to be in his position.”

The alarm bells went off in Rox’s head and she clearly saw Jacob for the first time. How had she not sensed his greed and jealousy of Kenny’s position before. “You would give anything?” Rox asked again.

“Anything.” Jacob replied “Anything at all.”

Rox looked at Jacob and smiled. “What’s up?” Jacob asked “You look a little demonic right now.”

Rox’s smiled widened further “You have no idea Jacob. Can we go back to your office? I have a proposition for you.”

Jacob looked surprised then smiled awkwardly at Rox. His eyes were full of greed and lust.

Rox felt disgusted by the man before her. It was men like this that she had avoided in defending while working as a attorney. Men who decided they could have anything because it was their god given right. Or men who felt they could take anything by force like power, money or a woman’s dignity. “Shall we go?” Rox hissed seething with anger behind her angelic appearance.

They left together. Rox was walking past a hotdog vendor when he caught her eye. The vendor smiled a wide smile and tapped his wristwatch once, twice, three times. Rox realised and mouthed “Lucifer”.

The vendors smile widened further. Rox hurried on walking and refused to look back.

Back at Jacobs office Rox closed and locked the door. Jacob became more excited by her behaviour. He sat at his desk and loosened his tie, giving Rox his full attention. He reminded her of a dog awaiting his owner to announce its time for a walk.

Rox shifted her eyes back to her pure black demon ones and allowed her horns to appear. “Jacob I am Rox, a crossroad demon. I am in the mortal world to help Kenny but maybe I can help you too.”

Jacob stared and scoffed “Rubbish”

“Oh really” Rox took Jacob’s hand and placed it on her head “What about these!”

Jacob felt the small horns and gasped “What the hell!?” he backed away from Rox. “What are you!?”

“I told you already I am a crossroad demon!” Rox stated. Why was Jacob finding this hard to grasp she wondered.

“Kenny is doing deals with the devil?” Jacob exclaimed “Is he trying to rid the company of competition and you're here to snare me into a trap!?”

Rox rolled her eyes “ No Jacob, if that were true I’d have killed you already.” She said smiling. “I can’t tell you why Kenny summoned me here, it’s confidential! Unless stated by the other party I cannot say a word.”

Jacob seemed to regain control of himself “Ok! Say you are a crossroad demon or whatever. Can you do a deal with me?”

Rox relaxed and smiled “Of course I can.”

For the first time Jacob seemed cautious “What’s the catch.”

“Same as always Jacob, I own your soul.” Rox replied.

Jacob  frowned “What do I get in return?”

Rox observed Jacob. This could be her saving grace after all for the trial so she chose her words carefully. “Whatever you want near enough. There are a few exceptions but I’ll tell you if you ask for them.”

Jacob sat lost in thought. After a long while he seemed to have come to a decision. “I would like to make a deal with you.” Jacob took a deep breath and continued “I want to trade my soul for a promotion into Kenny’s job now forcing him to retire.”

Rox tilted her head “Why is Kenny’s job that important to you may I ask?”

Jacob snorted “It's a CEO job. It's the big time, the fancy retirement package, the increased salary. I would be set for the rest of my life. I make a good amount in my current job but having Kenny’s role is going to help a lot with what I want to do outside of work.”

“Fair enough, I will write this up.” Rox brought out her portfolio of contracts and began drawing up the details.

“So how does this work?” Jacob asked “Do you snap your fingers and Kenny retires or?”

“Normally something along those lines but as Kenny has had contact with me already as you know. I can’t snap my fingers. Instead I need to go and persuade him.” Rox said not looking up from the paper.

It was dawning on Rox how much more difficult it was being a new demon. The sooner her power kicked in the better but she did not even know what that would entail yet. Every one was unique or so Asmodeus said. “Right Jacob, I need you to sign here then all we have to do is seal it.” Rox announced.

Jacob moved in front of Rox read through the contract and signed “There that sounds fine. I can’t believe I’m selling my soul.”

Rox smirked at Jacob, did he think this was a game or not really happening? “Jacob you have to seal this with me now.”

Jacob looked confused “What do you mean seal?”

“Kiss me” Rox said.

Jacob didn’t need telling twice. His greed for power and lust for the woman in front of him exploded and he took Rox’s head with both hands.

Rox surprised by his enthusiasm went along with it. When he was done, she took a seat and swilled out the taste of Jacob’s greed in her mouth with the bourbon on his desk. Jacob paced around the room smiling to himself.

“Are we done?” He finally asked.

“Yes, the mark should show shortly.” Rox replied.

Jacob stopped “The mark?”

“Yes my mark.” Rox said “It’s so other demons know you belong to me. It was on the contract.” Rox flashed the document.

“It’s a piece of paper Rox, it doesn’t have that kind of-” Jacob stopped and rolled up his sleeve of his shirt more. The sign of Asmodeus appeared in deep black at the top of his forearm by the crease of his elbow. Rox’s signature appeared over the top in blood red.

“What the hell?” Jacob started

“Come now Jacob, you didn’t think this was all fake did you?” Rox asked staring at Jacob in amusement.

“You your real!?” He spat.

Rox took a bow “Wasn’t the horns a dead giveaway?”

Jacob just stared “Anyone can glue that stuff on or use a headband?”

Rox stood up and moved towards him “Listen Jacob whether you believe this or not you have just sold your soul. I am afraid today I am not in  a position where time is an option. You will get the job and all the riches your greedy little mind wants but you are mine! From now on.”

“But-” Jacob stammered. “No?”

Rox pitied him “Why did you follow me earlier today to the park?”

“You mesmerised me, I had to know.” Jacob conceded.

“Know what?”

“Why Kenny was meeting you and who you were.” Jacob went on.

Rox shrugged “Well now you know.”

Rox made her way towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Jacob demanded. His cool demeanor was gone and a nervous wreck remained.

“To see Kenny. I need him to agree to this. By the way how would you feel about donating a kidney?” Rox asked.

“Get stuffed demon.” Jacob spat.

“I thought so” Rox said walking off up the corridor.

© 2018 Nanaki

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