Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Nanaki

Rox is running out of time. Can she succeed?


Chapter 5

Kenny looked up as Rox walked into his office. “Hi Miss Rox, good news?”

Rox smiled and sat in front of his desk “It could be Kenny but first I need to talk to you about something else.”

“And what would that be dear?”

Rox took a breath, this had to go right she was running out of time. “Your job.”

“What about it?” Kenny said placing his chin on his hands.

“I wanted to talk to you about your successor.” Rox started “I wanted to talk to you about Jacob Brennan.”

Kenny laughed “I saw him earlier you know he peered up the corridor after you left then went after you. Did he catch up?”

“He did yes at the park round the corner. I am sure you know he wants your job once you have retired?” Rox asked.

Kenny took off his glasses and began cleaning them “Yes it’s no secret. The man asks the board at least once a month if I am. However I am in a good position! They cannot elect my replacement, only I can. So you see that is why I am taking my time.”

“Would you consider him Kenny?” Rox asked.

“No.” Kenny replied.

“May I ask why I mean sure he is a bit of an a*s but he is ambitious and for his age he seems to have worked hard to get where he is?” Rox countered

“True but I don’t get the feeling he is the fit for the role” Kenny said with a sense of finality.

Rox kept her face impassive but inside she was getting frustrated. ‘For crying out loud humans’ she thought  ‘you all want something in return, you all want- wait!’

“Kenny I need a minute to make a call. Is there a free room on this floor?” Rox asked.

“Sure next door.” He gestured smiling.

Rox entered the free room and pulled the phone from her bag.”Contacts, missed calls, one number.” She hit the green call button.

“Hello Rox” Asmodeus chirped down the phone.

“Hi my Lord, I have a quick question. Well two actually.” Rox felt uneasy, if this wasn’t the answer she didn’t know what to do.

“Go ahead” Asmodeus said.

“Can I revoke a previous deal?” Rox asked.

“You can my dear but only in place of another deal.” Asmodeus recited.

Rox relaxed a little but this was the question she needed “Does the new deal have to include their soul?”

“No but get the soul if you can.” Asmodeus insisted.

Rox had an idea but the question was how would she implement it “One last question my Lord then I will leave you be. I know I cannot hurt a mortal during a deal but what if I have their permission?”

“Interesting.” Asmodeus laughed. “Very interesting and yes you can if they permit it. However the medieval days are long gone Rox and I don’t foresee the trend returning in that part of the mortal world anytime soon.”

“Thank you Lord Asmodeus.”

Rox hung up the phone and walked back into Kenny’s office.

“All okay Rox?” He asked as she sat down again.

“Well Kenny I have a proposition for you.” Rox revealed.

“I’m listening dear.” Kenny said leaning forward.

“If I was too get a Kidney for your wife,  you would be retiring to look after her no?” Rox stated.

“Indeed I would be but for the moment there is no kidney.”Kenny countered.

“Well how does this sound. Our friend up the corridor. If I was to persuade him to give you a Kidney for your wife’s transplant in return for the job, what would you say?” Rox finished the offer and stared into Kenny’s tired face.

“You drive a hard bargain Rox. The only thing I love more than this place is my wife. I suppose yes I would agree to that, should he donate her a kidney.” Kenny conceded.

Rox’s face lit up. “Leave it with me, this is something I can do.”

Rox set off down the corridor and walked straight into Jacob’s office “ What do you want now? Haven’t you taken enough from me?” He moaned.

Jacob was sat at his desk with  a bottle of bourbon and looked miserable. “I am here about our deal, I want to renegotiate.” Rox said watching the life return to his face.

“What!? You can do that?” He shouted. Then caution set in “Wait now I know what you are I want my soul this time.”

“You can have it.” Rox replied.

Jacob must have thought he was dreaming, so Rox proceeded with the offer. “I will trade you back your soul for one of your Kidney’s”

Jacob looked at her “No way, sure I want my soul back but I can live without it for the time being.”

“The job is yours too Jacob if you trade me here and now.” Rox scolded.

She hadn’t meant it as a rebuke but Jacob flinched at the depth of her voice.

“Baker will retire then?” Jacob asked.

“Yes” Rox replied.

“An I get my soul back?”


“Make the deal!” Jacob declared.

© 2018 Nanaki

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